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As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers for November 2021, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the December 2021 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.

Ext JS

Ext Js

This is the most comprehensive JavaScript framework for building data-intensive, cross-platform web and mobile applications for any modern device. Includes 140+ pre-integrated and tested high-performance UI components.



A small JS library to dynamically change the favicon of your site to show notification badges, or images and videos.


Atropos Js

An open-source JavaScript library for creating touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects.

SaveThat – Mac App

Save That

SaveThat uses AI to organize for you any link or file you receive from emails, Slack messages, Zoom meetings, internet downloads, etc. So that whenever you’re looking for a file you can quickly find it and your computer/cloud drives stay organized constantly.

Price: Free

Neat – Mac App


Neat puts GitHub notifications in your menubar. It empowers high-performing teams to review, merge, and ship code with ease. Users can preview, triage, and jump to the browser without switching tabs.

Price: Free

DB Lens – Mac & Windows App

Db Lens

DB Lens is an opensource database client for Mac, Linux & Windows that helps developers to explore, observe & understand the database in a better way.

Price: Free

Simperate – Mac & Windows App


The classic AWS-Console-Management platform gives engineers the ability to take control over a complex data-center which can be overwhelming for engineers who only want to perform just simple operations. Simperate allows engineers to use basic AWS operations easily and effectively with a reactive and operation-friendly environment.

Price:  $30.00

Codable – iOS App


Codable is dedicated online community chats for developers of all levels. The platform aims to bring people together to engage in conversations about their craft and collaborate with other developers.

Price: Free

Cloud Digital Business Card – iOS App

Cloud Digital Business Card

You don’t need a printed business card anymore. You can create your digital business card in minutes and share it.

Price: Free

Metascan – iOS App


Metascan is a powerful all-in-one 3D capture tool with professional features. Create photorealistic 3D models of objects from photos, or walk around and quickly capture spaces using LiDAR.*

Price: Free

UI-licious – Web App


UI-licious is a flexible and intuitive tool that allows anyone to test and monitor user journeys on anything that runs in a web browser.

Price: Starting from $90.00 per month

Thursday – Web App


Thursday is where remote teams do their socials. It is a place to hang out with your team and play games in small groups. No sign up required. Nothing to install.

Price: Free

At My Desk – Web App


atmydesk is a web app that helps remote teams connect more informally, like we used to in the office. We do this by creating a remote work strategy, paired with our tool, that enables coworkers to connect via short video chats.

A good way to think of this is that Slack is to pings, as Zoom is to meetings, as atmydesk is to quick syncs and chats. We are creating a space for coworkers to truly connect in a non-disruptive, more human way.

Price: Free



Docrb is an opinionated documentation generator for Ruby projects. It works by parsing source-code and comments preceding classes, modules, attributes, and methods, and generates a static website with its findings.



Use less line of code while having the same result! Support for your favorite frameworks, no configuration required, and new frameworks added daily.

HTTPie for Terminal


A simple yet powerful command-line HTTP and API testing client for the API era.



A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline!

Track My Domains

Track My Domains helps domain investors track all their domains in a single place without going to multiple domain registrars.

The Ultimate Cheatsheets

Ultimate Cheat Sheets

Collection of cheat sheets for popular programming languages along with links to download the cheat sheets.

Microcopy Ideas

Microcopy Ideas

The aim of the project is to collect microcopy and give you the ability to empathise in the term of the small bits of copy UI. It provides useful tips, examples, and practical guidelines that have been gathered over many years and have been collected by its users.

Colorblind Accessibility Manifesto

Colorblind Accessibility Manifesto

Learn how to make designs accessible to those with color blindness.



Blogody, create and publish your blogs faster, easier and more secure. Publish on a global content delivery network (CDN) in seconds. Say goodbye to slow sites or long running build times. Regain control over your publication data and copyrights: You own your own words – with Blogody.

Lorem.Space generates random placeholder images for your design layout in useful categories and custom sizes.



Start developing with an open-source library of over 400+ web components and interactive elements built with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS.



Blobity introduces a progressive enhancement to the website cursor. It’s easy to set up, allows plenty of customization to fit your design perfectly, and makes browsing your site so much more fun.



Notifee enables developers to rapidly build rich notifications with a simple API interface, whilst taking care of complex problems such as scheduling, background tasks, device API compatibility & more. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS.

