This article was published 9 years ago, therefore the contents of this post may be out of date.

Meteor, or MeteorJS is an open-source JavaScript app framework that is written using Node.js, Meteor allows for rapid prototyping, that you can deliver web and mobile apps entirely in JavaScript.

Today’s roundup presents 10 Great & Handy Tools for Meteor Developers that will aid them to simplify their dev-tasks and assist them to create innovative and useful applications.

1. Velocity


Velocity is a community as well as a testing framework that allows for common testing components to be shared across different testing frameworks. The packages include: Mocha, Jasmine, Cucumber, Casper, and Robot.

2. Meteor Toys


Metor Toys is a premium package of tools which includes handy development tools to make Meteor development experience fun! It provides a visual interface to some core meteor features. The basic version provides access to editing tool for MongoDB, and Jetsetter (for session variables).

3. Tooltips for Meteor


It simply embeds the tooltips template in your master template/layout and attaches tooltips with adding the data-tooltip attribute with the tooltip text.

4. Meteor Kitchen


Meteor Kitchen is a code generator for Meteor.js. Just describe your application in a simple JSON file (or use kitchen-GUI) and let meteor-kitchen build a complete Meteor application for you with all of the following: Directory structure router and route controllers, collections (pubs & subs), layout, pages (with content), menus and many more.

5. Meteor Panel


A Meteor panel is added to the tabs at the top of the Dev Tools. The panel is backed by the page in Panel/MeteorPanel.html, which loads whenever the Dev Tools are opened. To reload the panel during development, close and re-open the Dev Tools.

6. Gagarin


Gagarin is a mocha based testing framework designed to be used with Meteor. It can spawn multiple instances of your meteor application and run the tests by executing commands on both server and client in realtime. In other words, Gagarin allows you to automate everything you could achieve manually with meteor shell, browser console and a lot of free time. There’s no magic. It just works.

Gagarin is also useful when you need more refined control over the meteor processes and test fancy things, e.g. the behavior of your app on server restarts or when you have multiple app instances writing to the same database. To our knowledge, this is currently not achievable with Velocity – the official Meteor testing framework.

7. Meteor Tools for Visual Studio


Meteor Tools for Visual Studio integrates the amazing framework of Meteor in to our favourite Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment. Providing developers with Templates, Language Syntax Highlighting, Debugging, and much much more.

8. Laika


Laika is a testing framework for meteor that simplifies writing tests and interacts with both – server and clients. The tests are against actual application and not some mock/stub thereby making the tests even more accurate.

9. Atom


Atom ecosystem has several packages to assist Meteor development. The Meteor API provides grammar/syntax highlighting, code snippets, and autocomplete. Launching/killing of Meteor within Atom can be done through Meteor Helper.

10. Webstorm


WebStorm integrates with Meteor to provide automatic recognition of Meteor projects, automatic library attachment, syntax highlighting, code completion, resolving references and other coding assistance, running and debugging of server/client apps.


10 Great & Handy Tools for Meteor Developers