The best new tools for designers are ones that make your life easier and your workflows faster. You’ll find some of those in this list this month for sure.

From JavaScripts and React tools, package managers, cross-browser extension development tool, the Front End Developer/Engineer Handbook for 2024, web analytics tracker, open-source design tool. And the normal additions like WordPress plugins and themes, fonts, icons and User Interfaces.. So there’s something for almost every designer or developer in this months list.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the June 2024 edition, please either tweet/X it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.


Faces Js

faces.js is a JavaScript library that creates and showcases cartoon faces, akin to the random Miis generated by Nintendo Wii. These faces are crafted as scalable vector graphics (SVG). Additionally, each face can be encapsulated within a compact JavaScript object, enabling you to store and reproduce the same face at a later time.



Extension is a hassle-free, zero-configuration, cross-browser extension development tool tailored for creating browser extensions effortlessly. With built-in support for TypeScript, WebAssembly, React, and modern JavaScript, it streamlines the development process.

Crafted with practicality and rapid prototyping in mind, getting started is as simple as running a single terminal command. You don’t need any additional expertise to kickstart your extension development journey.

QuillJS V2.0.0

Quill Js

Quill is a versatile, free, and open-source WYSIWYG editor designed specifically for the modern web. Featuring a modular architecture and a flexible API, it offers complete customization to suit any requirement or preference.


consent banner js

A zero-dependency, lightweight (~3kB), consent platform agnostic, cookie banner for any website.


Puck React

Puck provides developers with the tools to create exceptional visual editing experiences within their React applications. It fuels the development of the next wave of content tools, no-code builders, and WYSIWYG editors, unlocking new possibilities for user interaction and creativity.



The JavaScript Registry (JSR) is a module registry for TypeScript and ESM. Works with Node, Deno, browsers, and more. Free and open source.



Formactory is a ReactJS library that changes the way developers build forms for good reasons. It replaces cumbersome hard-coded HTML with a declarative JSON schema, dramatically enhancing the maintainability of large, complex forms.

WP Foundry – Linux, Mac & Windows App

Wp Foundry

WP Foundry is a desktop app designed for managing WordPress websites locally. Its current features include basic actions for plugins and themes, as well as core updates. Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements and a detailed roadmap!

Price:  $5.00

Switchbar – Mac App


Switchbar gives you the freedom to choose your preferred browser, browser profile, or email client whenever you click on a link, whether you’re using a Mac or PC.

Price:  Free to $20.00 (one time payment)

Camp – Mac App

Camp serves as the centralized hub for all your screenshots, providing a clutter-free alternative to storing them on your desktop. With Camp, you can capture as many screenshots as you like without worrying about clutter, as they are securely stored locally and readily accessible whenever you need them.

Price:  Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Super App Lock – iOS App

Super App Lock

Super App Lock is a robust app management tool designed to safeguard user privacy and manage app usage effectively. With Super App Lock, you can effortlessly lock and hide apps, create customized plans to control app usage time, thereby boosting focus and alleviating worries about privacy breaches.

Price:  Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Dumbify – iOS App


Dumbify is a minimalist home screen launcher designed specifically for iPhone users. It helps you reduce screen time by keeping your home screen clutter-free and free of notifications.

Price:  $4.99

Clockwise – iOS App


Clockwise is a visually stunning app designed for tracking the local time of friends, family, and colleagues across the globe. Whether you’re an expat, a frequent traveler, or a remote worker, Clockwise ensures you stay synchronized across different time zones effortlessly!

Price: Free

Litelytics – Web App

Litelytics simplifies your interaction with GA4 (Google Analytics 4) by providing a user interface that is not only intuitive but also enjoyable to use.

Price: From Free to $16.00 per month

Tabb – Web App


Tabb is a cloud application designed for rapid setup and maintenance of WordPress servers. It offers a modern server control panel equipped with Docker, emphasizing optimization for the WordPress ecosystem to deliver peak performance and efficiency.

Price: Free to $8.25 per month – Web App

Editor Do is a comprehensive online IDE and hosting solution that simplifies the creation and deployment of static websites. With our powerful code editor, you can effortlessly create and deploy your projects. Alternatively, you can choose from thousands of free and ready-to-use HTML templates, making the editing process even easier.

Price: Free to $25.00 per month



Kotekan is a comprehensive React framework developed on top of Bun. It serves as an exploration into the minimalist possibilities of a modern web application framework. Leveraging the latest React features such as React Server Components, Kotekan strives to minimize additional layers on top of React, aiming to keep the framework as lightweight as possible.



px is a CLI application designed for executing commands across various JavaScript package managers seamlessly! It automatically detects the package manager being used in the project and forwards the command to the appropriate tool. Ideal for developers working on multiple projects, px simplifies the workflow by ensuring compatibility across different package managers.



