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As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for web designers and developers in August, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the next roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on September’s list.


Microphone Js

A tiny library for converting browser’s audio to WAV/PCM.



A JavaScript library that lets you move, resize, drag, rotate and more.


Frontless Js

Frontless.JS is a minimalistic node.js SSR stack for building universal (isomorphic) javascript applications. It is built to boost a developer’s productivity and eliminate as much repeated routine as possible.

FlexerApp – Windows/Mac/Debian/Ubuntu App

Flexer App

Design UI applications and generate code for different web and mobile frameworks. Create web and mobile projects, add multiple screens, design UI components ,use flexbox to organize your elements and generate code for React,VueJs, Angular and React Native.

Price: Free

Eagle – Windows & Mac App


Eagle helps you become a happier, better designer. A new way to collect, search and organize your image files in a logical way and all in one place.

Price: Free

Slack 4.0 – Mac App

Slack For Mac

The latest version of Slack desktop app, it provides a smoother, faster experience for all. Some notable changes include faster loading times, better overall performance and the ability to work offline.

Price: Free

AppsManager – Mac App


Organise your Workspace by handling apps with the press of a keyboard shortcut. You can hide all apps, Close apps, Restart apps, manage currently Active app and other apps except the active app. You can also Keep an app Front-most using custom Hotkeys.

Price: $3.99

GitFox – Mac App

Gitfox Github Client App

The Git Client built for Productivity.Powerful Search, Image Diff, Reflog, Drag & Drop, Multiple Identities and more.

Price: 29 Euros

QAReply – Mac App

Qa Replay

QAReplay records your screen but only saves the latest 15 secs. It helps you catch the unexpected behaviors when you’re testing your product.

Price: Free

SVG Assets – Icon Exporter – Mac App

Svg Assets Icon Exporter

Create application icons and image sets from SVG or PNG files in seconds!Just drag your SVG or a high resolution image file to SVG Assets, select supported devices and drag the resulting “AppIcon.appiconset” folder straight to Xcode or Finder.

Price: $8.99

Pushcut – iOS App


Smart notifications kick off the right actions – triggered based on location, time, or virtually any event online.Use shortcuts, Zapier, Integromat, or custom URLs to unleash automation superpowers.

Price: Free

New Habit – iOS App

New Habit App

Unique habit builder & tracker app with 100+ habit ideas and habit guides.

Price: Free

Soundbrew Artists – iOS App

Soundbrew Artists

Soundbrew is the best way to quickly find something to listen to. Simply choose tags like “chill” or “work”, then Soundbrew will create a playlist for you.

Price: Free

Chirp Mail – iOS App

Chirp Mail

Chirp Mail is a completely redesigned mail app which can save you a lot of time on email. It’s clean, fast, secure and mobile friendly. You will love the amazing and creative features in Chirp Mail. Try it and enjoy your mails!

Price: Free

Embrace – Web App


Embrace helps mobile devs find every error, recreate every session on command, and fix bugs in minutes. Think of those freezes during startup, broken purchases & unsolved crashes. Wish, Goat & OkCupid solve all of these with Embrace and debug so much faster.

Price: Free to $1,000 per month

BaseDash – Web App


BaseDash is the ultimate collaborative database tool. View and edit data with beautiful UI-based workflows, track the edit history of each record, and write queries collaboratively with your teammates. Simply the best way to manage data for teams.

Price: Free to $10.00 per user/per month

Kankan – Web App


Kankan combines OKR goal tracking and kanban project management. View actionable WIP reports so your team can make better decisions about how to spend its most precious resource: time.

Price: Free for Solo & $9.00 per month per workspace for Teams

Cloudron – Web/Server App


Cloudron is a platform for running apps (like WordPress, GitLab, Discourse) on your server and keeping them up-to-date and secure.

Price: From Free to $150.00 per month

Complete CSS Cheat Sheet

Complete Css Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re a super savvy web developer or just someone who wants to learn web development, this CSS cheat sheet should help you out.

There’s a total of 29 pages, structured into different paragraphs: backgrounds, borders, fonts, texts, column, colours, grid positioning and a lot more (including UI).

