As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers in November 2019, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the last roundup for 2019, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.


Email Js

EmailJS helps sending emails using client side technologies only. No server is required – just connect EmailJS to one of the supported email services, create an email template, and use our Javascript SDK to trigger an email.


Merger Js

Yet another simple cross-platform CLI build tool to bundle JavaScript files, with a custom file import syntax, ES8+ minification, auto build capabilities, and native OS notifications. MergerJS is not a module bundler, is a file bundler.



Gridsome is a Vue-powered static site generator for building CDN-ready websites for any headless CMS, local files or APIs

MarkDown – Mac & Window App


WYSIWYG Editor for Markdown, Offline Support and Easy Generation of Markdown

Price: Free

Evaluator – Mac & Window App


Evaluator is a free calculator application. It runs in the background so that it’s always ready when you need it. Simply hit the hotkey and start typing.

Price: Free

Gifski – Mac App


Gifski converts videos to GIF animations using fancy features for efficient cross-frame palettes and temporal dithering. It produces animated GIFs that use thousands of colors per frame.

Price: Free

1440 – Mac App


1440 minutes — seems like a little, but that’s a whole day. Keep a track of how many minutes you have left until the day is over, right in your Menu Bar.

Price: Free

PDFs Split & Merge – iOS App

Pdfs Split & Merge

PDFs Split & Merge is a lightweight application for your iPhone / iPad. It helps you Split & Merge PDF files within seconds and it’s all offline.

Price: Free

Willed Calendar – iOS App

Willed Calendar

Willed Calendar allows you to use the system’s calendar and reminders in one app, as well as project management (view progress and add subtasks), event planning, chart summary and other useful features, is a great tool for your management time.

Price: $4.99

Cue Calendar – iOS App

Cue Welcome To Your Social Calendar

Connect with real friends, share what you’re up to, organize events, or discover what’s happening nearby. Enjoy a more private social experience that focuses less on sharing and more on participating. Follow calendars of interest and explore maps to see what friends are doing. Everything you need to better manage your personal life and make plans with friends is now in a single place.

Price: Free

Perfacchi – Web App


Perfacchi SDK lets you monitor performance parameters of the app in test. Scanning all your performance data like memory leaks, CPU, Memory, Network, API calls, Methods calls in near real-time to provide feedback during your dev & QA cycle.

Price: Free to start

Hawkeye – Web App


Hawkeye is a user testing platform that uses eye tracking to deliver unparalleled insights into user behavior. Conduct eye tracking tests using an iPhone or iPad, no extra hardware needed.

Price: Free to $200.00 per month

Nylas – Web App


Nylas provides CRUD APIs for email, calendar, and contacts across multiple third-party providers. With one API, you can read, create, and update emails, calendar events, and contacts across Google, Outlook/Exchange, and other providers.

Price: Options starting at $0.99 per synced account.

Puppet Master – Web App

Puppet Master

Puppet Master lets you control headless Chrome via simple SaaS APIs, making Google’s Puppeteer accessible to a much wider range of developers and programming environments.

Price: Free. Unlimited. Pay as you Grow.

ProcessKit – Web App

Process Kit

Use ProcessKit to power your team’s process-driven projects and tasks. Track progress, automate repetitive tasks, & build smart workflows that can adapt to your projects on-the-fly. Full 2-way Zapier integration. Try it free! Your team will thank you.

Price: $39.00 per month



Releasly is a free tool to monitor new open-source releases and awesome-list links. Follow your favorite libraries and get an email notification when new releases are available. You can choose the release types to follow and the notification interval.


Git Royalty

GitRoyalty doesn’t rely on complex licenses, support promises, issue bounties, or donations to pay open source developers. Instead it uses the power of git to add a paywall to open source projects, putting money in contributors’ pockets for the first time.


Tina Cms

Tina is a lightweight but powerful toolkit for creating a content editing interface with JavaScript components. Tina surfaces superpowers for developers to create an intuitive UI for real-time content editing, built directly into their website.

Font style Matcher

Font Style Matcher

If you’re using a web font, you’re bound to see a flash of unstyled text (or FOUC), between the initial render of your websafe font and the webfont that you’ve chosen. This usually results in a jarring shift in layout, due to sizing discrepancies between the two fonts. To minimize this discrepancy, you can try to match the fallback font and the intended webfont’s x-heights and widths [1]. This tool helps you do exactly that.


Orb Space

Visually Build & Manage Websites, the intuitive visual website builder with CMS.


Gray Shift

Grayshift is a lightweight front-end component library for developing fast and powerful web interfaces. Quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app with our responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery.



GitSheet is a simple git cheat sheet reference for common git commands saving you time and helping you learn how to use branches, show logs, undo changes, create tags, stashes and more. Commands are a click away from clipboard. is one of the most extensive domain data and API providers in the industry. In just seconds, you can get a list of outbound links, backlinks, and more details from a given domain. Interested in seeing some of the data we provide? Try it out by searching for any domain using the field below.



Snowflake is a graphical SSH client. It has a graphical file browser, terminal emulator, resource/process manager, disk space analyzer, text editor, log viewer and lots of other helpful tools, which makes it easy to work with remote servers.

Cheat Sheet for full stack developers

Cheat Sheet For Full Stack Developers

As a developer, we can’t remember all the shortcuts or syntax all time. So here is a curated list of cheat sheet links for Dev.