Crafter is an innovative issue tracking software that operates on autopilot. By extracting context from sources such as Slack, GitHub, and product documents, it automatically generates structured tickets. Ideal for teams aiming to achieve rapid efficiency gains without the need for complex setups.



Share your code boilerplates to help everyone learn and deploy faster!

The Front End Developer/Engineer Handbook 2024

The Front End Developer Engineer Handbook 2024

This handbook serves as a valuable resource for both experienced professionals and newcomers in the field of front-end web development. It provides comprehensive insights and opportunities for learning and exploring the practice of front-end development.


Sharing private GitHub repositories has never been easier. Now, you can effortlessly share your repository with colleagues, recruiters, fans, or students with just one click.


Fullwind Css

Have you ever found Tailwind’s 11 color shades limiting? Wished for more options like gray-975? Check out our free tool! Looking for access to every shade from 0 to 1000 for every Tailwind color? Explore this (paid) plugin for easy access to all shades.


Counter Scale

Counterscale is a simple web analytics tracker and dashboard that you self-host on Cloudflare. It’s designed to be easy to deploy and maintain, and should cost you near-zero to operate – even at high levels of traffic (Cloudflare’s free tier could hypothetically support up to 100k hits/day).

Framer Prefabs

Framer Prefabs

Framer Prefabs is an open-source library meticulously crafted for user-friendliness and accessibility. Simply add the prefab to any Framer component, and you’re all set to dive right in!



Safely execute untrusted code within your app using this sandboxed environment. Whether it’s JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, or PHP. You can run various languages securely without compromising your app’s integrity.

Penpot 2.0

Penpot 2 0

The latest release of this open-source design tool, version 2.0, is now available. It introduces Grid Layout support, components, inspection enhancements, a revamped user interface, and various other improvements, making it even more powerful for both design and code collaboration.



Aider is a command line tool that lets you pair program with LLMs, to edit code stored in your local git repository. Aider will directly edit the code in your local source files, and git commit the changes with sensible commit messages.



Latitude enables you to generate API endpoints directly from your database or data warehouse using SQL queries. Additionally, it allows you to seamlessly integrate interactive visualizations into your preferred frontend framework or embed them using an iframe.



Unlogged is an open-source tool tailored for Java developers, offering instant mocking of databases and APIs, automatic generation of unit tests based on API traffic, performance monitoring of methods, and the ability to save and replay method inputs and outputs. It seamlessly integrates with continuous integration (CI) pipelines for comprehensive code coverage. Installing Unlogged can significantly enhance your Java DevOps workflow.

Quasar IntelliSense

Quasar Intellisense

With Quasar IntelliSense it effortlessly enhance your Quasar development in VS Code with CSS class autocompletion.



Wedges is a collection of React UI components developed by the team at Lemon Squeezy. It’s meticulously crafted, combining Radix UI and Tailwind CSS to deliver a visually appealing and well-considered set of components. Additionally, you have the option to download a Figma file containing these components, making it convenient for creating mockups and designing layouts.


Folds Page Builder

Folds simplifies the process of creating custom Shopify stores. With Folds, you can effortlessly drag and drop elements onto a canvas and publish your store. Whether you’re starting from scratch or utilizing one of our 50+ blocks and 10+ page templates, building pages with Folds guarantees 100% responsiveness across all devices.

Dash Forms


Dash Forms provides a quick and secure solution for collecting form submissions from both web and mobile applications, all within minutes and without any dependencies. With Dash Forms, you can optionally choose to have form submissions sent directly to your email. Tailored for developers, it offers seamless integration and ease of use.

Leadpages – Plugin


Leadpages is your all-in-one lead generation platform, empowering you to craft high-converting landing pages effortlessly.

With the intuitive no-code builder in your Leadpages account, creating pages is a breeze. Seamlessly publish your assets to your WordPress site using the Leadpages plugin. From lead management to in-depth analytics, Leadpages equips you with everything necessary to transform your website into a conversion powerhouse.

Price: Free

UltraBlocks – Plugin


UltraBlocks is a robust Gutenberg block plugin engineered to elevate your WordPress editing journey. Featuring a diverse range of custom blocks like container, grid, paragraph, buttons, countdown, shape-divider, google-maps, and more, UltraBlocks empowers you to effortlessly craft stunning layouts and designs.

