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There are two crucial elements of any eCommerce website first is a shopping cart and the second one is a payment gateway.

A good payment gateway is essential for smooth transactions to take place on a daily basis on your online store and if any flaws are there your business could be in trouble. The payment gateway processes, verifies and accepts (or declines) credit card transactions on behalf of merchants and all this happens through a secure internet connection.

We can already see that there are many popular payment gateways available for businesses that you choose from such Paypal, etc but selecting the right payment gateway will make all the difference to your eCommerce store. So in this roundup you will see that we have compiled a list of the top 10 payment gateways for your eCommerce websites.

1. Stripe


Stripe has created ripples since the day it has entered the market. Although it one of the newly entrance for the market as compared to its counterparts but with its growing popularity, it will soon become a contender for top spot.

2. Braintree


BrainTree has spread its root in more than 40 countries and has an effective fraud protection method. It can accept payments through any service like PayPal, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, and Android Pay just with a single integration.

3. Dwolla


Dwolla is a profitable payment gateway that suites all business models. As it’s lets you manage multiple channels by maintaining just one Dwolla account. It’s has no monthly fees and doesn’t charge you even a penny for transactions less than $10 and for transaction above $10 it has a nominal charges of $0.25 per transaction.

4. WePay


WePay offers all the basic features like accepting credit cards and managing account payments online. The feature that differentiate it is the fact that, it is very easy to use and can accept payments within a flash.


authorize-net is another trusted name in business as It’  satisfied over 400,000 customers and it’s supports recurring billing, mobile payment and on-form payments and it comes with a highly skillful support team which has won many accolades for its performance consistently for a period of seven years.

6. 2Checkout


For over 14 years that 2CheckOut  has been out it’s been is serving customers since and have built up a reputation for itself. It enriches the experience of users by easily adapting to payment methods,local languages, and currencies. It accepts payment by Credit Cards, PayPal and Debit cards.

7. Amazon Payments


Amazon is a well-known name in the eCommerce world and they have created their own payment gateway which is highly secure and reliable. By using just a single login you can pay for thousands of websites without the headache of retyping your address or credit card information.

8. Skrill


Skrill is one of the world’s most widely used payment gateway with more than 135,000 merchants. It offers more than 100 local payment options in 41 currencies and has spread its network in more than 200 countries.

9. Payza


Payza enjoys a rare feat of satisfying over 100,000 customers all over the world. It offers you a range of payment options like e-wallet, credit card and a number of local payment services specific to your location.

10. Intuit


Intuit offers all the features necessary to build a payment gateway and perform transactions online. It has a low setup fees and easily integrate with your websites. It is a good option for small scale business with moderate volume of transactions.



10 of the Top Payment Gateway for Any eCommerce Sites