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As designers or developers we are always looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers in April 2018, here we have some new released and updated resources from jQuery scripts, to a few Apps, web development tools, WordPress themes and fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the May roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.


A dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel. It’s lightweight, flexible and fast. Designed to slide. No less, no more


Clipped.js is a library to make configuration for build tools such as Docker, Webpack, Rollup like presets, such that if you have made one configuration for one project, then you can use it again in next project as easier as importing a library.


Lightweight, beautiful and user-friendly interactive prompts.


A lightweight (~4kb gzipped) yet powerful JavaScript engine that helps you drive the user’s focus on page. Some sample use-cases can be creating powerful feature introductions, call-to-action components, focus shifters etc.

Cornerstone 4 – Mac App

The ultimate Subversion client for Mac just got better with Shelving, Checkpointing, and blazing fast performance. Cornerstone is the the fastest SVN Client. Period.

Price: $79.00 per year

Crunch – Mac App

Crunch is a macOS tool for lossy PNG image file optimization. It combines selective bit depth, color type, and color palette reduction with zopfli DEFLATE compression algorithm encoding using embedded versions of the pngquant and zopflipng PNG optimization tools.

Price: Free

Pretzel – Mac App

Pretzel is Mac desktop app that shows and find keyboard shortcuts based on your current app.

Price: Free

Timelancer – Mac App

Timelancer is a simple time tracking app. It stays at the menubar and records how much time you spend on each app. It takes screenshots on every 10 minutes and saves it to your computer. You can see detailed information about how you spend your time on your browser by one click.

Price: $0.99 per year

Fontical Font Checker – Window App

Fontical is a lightweight program that allows you to easily check if you have a certain font installed. Fontical always delivers fast results, even if you have 1000+ fonts!

Price: Free

Oni – Mac/Windows/Linux App

Oni is a new kind of editor, focused on maximizing productivity – combining modal editing with features you expect in modern editors. Oni is built with neovim, and inspired by VSCode, Atom, LightTable, and Emacs

Price: Free

Charles Proxy – iOS App

Charles Proxy for iOS lets you capture and inspect network requests and responses on your iOS device. You can view metadata, headers and bodies in the app, so you can finally debug your app’s networking issues without a computer.

Price: $8.99

Kodex – iOS App

Kodex is an advanced code editor for iOS, which brings powerful and desktop-class IDE features to your iPad or iPhone

Price: Free

Launchaco – Web App

The Simplest Way to Build a Website For Your Startup

Price: $50 per year – Web App

Price: From $5.00 per month

Site Palette – Chrome Extension

Site Palette is a free Chrome extension that generates palettes based on a webpage colours.

Price: Free helps you add colors and formatting to your bash scripts. by Cloudflare is the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service powered by Cloudflare and no, this is not a joke.


Gitkube is tool for building and deploying docker images on Kubernetes using git push.


Declarative animation system for HTML, SVG & React


HueSnap is a product that allows you to grab colors from your uploaded images and create beautiful palettes to share with creatives just like you.

Coding for Designers

Virtually all resources aimed at teaching people how-to code introduce the code itself too soon. In doing so, many fundamental and empowering concepts remain hidden and out of reach. These resources often lack explanations of why a coding concept exists as it does. Additionally, these resources rarely consider designers directly. Coding for Designers is the response to this unfortunate reality.


MailDev is a simple way to test your projects’ emails during development with an easy to use web interface that runs on your machine.


Woah.css is a CSS Animation Library for eccentric developers!


A beautiful alternative to CSS resets & normalisers.

Web Design Trends 2018 eBook

A book about Web Design Trends for 2018


restyb is a smart database with a RESTful API which can be used from any application or code.


BrainMilk is the best platform for building people data into your apps, products, and tools.

Brix – Plugin

Designed to be lightweight and work like a charm with the rest of the WordPress ecosystem, Brix allows you to visually compose any page or layout you can imagine. With the easiest grid-based interface ever created, you won’t have to know anything about code.

Price: Free

Notification – Plugin

Notification is a WordPress plugin. Notify anyone about any action in your WordPress. With powerful Merge Tags, you can endlessly customize your messages. Set unlimited Notifications in your WordPress Admin via the beautiful and intuitive interface within 5 minutes.

Price: Free

WP Event Manager – Plugin

WP Event Manager is a lightweight, open source, scalable and full featured event management plugin for adding event listing functionality to your WordPress site.

Price: Free

WordPress API Multiple Sites User Sync – Plugin

WordPress API Multiple Sites User Sync plugin can sync automatically user from one WordPress site (blog) to the other WordPress sites (blogs) when user add/update/register. Also, sync bulk users in multiple sites.

Price: $15.00

Call Back – Plugin

Call Back WordPress Plugin is the best plugin for WordPress if admin want to get call request from customer.

Price: $15.00

WooCommerce Fake Discounts – Plugin

This is an ultimate SALE plugin for storewide sales and general flash sales such as Black Friday, Christmas discount, Halloween, clerance, store anniversary or some other special day. You can define Increase price by and discount in precentage or fixed value, add also can display sitewide notification about discount.

Price: $15.00

Moscow – Theme

A WordPress theme that is lightweight, fast and easy to customize. It is perfect for personal, fashion, travel, food, and lifestyle blogs.

Price: Free

Business Booster – Theme

Business Booster is a clean, modern and responsive theme for your business.

Price: Free

Puca – Theme

Puca is a flexible and customizable WooCommerce Multi-Store WordPress Theme.

Price: $29.00

Adifier – Theme

Adifier is a truly complete classified ads marketplace. All it’s features are built from scratch which results in having only the things which are required. It was carefully crafted with a lot of analyzing of all popular marketplaces in order to include all available features and add the ones which were missing.

Price: $29.00

Vorsa – Theme

Vorsa is high quality creative theme with great style and clean code. Vorsa can be used for many purposes starting from minimal portfolios, agencies, freelancers, personal resume and much more.

Price: $39.00

Sarun Pro – Font

Rocket Clouds – Font

Northwell – Font

Foreland – Font

Neue Montreal – Font


Noway Mobile App UI Kit

UI Design Tools – Lilac Studio Kit 1.1 Preview

Figma UX Design Kit

Grain Dashboard – Admin Template

Tabler – Admin Template

106 Free Flat material Icons

Energy Source & Ecology Icons

Magicons – 2867 Flat Icons

Flyer and Brochure Vector Icons



What’s New for Designers & Developers in April 2018