We’ve come across remarkable resources for designers and developers throughout the year 2023.

The ninth and final installment in the series, titled “What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2023,” will feature some of the best and most exceptional design items, including icons and user interfaces, created during the year.

While eagerly anticipating the innovations the web will unveil in 2024, take a moment to revisit the standout design items of 2023. Enjoy the retrospective!


Ares Icon Packs

Ares Icon Packs

Social Media Icon Pack

Social Media Icon Pack

Xfolio – Portfolio Website UI Kit

Xfolio Portfolio Website Ui Kit

Revu – Multipurpose UI kit for SaaS Startups

Revu Multipurpose Ui Kit For Saas Startups


Travel 3D Icon Pack

Travel 3d Icon Pack

Smartmoc Icon Set

Smartmoc Icon Set

Coca – Landing Page Kit V2

Coca Landing Page Kit V2

Landing Page UI Kit

Landing Page Ui Kit


Notion Icons

Notion Icons

Data Analytics 3D Icon Set

Data Analytics 3d Icon Set

Carly – Car & Vehicle 3D Icon Set

Carly Car & Vehicle 3d Icon Set

Filllo Finance App UI Kit

Filllo Finance App Ui Kit

Filllo Web Wireframe UI Kit

Filllo Web Wireframe Ui Kit


Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

Whoooa! – 156 vector Lottie animations

Whoooa has 156 vector illustrations animated in lottie

SaaS – EzyCRM UI Kit

Ezycrm Ui Kit

3D UI Kit Elements Part 2

3d Ui Kit Elements Part 2

Horizon UI

Horizon Ui

Nextgen Website UI Kit

Nextgen Digital Marketing Website Ui Kit

Brand Guidelines Template for Figma

Brand Guidelines Template For Figma


Figma Behavioral Design System

Behavioral Design System

Mellow UI

Mellow Ui – Figma Design System

Bruddle UI Kit

Bruddle Neo Brutalism Ui Kit For Saas Dashboards

Dashlab Dashboard UI Kit

Dashlab Dashboard Ui Kit

Document Management Dashboard

Document Management Dashboard


UI Kit & Design System for Figma

Ui Kit & Design System For Figma

Tetrisly Icon Library

Tetrisly Icon Library

Finance – Animated Icons

Finance Animated Icons

Uicon V3.0

UI Icon Version 3 Animated Icons

Tasty Temptations – 3D Icon Bundle

Tasty Temptations Ultimate Food 3d Icon Bundle


Iconsans – Icons


Intelicons – AI Icon Kit

Intelicons Ai Icon Kit

130+ Web & Mobile App Mockups

130 Web And Mobile App Mockup

UI Button Design System

Ui Button Design System

Crancy – Dashboard UI Kit for Figma

Crancy Admin Dashboard Figma Ui Kits Template

Bruddle – Neo Brutalism Coded UI Kit

Bruddle Neo Brutalism Coded Ui Kit


Empty State 3D Icons

Empty State 3d Icon

Glass – Icons

Glass Icon Free

Phosphor 2.0 – Icons


E-commerce Web Responsive UI Kit

E Commerce Web Responsive Ui Kit

Clockup App UI Kit

Clockup A Live Clock & Timer Watch Mobile App Design

Minimal Blog Framer Template

Minimal Blog Framer Template


Confetti 3D Icon

3d Confetti Icon

1,100+ UI Icons

1,100+ Ui Icons

Extra Thicc Icon Set

Extra Thicc Icon Set

Oceanik – Advanced Design System for Figma

Oceanik Advanced Design System For Figma

Sport App UI Kit

Sport App Ui Kit

Roi 7Presuade – Pitch Deck Dashboard UI Kit

Roi7presuade Pitch Deck Dashboard Ui Kit


Getflow – CRM Dashboard UI Kit

Getflow Ultimate Crm Dashboard Ui Kit

User Interface Essential

Neuvicons User Interface Essential

WunderUI – Design System & UI Kit

Wunderui Design System & Ui Kit

CraftUI – Bootstrap 5 Design System

Craft Ui Boostrap 5 Design System


Greeny Ecology and Environment – Icons

Greeny Ecology And Environment Icon Set

Audio & Video Animated Icon

Audio And Video Animated Icon

Automotive 3D Icons

3d Automotive

3D MacOS App Icon

Macos Apps 3d Icon Set

Agento – Framer Template

Agento Agency Website Framer Template

Document Manager

Document Manager

Rafaela Device Mockups

Rafaela Device Mockups


Ultimate Interface Icons

Ultimate Interface

PowerBi Dashboard Template

Powerbi Dashboard Template

Blus Multipurpose Dashboard UI Kit

Blus Multipurpose Dashboard Ui Kit

Brand Guidelines Kit

Brand Guidelines Kit


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2023: Design Items