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If you are a jQuery lover and are looking for some useful and handy jQuery plugins then you are at right place. As jQuery plugins help you to add animations, functions, image galleries and many other features that help your visitors to your site to navigate and access your websites easer.

In this roundup I’ve have chosen some of the best jQuery Plugins that been released recently for our awesome jQuery developer community.

1. Flickity


The Flickity plugin makes galleries, sliders, & carousels that feel lively and effortless.

2. jsGrid


jsGrid is a lightweight client-side data grid control based on jQuery. It supports basic grid operations like inserting, filtering, editing, deleting, paging and sorting. jsGrid is flexible and allows to customize appearance and components.

3. PWS Tabs


PWS Tabs is a lightweight jQuery tabs plugin to create responsive flat style tabbed content panels with some cool transition effects powered by CSS3 animations.

4. jQuery YouTube Channel List


This jQuery plugin to show your YouTube channels playlist on your site. With this plugin you can customise width and height of the widget on your websites, widget itself is responsive; given a width (or %) for the widget, the inner contents will resize accordingly, a top featured video can be opened in the video player on load of the widget.

5. Geometryangle


Geometryangle is a jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful and responsive backgrounds to your site.

6. jPut


jPut is a small jquey plugin which you can put your JSON as customized HTML format easily.It supports loading JSON via ajax and multi level json. Put your JSON to HTML easily by just two steps.

7. ScrollMonitor


The scroll monitor allows you to receive events when elements enter or exit the viewport. It does this using watcher objects, which watch an element and trigger events. Watcher objects also contain information about the element they watch, including the element’s visibility and location relative to the viewport.

8. Parallax-Scroll


Parallax-Scroll is a jQuery plugin to create elements with background images that behaves as if their background-attachment property is between scroll and fixed, similar to the parallax scrolling effect you see on Spotify and is loosely based on Peder Andreas Nielsen’s Parallax ImageScroll.

It makes clever use of background-position and background-size properties instead of CSS3 tranforms. It runs buttery smooth and retains the rubber-band scroll behavior in Safari. Works great on mobile too.

9. jqBootstrap Validation


jqBootstapValidation is a jQuery validation framework for Bootstrap forms. jqBootstrapValidation will scan for HTML5 validator attributes directly on the elements, plus any extra options specified via data attributes Website

10. FormatJS


FormatJS is a modular collection of JavaScript libraries for internationalization that are focused on formatting numbers, dates, and strings for displaying to people. It includes a set of core libraries that build on the JavaScript Intl built-ins and industry-wide i18n standards, plus a set of integrations for common template and component libraries. Website

11. BlinkTitle.js


blinkTitle.js is a pure javascript implementation of titlebar alert or notification.It can perform blinking of html titlebar for titlebar aert or titlebar notification. Website

12. Auto-Hide Sticky Header


Auto-hide sticky header makes site navigation easily accessible anywhere on the page and saves content space at the same. Auto-hide means hiding the header automatically when a user starts scrolling down the page and bringing the header back when a user might need it: they reach the bottom of the page or start scrolling up. There are at least two manners of hiding a header: reactive and lazy. Website

13. snabbt.js


snabbt.js is a minimalistic javascript animation library. It focuses on moving things around. It will translate, rotate, scale, skew and resize your elements. By including matrix multiplication operations, transforms can be combined in any way you want. The end result is then set via CSS3 transform matrices. Website

14. ECharts


ECharts is a comprehensive charting library offering a painless way of adding interactive charts to your products. ECharts currently supports line, column, scatter, pie, radar, candlestick, chord, gauge, funnel, map and force-directed chart types, many of these can be combined in one chart. Website Demo

15. CSButtons


CSButtons is a jQuery plugin to create sharing buttons with counter for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest. Website


15 Great & Newest jQuery Plugins for Developers