Programming Quiz

Programming Quiz Test

Programming quiz test is here for you to test your programming knowledge to play quiz on different programming languages.



Ghost is a lightweight plugin that converts high fidelity mockups to loading or “skeleton” screens.

Box Shadow

Box Shadow

Generating CSS3 multilayer box-shadow has never been easier. Also if you are looking for inspiration or a starting point, it contains about 100 predefined shadows to choose from.

Laws of UX

Laws Of Ux

Laws of UX is focused on making complex psychology heuristics accessible to more designers through an interactive resource that collects those that are relevant to user experience design.

Better Customizer Reset – Plugin

Better Customizer Reset

Better Customizer Reset allows you to view and delete theme settings and customizer settings added as theme_mods.

Price: Free

Patchstack – Plugin


Patchstack is a powerful tool that helps to identify security vulnerabilities within all your websites plugins, themes, and core.

Price: Free

Mantiq – Plugin


Mantiq allows you to craft customized workflows, without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Price: Free

MyShopKit Multi Currency Converter – Plugin

Myshopkit Multi Currency Converter

The first and foremost step towards expanding your business globally is making it user-friendly for global customers. Customers from different corners of the world want to see the displayed price in their domestic currency.

This helps save them from the hassle of converting currency mentally, especially those who don’t have a head for figures. Thus, customers will feel more comfortable browsing your products and more likely to make a purchase.

Price: $10.00

CryptoPay WooCommerce – Plugin

Cryptopay Woocommerce

With CryptoPay WooCommerce, it is now very easy to get paid with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can do this directly through cryptocurrency wallets.

Price: $49.00

Producter for Elementor – Plugin

Producer For Elementor

Producter is a pack of 9 incredible WordPress add-ons designed specifically to unleash the full potential of WooCommerce product building with Elementor. The Producter includes all the necessary add-ons for displaying various types of information in WooCommerce.

Price: $10.00

Zoologist – Theme


Zoologist is a simple blogging theme that supports full-site editing.

Price: Free

Geologist – Theme


Geologist is a streamlined theme for modern bloggers. It consists of a simple single column of posts, paired with a sophisticated color palette and beautiful sans-serif typography.

Price: Free

BootsPress – Theme


Hi. I’m a starter theme called BootsPress. I’m a theme which combines the world’s most popular front-end open source toolkit called Bootstrap with open source software which you can use to create a beautiful website called WordPress. You can use me as a Parent Theme or hack me and try turning me into the next, most awesome, WordPress theme out there. That’s what I’m here for.

Price: Free

Nasim – Theme


Nasim is Professional, Clean, Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme suitable for designers, photographers, creative agencies, production studios. This Theme is powered by Elementor page builder.

Price: $29.00

Cyberdom – Theme


Versatility meets supreme design – it’s Cyberdom, the only piece of tech your new IT company, technology and software development website needs! It includes elements for your startup landing page, tech startup and technology corporate layouts.

On top of that, you get full Elementor Page Builder compatibility and Slider Revolution Responsive plugin bundled for free.

Price: $37.00

Woo Hoo – Theme


Woo Hoo is designed for sports and active lifestyle websites that specialize in selling clothes, equipment and accessories.

The theme offers a selection of wonderful layouts that emphasize the key points for selling sports goods. Also, included several powerful plugins and multiple custom widgets by ThemeREX as a solid base for a highly flexible and functional store.

Price: $59.00

Herokid – Font


Rum Sans – Font

Rum Sans

Stiepa – Font


Twicelights – Font


MuX1ne – Font


Crossbar – Font


Marshmallow Icon Kit

Marshmallow Icons

Anron Icons

Anron Icons

Junk Food Pack – 3D Icons

Junk Food Pack 3d Icons

Ventana UI Kit

Web App Ui Kit

Retro – Real Estate App UI Kit

Retro Real Estate App Ui Kit

Feat Fitness UI Design Kit

Feat Fitness Ui Design Kit

Omega – Bootstrap Landing Templates

Omega Bootstrap Landing Templates

Designer & Developer UI Portfolio

Designer & Developer Ui Portfolio

iPhone 13 Pro Mockup

Iphone 13 Pro Mockup


What’s New for Designers & Developers for November 2021