Price: Free

PreBook – Plugin


PreBook is a comprehensive appointment booking plugin for WordPress designed to automate your online booking system tailored to your business requirements. This Online Scheduling Solution streamlines the booking process for your WordPress website, enabling your customers to schedule appointments with just a few clicks.

Price: Free

EXA Navigator – Plugin

Exa Navigator

Introducing the EXA Navigator plugin for Elementor, delivering an innovative solution for crafting captivating and engaging navigation experiences.

With EXA Navigator, you can design highly interactive and modern fullscreen menus that captivate your audience. These menus occupy the entire screen, showcasing navigation options in a creative and captivating manner. Smooth transitions guide users seamlessly through the navigation process, transforming every click into an immersive visual journey.

Price: $15.00

WPThumbify – Plugin

Wp Thumbify

WPThumbify is a groundbreaking WordPress plugin engineered to streamline and automate the creation of featured images for your website’s blog posts.

Ideal for bloggers, small business owners, and website administrators, WPThumbify empowers you to generate captivating, SEO-optimized featured images in bulk, saving valuable time and effort.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive customization tools, WPThumbify is an essential tool for enhancing your website’s visual appeal and streamlining your content management process.

Price: $29.00

WooThanks – Plugin


WooThanks, an add-on for the WooCommerce plugin, empowers creators to monetize their content through the generosity of their audience, akin to the YouTube Super Thanks box.

A standout feature of this plugin is its capability to showcase a “Thanks” box, enabling generous visitors to send bonuses to members via WooCommerce gateways. Additionally, for websites functioning as multi-author or multi-vendor platforms, other members can also be enabled to receive bonuses.

Price: $29.00

ShopGrove – Theme


ShopGrove is the ultimate WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) theme, meticulously crafted for seamless integration with WooCommerce.

With its intuitive controls and extensive customization options, ShopGrove enables you to design every aspect of your online store effortlessly, without the need to write a single line of code. Elevate your eCommerce experience with responsive design, SEO-friendly structure, and dynamic templates tailored specifically for WooCommerce FSE.

Price: Free

Feelin’Good – Theme


A blog theme with a bold vaporwave aesthetic. Its nostalgic atmosphere pays homage to the 80s and early 90s.

Price: Free

Inventive – Theme


Introducing Inventive, a cutting-edge WordPress theme designed for various industries like business consulting, marketing, finance, and more. It’s ideal for startups, SaaS providers, app developers, and tech businesses.

The theme developers integrated the popular Elementor page builder plugin for easy content and layout control. With the built-in Elementor Add-ons enhance convenience, making Inventive perfect for waste management, eco technologies, and environmental protection company themes.

With drag-and-drop functionality, customizing pages on the frontend is effortless. Elementor simplifies customization, making it easy for anyone, even without coding experience.

Price: $13.00

Stargaze – Theme


Stargaze is a fresh, trendy & powerful WordPress Theme best suited for observatory, astronomy, scientific laboratory, scientific institute or research company, or anything related to splace, like space agency, aerospace company, space tourism, or science blog, etc.

The theme includes Slider Revolution and Swiper Slider plugins for slideshows and supports Retina Images. It offers intuitive navigation with user and main menu support and an Interactive Ajax Search feature. Layout options ensure responsiveness, with support for both boxed and fullwidth layouts. Elementor compatibility enables easy content modification. Advanced blog settings enhance engagement. The theme’s powerful framework includes inheritance systems and compatibility with popular plugins like Elementor and WooCommerce.

Price: $13.00

Buckram – Font


Honesta – Font


Kulderin – Font


Ttabo – Font


Barilod – Font


Gully – Font

Gully Sans

Abstract Logo Pack

Abstract Logo Pack

Social Media Free – 50 icons

Social Media Free 50 Icons

Hand Gestures Pack

Hand Gestures Pack Drawn Illustrations

Icoonia – Edit Formatting Icon Pack

Icoonia Edit Formatting Icon Pack

Perfect Breakfast Illustrations Set

Perfect Breakfast Illustrations Set

HaHo UI Kit & Multibrand Design System

Haho Mobile Ui Kit & Multibrand Design System

Hufe Real Estate App UI Kit

Hufe Real Estate App Ui Kit

Incentify – HR Website Template

Incentify Hr Website Template

E-Learning Dashboard UI Kit

E Learning Dashboard Ui Kit

Kanban – Project Management UI Kit

Kanban Project Management Ui Kit

Sublima UI

Sublima Ui

Notdash – Framer template

Notdash Framer Template


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