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AngularJS is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end web application development. It lies in the top front-end frameworks along with React.js and Vue.js. It’s mainly maintained by the Google community and is used for building JavaScript-based web apps. AngularJS is flexible and highly extensible.

So you will find numerous tools out on the web that is available for app development using AngularJS. In this post, I have listed 20 AngularJS Tools for Developers. These tools can help you be more productive while building applications with AngularJS.

1. Jasmine

Jasmine Behavior Driven Javascript

Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. It does not depend on any other JavaScript frameworks. It does not require a DOM. And it has a clean, obvious syntax so that you can easily write tests.

2. Karma


The main goal for Karma is to bring a productive testing environment to developers. The environment being one where they don’t have to set up loads of configurations, but rather a place where developers can just write the code and get instant feedback from their tests. Because getting quick feedback is what makes you productive and creative.

3. Visual Code Studio

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight but powerful source code editor which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It comes with built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js and has a rich ecosystem of extensions for other languages (such as C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Go) and runtimes (such as .NET and Unity).

4. Webstorm

Webstorm Javascript Ide

WebStorm brings you smart coding assistance for JavaScript and compiled-to-JavaScript languages, Node.js, HTML and CSS. Enjoy code completion, powerful navigation features, on-the-fly error detection, and refactorings for all of these languages.

5. Angular CLI

Angular Cli

The Angular CLI is a command-line interface tool that you use to initialize, develop, scaffold, and maintain Angular applications. You can use the tool directly in a command shell, or indirectly through an interactive UI such as Angular Console.

6. Augury


Augury is the most used Developer Tool extension for debugging and profiling Angular applications inside the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

7. Codelyzer


Codelyzer is a tool great for teams and individuals, which helps you write consistent code, and discover potential errors.

8. Nx

Nx Angular Cli

Nx (Nrwl Extensions for Angular) is an open source toolkit built on top of Angular CLI to help enterprise teams develop Angular at scale.

9. Protractor


Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. Protractor runs tests against your application running in a real browser, interacting with it as a user would.

10. Apollo

Apollo Graph Ql

The Apollo GraphQL platform is an implementation of GraphQL that helps you manage data from the cloud to your UI. It’s incrementally adoptable and can be layered over your existing services, including REST APIs and databases. Apollo includes two open-source libraries for the client and server, in addition to developer tooling that provides everything you need to run a graph API in production with confidence.

11. Angular Material

Angular Material Design Components For Angular

Angular Material Material Design components for Angular

12. Ant Design Mobile of Angular

Ant Design Mobile Of Angular

This is the Angular implementation of Ant Design Mobile specification, serving Alibaba big data wireless service.

13. Clarity Design System

Clarity Design System

Clarity is an open source design system that brings together UX guidelines, an HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components. Clarity is for both designers and developers.Clarity’s designs stem from continuous exploration and research.

These designs are built into our HTML/CSS components, which can be used any web UI, regardless of the underlying JavaScript framework. Clarity also offers a set of well-designed and implemented data-bound components built on top of Angular, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the industry.

14. Nebular


Nebular is a set of essential modules for your next Angular application.The purpose of the modules is to solve generic tasks faster and more efficient so that you can focus on business logic and leave routine behind.

15. Kendo UI

Kendo Ui For Angular

A professional grade library of Angular UI components written in TypeScript that includes our Data Grid, TreeView, Charts, Editors, DropDowns, DatePickers, and many more. Features include support for AOT compilation, Tree Shaking for high-performance, localization, and accessibility.

16. Vaadin

Vaadin Components

Vaadin has a comprehensive set of beautifully crafted, performant, and adaptable UI components for modern mobile-first Web apps. They are the ideal building blocks for Progressive Web Applications.

17. Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework 4

Ionic Framework is an open source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

18. Angular Air

Angular Air

A live videocast on YouTube about all things Angular (by Google), a JavaScript platform for building mobile and desktop web applications.

19. Essential Angular

Essential Angular

The book is a short, but at the same time, fairly complete overview of the key aspects of Angular written by its core contributors Victor Savkin and Jeff Cross. The book will give you a strong foundation. It will help you put all the concepts into right places. So you will get a good understanding of why the framework is the way it is.

20. NG Book

Ng Book

The in-depth, complete, and up-to-date book on Angular 7. Become an Angular 7 expert today.


20 Useful AngularJS Tools for Developers