The best new tools for designers are ones that make your life easier and your workflows faster. You’ll find some of those in this list this month for sure.

From a few productivity tools that can help you, tools that help with collaboration in development, open-source UI libraries. And the usually WordPress themes and plugins, Icons, fonts and other design items. So there’s something for almost every designer or developer in this list.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the first roundup for 2024 or check out the end of the year best of from 2023. please either X it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



Crafted for effortless integration into your workflow. Butterup is a Vanilla JavaScript toast notification plugin that brings style and simplicity to your user interface. Lightweight and easily configurable, Butterup ensures that your site’s notifications are as smooth as butter, all without the burden of intricate dependencies.


Image Dimensions

Retrieve the measurements of an image, compatible with various contemporary JavaScript environments such as browsers, Node.js, Bun, Deno, etc. While accommodating diverse image formats is not a priority, contributions in the form of pull requests to include JPEG XL and HEIC formats are appreciated.



gRPCity is a microservices library for gRPC, functioning seamlessly on Node.js. By merging proto-loader and grpc-js, it provides an exceptionally straightforward method for loading proto files. This library simplifies intricate technical concepts, enabling the implementation of clients and servers with just a few functions. Furthermore, it offers a plethora of advanced features to cater to a wide range of development scenarios.



Velite is a tool designed for constructing a type-safe data layer. It facilitates the transformation of Markdown, MDX, YAML, JSON, or other files into the app’s data layer using Zod schema.



VueNPM: Enhance your Vue.js journey! This sophisticated Vue package search engine offers unique features, including favorite package manager selection, quality control, exclusive Vue.js packages, and an impressive tabular list of Vue 3 packages.

Shortcut Wizard – Mac & Windows App

Shortcut Wizard

Organise your frequently used keyboard shortcuts for quick and convenient access. A straightforward “Shift + Space” command opens up a universe of possibilities, enhancing efficiency. It’s not merely about productivity; it’s about being the most productive individual on your team.

Price: 7 days free or $12 – One time payment

OnScreen – Mac App


Bid farewell to the constant juggling between tabs, windows, applications, or spaces. OnScreen allows you to effortlessly capture any part of your screen and convert it into a floating window that remains on top of other applications.

Price: Free & OnScreen Pro $4.99

OptiClean – Mac App


OptiClean is a specialized image cleaning app that is crafted for macOS. It swiftly and conveniently eliminates flaws, unwanted objects, or people from images. OptiClean’s AI model operates locally, utilizing the Apple CoreML framework and maximizing the performance of M1/M2 chips. Notably, your images remain secure, as they are not uploaded to any external servers.

Price: $9.99

Patterns – iOS App

Patterns Habit Tracker

Patterns is a habit tracker app that simplifies the process of logging new days, making it easy and gratifying. On the home screen, you’ll find a selection of recent days to log in, while the habit details screen provides a comprehensive view of all days.

Price:  Free & Offers In-App Purchases

Ground Control Coffee Tracker – iOS App

Ground Control Coffee Tracker

Embark on a quest for more mindful caffeine intake with Ground Control, the premier caffeine tracking app tailored for iOS. Acquire unprecedented insights into your daily caffeine habits, comprehend their impact on your body, and seize control of your overall well-being.

Price: Free

Graysky – iOS App


Graysky stands as a third-party client for Blusky Social for iOS. It enhances the user experience by introducing GIFs, inline translations, and hashtags, all presented in a layout that prioritizes your customized feeds. Notably, Graysky is the first third-party client available on the App Store!

Price: Free

Prodeology – Web App


Prodeology stands as the ultimate decision-making tool for product managers. Our comprehensive product management SaaS platform is entirely free, providing a unified space for both productivity and data analytics capabilities.

Price: Free

Taskily – Web App


Taskily presents a balanced solution for task management. Going beyond a basic checklist yet avoiding the complexity of extensive project suites, Taskily caters to individuals and teams seeking a middle ground. Meticulously designed, it delivers just the right amount of functionality for intuitive and effective task organization. Taskily streamlines task management without the unnecessary complexities found in advanced systems.

Price: Free & Pro will be TBD Q1 2024

Project Wrap – Web App

Project Wrap

Project Wrap is a nimble project manager crafted for indie hackers and enthusiasts, geared towards accelerating your shipping process. Bid farewell to startup disappointments, and concentrate solely on your product’s growth trajectory!

Price: $25.00



SSHx enables you to share your terminal via a link on a collaborative infinite canvas. Experience real-time collaboration with features like remote cursors and chat.

This fast and secure tool employs end-to-end encryption and runs on a lightweight Rust-based server. Install SSHx effortlessly with a single command and utilise it for teaching, debugging, or accessing the cloud.


