This is the fourth of my yearly roundup of What’s New for Designers & Developers for 2019, in this roundup, I will be focusing on showing you what some of the exceptional web based apps that been released during this year.

I want to mention that not every app for your mobile that been featured in each of my roundups will be featured in today’s post, as I feel that this list could be enormous.

So for your peace of reading pleasure, I will be splitting up the best of these web apps into month of release.

So lets get in to it.


Screen Guru – Web App

Screen Guru

Take clean screenshot of any websites

Price: Free


TruePush – Web App

True Push

TruePush is a free forever push notification tool, all features free forever for web, android and IOS. These are some of the features that can be seen when you are using Truepush for your daily push notification need it’s a easy to use dashboards, sending notification to RSS feeds automatically, segmentation, triggers and apis.

Price: Free

Email Owl – Web App

Email Owl

EmailOwl is a categorized database of 3k+ email newsletters offering advertisement, with newsletters collectively reaching 200M+ subscribers. Includes contact information, tags, media information links, and more! Promote your business with EmailOwl.

Price: Basic $39.00pm / Startup 79.00pm / Enterprise $119.00pm

Arrangr – Web App


Arrangr, the knowledge leader in “intelligent” scheduling, is the fastest and easiest way to arrange a business meeting or get-together – virtually or in-person. Arrangr eliminates the frustrating back-and-forth texts, emails and phone calls with one simple to use platform. In as little as 30 seconds a complete meeting can now be arranged.

Price: Basic Plan Free / Pro Plan $10.00pm


PreFlight – Web App


PreFlight is Code-Free Automated UI Testing. Using our recorder you can record functional tests of your browser-based product then run them on all of the popular browsers across Windows and MacOS.

Price: Free pm/ $99.00 pm / $249.00 pm

FunctionFox – Web App

Functionfox Timesheet And Project Management Software

Track your projects from concept to completion. Increase profitability and productivity with the leading choice for ad agencies and creative teams worldwide Since 2000.

Price: Classic $5.00 per month per user/ Premier $10.00 per month per user / In-House $15.00 per month per user


PerfOps – Web App


PerfOps is a platform that offers a complete set of tools to benchmark and analyze your internet infrastructure and use that data to intelligently route internet traffic based on real-time data to optimize availability and performance.

Price: Free

BugBattle – Web App


BugBattle is the most affordable and fun in-app bug reporting tool for apps & web apps! With BugBattle we put the annoying task of bug fixing upside down and turned it into a fun experience for your whole team.

Price: Free / Startup $16.00 / Premium $33.00

Actiondesk – Web App

Action Desk

ActionDesk is a productivity tool that turns spreadsheets into powerful automations. Import data and do everything from provide customer support to operations help to analysing data. It integrates with plenty of tools, such as Google Sheets, CRMs and Typeform.

Price: Starter $0.00 pm / Professional $150.00 pm/ Business $350.00 pm / Enterprise $1500.00 pm


API Checker – Web App


Monitoring for your website or API with realtime insights & get alerts via email, Slack, SMS, WebHook when it is down. Including: Status Pages, SSL monitoring, Open API, Global Latency verification, Application Grouping and consolidated dashboard

Price: Basic $4.99 pm or Standard $9.99 pm

Churnkit – Web App


You invest a lot to acquire new customers, make them signup and add your JS snippet to their website – that’s amazing!!! But, what if they removed it 5 minutes later? You lost them and you didn’t even know that. Let’s shed some light on users who churn!

Price: Free (Beta)


Gitalytics – Web App


Visualize your workflow data, in one place.From commit to deploy. With Gitalytics you can be data-driven using stats that developers care about.

Price: Essential – Free /  Growth  – $349.00pm

CoManage – Web App


CoManage is an online tool tailored for the modern entrepreneur. Manage your customers, invoices, offers, products and projects online. On your desktop, tablet and smartphone whereever, whenever you want.

Price: $11.00pm

Sether – Web App


Sether is designed to help media specialists, brand managers, owners and agencies optimize their digital profile by monitoring the performance of advertising campaigns, while also listening to mentions and reviews about the product.

