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With jQuery becoming one of the most popular script library to use, the volume and quality of plugins and tutorials been developed with it are increasing rapidly. If you are looking for the latest in jQuery this is the post for you, most of the plugins in this post are fresh and new.

1. Lettering.JS

Lettering.js smart typography jquery plugin

Lettering.js is a lightweight, easy to use Javascript span injector for radical Web Typography

2. jRumble

jRumble is a jQuery plugin that rumbles, vibrates, shakes, and rotates any element you choose. It’s great to use as a hover effect or a way to direct attention to an element. You can control the X, Y, and rotation range, the speed, and event trigger for the rumble.

3. diagonalFade

diagonal fade jquery plugin

This plugin allows you to easily specify direction, fade-in, fade-out, and a host of other options to a grouping of elements. All you have to do is import it, specify the container to which the group of items resides, and poof, you’re off and away.

4. Smart Spin

spinners jquery plugin

Smart spin is a jQuery spin button plugin that mimics the very common windows spin button control. Smart spin allows you to select a value between minimum and maximum values using either mouse or keyboard. You can also enter a value via keyboard.

5. jScrollBar

jscrollbar jquery plugin

Had you ever wanted to add some custom scroll bars to your website, to scroll the contents and the default browser scroll bars just doesn’t match up with your design ? jScrollbar is can be full CSS skinnable (you can use images instead) and can be combined with the mouse wheel.

6. Zoomooz

zoomooz jquery plugin

Zoomooz is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin for making any web page element zoom.

7. RSS Driven Dynamic News Slider

dynamic news either RSS feed or straight HTML markup jquery plugin

Dynamic News is a jQuery news slider plugin that makes news integration to your web site very easy. Dynamic News plugin supports two ways to add news data. Either enter your news via HTML markups manually or let the plugin load the news from rss feed and build the necessary HTML markups automatically

8. Apprise

apprise jquery plugin

Apprise is a very simple, fast, attractive, and unobtrusive way to communicate with your users. Also, this gives you complete control over style, content, position, and functionality.

9. Push Up Content Bar

push up content jquery plugin

PushUp Content Bar is easy to customize and strong enough to rely upon. You can add your contact details, location map via Google Maps, and a simple contact form that visitors can use to make contact with you.

10. jsShare

jshare jquery plugin

jsShare is a jquery plugin that helps you easily share your contents with popular social media applications easily, all social media like facebook, twitter provide APIs for applications to share contents from other applications.

11. Smart Validate

smart validate jquery plugin

Smart Validate is a jQuery credit card validation plugin, that makes credit card format validation a simple task. It ensures that user has entered valid credit card number before making actual transaction.

12. jsLink

jslink broken or dead link checker jquery plugin

jsLink is a broken links checker plugin, that can be easily plugin with in any web page.


12 Awesome jQuery Plugins To Use


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