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As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers in February, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the March roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.

Anime.js 3.0

Anime Js

Anime.js is a lightweight Javascript animation library designed to help you make complex animations with ease.



vidcha.js is a simple jQuery plugin for creating interactive chapters for HTML5 videos. By clicking on a chapter you jump directly to the appropriate position in the video. Also the current chapter is always highlighted when playing the video.


Cookie Bubble

The easy way to inform users that your website is using cookies.

Webfont – Mac App

Web Font App

Webfont for Mac streamlines the process of creating and maintaining custom SVG icon fonts. Easily create a shared library of icons, invite your team and export your font in minutes.

Price: Free

Rotato – Mac App


Animated 3D mockups for your app designs

Price: free beta for macOS

Lightweight PDF – Mac App

Lightweight Pdf

A free PDF compressor for Mac

Price: Free

Dittostack – Mac App


Dittostack is a mac native clipboard history manager with a minimal design, styled to look like Spotlight search. It has a focus on speed and efficiency to create the optimium workflow for copy and paste operations.

Price: 15 day trial, end of trial $4.99

E-Mail Tracker – iOS App

E Mail Tracker

E-Mail Tracker is one of utility app for iOS, simple and convenient interface that sends you as a notification when emails are opened from which devices.

Price: 99c

Habit – iOS App

Habit Daily Tracker

Habit app helps you create and maintain positive habits. Do daily yoga, meditate, drink more water, read books, skip social media, go to beds at one time or whatever you want to make to become better version of yourself.

Price: Free

Jayson – iOS App


Jayson is a simple yet powerful JSON viewer with Siri Shortcuts, Share Sheet Actions and URL schemes.

Price: Free

Streaky – iOS & Android App


Streaky helps you or your business get better. No long to-do lists which make you feel stressed out. With Streaky only 1 thing matters the most: what is the most important thing you want to do today? Focus on that

Price: Free

Email Owl – Web App

Email Owl

EmailOwl is a categorized database of 3k+ email newsletters offering advertisement, with newsletters collectively reaching 200M+ subscribers. Includes contact information, tags, media information links, and more! Promote your business with EmailOwl.

Price: Basic $39.00pm / Startup 79.00pm / Enterprise $119.00pm

Jottr – Web App


Jottr is an expense splitting app which runs purely on email, by using specific subject lines.

Price: Free

Arrangr – Web App


Arrangr, the knowledge leader in “intelligent” scheduling, is the fastest and easiest way to arrange a business meeting or get-together – virtually or in-person. Arrangr eliminates the frustrating back-and-forth texts, emails and phone calls with one simple to use platform. In as little as 30 seconds a complete meeting can now be arranged.

Price: Basic Plan Free / Pro Plan $10.00pm

TruePush – Web App

True Push

TruePush is a free forever push notification tool, all features free forever for web, android and IOS. These are some of the features that can be seen when you are using Truepush for your daily push notification need it’s a easy to use dashboards, sending notification to RSS feeds automatically, segmentation, triggers and apis.

Price: Free

Sleek Dashboard

Sleek Dashboard

Sleek Dashboard – Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template and UI Kit. It is very powerful bootstrap admin dashboard, which allows you to build products like admin panels, content managements systems and CRMs.

React Resources

React Resources

Discover new React learning resources, libraries, jobs, conferences, companies, developers and other resources.



Diff is a prototyping tool for designers, developers, and product teams. You can use browser devtools to design changes and share them with a unique url of your live website.


Matter Material Components In Pure Css

Material Components in Pure CSS.

Flexbox Ninja

Flexbox Ninja

Flexbox is nowaday one of the problem solvers you should master to help you in your working daily habits. Follow those little demonstrations and case studies to learn more about CSS Flexbox Layout, step by step, and become a Flexbox Ninja!

Terminal CSS

Terminal Css

A modern and minimal CSS framework for terminal lovers.



CSS3 Animations that cause buttons to morph into forms.

Immutable Styles

Immutable Styles

A library for styling web interfaces with a focus on predictability and robustness. It uses immutability to remove side effects often tied to CSS, allowing CSS bugs to be caught ahead of time.



FormSubmit sends your site’s form submission directly to your inbox without the need of any backend code or SMTP setup. Connect your form to FormSubmit endpoint and we’ll email you the submissions. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required.

Free Stock Videos

Free Stock Videos

Beautiful licensed videos and footage from professional authors. And all this beauty is completely free.

Bulk Mail CLI

Bulk Mail Cli

Ever felt a quick need to shoot a fabulous mail to your subscribers? Without any inconvenience of creating complex campaigns with MailChimp and MailGun? Just open your terminal, input the CSV and HTML file with dynamic text, and just shoot the mails!



A modular, configuration-first front-end framework. No strings.



Opinionated reset stylesheet that provides a clean slate for styling your html.



Snippets for animate.css library. Why download the whole library for a few animations when you can copy specific code snippets?

Logo Ipsum

Logo Ipsum Placehololder Logos For Your Design Project

Free professional placeholder logos for your design project.

CSS Reference

Css Reference is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.

Ball Don’t Lie

Ball Dont Lie Api

balldontlie is an easy way to access data from the NBA. Games are updated as they complete, and the data goes back as far as the 1979 NBA season. Everything is free, and no email is required.



Librarian is an easy way to serve your iOS & Android builds on your local network, and make dogfooding and testing development versions of your app effortless.

Learning to work with APIs

Learning To Work With Apis

Have you ever wondered exactly what an API is, how to interact with it, or what to do with the data it returns? Slash the API dog is here to help explain it all to you in this simple guide.

