This is the third of my yearly roundup of What’s New for Designers & Developers for 2019, in this roundup, I will be focusing on showing you what some of the great apps for your mobile device with it’s iOS or Android that been released during this year.

I want to mention that not every app for your mobile that been featured in each of my roundups will be featured in today’s post, as I feel that this list could be enormous.

So for your peace of reading pleasure, I will be splitting up the best of these apps into month of release.

So lets get in to it.


GitNews – iOS & Android App


GitNews is an infinite Newsfeed of repositories from Github, HackerNews & Reddit

Price: Free

Grape for GitHub – iOS App

Grape For Github

An elegant & powerful GitHub client for iOS

Price: $1.99


Streaky – iOS & Android App


Streaky helps you or your business get better. No long to-do lists which make you feel stressed out. With Streaky only 1 thing matters the most: what is the most important thing you want to do today? Focus on that

Price: Free

E-Mail Tracker – iOS App

E Mail Tracker

E-Mail Tracker is one of utility app for iOS, simple and convenient interface that sends you as a notification when emails are opened from which devices.

Price: 99c

Habit – iOS App

Habit Daily Tracker

Habit app helps you create and maintain positive habits. Do daily yoga, meditate, drink more water, read books, skip social media, go to beds at one time or whatever you want to make to become better version of yourself.

Price: Free


Store Screens – iOS App

Store Screens

Making promotional screenshots for the App Store is tedious: it takes time and it’s hard for non-designers.Store Screens is the way to making cool-looking screenshots, for iPhone and iPad without the struggle.

Price: Free

Gooba – iOS App


Gooba offers you a new pleasant way to write, with a special organisation of your texts thanks to the folders, and syncing on all your devices. With the integrated task manager, you can connect notes to your tasks, giving you a whole new experience.

Price: Free


Anaxi – iOS App

Anaxi Track Issues & Work

Anaxi organizes your GitHub and Jira projects’ new activities into personalizable feeds. Achieve INBOX ZERO 2x faster without missing anything that matters to you. Anaxi lets you filter those activities as you see fit and group them by issues to help you immediately understand what happened since your last visit, and contribute directly.

Price: Free

Progress Bar – iOS App

Progress Bar Track Your Time

Progress Bar is a simple but efficient task/goal helper. Its most powerful feature is in its notification system. Depending on the repetition, you’ll get notified as time elapses, creating a sense of urgency and enabling you to work more on that objective of yours.

Price: Free


Space for Instagram – iOS App

Space For Instagram

A simple application that allows you to easily make theline break in instagram, as well as write different styles and quickly insert hashtags and special characters, made for yourself in 1 day, I hope someone else will come in handy.

Price: Free

Asciimoji – iOS App

Asciimoji Mac App

How many times have you googled “shrug emoji” just to copy and paste it from that one article on that one site you can never remember and for some reason haven’t saved to your bookmarks? Asciimoji ツ is a brutally simple tap-to-copy home of every ascii emoji you could ever want.

Price: 99c


Kuber – iOS App

Kuber Kubernetes Dashboard

Kuber helps you manage Kubernetes clusters easily via your mobile device, making it possible to view the status of clusters and quickly fix issues from the comfort of your couch.

Price: $9.99


Draft – iOS App


Draft is a community-driven news app inspired by Hacker News and Medium.Y ou can read news articles posted by the community or add new ones to the news feed, then, you can discuss and share your thoughts with the community in the Discussion Space.

Price: Free


Soundbrew Artists – iOS App

Soundbrew Artists

Soundbrew is the best way to quickly find something to listen to. Simply choose tags like “chill” or “work”, then Soundbrew will create a playlist for you.

Price: Free

Pushcut – iOS App


Smart notifications kick off the right actions – triggered based on location, time, or virtually any event online.Use shortcuts, Zapier, Integromat, or custom URLs to unleash automation superpowers.

Price: Free


Space Browsers – iOS App

Space Browser

Space organises your tabs into spaces, which act like smart folders and makes it easy to recall your tabs with the help of the rethought history, where you can travel back in time to restore entire sessions or just that one tab you were searching for.

Price: Free

Now Todo – iOS App

Now Todo

Todo Now lets you swipe through your todos one at a time. Looking at a long list of tasks can be overwhelming. And you can only do one thing at a time. Todo Now reflects that reality by only showing your current task – swipe right to complete, or left to skip.

Price: Free


Earlynote – Android & iOS app


With Earlynote anticipation is everything – The thrill of receiving a message that can only be unlocked when the sender decides it’s ready, will change the way we think about communicating. Messaging becomes more intriguing, more mysterious, more exciting.

Price: Free

Haptics – iOS App

Haptics Feedback Generator

Available on iPhone and Apple Watch, Haptics allows developers to test the different styles of haptic feedback available on that device before implementing into their own app.

Price: $0.99

Crazy 8s Timer – iOS App

Crazy 8s Timer—design Sprints

You can start, stop, pause and reset anytime. A clear mind equals clear ideas and feeling the pressure of time can hinder your thought process. Stressing about the clock only makes it worse.

Price: Free


Willed Calendar – iOS App

Willed Calendar

Willed Calendar allows you to use the system’s calendar and reminders in one app, as well as project management (view progress and add subtasks), event planning, chart summary and other useful features, is a great tool for your management time.

Price: $4.99

Cue Calendar – iOS App

Cue Welcome To Your Social Calendar

Connect with real friends, share what you’re up to, organize events, or discover what’s happening nearby. Enjoy a more private social experience that focuses less on sharing and more on participating. Follow calendars of interest and explore maps to see what friends are doing. Everything you need to better manage your personal life and make plans with friends is now in a single place.

Price: Free


Buttercup – iOS App

Buttercup Password Manager

Buttercup for iOS is a free password manager that allows to you store your login details and other secret/sensitive information security within a vault file. Host this file anywhere you like -and use free services like Dropbox, Google Drive or any cloud storage provider that supports the WebDAV protocol.

Price: Free


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2019: Mobile Apps