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Today in this roundup you will see what are 15 of the best JavaScript Plugins and Libraries of 2016, which can serve many purposes for you.

Everything that is featuring in this post today has been released this year. All of these JavaScript plugins and libraries offers a straight forward and specific function.

As you would expect, there are plugins that creates image galleries, modal windows, and many other common components that you see on websites and no all-in-one framework, just useful, light weight problem solving solutions. So Enjoy!!

1. Waud


Waud is a simple and powerful web audio library that allows you to go beyond HTML5’s <audio> tag and easily take advantage of Web Audio API.

The Web Audio API provides a powerful & versatile system for controlling audio capabilities of your web app. As Waud abstracts Web Audio API making it consistent and reliable across multiple platforms and browsers plus it also falls back to HTML5 Audio for non-modern browsers where Web Audio API is not supported.

2. pageAccelerator


pageAccelerator is a very light solution to load web pages faster. It’s an agnostic library that uses ajax and pushState to deliver a faster navigation experience. As it’s a very light version of turbolinks and pjax, basically what it does is follow every link in your application and each click it loads the page in the background and replaces the content correctly, keeping the real data from the body and head, and updating the title.

3. Rellax


Rellax is a buttery smooth and super lightweight vanilla javascript parallax library. Rellax limits the parallax feature to laptop/desktop screens since the effect is negligible on smaller screens.

4. GraphicJS


GraphicsJS is a  powerful free open-source JavaScript (SVG/VML based) library for easily drawing absolutely anything including interactive and animated graphics. It’s tangibly more powerful in terms of features than the segment’s known leaders, Raphaël and Bonsai.

GraphicsJS can be utilised to build absolutely any graphics including pictures, cartoons, info-graphics, mind maps, flow charts and so on, literally anything from scratch, with any visual effects.

5. ApproveJS


ApproveJs is a simple JavaScript validation library that doesn’t interfere, and also doesn’t manipulate the DOM for you by automatically displaying errors. This allows you to handle validation how you want.

6. Cleave.js


Cleave.js is a JavaScript library to help you format input text content automatically. It allows credit card number formatting, phone number formatting, date formatting, numeral formatting, commonJS/AMD mode and much more.

7. Granim.js


Granim.js is a lightweight JavaScript library to create fluid and interactive gradients animations.

8. LightGallery.js


Lightgallery is a lightweight modular responsive light box gallery, which allows you to create beautiful image & video galleries.

9. Lightense Images


A dependency-free pure JavaScript image zooming library less than 2 KB (gzipped).

10. SuperEmbed.js


SuperEmbed.js detects any YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, VideoPress, DailyMotion, and more embedded videos on pages and makes them responsive. Essentially, this means they stretch to fill their container while still maintaining the original aspect ratio.

11. Tingle.js


tingle.js is a minimalist and easy-to-use modal plugin in pure JavaScript

12. baguetteBox.js


Simple and easy to use lightbox script written in pure JavaScript

13. Tongue.js


Tongue.js transforms JavaScript code into any spoken language and comes with a predefined dictionary currently supporting Hindi, Chinese (Simplified) & Polish.It provides an option to add custom dictionary of words.

14. Grade.js


This JavaScript library produces complementary gradients generated from the top 2 dominant colours in supplied images.

15. Popper.js


Popper.js is a library used to create poppers in web applications.



15 Great JavaScript Libraries & Plugins