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We have just entered into 2011, what will be the trends in web designs ?

But today the average user of the internet requires more. The beautiful websites with no substance get boring after a while. If you just design a site to impress you find yourself under very quickly without knowing. As mobile as hit into the mainstream, simplicity of web typography has entered, new coding techniques have improved for ability to get creative. What will be the here is my predictions of web design trends in 2011

1. Using HTML5 & More CSS3

With a sight of relief, CSS3 and HTML5 have been in the distant of web design from quite some time now, but we have enter 2011 and we will see a burst of designers letting flash go and use CSS3 and HTML5 instead. No matter on your feelings about flash, many us know that it doesn’t play well with some of the newer and hottest technologies available to our current and future visitors. In 2011 most of us will slowly step away from flash and embrace the new member in the family of HTML5.

Perhaps one of the most exciting fact is that CSS3 is available to us in a real way this year. Hey Photoshop ! please move over  because CSS3 is making shorter work of border radius, box and text shadow. If you haven’t started using either HTML5 or CSS3, or even both it really is the time to start.

2. Mobile Sites

With mobile products such as iPads, smart-phones entered the market, the way we design our websites must be responsive to multiple view-ports. Creating mobile ready websites isn’t just taking out the non-essential features, visual or functional from your design, But the neatest things about mobile screens is that it forcing the designers to get even more creative with a relatively small amount of real estate. Succeeding in design for mobile environment isn’t tough to become a master of it. Just keep some few rules in mind.

  • Messages need to be conveyed quicker and with more efficiency
  • Links have to be designs for a touch screen environment.
  • Text needs to become legible or at least effectively zoom-able

3. Simple Colour Schemes

One word Simplicity, but don’t think about black, white or even shades of grey what about thinking about colours of green, red,yellow for your primary colour, how ever limiting your palette to two or three colours and work within the shades of those colours for variety can be truly notable for your message

4. Massive Photographic For Backgrounds

We already seen it in 2010 but large-scale backgrounds will surge in 2011, these image will be high-resolution and cover the entire site. Large photos are an instant way to grab the audience attention. The background photo must be content appropriate, simply having a pretty photo in the background without any context can disrupt the user’s experience.  Making larger scale backgrounds work on your sites points down to using soft and slightly transparent imagery that doesn’t over shadow your content.

5. Typography

We already seen an explosion in 2010 of font replacement in web design, you know replacing the plain and boring arial, times new roman fonts to @font-face, cufon font replacement will getting a bigger exploration and blurring the line between print and web. Primarily the huge amount of growth of font-replacement technology in 2010 was the mass adoption of designers using “fonts as services”.


Trends In Web Design for 2011


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