We’ve encountered exceptional resources for designers and developers in the year 2023.

The fourth edition of “What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2023” will highlight some of the most innovative and beneficial web applications that were either newly launched or received updates. This includes solutions for uptime monitoring, design platforms, analytics tools, engineering tools, and client management.

While eagerly anticipating the developments the web has in store for 2024, let’s take a moment to revisit the standout Web Apps of 2023. Enjoy the retrospective!


DevMail – Web App


DevMail is an email sandbox for software developers. Capture emails from your dev, staging, QA, or CI environment.

Copy & paste some SMTP credentials to send emails directly to DevMail from your application or environment. Analyze email content, headers, and attachments. Dig into the raw email data to debug issues. Avoid sending test emails to real customers.

Price: Plans starting at $9.00 per month

Autorytr – Web App


Autorytr is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate social media posts and blog articles. So instead of spending hours writing (or paying someone to write), you can spend a few minutes choosing the topics you want to write about, and Autorytr will take care of the rest.

Price: Start for free, Plans starting from $19 per month


OneUptime – Web App

uptime monitoring

OneUptime replaces services like StatusPage.io, PagerDuty, and Pingdom with one simple platform that lets you monitor your apps and alert your team instantly when downtime happens

Price: Starting from Free to $84.00 per month/user

Octonius – Web App


Octonius is a work management platform created for teams small and large with the purpose of helping managers create a single source of truth for their organisation. It can be used in the cloud or deployed on your organization’s infrastructure.

Price: You’ll need to get a quote for your organization


Sociality.io – Web App

Sociality Io

Sociality is a marketing platform for managing your social media channels. It allows you to schedule content, analyze performance, and monitor your competitors.

Price: Free and $12.00 per month (billed annually)

Fibery – Web App


Fibery is a work and knowledge platform for startups. It unites research, software development, marketing, and CRM and allows to have an uninterrupted workflow from an idea to IPO.

Price: Free to $18.00 per user/month (billed annually)


Teamplify – Web App


Teamplify is a productivity tool for software development teams. Know your team’s pulse with Team Analytics. Save precious meeting time with Smart Daily Standup. Always know how long tasks take with Effortless Time Tracking. Plan ahead with Time off in mind, thanks to built-in Time Off management.

Price: Four plans, starting at Free, $29.00 per month, $149.00 per month, then a custom pricing for enterprises

Statuslink – Web App


Statuslink helps you communicate project updates. It’s like shipment tracking, but for your creative client projects.

You simply create a project page, accessible through a unique URL, and share it with stakeholders. Your status updates and file uploads will be displayed chronologically on the page, making it easy for customers or partners to stay informed about the progress of their project with you.

Price: Three plans, starting at Free, $49.00 per month, then a custom pricing for enterprises


Testiny – Web App


Manage all your manual and automated test cases and test runs in Testiny. Advanced, comprehensive test management: easy-to-use interface, rich reports, seamless integrations. Designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork, built on a modern framework.

Price: Free for 3 users, then pricing starts at $17.00 per month/user

Naav – Web App


Naav is a project management tool, that focuses on making its user’s life easier. Has all the needed features to get your projects done: Kanban, Roadmap, Wiki, Sprints, Custom Dashboards, Custom Boards, Releases, and many more. It’s a combination of modern design, lightning speed, and an easy-to-use interface.

Price: 30 day’s trial, then Free, €6.99($7.72) per month/user and €7.99($8.82) per month/user


Lumin – Web App


Lumin is the simplest way to implement mobile analytics. Quick setup (<2 min), Privacy-first and GDPR compliant, Insights w/o a degree in data science, Out-of-the-box analytics: DAUs, devices, custom events, and more

Price: Free to 89€ / month

Clientary – Web App


Introducing Clientary, the ultimate professional services automation solution that revolutionises your entire business operations.

So no more struggling with scattered doc files, templates, and disconnected applications. Embrace the power of Clientary as we streamline every step of the client lifecycle, from creating proposals and estimates to tracking time, generating invoices, and processing payments. Experience the convenience of having all essential tools and information consolidated in one centralised platform for you and your team.