Animotion empowers you to visually create CSS animations effortlessly. Through dragging, resizing, rotating, clipping, and more, the tool provides a seamless experience. It includes a keyframes editor, a repository of ready-to-use animations, and boasts 29 built-in easings.


Radiant Kit

RadiantKit is an upcoming framework designed for constructing graphics applications (such as Figma, Canva, Miro, etc.) that is both free and open source.

This framework introduces a node-component system for efficient rendering, ensuring comprehensive extensibility. Notably, RadiantKit is adaptable to both native and web platforms (via WebAssembly).



AuthKit is a pre-built, customisable sign-in UI hosted by WorkOS. It comes equipped with support for various authentication methods right from the start, allowing developers to deliver an exceptional signup experience effortlessly.

TanStack Form

Tanstack Form

Put an end to your form-related frustrations and embrace simplicity, composability, and type-safety with TanStack Form. This solution boasts a minimal footprint, lacks dependencies, features a framework-agnostic core, and offers precise type-safe APIs. TanStack Form strikes the ideal balance between simplicity and power, providing you with the tools needed to swiftly build forms with confidence.

Ark UI

Ark Ui

Ark UI is a headless, open-source UI library that encompasses more than 30 components explicitly crafted for constructing reusable and scalable Design Systems. It accommodates a diverse array of JavaScript frameworks and provides specialized packages tailored for each supported framework.

Bun Nook Kit

Bun Nook Kit

Bun Nook Kit (BNK) is a comprehensive toolkit for software development. Leveraging the power of Bun and TypeScript. With zero third-party dependencies, strong TypeScript inferencing. And a focus on Web API standards, BNK offers a modular, type-safe, and efficient way to build robust applications.


outline plus

Cut your code navigation time in half: Effortlessly search, browse, and organize variables and functions within your IDE. Compatible with all programming languages!

Rafty UI


A collection of responsive and accessible UI components, carefully designed to seamlessly align with your app’s design system. Built on Radix UI, with Tailwind CSS and built-in support for server-side rendering (SSR).

Terminal Keeper

Terminal Keeper

This extension is crafted to enable users to store and organize their terminal sessions. With Terminal Keeper, users can effortlessly save and retrieve past terminal sessions, create new sessions, and edit or delete existing ones. Terminal Keeper simplifies the management of terminal sessions in VSCode, providing a more convenient and streamlined experience.

Framer Forms


Easily create custom forms in Framer with multiple inputs and full design control. Looking to craft truly unique forms in Framer? Integrate limitless input fields and unleash your creative freedom in your upcoming project with FramerForms 2.0.



Vueform addresses the intricacies of form development, significantly reducing development time without compromising on quality. It is fully accessible, extensible through plugins, and configurable to align with existing design systems. Additionally, it includes a free-to-use online drag-and-drop form builder.



This plugin transforms Figma designs into detailed user stories, streamlining the transition from designers to the engineering team with just a click.

UI Table Builder

Ui Table Builder

Customise your tables with custom shadows, borders, and more – it’s like giving your tables a makeover! Achieve striped rows, highlighted headers, and pixel-perfect columns effortlessly. Plus, we’ve got a magic button that generates HTML and Tailwind CSS code for you!



Tldraw is a collaborative digital whiteboard accessible. The editor, user interface, and other foundational libraries are open source and can be found in this repository.

SharePreview – Plugin


SharePreview, a WordPress plugin that streamlines social media optimisation for your content. With a single click, effortlessly preview your post’s appearance on various social media platforms and validate sharing links directly from your post editor.

Price: Free

Disclaimify – Plugin


Disclaimify is a streamlined WordPress plugin crafted for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and website owners. Its purpose is to effortlessly notify web visitors about potential compensation when making purchases through affiliate links.

Price: Free

Majestic Support – Plugin

Majestic Support

Majestic Support for WordPress is a ticket system that elevates customer support. This plugin generates and manages support tickets online, offering features like email piping, unlimited agents, customizable replies, invoicing history, and file attachments.

Price: Free

Real Voice – Plugin

Real Voice Ai Text To Speech Plugin For WordPress

Real Voice is a flexible text-to-speech plugin designed for WordPress. It consolidates support for major text-to-speech services into a single, convenient package. The plugin features a customisable audio player, a dedicated dashboard to track API calls to text-to-speech services, and various customisation options.

Price: $39.00

WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Plugin

Woocommerce Vehicle Parts Finder

WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Make/Model/Engine/Year stands out as an excellent plugin for locating vehicles or vehicle parts on websites based on Make/Model/Engine/Year.