Easy Fonts

Easy Font Free CDN by PageCDN

Easy Fonts is an un-official library of fonts collected from Google Fonts. Easy Fonts makes it much easier to use fonts in your development and production environment through the use of readily available CSS classes for each font family and font variant. With Easy Fonts, you no longer need to edit CSS to apply fonts.

Flexbox Ninja

Flexbox Ninja

Flexbox is nowaday one of the problem solvers you should master to help you in your working daily habits. Follow those little demonstrations and case studies to learn more about CSS Flexbox Layout, step by step, and become a Flexbox Ninja!

CodyHouse Framework and Components

Codyhouse Framework And Components

The CodyHouse Framework is a lightweight front-end framework for building bespoke interfaces. It comes with a library of 100 (and growing) free, accessible, HTML, CSS, JS components.



Remotify is a clean & minimalist board for remote jobs. You can search for remote jobs via category, tags, and keywords while keeping the UI simple and fun to use.

Bulma Builder

Bulma Builder

Bulma Builder is the first such advanced theme editor for the Bulma CSS framework. Using our tool, you can launch the first version of a new template in just a few minutes.


Git is fucking hard: mistakes happen all the time, finding a solution is sometimes next to impossible, here are solutions to those tricky situations.

Atomize React

Design System For React Js

Atomize React is a UI framework that helps developers collaborate with designers and build consistent user interfaces effortlessly.


Page Cdn

Using different Private & Public CDNs on a single page can hurt performance. PageCDN solves this by combining public & private content on single CDN.


Form Builder

Open source text-based form generator with focus on creating forms that are syntactically-correct, mobile-friendly, accessible & inclusive, look stunning out of the box, and follow best practices that make highly-converting forms


C3 Css

C3 (Component, Child, Context) is a methodology for writing CSS. This approach is intended for anyone who wants to write code which is semantic, easy to maintain, and scalable.

Fucking SwiftUI

Fucking Swift Ui

Fucking SwiftUI is a list of mapping between UIKit components and Apple new declarative UI, SwiftUI.



Imgbot is a free online tools for image processing. Resize, crop, optimize (compress) your images or add watermark to your photos online. Process your images in a batch and download processed files in a single ZIP. Upload up to 100 images at once, up to 25 MB per file.

Serverless Framework

Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework allows you to easily utilize the most powerful cloud services available today, while also maintaining complete control over your application lifecycle.



Cube.js is an open-source, modular framework for building analytics into your web apps. You can use Cube.js for internal business intelligence tools, or customer-facing analytics.

Bourbon Engine

Bourbon Engine

Bourbon Engine is a server powered rendering engine for mobile applications. It enables product teams to build, test and iterate on fully native applications instantly. The templating engine is JSON based and it can connect to any 3rd party JSON API.


Turn your Google SpreadSheet into an API that you can Read and Write! Everything without even logging in.This way you can use a SpreadSheet as the entire backend for your application just by providing us with the shareable link to it.


Create and share beautiful images of your source code

DigitalOcean Managed Databases

Digital Ocean Managed Databases

Leave the complexity of PostgreSQL administration to DigitalOcean. As DigitalOcean will handle setting up, backing up, and updating, so we can focus on building great apps. Managed databases for MySQL and Redis will be available in soon!

Printable Mockups

Printable Mockups

Printable Mockups is an open-source, web-based tool for generating wireframe device/UI templates that can be printed and used for mocking up designs with a pencil & paper.

WPOnion – Framework

Wp Onion Development Framework

This framework lets you define custom meta boxes & custom fields via arrays and handles everything behind the scene automatically. It has a wide range of field types & settings and also supports most WP Features.

Once Cart Items Remover – Plugin

Once Cart Items Remover

Once Cart Items Remover plugin allows WooCommerce shop owner or developers to remove all items in the cart by one click while building an staging site.

Price: Free

Nova Blocks – Plugin

Nova Blocks

Nova Blocks is a collection of distinctive Gutenberg blocks, committed to making your site shine like a newborn star. It is taking a design-driven approach to help you made the right decisions and showcase your content in the best shape.

