Every developer, and particularly those working on a team, likely know about Git. The well known version control system enables you to snapshot instances of your web project as you code and so you can roll back or share your code with others at any time which makes more easier time to collaborate with other devs.

The problem is that Git can be very difficult to learn and is far more complicated than you might expect, it is all but fundamental for a developer in modern time, though, so you’ll have to bear it but luckily, there are many great guides and cheat sheets out there that can make your life easier, whether you’re brand new to Git or even a seasoned developer who needs a few touch-ups. Today’s post shows six of the best Git resources.

1. Git – The Simple Guide

Git The Simple Guide

This is a super simple guide that condenses all the hard stuff into a few paragraphs for each concept. If you’ve got no idea where to begin, start here and work your way up.

2. GitSheet


Containing in an one-page website GitSheet gets right to it, it lists all the most important commands with a button to copy to your clipboard. It’s simple and that’s the point, it has exactly everything you need is here and nothing more.

3. Git Cheatsheet

Git Cheatsheet

This is a great resource if you’re a visual learner. Hover each directory to see a description of it, then click to show it’s related commands & hover to get their definitions. You can click a command again to pin it’s definition on the bottom.

4. Git Cheat Sheet from KeyCDN

Git Cheat Sheet

These important commands are the core of the system, so it a wild decision for you to memorise them. In this article, it also explains the terms you will need to learn to understand Git, so this is a good place to start if you are a beginner as There are quite a few useful commands here.

5. Git Explorer

Git Explorer

Here’s a tool that works like a troubleshooter, for when you can’t think of the right command. Just use the drop-downs to select what you want to do, like configure colour or add an alias and this tool will output the command with an easily copiable link and theres a few helpful notes when necessary.

6. 10 Git Commands You Should Know

10 Git Commands You Should Know

There are a lot of Git commands you find on the web, and it’s easy to forget about the miscellaneous, but the still useful ones. This article guides you through ten of them and their flags so that you can fill in any cracks in your Git knowledge.


6 Git Cheat Sheets and Commands