Discover this month’s selection of tools designed to streamline your workflow and simplify your life, making them essential for designers and developers seeking enhanced efficiency.

From tools simplifies the management merge requests in GitLab, helping with productivity. To some great resources and tools like a new headless CMS, user-friendly framework. A book that guides you in mastering effective user interface typography. And the normal additions like WordPress, fonts, icons and User Interfaces.

So there’s something for almost every designer or developer in this list.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the February 2024 edition, please either tweet/X it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



Re:DOM is a 2 KB UI library that streamlines DOM element creation and synchronisation with data. Its direct approach, sans virtual DOM, ensures faster performance and lower memory usage compared to virtual DOM-based libraries like React. Re:DOM also excels in creating reusable components effortlessly, all while using pure JavaScript – no need for complex templating languages.



Hana stands out as a straightforward, lightweight, and user-friendly React framework. Prioritizing developer experience, stability, and performance, Hana distinguishes itself from numerous other React frameworks by offering an abundance of features right out of the box, including built-in routing and state management.


Auto Animate

AutoAnimate simplifies the animation process with its zero-configuration, plug-and-play utility. Integrate smooth transitions seamlessly into your web app, whether it’s built with React, Solid, Vue, Svelte, or any other JavaScript framework.

Effection v3.0


Effection brings Structured Concurrency and Effects to JavaScript, seamlessly merging the ease of synchronous programming with handling side effects and asynchronous code. Developers can harness their existing knowledge of JavaScript while incorporating a few powerful concepts for more effective and intuitive code.

Tsdocs simplifies the process of swiftly browsing type documentation for popular JavaScript libraries. It provides an up-to-date reference for any past version of a library without the need for installation or searching for type declaration files.

MergeQuest – Mac App


MergeQuest, a Mac app that simplifies the management of GitLab merge requests. Serving as a centralised hub for all your relevant merge requests, it provides real-time notifications. Bid farewell to information overload and enhance your productivity with MergeQuest.

Price: $9.99

Hotspot Meter – Mac App

Hotspot Meter For Macos

Hotspot Meter, discreetly residing in your menubar, activates when you connect to a metered network such as a personal hotspot or cellular network. It offers a convenient way to monitor your data usage directly from the menubar, allowing a quick overview of your current session’s consumption. Click the menu icon for a summary of your total usage. Keep tabs on your data effortlessly with Hotspot Meter.

Price: Free

Backup Status – Mac App

Backup Status

Backup Status introduces a Mac widget, providing a quick view of your Time Machine status directly from your desktop or Notification Center. Keep tabs on your backup effortlessly with this convenient feature.

Price: Free

GitBrain – Mac App


GitBrain streamlines your Git workflow, maximizing coding productivity. Through the power of AI, it intelligently comprehends your code changes and offers insightful suggestions for Git operations, making version control a more efficient and intuitive process.

Price: Free

One Task – iOS App

One Task

View and complete tasks effortlessly with this app. Add tasks, enable the widget, and mark them complete with a simple tap. Customise task order in the widget. Embrace simplicity—no folders, tags, or priority settings. Commit to completing tasks for the day, focusing on efficiency over endless organisation.

Price: Free

Motivated – iOS & Android App


Motivated is your ultimate habit tracker for a successful journey. It empowers you to build positive habits and break free from the negative ones. Unlike traditional trackers, Motivated prioritizes Habit Health over streak counting, ensuring continuous motivation on your path to success.

Price: Free

BeforeSunset – Web App


BeforeSunset is an application tailored to assist teams and busy professionals in daily planning and time management.

Utilize BeforeSunset’s workspace, incorporating a calendar and to-do list, to plan your day. Review yesterday’s achievements and incomplete tasks for comprehensive planning. Stay on schedule by tracking time for each task and maintaining focus. Estimate task durations to ensure progress aligns with your plan, making adjustments as needed. Conclude your day with BeforeSunset’s analytics, offering a review and reflection on your progress. Enhance your daily planning and time management with BeforeSunset.

Price: Free, Personal Pro $13.99 & Team Pro $15.99 per month/billed yearly

Foudroyer – Web App

Foudroyer is the next-generation SEO tool designed to accelerate indexing, track keywords, discover opportunities, and centralise data from Google, Bing, and Yandex. Featuring an intuitive design, precise filtering, seamless date browsing, and robust analytics, it empowers you to aim for the top spot on search engines effortlessly.

Price: Free, Professionals $29.99 & Enterprise $129.99 per month

Discut – Web App


Discut is a modern community management platform designed for small teams. It enables your community to be open to the web while maintaining organization and efficiency.

Price: Free, Premium $99.99 & Enterprise (contact them for custom pricing) per month

Clamp Calculator

Clamp Calculator

This calculator to generate any number of custom fluid tokens, and extract the CSS to use in your projects. These tokens can be applied to typography, space or any other CSS property that accepts a length unit.

Front Tips

Front Tips

With Front Tips you can get your daily dose of short video tips and tricks covering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, coupled with essential insights into Frontend Development libraries and tools.



Caisy is your all-in-one solution for editing, storing, managing, and publishing digital content. As a Headless CMS, it empowers users to connect with their audience across various devices and channels. With a user-friendly interface and features such as scheduling, localisation, and unique multi-tenancy, Caisy enhances creativity while saving valuable time.

User Interface Typography

User Interface Typography

This book guides you in mastering effective user interface typography, covering basic principles, layout construction, and various design elements. Featuring hundreds of illustrations, it thoroughly explains every nuance and principle for a comprehensive understanding.

