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Ghost is a Node.js supported open-source blogging platform. As Ghost is on the rise, its evident that more and more people are looking at it, as we see in WordPress it become to be known for it’s bloatedness.

Ghost is here to help others choose a less clutter-filled platform for publishing simple content publishing which is a determined favourite amongst the web industry and communities, where those individuals are strictly focused on writing content.

Anyone who is running a WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger blog can easily migrate their existing content over to Ghost.

This week we focusing on existing Ghost bloggers who are looking to change up their theme. So I’ve gathered up some absolutely beautiful themes that ranges from minimal, to fully multipurpose that can be used to host any type of content.

1. Scrawl – Free


Scrawl is a fully responsive theme for Ghost, it’s a mobile first design. It’s automatic estimated reading times for each post and comes with a easy configurable social links options. For dev blogs it includes Prism to style your code snippets

2. Bloggy – Free


Bloggy is a fork of Ghost Blog theme with the unique purpose to make easy and adaptable Ghost theme for brand/corporative/marketing purpose.

Features includes i18n support. Currently en_US/en_ES supported, integrate Google Analytics integrate, newsletter integration powered by Mailchimp, featured and static post views, easy to hack with no limits.

3. Minto – Free


Minto is free responsive Ghost blogging theme developed to be simple and modern. It fits writers, photographers, travelers and all others who like to tell their mind in a stylish way.

4. Alesto – $15


Alesto is the minimalist theme for Ghost Blogger. It’s build to focus content and easy  to use. You can use it to start your blog, small news site. With it’s fully responsive layout it is optimised to look and work flawlessly on all devices, from mobile phones to large screens, including Retina and 4k support.

5. Brandy – $15


Brandy is Elegant Modern Ghost Theme compatible with Ghost v0.5.5+. With Landscape Layout Design, JQuery Animation and Unique Navigation which is ideally for Blog and Portfolio.

6. NiceBird – $19


NiceBird is a responsive Ghost blog theme which is suitable for magazines, blogging websites and newspapers, powered by Bootstrap 3.0 and furnished with simply matchless features embedded gallery, this blog Ghost theme allows the individual to take the advantages from its wide number of quality-rich options.

It can be used to create personal & professional portfolio website by adding video & slider. With this facility, users can also design a fully optimized & appealing photographic Ghost website exact to their unique specifications.

7. Magaz – $19


Magaz is a modern, clean, and content and image focus theme for Ghost blogging platform. that was created for those who want to create a beautiful online magazine, news, or multipurpose clean website. It’s 100% responsive, that means it fits with all different kind of devices in different sizes and this theme is compatible with Ghost version 0.7.x.

8. Acronym – $24


Acronym is a clean content focus Blogging Theme, that comes with a powerful admin panel, Intricate development and a pack of essential features really makes Acronym stand out. It supports.

It is simple and elegant, Acronym is suitable for any kind of Photography, personal, travel, hobby, lifestyle etc. Installing and customizing this theme is very easy.

9. Zero – $24


Zero is a innovative blogging theme for Ghost, that is in minimal in design with it’s mobile first approach.

Zero features include it’s One column layout with hidden side menu, big images & video, clean blog with a strong focus on typography.

Every line of code inside Zero theme is optimised for SEO to produce the best results, its primary suits food, cafe, restaurant, barber and bistro type of websites.

10. Paperleaf – $19


Paperleaf is a clean and minimal Ghost theme that can be used for many different types of websites. It can power blog, portfolio, recipes collection, reading list, links list, what every you can come up with in your mind.

Posts on the home and archive pages are laid out nicely in masonry grid that gives users a quick look at all published posts.

It’s fully responsive and works well on many device types, from mobile phones to desktop computers. Graphics and icons are ready for high-resolution screens.

11. Herald – $24


Herald is a Ghost theme created for those that want to run their own online magazine or news website, a tabloid or even a personal blog.

It features a structure commonly found among the popular news sites which makes it familiar to the targeted users and was build with LESS for easy as pie customisation, Herald makes use of the latest features available in Ghost and is compatible with Ghost version 0.7.x.

12. Verb – $24


Verb is a modern, responsive Ghost theme that features big, bold typography and cover images.

This theme fits perfectly with personal blogs and modern online magazines allowing writers to publish their content in a beautiful focused environment.



12 Beautiful Designed Themes for Ghost