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jQuery has dramatically changed the way we all view front-end scripting as it is a fast and popular JavaScript library to learn and is used widely in web development. I regularly check for new jQuery plugins and share them on here, So today’s post you can find 20 jquery plugins that been recently released.

1. jBar

jBar is a simple and lightweight jQuery notification banner which is an alternative to the Hellobar. It allows you to create a simple call to action and bring it forward for the user to see at the top of your website. The user can then toggle the visibility of the bar by clicking the ribbon.

2. Quovolver

Quovolver is a jQuery plugin for revolving multiple testimonials or quotes in your document. Although, it can also be used to cycle through any group of elements.

3. Font Sizer

Font sizer is a highly configurable, unobtrusive jQuery plugin that allows users to adjust the font size of specific area(s) of text on your website. It’s lightweight, easy to configure and adds a nice bit of functionality to your blog, forum or news site.

4. Power Tip

PowerTip features a very flexible design that is easy to customize, gives you a number of different ways to use the tooltips, has APIs for developers, and supports adding complex data to tooltips. It is being actively developed and maintained, and provides a very fluid user experience.

5. jQuery Tag It

The jQuery Tagit Plugin transforms an html unordered list into a unique tagging plugin.  Why unique? Because jQuery Tagit uses jQuery UI’s auto-complete plugin to supply suggestions to users as they type and has some awesome features like sortable tags.

6. Adaptor – jQuery Content Slider

Adaptor is a light-weight content slider that aims to provide a simple interface for developers to create cool 2D or 3D slide animation transitions.

7. Typist

Typist is a jQuery plugin that allows you to animate text as if it were being typed onto the screen.

8. Hubinfo

HubInfo is a jQuery plugin to show information about your GitHub repo.

9. Freeow

Freeow! is a plugin for making Growl-like alerts or message boxes on your website. You can customize the look and animation of Freeow! each time a message box appears, and you can alter other options such as whether or not to have the message box hide itself automatically.

10. Lucid Tabs

The Lucid Tabs jQuery plugin allows you to create tabs and corresponding pages with minimal markup and not a lot of JavaScript.

11. Autobrowse

This plugin adds automatic ajax loading of page content when the user scrolls the page, with built-in browser cache. More info in this blog post. Simply use autobrowse(options) on a container that you want to fill with content.

12. Gridster

Gridster is a jQuery plugin that allows building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns. You can even dynamically add and remove elements from the grid. It is on par with sliced bread, or possibly better. MIT licensed. Suitable for children of all ages. Made by Ducksboard.

13. Flex

A fluid asymmetrical animated grid plugin for jQuery.  Flex is an idea inspired by the old flash homepage on

14. Hallo

Hallo is the simplest web editor imaginable. Instead of cluttered forms or toolbars, you edit your web content as it is. Just you, your web design, and your content.

15. jq.carousel

“jq.carousel” is a jQuery plugin you can implement a simple carousel and Customizable.

16. iView

iView is easy to use jQuery image slider with animated captions, responsive layout and HTML Elements like (Video, iFrame) slider. Easily add unlimited number of slides and captions. Use it as image slider, image gallery, banner rotator, banner ads, or even presentation.

17. Pinterest Pin It Plugin

This plugin looks for all images, and wrap it inside a container that come with a pinterest Pin it button. So, your visitor just have to hover above the image they want, and pin it straight away. It’s a simple plugin.

18. Face Detection

A jQuery plugin which detects faces in pictures and returns theirs coords. Face Detection is now available as an easy-to-use jQuery Plugin.

19. Evo Slider

Evo Slider is a jQuery slider with slideshow, unlimited layout, CSS skinning and much more features. Saves development time – Powerful features – Simple implementation – Fully customizable

20. Spectragram

An easy jQuery plugin for Instagram API to fetch and display user, popular or tags photo feeds inside your web application or site.


20 Recently Released jQuery Plugins


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