As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers for September 2022, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the October 2022 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



A JavaScript playground with instant live preview and console.

Face Recognition JavaScript SDK

Face Recognition Sdk

The components are face detection, face landmark extraction, face liveness detection (Anti-Spoofing), face expression detection, eye closeness detection, age & gender detection, face feature extraction

90’s Cursor Effects

90's Cursors

Old-school cursor effects for your browser built with modern JavaScript

Curiosity – Linux, Mac & Windows App


Curiosity is a productivity app that gives you one search for all your files, emails, and cloud apps. That lets you save time and get more done. Curiosity also works as a launcher, giving you one shortcut to quickly launch programs, start meetings, and more. It keeps all your data safe on your computer. Curiosity is available for Windows and Mac (free / paid) and for teams.

Price: Free to $9.99 per month

Watch My Logs! – Linux, Mac, Windows App

Watch My Logs

Watch my logs! is a desktop app that keeps an eye on selected log files so you will never miss any important records added to PHP, Nginx, and MySQL slow logs. You can also use an app as a simple debug tool that will show anything you add to the log file.

Price: $14.99  (1 Year License)

Keyviz – Window App


Keyviz is a free and open-source software to visualize your ⌨️ keystrokes in real time! Let your audience know what handy shortcuts/keys you’re pressing during your screencasts, presentations, collaborations, or whenever you need it.

Price: Free

Highlighted – iOS App

Highlighted App

Make powerful book highlights, and stop forgetting what you read. Highlighted makes it easy to capture, organize, revisit, and export important parts of your books.

Price: Free

Gratified – iOS App


Gratified combines AI-powered customer chat with powerful team collaboration tools. It allows teams to engage customers in ongoing text-based conversations to provide prompt and excellent customer service and build long-lasting client-brand relationships.

Price: Free

VE Studio – iOS App

Ve Studio

VE studio is a straightforward video editor tool for getting-started creators everywhere.
Wanna start editing your video immediately? VE studio was born for your exact purpose: get rid of noisy packages of editor tools and jump to start editing your video

Price: Free

Feathery – Web App


Feathery is a low-code platform helping startups and product teams build customizable, developer-friendly forms. Get started for free today.

Price: Free, $150.00 per month to Custom Pricing per month

Uptime Sage – Web App

Uptime Sage

UptimeSage is an easy way to keep track of your site’s uptime. It monitors your server and sends you alerts when there is downtime or slow performance.

Price: Free to $54.00 per user / month

Spot – Web App

Spot Virtual

Spot is the complete solution for teams to connect, collaborate, and build culture. Bring the work experience to the next level by combining a unique spatial experience with a powerful team-chat implementation.

Price: Free to $17.00 per user / month


System Css

System.css is a CSS library for building interfaces that resemble Apple’s System OS which ran from 1984-1991. Design-wise, not much really changed from System 1 to System 6; however this library is based on System 6 as it was the final monochrome version of MacOS.

However, this library does not use any JavaScript and is compatible with any front-end framework of your choice.


Snoop Forms

The Open-source Typeform Alternative that lets you build forms – with or without code.. Pipe your data exactly where you need it and maximize your results with some juicy analytics.

UX Design Checklist

Ux Design Checklist

This is a checklist aimed at beginner and growing UXers. Use it when designing websites and web-based products to ensure that you include all key pages and elements!

One ‘div’ Loaders

One Div Loaders

An open-source collection of monochrome loaders (loading spinners) built with pure CSS and one div element.



Phyllo is a universal API pipe that helps developers get access to creator-permissioned data across multiple platforms. This data can be used to power critical use cases in industries such as influencer marketing, financial services, creator tools and Web3.


Surreal Db

SurrealDB is an end-to-end cloud native database for web, mobile, serverless, jamstack, backend, and traditional applications. This reduces the development time of modern applications by simplifying your database and API stack, removing the need for most server-side components, allowing you to build secure, performant apps quicker and cheaper.



Apito is the most powerful headless content management as a service with CDN, Webhooks, Team Collaborations, Content Revision, Cloud Functions and much more.

Media Query Style

Mediaquery Style

If you are really like me. You will often know which media query to reach for but just can’t quite remember the syntax. This site lists popular media queries with a handy copy button for code the snippet you need.



tsk allows you to create and manage your tasks efficiently your terminal with concise and intuitive commands



A library to help you give your users a refined, accessible and faster website navigation experience.

Tailwind CSS Cheat Sheet

Tailwind Components Tailwind Css Cheat Sheet

Find quickly all the class names and CSS properties with this interactive cheat sheet. The only Tailwind CheatSheet you will ever need!


