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As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers in April 2019, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the May’s roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



A block-styled editor for rich media stories. It outputs clean data in JSON instead of heavy HTML markup. Designed to be API extendable and pluggable.



Jscrambler provides the most advanced JavaScript obfuscation techniques combined with code locks, self-defending capabilities, and threat monitoring. Jscrambler’s Webpage Integrity grants real-time visibility of client-side attacks to enable a quick response.



A simple JavaScript library to help you quickly identify unseemly images; all in the client’s browser. NSFWJS isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty accurate (~90% from our test set of 15,000 test images)… and it’s getting more accurate all the time.



A Javascript library that makes your face look at the pointer. Ideal for resumes or team sites.


Lax Js

Simple & light weight (2kb minified & zipped) vanilla javascript plugin to create smooth & beautiful animations when you scrolllll! Harness the power of the most intuitive interaction and make your websites come alive!

Anaxi – iOS App

Anaxi Track Issues & Work

Anaxi organizes your GitHub and Jira projects’ new activities into personalizable feeds. Achieve INBOX ZERO 2x faster without missing anything that matters to you. Anaxi lets you filter those activities as you see fit and group them by issues to help you immediately understand what happened since your last visit, and contribute directly.

Price: Free

GMail 6.0 – iOS App

Gmail 6.0

Google has released the new version of their official Gmail app on iOS with features to help users get more done.You can now quickly view attachments like photos, without opening or scrolling through the conversation.

Price: Free

Progress Bar – iOS App

Progress Bar Track Your Time

Progress Bar is a simple but efficient task/goal helper. Its most powerful feature is in its notification system. Depending on the repetition, you’ll get notified as time elapses, creating a sense of urgency and enabling you to work more on that objective of yours.

Price: Free

Diffchecker – Mac/Windows/Linux App

Diff Checker

Diffchecker is a tool to compare text differences between two files. Also available online, or as a command-line tool. Compares text, images, and PDFs.

Price: $49.00

Day Night – Mac/Windows App

Day Night

Day Night for macOS and Windows is a desktop app that shows you how much time left in percentage.You can keep track of today, month and year time in percentage. Day Night have awake mode, sleep mode and changes the theme automatically according to the real time.

Price: $5.00

Vector Flow – Mac App


VectorFlow is a procedural vector designer app, it doesn’t use layers, it uses a node graph to generate new vector shapes. It’s non-destructive, meaning shapes up the chain are not modified, meaning you can easily change them. Export to Illustrator and Sketch.

Price: Free

Tim – Mac App

Tim Time Tracking

Keep track of your time right in the menu menu bar! Tim’s minimal, simple interface is always visible yet not in the way.

Price: $1.99

PerfOps – Web App


PerfOps is a platform that offers a complete set of tools to benchmark and analyze your internet infrastructure and use that data to intelligently route internet traffic based on real-time data to optimize availability and performance.

Price: Free

BugBattle – Web App


BugBattle is the most affordable and fun in-app bug reporting tool for apps & web apps! With BugBattle we put the annoying task of bug fixing upside down and turned it into a fun experience for your whole team.

Price: Free / Startup $16.00 / Premium $33.00

Appsurify – Web App


Appsurify applies machine learning to make software testing more efficient, helping you deliver better quality code quicker while reducing the cost of testing.

Price: $10.00 pm

Actiondesk – Web App

Action Desk

ActionDesk is a productivity tool that turns spreadsheets into powerful automations. Import data and do everything from provide customer support to operations help to analysing data. It integrates with plenty of tools, such as Google Sheets, CRMs and Typeform.

Price: Starter $0.00 pm / Professional $150.00 pm/ Business $350.00 pm / Enterprise $1500.00 pm /


Webiik Php Framework

Webiik is small, yet powerful PHP framework based on middleware and DI – it makes it flexible. Thanks to its tiny code base, it can be interesting for everyone who considers using a framework but wants to have code fully under control.

UI Terminal

Ui Terminal Css

UITerminal is an Terminal Style CSS Framework.

Color Palette Generator

Color Palette Generator

Generate perfect color combinations for your designs. The super fast color schemes generator! Here you can find the perfect matching color scheme for your next project! Generate nice color palettes, color gradients and much more.

CSS Analytics

Css Analytics

Analyze your CSS and keep track of changes in complexity and branding. Share your statistics with everyone in your team and get conversations going.

Designer Bio Generator

Designer Bio Generator

Generate your next twitter bio and impress your potential clients

Checklist Design

Checklist Design

Checklist Design is a collection of best UI and UX practices to provide a complete, honest and rewarding experience for your users. Take in the knowledge of not just what to put in your solution, but how and why it should be there.