Price: Free

Tip Jar WP – Plugin

Tip Jar Wp

Tip Jar WP is made for creators, artists, teachers, service providers, and more. It gives an extremely simple and affordable way to accept tips on your WordPress website. On the cutting edge of payment technologies through the power of Stripe, you can accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, standard credit cards, and more with a beautiful and responsively designed payment form.

Price: Free

Pollen – Plugin


Pollen is a WPBakery Page Builder Addons that bundled with super useful WPBakery Page Builder elements with bunch of options to achieve any design with all the power of WPBakery Page Builder for free. You can build amazing professional layouts for your site with tons of powerful shortcodes.

Price: Free

UnGrabber – Plugin


UnGrabber is a WordPress plugin that allows you to protect all of your content from your site from being copied. This plugin completely blocks all existing methods of copying content such as right-click menu, hotkeys, developer’s tools, selection, dragging, and much more.

Price: $18.00

Themekit Options – Plugin

Themekit Options Panel

Themekit Options Panel is an extendable WordPress options panel, it’s productivity oriented and packed with all the components and features required in the modern WordPress themes and websites.

Price: $18.00

DocCreate – Plugin

Doccreate WordPress Documentation Creator Wp Knowledge Base Plugin

DocCreate is intuitive and straightforward to use WordPress documentation generation plugin. The plugin makes excellent use of WordPress’ default posts and category functionality in building a book-like documentation structure that is easy to follow and better yet easy to manage.

Price: $29.00

Indite – Theme


Indite is a flexible personal blog theme with plenty of options. It is optimised for all devices and built to work with blocks. You can pick accent colors, set sidebar to the left or right and choose website max-width with a few clicks.

Price: Free

Intuitive – Theme


Intuitive is a clean, responsive, and minimalistic multipurpose corporate theme that is suitable for any corporate or business. The theme is jam-packed with myriads of various features like Featured Content, Featured Slider, Hero Content, Portfolio, Services, Testimonials, and more. Each of these features allows a greater degree of flexibility and versatility.

Price: Free

Lalita – Theme


Lalita has a clean, colorful style and design for portfolio, business or agency content. The theme is multipurpose, so if You like the style, You can use it to represent your art, business, an event, show your portfolio of work off, start a blog or even a webshop. The theme use Elementor, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 plugins.

Price: Free

Wikb – Theme


Wikb is the latest WordPress Theme for Knowledge base & Help Desk websites. It comes with Support for the WooCommerce, bbPress and Knowledgebases.

Price: $29.00

eLab – Theme


eLab is a modern, clean and responsive WordPress theme which fully incorporates WooCommerce and extends it’s functionality with features like catalog mode, mega menu, attributes filter on category level and with the help of other free popular plugins it allows you to have features like compare, wishlist and many more in order to provide you the best eCommerce site available.

Price: $29.00

Brookside – Theme


Brookside is a new generation WordPress personal blog theme, that can give your readers immersive browsing experience. Brookside blog theme polished & beautifully balanced pages make it an ideal WordPress template for almost all types of blog. Brookside theme is ready to use with WordPress version 5.0+ and fully compatible with Gutenberg Content Editor. Easy to use, no coding!

Price: $69.00

Buttercake – Font


Yolk – Font


Orlande – Font


Niko – Font


Skywalker Futuristic – Font

Skywalker Futuristic

Silhouette – Font


Aqum – Font

Aqum Free Font

Fenton – Font


Greyhound Flowcharts

Greyhound Flowcharts

Skynet Web Wireframe Kit

Skynet Web Wireframe Kit

CaFit Workout UI Kit

Cafit Workout Ui Kit Free Download

E-Comm Free UI Kit for Adobe XD

E Comm Free Ui Kit For Adobe Xd

RLING Music App iOS UI Kit

Rling Music App Ios Ui Kit

Finance UI Kit

Multipurpose Finance Ui Kit

Chat UI Kit

Chat Ui Kit

Guidebook – Online Documentation Template

Guidebook Online Documentation Template

Poke Illustrations

Poke Illustrations

138 Social Media Icons

138 Social Media Icons

Ice Cream Icon Set

Ice Cream Icon Set

AI System Monitoring Icons

Ai System Monitoring Icons

Flat Animal Icons

Flat Animals Icon Set


What’s New for Designers & Developers for August 2019