CSS Hooks

Css Hooks

Hooks introduce advanced CSS capabilities to native inline styles, offering minimal runtime, no build steps, and a tiny CSS footprint.



Formie harnesses the simplicity of HTML form actions, making data capturing effortless. With just one line of code, Formie serves as a versatile solution, functioning as a form backend, API, dashboard, and email service. Simplify the process of powering custom forms on your website with Formie.

UI Fort

Ui Fort

Explore UIFort, a comprehensive and user-friendly components library designed for Next.js and Material-UI. It boasts 676 TypeScript components for Next.js, a corresponding Figma Design System, light/dark color modes, 18 layout dashboard shells, and much more. Take a look and experience it for yourself.



Elevate your coding experience with the comprehensive Developer Toolkit, crafted to enhance productivity and streamline essential tasks in your coding journey.

NestJS File Generator for VSCode

Meet the NestJS File Generator extension! Say farewell to the manual setup of NestJS files and boost your development workflow. Integrate the NestJS File Generator extension to effortlessly create classes, controllers, decorators, and essential NestJS components. Streamline your coding process for optimal efficiency and speed.

Design Buddy

Design Buddy

Design Buddy, a Figma plugin, operates as a collaborative teammate by offering valuable feedback on your UI designs. This tool provides structured critiques encompassing layout, color, typography, accessibility, and even assigns objective scores, enhancing the design review process.

Advanced Columns – Plugin

Advanced Columns

Leveraging the robust foundation of CSS grid, the Advanced Columns plugin stands out as the most powerful and flexible layout builder block for crafting professional WordPress websites.

Price: Free (Premium coming soon)

SiteSEO – Plugin


SiteSEO, a robust WordPress SEO plugin, is your key to maximizing online visibility, boosting traffic, and elevating rankings. Manage XML Sitemaps, enhance social sharing, and take control of Titles and Metas, among other powerful features. Supercharge your website’s SEO with SiteSEO.

Price: Free

Flexible Cookies – Plugin

Flexible Cookies

The Flexible Cookies plugin not only presents the cookie bar in a professional and compliant manner but also scans your website for cookies, categorising them appropriately. Customise the cookie bar’s appearance with unique styles to match your preferences. Managing cookies has never been easier – forget the complications with Flexible Cookies!

Price: Free

Kraft – Plugin


Kraft is a no-code WordPress website builder known for its modular components and streamlined approach. It generates real WordPress theme folders, ensuring optimal speed and efficiency. With components, variables, and classes, scaling and customisation are effortless.

The builder offers extensive styling options and a detailed interaction handling system for a sustainable working environment. Kraft’s unique feature lies in creating classic theme files directly, eliminating dependency on plugins post-site creation.

Price: $120.00

Postify Smart Post Layout – Plugin


Smart Post Layout for WordPress is a highly valuable plugin that elegantly showcases your blog posts with two beautiful layouts (Carousel and Grid) and five different themes.

With the ability to create a stylish blog layout and feature any builder, including Gutenberg, in minutes and without any coding knowledge, it’s incredibly user-friendly. The plugin is optimized for optimal performance on both web and server platforms, promising increased post views and enhanced conversion rates.

Price: $21.00

Blogpoet – Theme


BlogPoet is a cutting-edge WordPress theme seamlessly integrating with Full Site Editing, offering a block-based approach to website design. Tailored for bloggers, this theme combines the power of WordPress’s latest features with a sleek and minimalistic design, providing a seamless and enjoyable blogging experience.

Price: Free

Suku – Theme


Suku is a free, minimalist WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) theme. Gutenberg-ready and compatible with all WordPress blocks and patterns, it’s an ideal choice for creating portfolio or blog themes with FSE features.

Price: Free

Nilos – Theme


Nilos is a premium, modern WordPress Theme designed for a variety of purposes, including developers, designers, programmers, freelancers, writers, artists, web developers, photographers, and other digital professionals. It caters to modern technology companies and software development websites, offering outstanding features, full responsiveness, and mobile-friendliness.

Price: $19.00

Electio – Theme


Introducing Electio, a tech marvel tailored for electronics and gadget stores! This theme offers a range of customizable online store and computer shop templates with seamless compatibility with WooCommerce and Elementor Page Builder.

Professionally designed for WooCommerce, Electio features a responsive layout, mega menu, portfolio, animated sections, and easy one-click demo import. It’s user-friendly, powerful, and flexible—build your website effortlessly without coding knowledge.

Price: $19.00

Innovat – Theme


Innovat is a professionally designed WordPress theme for businesses in interior design, architecture, renovation, and construction. With a visually appealing and unique design, it offers customisation for interior and architecture-related services. The theme is user-friendly, responsive on various devices, and built with the powerful Elementor Page Builder.

Its admin panel allows extensive customisation, and pre-designed pages can be easily imported and adapted to suit user needs. Ideal for any business website.

Price: $29.00

Wanted Sans – Font

Leap – Font


Suifak – Font


Apex Pro – Font

Apex Pro

Caverson – Font


Landscape 3D Icon Set

Landscape 3d Icon Set

Ninties Icon Retro Style

Ninties Icon Retro Style

150+ Social Media Icons & Company Logos

150+ Social Media Icons & Company Logos

eCommerce Illustration Kit

Ecommerce Illustration Kit

Easy Todo App – UI Kit

Teasy Todo Tasklist & Calendar App Ui Kit

JobSkuyy – Job Finder UI Kit App

Jobskuyy Job Finder Ui Kit App

MeetJoy – Social Media App UI Kit

Meetjoy Social Media App Ui Kit

Dockit – Ultimate Freelancer Document Kit

Dockit The Ultimate Freelancer Document Kit


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