Discover this month’s selection of tools designed to streamline your workflow and simplify your life, making them essential for designers and developers seeking enhanced efficiency.

From JavaScript libraries, tools for seamless and efficient communication, tools that are crafted to assist developers. And the normal additions like WordPress plugins and themes, fonts, icons and User Interfaces.. So there’s something for almost every designer or developer in this list.

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Plotteus is an open-source JavaScript data visualisation library designed for better storytelling. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to create interactive visualisations for your story from scratch, starting with defining a chart type, through seamless transitions between states, to giving you full control over them.



remoteStorage is a simple library that combines the localStorage API with a remote server to persist data across sessions. It works as a simple key value database store and backend with support for React, Next.js, Vue, Node, and any JavaScript stack.


Heat Js

Heatmap.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that generates customisable heat maps, offering a visual representation of date-based activity and trends. This tool is designed to provide a flexible and user-friendly way to visualise patterns and intensities of activities over time.


Schedule X

This library offers a material design calendar and date picker for the web. They can be used regardless of your framework preferences, since they are built around a lightweight virtual-DOM implementation. The library also offers adapter components for React and Vue.

HeyNote – Mac, Linux & Windows App


Heynote is a dedicated scratchpad for developers. It functions as a large persistent text buffer where you can write down anything you like. Works great for that Slack message you don’t want to accidentally send, a JSON response from an API you’re working with, notes from a meeting, your daily to-do list, etc.

The Heynote buffer is divided into blocks, and each block can have its own Language set (e.g. JavaScript, JSON, Markdown, etc.). This gives you syntax highlighting and lets you auto-format that JSON response.

Price: Free

Core Data Lab – Mac App

Core Data Lab

Effortlessly view, edit, and analyze data from SQLite-based Core Data and SwiftData applications. This tool allows you to seamlessly explore the contents of your Core Data database, providing insights into specific details such as relationships, entity descriptions, fetch request templates, and more. With this capability, you can easily track and understand the intricacies of your Core Data storage.

Price: $19.99

Annotate – Mac App


Annotate for Mac stands as the ultimate tool for seamless and efficient communication. This versatile app allows you to annotate any screenshot, image, or PDF effortlessly, employing a range of drawing tools such as shapes, lines, and brushes to convey your ideas effectively.

Designed for compatibility with Mac OS, Annotate simplifies the annotation process, making communication through visual elements straightforward and intuitive.

Price: $9.99

Aspen – Mac App


Aspen is a macOS-native, free API testing application designed with a ZERO trust philosophy, eliminating the need for logins to execute API tests.

Tailored to fulfill the requirements of testing REST APIs, Aspen leverages AI to expedite integrations by automatically generating data models, Open API Specs, and integration code. This tool prioritizes simplicity and security, providing a seamless experience for developers conducting API tests and integrating systems.

Price: Free

Arcush – iOS App


Arcush is a straightforward daily planner app designed to assist individuals in creating a well-balanced schedule, enabling smarter planning and increased productivity. With its minimalist approach, Arcush offers a quick and simple way to organise your day, promoting enhanced focus by avoiding unnecessary features that might distract attention.

Price: Free Offers In-App Purchases

Lok Board – iOS App

Lok Board

Lok Board empowers you to transform your iPad into a productivity powerhouse with its desktop-class multi-window experience.

Enjoy an extended workspace by seamlessly connecting to an external display via cable or AirPlay, without the need for an M1 chip or Stage Manager. Elevate your workflow to new heights and unlock unparalleled productivity with Lok Board’s intuitive features and seamless integration.

Price: Free Offers In-App Purchases

JustKnow – Web App


Implementing changes across your company can be a daunting task, and retrieving a comprehensive change history later can be nearly impossible.

JustKnow simplifies this process by providing straightforward release notes for everyone. These notes clearly outline the modifications made, along with details on when and by whom the changes were implemented.