Ness PHP Framework

Ness Php

Do you need a web framework with minimized training effort? Ness PHP offers you a mvc based environment for coding faster, safer and stronger web applications with (nearly) zero configuration. Get rid of mess and focus the main logic of your project.


Git Pro

Platform to make repository management and developer activity tracking easier. See developer’s contributions on your repositories. Do bulk operations by adding to or removing from multiple repositories, or add an existing collaborator to other repositories.


Image Hues

ImagesHues is a tool for designers and illustrators to pick and save natural color palettes from random beautiful Unsplash images.



Tiler is a tool to create an image using all kinds of other smaller images (tiles). It is different from other mosaic tools since it can adapt to tiles with multiple shapes and sizes (i.e. not limited to squares). An image can be built out of circles, lines, waves, cross stitches, legos, minecraft blocks, paper clips, letters, … The possibilities are endless!

Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture

Meet web page full-length screenshot tool, which will capture website view including below the fold and will give a shareable link for handling screenshot image sharing easily. No Ads and No Registration needed.

Leaf PHP

Leaf Php

Leaf is a PHP micro-framework which helps you create web applications and APIs from the ground up in minutes.

WP Paint – Plugin

Wp Paint A WordPress Image Editor

Meet WP Paint – the powerful, user-friendly and light-weight advanced image editor plugin for WordPress.Now you can easily crop, resize, rotate, add texts, shapes, apply effects (blur, gradient) and do more to your WordPress images using this plugin.

Price: Free

WT Security – Plugin

Wt Security

WT Security is a plugin for WordPress that prevents hacking and attacks on a website. To use the extension, you will need to register (then confirm the email) or log in with an account account in WT Securiy.

Price: Free

Potter Kit – Plugin

Potter Kit WordPress Custom Blocks And Templates

Potter Kit adds custom blocks and options to extend Gutenberg’s editing capabilities so you can create custom layouts and more engaging content.

Price: Free

WPKit For Elementor – Plugin

Wpkit For Elementor

WPKit For Elementor plugin is a premium Elementor Addon which mainly offers many advance Elementor widgets, parallax layer, flexible panel and global block module. it’s also compatible with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, such as several product layouts, cart button, and product search widget.

Price: $19.00

Advanced Content Viewer – Plugin

Advanced Content Viewer Plugin For WordPress

Using this smart plugin, You can build post lists based on options you choose from a form in a plugin settings page. It works similar to SQL query but no coding knowledge is required.

Price: $19.00

WooSmart – Plugin

Woosmart Is An Extension Of Woocommerce To Showcase Products

WooSmart plugin is an Extension of WooCommerce to Showcase Products in attractive way in anywhere of your web-pages. More than fifteen smart layouts available to use and each layout has its own settings to let you customize as your needs.

Price: $20.00

Business Consultant Finder – Theme

Business Consultant Finder

Business-Consultant-Finder is a multi-purpose business theme with a professional, lightweight, approachable design and highly extendable.

Price: Free

TA Newspaper – Theme

Ta Newspaper

TA Newspaper is a beautiful creative free responsive blog and magazine WordPress theme.

Price: Free

Opstore Lite – Theme

Opstore Lite

Opstore Lite is free WordPress theme built to power online stores specially for furnitures and interior decorations. But it can power any ecommerce websites with beautiful interface and features which you really will enjoy.

Price: Free

Rey – Theme


Rey is a well crafted WordPress theme, with lots of features, a gorgeous design and a rock solid infrastructure to provide a foundation for your upcoming projects. While it was mainly thought as an WooCommerce dedicated theme, this is just a fraction of its powers. So you can safely use it for pretty much any type of website.

Price: $49.00

Papr – Theme


Papr is a premium and trendy News, Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme with super flexibility and fully responsive design.It is a perfect fit for News, Newspaper, Magazine, News Agencies, Travel & Tour Agencies, Business Magazines, Food, Lifestyle Brands, and Technology News websites. It is also suitable for any publishing or review websites that require a sleek, modern and clean look.

Price: $19.00

Tacon – Theme


Tacon portfolio WordPress theme is something unique and different. It’s a truly creative showcase for your creative work. The animations are so genuine and so full of life that they are simply matchless. It’s minimalist and lightning fast!

Tacon has four homepage layouts, where again each layout takes you to a new horizon of creativity. Everything from featured area and menu to mouse hover, products grid, and social integration appears in a new style. Also, there are seven inner pages and a detail page layout.

Price: $25.00

Majestic Bootstrap Admin Dashboard

Majestic Admin Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Masendro – Illustration Kit

Masendro Illustration Kit

Analytics Dashboard UI Kit

Analytics Dashboard Ui Kit

Expensr UI Kit

Expensr User Interface Kit

Inter Mobile App UI Kit

Inter Mobile App Ui Kit

Vibe – Mobile Application UI Kit

Vibe Mobile Application Ui Kit

Music App UI Kit exclusively for Adobe XD

Music App Ui Kit Exclusively For Adobe Xd

200 Free Animated Icons

Animated Icons 200

Milk Icons

Milk Icons

Animation & Motion Icon Pack

Animation & Motion Icon Pack

Artificial Intelligence Icon Pack

Artificial Intelligence Icon Pack

Trust Sans – Font

Trust Sans

Modica – Font


Creo – Font


Winttra Wonsy – Font

Winttra Wonsy

TrickShot – Font

Trickshot Free Font

American Lemon – Font

American Lemon Monoline Font

Bareona – Font

Bareona Free Handwritten Font


What’s New for Designers & Developers for November 2019