If you are a freelancer or you run an online business, a useful time tracking tool will be one of your best friends. As it doesn’t only help you with time management but it also makes it simple to evaluate your productivity and find the bottlenecks where your workflow can be improved or if you bill your clients by the hour, you likewise need to find a way to prove that you’ve spent all the time on their project.

Today I’ve collected 8 time tracking tools for you. These tools come with various features such as detailed reporting capabilities, invoice generators, and some including built-in task managers.

1. Timely

Timely makes it possible to automate your time tracking workflow fully. It has a beautiful user interface where you can see every bit of information you need on the dashboard.

With Timely, you can check project health, capture billable hours, and efficiently manage your team’s performance. Also, it syncs all your data real-time across any browser and device.

Price: Plan starts at $7.00 per month

2. Timecamp

Timecamp offers all the features you need to manage your time successfully. You can easily track billable time, evaluate the performance of your team, and even track your team attendance for leaves and vacation days. Timecamp also allows you to create and send predesigned invoices to your clients, based on the hours you have tracked.

Also Timecamp integrates with a plethora of other tools such as Slack, Evernote, Wunderlist, Trello, Asana, Todoist, Jira, and many others.

Price: The freelancer plan is free, for teams plans start at $5.25 per month/user with a 30-day free trial

3. Click Time

Click Time mainly focuses on the project management side of time tracking. It enables you to make use of an easy to understand timesheets so you can stay on budget and reduce your costs plus it increases the visibility of your projects. Click Time has an incredibly straightforward workflow so that you can add, edit, and copy hours, notes, and goals to your projects easily and Click Time will inform you about which projects are over or under the planned budget.

Price: Plan starts at $9.00 per month

4. Harvest

You can use Harvest to either track your time as you are working or enter hours manually after the work is done. You can specifically record every aspect of your work, such as clients, projects, tasks, notes, and more. Harvest does not only let you track your time but also expenses. To track your costs, you just need to take a photo of your receipt and add the details you want, then save. With Harvest, you can use it in any browser, but it also comes with an Android and iOS app.

Price: Plan starts at $12.00 per month/user

5. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a beautiful time tracking app that allows you to monitor the work of each of your team member by using screenshots & screen monitoring. With Time Doctor, you don’t only want to see the time they spent working but also a breakdown of which tasks or projects they were working during the time.

This way you can easily bill your clients based on hours and to ensure that everyone on your team works efficiently. Like Timecamp, Time Doctor also integrates with several favourite tools such as Basecamp, Asana, GitHub, FreshBooks, Google Apps, and many others.

Price: $9.00 per month/user

6. Top Tracker

Top Tracker been designed with freelancers and remote teams in mind. Therefore it takes all their specific needs into consideration and has a centralised dashboard where you can see all your information at the same place and quickly figure out how to improve your performance. You can fully control the way Top Tracker tracks your time by setting the type and frequency of the screenshots.

Price: Free

7. Everhour

Everhour makes accurate time tracking straightforward and straightforward. Everhour is quite stable, and it comes with all the features you may want such as a time tracker, task-based estimation, and customisable reports. Furthermore, it also allows you to create invoices right from the app and keep track of the budget of your projects.

Price: $8.00 per month for solo or $5.00 per month/user for teams.

8. Toggl

Toggl is a popular time tracking tool in the freelancer community. Toggl has a user-friendly and intuitive interface which provides you with a straightforward way of time management. You only need to push a button to start tracking your time. Toggl also have a browser extension lets you track time within more than 80 apps. You can even generate comprehensive reports too so that you can find bottlenecks and figure out how you can improve your productivity.

Price: Plans start at $9.00 per user/month.


8 Time Tracking Tools for Better Productivity