Price: Free & Pro $1.00 per user/month

Network Notification – Web App

Network Notification

Network Notification is an uptime monitoring service that offers comprehensive monitoring for websites, servers, ports, pings, DNS record changes, and Linux servers. It provides real-time alerts via calls and text messages in the event of website or application downtime.

Additionally, Network Notification seamlessly integrates with Zapier and other platforms, offering enhanced flexibility and automation capabilities for monitoring tasks.

Price: Pro $19.00 per month to Premium $39.99 per month

Flytrap – Web App

Flytrap serves as a debugging tool, empowering developers to swiftly identify the root cause of end-user bugs by presenting comprehensive data, actions, and code leading up to the issue.

With bug reports that showcase the input and output data of each function and variable involved in a production bug, Flytrap facilitates an easier reproduction and resolution process. This tool streamlines the debugging workflow, providing valuable insights into the context surrounding bugs for efficient troubleshooting and fixing.

Price: Free, Pro $25.00 per month, Business $100.00 per month to Enterprise (Custom pricing)



Nodb is a RESTful JSON API designed to facilitate the storage of data for web or mobile applications through HTTP, directly to the cloud. The advantage lies in eliminating the need for developers to install dependencies in their projects. Nodb serves a dual purpose, serving as a valuable tool for rapid prototyping and enabling data storage between stateless pipelines or cloud functions.


Tokenami is a CSS library that utilizes CSS variables within the style attribute. It provides type-safe static styles featuring theming, responsive variant support, all without the need for bundler integration. Tokenami serves as an alternative to CSS-in-JS solutions that inject styles, offering a streamlined approach to managing styles in your web development projects.


Keycheck is a tool crafted to assist developers in discovering and aligning shortcuts for their applications with those available in other applications and tools. This resource simplifies the process of mapping and integrating shortcuts across different software, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity for developers.



DeploySolo is the full stack boilerplate with everything you need to build, deploy, validate, and monetize your SaaS without extra costs or complexity.



LoaderShip is the ultimate CSS-only loader configuration tool, enabling you to effortlessly customise and generate stunning loaders for your website.

With LoaderShip, there’s no need for installation or dealing with dependencies – simply copy and paste the generated code to implement beautiful loaders seamlessly. Enjoy hassle-free loader customisation and integration with LoaderShip.

The Developer Experience Book

The Developer Experience Book

This free 100 page book reveals the secrets to designing intuitive developer experiences that supercharge productivity.



Pa11y is your automated accessibility testing pal. It runs accessibility tests on your pages via the command line or Node.js, so you can automate your testing process.



Flintable serves as a playground for experimenting with lint rules, with a particular focus on fixable layout and suggestion rules. Initially entered around ESLint, a widely used JavaScript linter, Flintable enables users to input code and test it against unique rules or customised configurations.

This platform provides a space for developers to explore and refine linting rules related to layout and suggestions in their code.



Integrate Astronuts seamlessly into your current tech stack tools to instantly access engineering metrics and insights related to pull requests (PRs) and issue tracking. Astronuts serves as your software engineering Co-Pilot, providing essential information to help you save time and enhance your development velocity.



Letterbird is a classic web-based contact form that ensures a positive experience for people reaching out to you, all while protecting your personal email address from being exposed to the public. It’s a free service with optional pro features for those seeking additional functionalities. Simple and effective!

Notion Year Planner

Year Planner For Notion

The Notion Year Planner is your all-in-one goal-smashing tool, combining Day, Month, Quarter, and Year planners into one powerful dashboard. Designed to break down big dreams into manageable steps, it helps you turn your aspirations into achievable goals.

Better Email Validator – Plugin

Better Email Validator

The Email Validator is a lightweight and high-performance WordPress plugin designed to offer real-time email address validation during registration and form submissions on your website. It efficiently identifies disposable email addresses and ensures that only valid email addresses are accepted, thereby enhancing the integrity of your user data.

With this plugin, you can maintain the quality of your user database and minimise the risk of spam or fraudulent registrations.