Maizzle Framework For Rapid Email Prototyping

Maizzle is a new framework for HTML email development, powered by Tailwind CSS and Nunjucks templating. Code email templates any way you like, then style them with Tailwind’s utilities – Maizzle takes care of CSS inlining and other email optimisations.



Proxyman is a native OSX HTTP Debugging Proxy app, which is capable of proxying and intercepts the HTTP/HTTPS requests. The app helps you debug your HTTPS request from apps, domain, remove devices and iOS simulator and replicate the requests.



Organise logos, fonts, colors, photos, and icons for your brand. No more plundering the deep recesses of your computer for that one lost icon. Share your guides with clients or employees. Made with designers, developers, and agencies in mind.



A simple, thorough and fast unused-CSS cleaner.

Speak Human

Speak Human

Generate human centric microcopy for all purposes.

UX Books

Ux Books

Read and learn about User Experience (UX) Design.

Adminimal – Plugin


A minimalist front-end admin toolbar for Administrators, Editors and Authors that includes: Dashboard, Edit, Profile, New post, New Page, and New Custom Post Types.

Price: Free

SSL Zen – Plugin

Ssl Zen

SSL Zen helps you get a free Domain-Validated SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt, and install it via our plugin. Finally, with a single click, you can redirect web-traffic from HTTP to HTTPS and get a shiny padlock on your website.

Price: Free

Blog Security Auditor – Plugin

Blog Security Auditor

This plugin audits your site for specific security related checkpoints.

Price: Free

Disable Everything – Plugin

Disable Everything

This WordPress Plugin allows you to disable Text and Images Copying, Right Click and Keyboard Keys on your WordPress sites. You can disable some of these features or all of them at once. This plugin is particularly useful if you want to protect your images from being downloaded and your text from being copied.

Price: $10.00

LivePreview – Plugin

Live Preview

LivePreview is used to manage, switch between your digital products like WordPress themes, HTML templates, HTML5 games and etc. The plugin includes a responsive test tool, switch panel with thumbnails of the products, buttons for different actions (buy, iframe close). You can customize it by changing the style file (css or less).

Price: $19.00

AAPro – Plugin


AAPro is the most innovative a unified suite of tools developed for Amazon Affiliate Program and WordPress.

Price: $39.00

Sparker – Theme


Sparker is a simple and easy to use, modern and creative, user friendly and elegant, WordPress theme for blog, news and magazine sites.

Price: Free

Gratify – Theme


Gratify is a simple and easy to use, modern and creative, user friendly and elegant, WordPress theme for WooCommerce, blog sites, Personal Portfolio, Creative Agency, bbPress, BuddyPress.

Price: Free

Alluring eCommerce – Theme

Alluring Ecommerce

Alluring eCommerce is an e-commerce WordPress theme made for webshops, online boutiques and stores. It’s powered by Woocommerce and blocks so you can create your own landing page with the new page builder.

Price: Free

Amani – Theme


Amani an ‘80s Powered WordPress Theme, Bekento the developer of this very theme follows design trends and in the rise of Vaporwave & New Age aesthetics here is the Amani theme. If WordPress was released in the ‘80s, this is how it would look like.

Price: $29.00

Appuni – Theme


Appuni is an Applanding WordPress Theme it has unique design. based on latest technology with great features, Appuni theme to promote your mobile App, services or business projects. Appuni is not only a theme, it is a site builder with unlimited possibilites.

Price: $29.00

Junko – Theme


Junko is a simple and elegant technology WordPress theme. This theme has 4 homepage layouts and responsive, easy to customize. You can sell digital, technology products, high tech products, accessories with this WordPress.

Price: $29.00

Klein – Font


Corsa Grotesk – Font

Corsa Grotesk

Olivine – Font


Beauty One – Font

Beauty One

Slowly Duo Script – Font

Slowly Duo

Rousseau Deco – Font

Rousseau Deco

Maze – Font

Maze Typeface

Neue Machina – Font

Neue Machina

30 Essential Icons

30 Essential Set Icons

Free Financial Icon Set

Financial Icon Set

Ballicons 3: 50 free flat web icons

Ballicons 3 50 Free Flat Web Icons

Files Icon Set

Files Icon Set

Atlas UI Kit

Atlas Ui Kit App

Scratch UI Kit

Scratch Ui Kit

Luna Photo App UI Kit

Luna Photo App Ui Kit

Match Go – UI Kit

Match Go Chat App Ui Kit


What’s New for Designers & Developers for April 2019