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jQuery is clearly the most popular, and the purpose of jQuery is to make many of those JavaScript functions that typically need a lot of lines of code easier to manage, and write by bundling them into method’s that can be called upon with a single line of code. jQuery is lightweight, and it’s extendable, plus there are plenty of jQuery plugins available for nearly every functionality you can think of.

So down below, you’ll find today that I have round up 10 of the newest jQuery plugins that you can use and all can be found throughout GitHub.

1. Overhang


Overhang.js is a JQuery plugin to display sleek, instant notifications, confirmations or prompts inside a given element.

2. Web Ticker


Web Ticker is a jQuery plugin that allows you to have items scrolling indefinitely across the screen. It uses some fancy calculations to ensure smooth continuous transitions. The Web Ticker content, can be varied, including text, image lists or even custom styled items. The Web Ticker API can also be used to control the scrolling, and content programatically.

3. FormToWizard


Turn any webform into multi-step wizard with jQuery.

4. Cookiefy


It´s a very lightweight, adjustable and easy-to-use plugin for the EU-law cookie warning.

5. Resize Triggering


A jQuery plugin that adds the “resize” event to all elements.

6. ZooMove


It’s a plugin developed with jQuery, that allows to dynamically zoom images with mouseover, and view details with mouse move.

7. Sharetastic


A simple jQuery social sharing plugin, styled with sass for easy customisation

8. Skippr


A fast & light jQuery plugin for creating tasteful slideshows.

9. iziModal


iziModal is an elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.

10. Tweet It


A tiny jQuery plugin to tweet highlighted texts



10 jQuery Plugins from GitHub That are Worth a Look