Rakuten RapidAPI

Rakuten Rapidapi

Rakuten RapidAPI helps you discover and connect to APIs in the world’s largest hub. Search for popular, recommended or task specific APIs, test in-browser and connect using code snippets, you can manage it all from a single dashboard.

Broken Grid

Broken Grid

Broken grid is a free css tool that helps developers and designers to generate creative and unusual grids quickly and easily.

Website Voice

Website Voice

Turn your articles into high-quality audio for your audience to listen while they’re busy multitasking or on the go.


Pika Pkg

Find modern packages on npm. Get faster, smaller JavaScript bundles.

Color Picker – Chrome Extension

Color Dropper

Press the dropper icon or use keyboard shortcut and then click on any part of your browser screen. Automatically capture (and copy) the Hex Code to your clipboard. A small tooltip shows up to tell you when the Hex Code is successfully copied.

30 Seconds of Knowledge – Chrome Extension

30 Seconds Of Knowledge

Gain new developer skills every time you open a New Tab! Choose which programming languages you want to get better at in options and get smarter every time you open a New Tab. All you need is 30 seconds to read and understand snippets of code and improve your knowledge. Saw something useful? Just copy/paste it into your code and you’re golden!

Screen Guru

Screen Guru takes clean screenshot of any websites

Tab Tosser – Firefox Extension

Tab Tosser

A Firefox extension that creates an intentional constraint to help free yourself of digital clutter with no effort.

BigCommerce for WordPress – Plugin

Bigcommerce For WordPress

BigCommerce for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to scale ecommerce further than ever before on WordPress. Scale your business with WordPress on the front-end and free up server resources from things like catalog management, processing payments, managing fulfillment logistics and more with BigCommerce on the back end.

Price: Free

Tutor – Plugin

Tutor WordPress Lms Plugin

Tutor is an all-in-one, feature-rich, and robust WordPress LMS plugin to create & sell courses online. With powerful features like quiz & question system, front-end student dashboard, Tutor can be the best free LMS plugin for WordPress.

Price: Free

Kinka.js – Plugin


8 bit cute birds (Zebra finches) fly around your website.

Price: Free

Codestar Framework – Plugin

Codestar Framework

A Simple and Lightweight WordPress Option Framework. Built in Object Oriented Programming paradigm with high number of custom fields and tons of options. Allows you to bring custom admin, metabox, taxonomy and customize settings to all of your pages, posts and categories. It’s highly modern and advanced framework.

Price: $49.00

WooCommerce Regions Pack – Plugin

Woocommerce Regions Pack

WooCommerce Regions Pack adds the missing states / provinces / regions for ALL countries in WooCommerce (e.g. United Kingdom, Russia, France, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands etc.). This is ideal if you’re setting up shipping zones per region and for streamlining the checkout process for your customers.

Price: $25.00

WP Fly Menu – Plugin

Wp Fly Menu

WP Fly Menu is a off-canvas menu plugin that makes use of the default WordPress menu function to create menus. You can add additional elements to the default menu items such as menu icons, menu taglines (short description), a pseudo grouping header and a long description.

We have provided you with a WYSIWYG editor for your long description, so you can add almost anything here including shortcodes. Add header content and footer content to the menu or replace the entire menu with just quick information on the fly.

Price: $10.00

Knight – Theme

Knight Gutenberg Supported WordPress Theme

Knight is a Gutenberg-supported WordPress Blog theme, suitable for any kind of blog, personal, fashion, food, travel, photography, publishing or tutorial blog sites. Let’s make your blog the source of inspiration.

Price: Free

Vishnu – Theme


Vishnu has a clean, coral color style. The theme is multipurpose, so if You like the style, You can use it to represent Your art, business, an event, show Your portfolio, start a blog, start a webshop and sell Your products etc.

Price: Free

Muji – Theme


Muji is a responsive, contemporary & alluring WordPress theme with a fresh, clean and modern design. With all the theme features, you can easily start or promote any Wellness services company, Yoga, Spa agency, Beauty firm, Hair Salon organization or Massage Room Business bureau.

Price: $29.00

EmojiNation – Theme

Emoji Nation

EmojiNation is a powerful & vibrant Night Club, Concert, DJ, Music Festival WordPress Theme with a modern festive design. It was developed specifically for any kind of Night Club, Concert or Festival.

Also it fits a lounge bar, any event or party website. EmojiNation can be used for showcasing your DJ or musician career and can be interesting for club music fans.

Price: $55.00

The Quarto – Theme

The Quarto

The Quarto is the modern, luxury WordPress theme for premium hotel and suites. Amazing and unique design make The Quarto more attractive and premium.

Price: $49.00

450 Line Icons

450 Free Line Icons For Designers And Developers

Bike Icons

Bike Icons

40 Social Media Line Icons

40 Social Media Line Icons

Flags Vector Free Icons Set

Flags Vector Free Icons Set

uiLogos – Logo Placeholders

Ui Logos

ArchitectUI HTML Dashboard Free

Architectui Html Dashboard

Pragnea – Font


Riborn – Font


Anyelir Script – Font

Anyelir Script

Stiverx Brush – Font

Stiverx Brush Script Font

Kubos – Font


Tuckshop Titling – Font

Tuckshop Titling Free Font

Travel App IOS UI Kit

Travel App Ios Ui Kit

Atro Mobile UI Kit

Atro Mobile Ui Kit

Simple & Dark UI Kit

Simple And Dark Ui Kit

Eggplore – AR Maps & Navigation UI Kit

Eggplore – Ar Maps & Navigation Ui Kit

Creative Headers

Creative Headers



What’s New for Designers & Developers for February 2019