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Adding maps to into your WordPress site or even just a post is really simple. You can just go to the Google Maps and get the embed code or use Google Maps API to quickly display static maps. But that is just boring and you want to do more with your maps right ?

For example, providing driving directions, including a contact form within the map or showing multiple locations and thankfully there are many great high quality plugins for that can help you do any of these things and more. Today I’ve handpicked 6 free and 6 premium wordpress map plugins that use the Google Maps API

Free Plugins

1. Google Maps All In One

This plugin does it all, providing a solution for the everyday blogger, the ma and pa business owner, and even the most particular of power users! And it’s ready to be used in any environment – WordPress, BuddyPress, and Multisite. It’s never been easier than it is now!

2. WP Geo

Add location maps to your posts and pages. When editing a post or page, you will be able to set a physical location for that post and easily embed a Google map into your post

3. MapPress Easy Google Maps

MapPress adds an interactive map to the wordpress editing screens. When editing a post or page just enter any addresses you’d like to map.  The plugin will automatically insert a great-looking interactive map into your blog. Your readers can get directions right in your blog and you can even create custom HTML for the map markers (including pictures, links, etc.)!

4. Basic Google Maps Placemarks

BGMP creates a custom post type for placemarks (markers) on a Google Map. The map is embedded into pages or posts using a shortcode, and there are settings to affect how it’s displayed. Then you can create markers that will show up on the map using the featured image as the map icon. When a marker is clicked on, a box will appear showing its title and description.

5. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

A simple and intuitive, yet elegant and fully documented Google map plugin that installs as a widget and a short code. No limited plugin editions or limited functionality!

6. Google Maps v3 Shortcode

This plugin allows you to add one or more maps (via the Google Maps v3 API) to your page/post using shortcodes.

Premium Plugins

1. 5sec Google Maps $8

  • no API keys, no setup, no code editing
  • works in sidebars, posts, pages and custom post types out of the box
  • full screen support
  • directions to address support
  • default shortcode, [gmap], can be changed
  • multiple maps per post/page are supported
  • 12 predefined markers/icons
  • fully customizable HTML bubble/description
  • uses local cache for Geocoding (address to lat/lng mapping) for max speed
  • extensive documentation and examples
  • works on WordPress versions 2.8 and newer

2. Mapped Contact Form Pro WordPress $8

A ajax contact form inside a google maps marker info window. Works for one or multiple locations. A different email address for every location can be configured. If only on location is on the map, the info window with the contact form opens when the map is loaded.

  • Ajax contact form inside a google maps marker info window.
  • Fancy JQuery offline validation.
  • Easy to use, just add a shortcode to any post or page of your blog.
  • 60 Custom markers (12 building types in 4 colors each)
  • Google Maps API V3

3. Advanced Store Locator for WordPress $20

This advanced Store Locator enables you to add and manage all your locations and their related information, and making it easy for your users to search and locate your stores or businesses on a Google Map. This plugin comes with 2 type of display: on a Google Map or on a list. Your users can enter their own address to locate your closest stores.

The plugin also supports a street view display of your location!

4. Locations Map WP Plugin $18

Add location based content to your site with this plugin, easily manage and update several locations and include them in maps and more. Stores, fields, anything with a latitude and longitude and be entered and updates. Includes 3 widget and shortcodes!

5. Google Maps Module with Geolocation – WP Plugin $10

Google Maps module was created to provide a simple service for those who need to provide a route easily. With geolocation, you can provide a route from anywhere to your home, business, factory etc … In addition, the geolocation is compatible with all browsers that support javascript account. In fact, if your browser is not compatible with the geolocation HTML5 , it will take place with Google AJAX API .

Here, it’s the module has been adapt to wordpress

6. Geolocation Plus Google Maps Places Autocomplete $11

Geolocation Plus Google Places Autocomplete gives any WordPress post-type a named location.  With support for frontend management, this plugin is a must for every WP event, media or travel site.


WordPress Wednesday – 12 Free & Premium Map Plugins


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  1. Hi,
    I am the developer of “Leaflet Maps Marker” – a full-features mapping plugin which allows you to pin, organize & show your favorite places through OpenStreetMap/WMTS, Google Maps/Earth (KML), GeoJSON or Augmented-Reality browsers and is available in currently 8 languages. For a demo and a full list of features please visit

    Although it uses mainly OSM as basemaps, I´d really appreciate if you could add my plugin to your list! (support for Google Maps is planned in one of the next versions 😉


  2. You can also try out our recently developed proximity search WordPress Store Locator plugin called ZipDirector. We will be adding more features in the coming weeks.

    If you give it a try please let us know about your experience via our support section.

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