Price: Free

HexReport – Plugin


Introducing HexReport: the ultimate report analytics plugin for WordPress. Designed for store owners, it offers real-time insights into online store performance.

With comprehensive sales metrics, including top-selling products and categories, plus delivery and payment methods analysis, HexReport empowers informed decision-making. Gain valuable insights and optimise sales strategies effortlessly with HexReport.

Price: Free

MagicAI – Plugin

Magicai For WordPress

MagicAI for WP enhances your WordPress experience and supercharges content creation for bloggers, e-commerce owners, and web designers alike. More than just a plugin, it’s your content creation companion, simplifying tasks and boosting productivity. Elevate your WordPress game with MagicAI today!

Price: $29.00

Honrix – Theme


Discover Honrix, the ultimate ecommerce WordPress theme for any online store. Craft a stunning site effortlessly with customisable design and seamless mobile interface. Boost your brand with built-in SEO and enjoy easy ecommerce management with WooCommerce integration. With one-click demo import and fast loading times, unleash the power of Honrix for your online store today.

Price: Free

Worklancer – Theme


Introducing Worklancer, a specialized child theme of FotaWP designed for freelancers. Seamlessly integrating FotaWP’s robust features, Worklancer offers block-based full site editing for easy customisation. With its minimal design, create diverse freelance agency or personal websites effortlessly.

Ideal for freelancers in design, development, consulting, content writing, and more, Worklancer provides a versatile platform to showcase skills and expertise professionally.

Price: Free

SocialPress – Theme


SocialPress: Your all-in-one solution for community websites. Seamlessly integrated with BuddyPress, BBPress, BuddyBoss, LearnPress, and more, it’s your GDPR-compliant alternative to Facebook groups. Create private or public communities, membership sites, or even an Intranet. With a beautiful, SEO-friendly design, fast loading times, and full mobile compatibility, it’s perfect for any device.

Monetize with Google Adsense, WooCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, or Easy Digital Downloads. Plus, its beginner-friendly setup and page builder integration make customization a breeze. Experience the power of SocialPress for your online community today.

Price: Free

Halva – Theme


Halva is a minimalist WordPress theme tailored for personal blogs. It features a sleek design, carousel display for featured posts, live font and colour switching, and offers both one-column and three-column layout options. Compatible with classic and block editors, it includes lightbox support, Contact Form 7 compatibility, 4 widget areas, responsive layout, and more. Ideal for those who appreciate simplicity in design.

Price: $19.00

Asli – Theme


Asli impresses visitors with its sophisticated design and seamless navigation. Featuring infinite lists and showcase sliders, it highlights portfolio projects effortlessly.

With smooth motion effects like parallax backgrounds and WebGL sliders, Asli offers a captivating user experience. Powered by Elementor, it enables unlimited page layouts and customisation, supported by 35 custom Elementor widgets for easy website creation.

Price: $59.00

Sana – Theme


Sana is a versatile multipurpose WordPress theme, perfect for creative agencies, businesses, startups, and portfolios. With premade demos and easy Dark & Light version switching, it’s highly customizable. Built on Elementor for smooth website creation, it’s responsive and optimized for all devices.

Price: $39.00

Arjustings – Font


Quakers – Font


Alinsa – Font

Alinsa Font

BD Orange – Font

Bd Orange

Panic Attack – Font

Panic Attack

Retro-Futuristic Shapes Collection

Retro Futuristic Shapes Collection

Brand Guidelines Template

Brand Guidelines Template Radesk

Stratix – SaaS Startup Website

Stratix Saas Startup Website

Communication Icon Set

Communication Icon Set

Charts and Graphs – Icon Set

Charts And Graphs Icon Set

Tomodachi – 3D Avatar Library

Tomodachi 3d Avatar Library By Orenji

Travel & Vacation – 3D Icons

Travel & Vacation 3d Icons

Stock Market – 3D Icon Set

Stock Market 3d Icon Set

CashEasy – Digital Payment App UI Kit

Casheasy Digital Payment App Ui Kit


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