Unlock the potential of Clientary by giving it a try completely free of charge. See firsthand how it can transform your business for the better.

Price: From $19.00 per month to $59.00 per month.


Cleartask – Web App


Cleartask was created to address the common frustration shared by individuals who dedicate significant time to meetings but don’t witness tangible outcomes.

Its purpose is to introduce structure to meetings, prevent duplication of work, foster accountability among participants, enhance post-meeting organisation. And ultimately ensure that every meeting is productive and action-oriented, avoiding wastage of time without subsequent follow-up.

Price: Free to $2.00 per user/month

Clarity – Web App

Clarity By Microsoft

A new, free user behaviour analytics tool, that claims to be both GDPR & CCPA compliant — it helps visualise how users are interacting with your site through session replays and heat-maps.

Price: Free… see why here


Mailcheck – Web App


This service will be useful to those who are working every day to increase conversion in email mailings and want to decrease bounce rate. This app also be useful to those who want to know who is behind that email.

Price: $10.00 to $90.00 per month. If you got 100,000+ emails to be validated there’s a custom pricing option.

Team Analytics – Web App

Team Analytics

Track, measure, and boost your tech team’s performance. 100% free. Team Analytics provides the essential metrics to track and assess your tech team. It allows you to evaluate them over time, detect bottlenecks, and compare data across different members.

Price: Free


Datapulse – Web App


Learn where, why, and how people engage with your product in real time. Get a deeper understanding of visitor behavior across devices and platforms.

Price: Free while in Beta

Tracky – Web App


Tracky serves as a comprehensive project management solution designed specifically for freelancers. Within this platform, freelancers can effortlessly monitor their working hours, generate to-do lists, manage tasks, maintain notes, generate spreadsheets, and even create invoices with ease.

Price: Free to $3.00 per month


DataBrew – Web App


DataBrew is a cloud-based data platform that gives the ability to work with different data sources. Combine them, stream, and merge. Currently, we provide an ability to adopt Change-Data-Capture for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Price: Free, $60.00 per month, $400.00 per month

Photoshop Online – Web App

Photoshop Online

Photoshop for the web is now generally available as part of all Photoshop paid plans and includes Firefly-powered features like Generative Fill.

Price: Free, $60.00 per month, $400.00 per month

Base Analytics – Web App

Base Analytics

 Base Analytics is web analytics with lightweight and advanced options. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. It gives all control to the website owner.

Price: From $9.00 to $89.00 per month


Miday – Web App


Miday is a user-friendly solution tailored for freelancers, contractors, and agencies seeking to simplify time tracking and invoicing processes. Effortlessly craft and oversee client profiles, define individual or team pricing structures, and customise invoicing schedules to match your work patterns.

Whether logging hours on a client project or specific tasks, Miday diligently records every moment, automatically generating invoices based on your predetermined rates. Streamline team coordination by configuring employee rates and permissions with ease. Moreover, you can conveniently dispatch invoices directly to clients via email within the Miday platform. Opt for Miday to experience a hassle-free approach to billing and time management.

Price: Free, $35.88 per user/year or $3.99 per user/month

Buska – Web App


Buska serves as a real-time monitoring tool that notifies you whenever your brand is referenced on the internet or any social media platform. It includes sentiment analysis to assess public sentiment and seamlessly integrates with Slack and Discord for efficient team collaboration.

In-depth reports transform the data into actionable insights, facilitating the enhancement of your Online Presence Management.

Price: Free, $9.00 per month or $89.00 per month


Prodeology – Web App


Prodeology stands as the ultimate decision-making tool for product managers. Our comprehensive product management SaaS platform is entirely free, providing a unified space for both productivity and data analytics capabilities.

Price: Free

Taskily – Web App


Taskily presents a balanced solution for task management. Going beyond a basic checklist yet avoiding the complexity of extensive project suites, Taskily caters to individuals and teams seeking a middle ground. Meticulously designed, it delivers just the right amount of functionality for intuitive and effective task organization. Taskily streamlines task management without the unnecessary complexities found in advanced systems.

Price: Free & Pro will be TBD Q1 2024


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2023: Web Apps