Offering a straightforward solution for parts dealers, the plugin allows users to easily find vehicle parts on the website’s front end. It is Elementor widget-compatible and includes options for importing Make, Model, and Engine data using CSV files.

Price: $18.00

QuoteMate – Plugin

Quotemate Woocommerce Get A Quote By Whatsapp

QuoteMate is a highly valuable plugin for receiving product quotes from potential customers via WhatsApp. Simple to configure yet impactful, it enhances sales opportunities by allowing potential customers to interact before making a purchase.

The plugin seamlessly integrates a “Get a Quote” button in the product loop or on the single page, enabling customers to open a popup form and connect with you easily. With numerous customisation options, the plugin can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Price: $21.00

Prime FSE – Theme

Prime Fse

Tailored for the Full Site Editing (FSE) era, Prime stands as the ultimate free WordPress block theme for both businesses and individuals. Featuring 14+ pattern designs, multiple global styles, creative blocks by Getwid, demo content, and an integrated mega menu, Prime FSE empowers you to create a modern, fast, and entirely customisable website.

Price: Free

Reshape Block – Theme

Reshape Block

Reshape Block functions as the offspring theme of FotaWP, encompassing all the features of FotaWP. Tailored for the versatile site builder, it provides block-based full site editing capabilities. Its minimal and clean design enables users to effortlessly create diverse types of websites.

Price: Free

Business FSE – Theme

Business Fse

Designed for a variety of businesses, including corporate houses, startups, law firms, and agencies, Business FSE is a versatile and lightweight Full Site Editing WordPress theme. Professionally developed, it maximizes the capabilities of the WordPress block editor to achieve aesthetically appealing designs.

With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly personalize your website without any coding expertise. Additionally, the theme offers numerous pre-designed page templates and patterns for added convenience.

Price: Free

AiNext – Theme


AiNext is expertly crafted to be fully responsive and customisable without the need for coding. Tailored for websites and startups associated with Artificial Neural Networks, including AI art/image generators, machine learning, ChatGPT, OpenAI, and AI Engines, the theme features 2+ pre-built home page demos that are easily customisable through simple drag-and-drop functionality.

This AI theme comes with thorough documentation and offers excellent professional support for addressing your queries. Additionally, AiNext includes multiple ready-made inner pages that you can effortlessly customise to create a unique look for your site. It seamlessly supports essential plugins such as Elementor, Contact Form 7, and ACF Pro.

Price: $29.00

DigiNova – Theme


DigiNova is Creative Portfolio & Digital Agency WordPress theme, meticulously designed to cater to the demands of the contemporary digital landscape. Ideal for projects involving creative digital agencies, design studios, advertising agencies, and portfolio showcases, this theme provides numerous customisation options to achieve the desired look for your website. It ensures easy navigation and compatibility with various screen sizes.

The one-click demo content importer tool facilitates the quick setup of a fully-featured website. Subsequently, you can personalise your WordPress website effortlessly using the theme options and the Elementor page builder, replacing demo content with your own.

Price: $19.00

AOi – Theme

Aoi Theme

AOi revolutionises the presentation of your software and technology ventures online. Tailored to be the ultimate WordPress theme for tech portfolios, AOi offers a diverse range of dynamic features and an advanced toolset curated for every tech professional. Embracing a modern and adaptable approach, AOi empowers you to effortlessly shape your online presence, showcase cutting-edge projects, and captivate potential clients with esteemed collaborations and unparalleled expertise in the tech industry.

AOi stands out as a comprehensive solution, unlocking the true potential of a user-friendly drag & drop page builder seamlessly integrated with an intuitive interface. This ensures a seamless website building and design experience for every tech enthusiast. AOi fully supports the establishment of online marketplaces, providing robust WooCommerce tools to elevate software products and tech services into an immersive eCommerce experience.

Price: $69.00

Monaspace – Font


Klandestin – Font


Aqren – Font


Westerland Grotesk – Font

Westerland Grotesk

Gravita – Font


Glamure Serif – Font

Glamure Serif

Akony – Font

Akony Font

Fast Food 3D Icon Set

Fast Food 3d Icon Set

Pixelins Thin Icons

Pixelins Thin Icons

Scenery and Travels Icons

Scenery And Travels Icons

Ultimate Interface Icons

Ultimate Interface

PowerBi Dashboard Template

Powerbi Dashboard Template

Blus Multipurpose Dashboard UI Kit

Blus Multipurpose Dashboard Ui Kit

CoinX App UI Kit

Coinx App Ui Kit

MaterialM3 – Admin Dashboard Template Versatile

Materialm3 Figma Admin Dashboard Template

Brand Guidelines Kit

Brand Guidelines Kit


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