Tail Render

Tailrender is an REST API service for converting your TailwindCSS / HTML into images and PDFs. Create templates for easy reuse, use your own custom TailwindCSS config, as well as manage your environments.

Font Buddies

Font Buddies

Handpicked font pairings to use in your UI & design projects

Disable WP Admin Bar – Plugin

Disable Wp Admin Bar

Disable WP admin bar  is a simple plugin that disables or removes the WordPress admin bar from the frontend of the website while you are logged in to the website.

Price: Free

Simple SMTP Mailer – Plugin

Simple Smtp Mailer

Simple SMTP Mailer plugin allows you to easily configure WordPress to use SMTP instead of the PHP mail function.

Price: Free

HyperSell – Plugin

Hypersell – Cod Order Form For Woocommerce

If your business is based on Cash On Delivery, you need HyperSell in your store, it will help you increase your conversion by changing the normal WooCommerce checkout with a simple, fully customizable Order Form.

Price: Free

BookingPress – Plugin

Booking Press Plugin

BookingPress is a simple online booking WordPress plugin that simplifies the online booking procedure and provides you complete control over your appointment management. It suits any service-based businesses like Barbers, Spas, Tutors, Doctors, Gym, etc.

Price: $49.00

Orion Product Comparer – Plugin

Orion Product Comparer

Allow your customers to easily compare your products side by side. With the help of our plugin, your potential customers can easily generate a detailed comparison table that shows the differences and similarities between the products. This way your customer can easily pick the right product that fits their needs.

Price: $30.00

Velzon – Plugin

Velzon Is A Modern WordPress Admin Theme Plugin

Velzon is a WordPress Theme to change the UI of the WordPress Admin theme with SCSS support. A modern and responsive admin theme for your WordPress admin side using SCSS. It is very easy to customize the design and features by changing a couple of SCSS changes. They have provided a Color Picker to change the theme colors. We have designed all the pages including login.

Price: $39.00

Disco – Theme


Disco is a funky, vibrant, opinionated theme with a monospaced font. Both its styles and spacing form an edgy aesthetic perfect for those looking to build a quirky website.

Price: Free

Curveflow – Theme


Curveflow is a flexible blog theme with plenty of options. Optimized for all devices, this theme will stand out with a unique design. Set sidebar to the left or right – or no sidebar at all. Pick sidebar colors, header color and accents as you wish.

Price: Free

Tuber – Theme

Tuber Video Blog Podcast WordPress Theme

Tuber is a colourful & bright WordPress theme with the functional modern design. It is suitable for a video blog site, podcast website, contemporary online radio, radio station company, and entertainment firm typed businesses.

The theme includes 6 homepage layouts allowing you to give all the necessary information about the podcast, vlogs, compilations, radio hits, discography services and any upcoming music events. With Tuber, you can showcase your photo and video galleries of the held or planned events.

Price: $69.00

Elime – Theme

Elime Elementor Woocommerce Theme

Elime is a creative drag & drop theme created and designed with love for passionate web lovers. The key features of Elime are the front-end builders, so you have the Elementor as page builder and live Customizer as the theme options. Unique design and powerful options offers hundred of creative elements to choose from.

The goal was to design something that offers all the possible features you need to create your amazing website without having to add extra customization, the demo can be imported easily in only one click, it won’t take more than two minutes to be ready for use. The theme is a very user-friendly platform and is suitable for eCommerce Stores.

Price: $19.00

Loire – Theme


Inspired by the age-old wine making tradition, Loire is a refined winery, winemaker and wine store theme. It features layouts perfect for wine tours, wine testing and distillery websites, as well as full Elementor Page Builder compatibility paired with a huge set of fully flexible elements which you can easily customise to fit your specific taste!

Price: $79.00

Guaruja Neue – Font

Guaruja Neue

Manifestor – Font


Calgera – Font


Magenos – Font


Sundai – Font


Random Grotesque – Font

Random Grotesque Is A Grotesque Sans Serif Typeface

Dreamy Gradient Pack

Dreamy Gradient Pack

iOSCK Theme: Default White

Iosck Theme Default White

Space Odyssey 3D Icon Pack

Space Odyssey 3d Icon Pack

Free Social Icons

Free Social Icons

Untitled UI Icons

Untitled Ui Icons

Jobify – Job Seeker Dashboard

Jobify Job Seeker Dashboard

Coca – Project Management App

Coca Project Management App

300+ Mobile UI Screens

300+ Mobile Ui Screens

3D E-Commerce Pack

3d E Commerce Pack

Nask – Project Management Dashboard

Nask Project Management Dashboard

Shoplon eCommerce UI Kit

Shoplon E Commerce Ui Kit

Simple UI Kit

Simple Ui Kit (free Design System)


What’s New for Designers & Developers for September 2022