Price: Free to  $401.00pm


FaxSalad – Web App

Fax Salad

Faxing still plays a critical role in the day to day operations of many industries. With this in mind, FaxSalad was built as a modern approach to faxing, offering a secure, modern and flexible online fax service.

Price: Pay as you go

Janitor – Web App


Janitor crawl your site and check for errors and problems that could have been introduced by bugs, user-generated content, or server problems. The app will let you know about 500 errors, mixed content (HTTP and HTTPS) pre-warn you about SSL expirations, plus loads more.

Price: Hobby $10.00 pm/ Pro $20.00 pm/ Agency $50.00 pm/ Large Agency $100.00 pm

Site Monki – Web App


Site Monki automates monitoring of your website alerting you of uptime status of your website, check SSL certificates, expiry of domains and notify you if cron jobs ran.

Price: Free


BaseDash – Web App


BaseDash is the ultimate collaborative database tool. View and edit data with beautiful UI-based workflows, track the edit history of each record, and write queries collaboratively with your teammates. Simply the best way to manage data for teams.

Price: Free to $10.00 per user/per month

Kankan – Web App


Kankan combines OKR goal tracking and kanban project management. View actionable WIP reports so your team can make better decisions about how to spend its most precious resource: time.

Price: Free for Solo & $9.00 per month per workspace for Teams

Cloudron – Web/Server App


Cloudron is a platform for running apps (like WordPress, GitLab, Discourse) on your server and keeping them up-to-date and secure.

Price: From Free to $150.00 per month


Is It Working? – Web App

Is It Working

It’s easy for an error or oversight to leave you with an expired or broken certificate. Is It Working checks your SSL certificates regularly and warns you if they’re close to expiry or otherwise broken.

Price: Free (Free account allows for 1 SSL check) & $1.00 for 10 SSL checks  per month

Gumlet – Web App


Gumlet delivers image with right size and quality to your users. Now focus on business and not images.

Price: Free (1 GB every month for first year) or PAYG for $1.00 (Per 10 GB additional bandwidth)


EverSQL – Web App


EverSQL will optimise your SQL queries, automatically. Submit your query for free, and experience the magic.Works with only MySQL at the moment.

Price: From Free to $87.00 per month

IPinfo – Web App

Ip Info

IPinfo is a complete solution for IP address data. Offering APIs and downloadable data sets that include details for ASNs, companies, carriers, IP ranges, domains, abuse contacts, hosting, and more, IPinfo performs updates as frequently as daily.

Price: From Free to $999.00 per month

Feathery – Web App


Deploy your single page React, Angular or VueJS app for free. SEO indexing always included. Dynamic websites currently don’t rank on search engines, with Feathery you’ll get a completely crawlable pre-render of your dynamic content

Price: From Free to $149.00 per month

HelpSpace – Web App

Help Space

HelpSpace will simplify your support by piping all emails into a beautiful dashboard. You have multiple e-Mail addresses for different products? No problem, you can add multiple email channels and much more.

Price: From $15.00 to $20.00 per user/month


Perfacchi – Web App


Perfacchi SDK lets you monitor performance parameters of the app in test. Scanning all your performance data like memory leaks, CPU, Memory, Network, API calls, Methods calls in near real-time to provide feedback during your dev & QA cycle.

Price: Free to start

Nylas – Web App


Nylas provides CRUD APIs for email, calendar, and contacts across multiple third-party providers. With one API, you can read, create, and update emails, calendar events, and contacts across Google, Outlook/Exchange, and other providers.

Price: Options starting at $0.99 per synced account.

Puppet Master – Web App

Puppet Master

Puppet Master lets you control headless Chrome via simple SaaS APIs, making Google’s Puppeteer accessible to a much wider range of developers and programming environments.

Price: Free. Unlimited. Pay as you Grow.


Planogy – Web App


Planogy is a feedback platform for all the creative work. Keeps all the feedback on each design and version in a single platform, and you and your team will never lose track of what’s happening in a design process. Available in the browser.

Price: Free to $10.00 per month

Conduit – Web App


Conduit funnels product feedback into one central channel and helps your team build out the roadmap in an open, visual way.

Price: Free to $8.00 per month


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2019: Web Apps