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For the sixth part of my end of the year round up of HandPicked Goodies for Designers & Developers, you will see that this round up of the best will be focusing on all the new, great and wonderful WordPress Frameworks & Plugins that been published throughout the 12 months of 2015

Once again not all of the Frameworks & Plugins for WordPress will be featured today… so lets just start.


Variables – Free Plugin


With this plugin, you can create your own variables and use them in WordPress site. It is much more convenient when you update your variables. For example, your contact phone number displays in four places on your site. When you need to update your phone number, you have to find each of them and edit them one by one. With this plugin, you only need to edit it once at the control panel. You can put the shortcode anywhere on your website.

WPMailDrill – Premium Plugin $16


WPMailDrill makes it easy to send emails with Mandrill on your WordPress site. This means you don’t need a mail / SMTP server to send emails. It works automatically in the background, all you need to do is enter your Mandrill API key and turn it on! Fully documentation and guides are available too so what are you waiting for, stop worrying about email and start using WPMailDrill.

Total Donations – Premium Plugin $22


Total Donations is an easy-to-use but powerful WordPress plugin for accepting donations online. Your donors can quickly contribute to your organization using an easy-to-use donation form while the administrative panels allow you to manage your progress bars, campaigns and tasks with ease.

DV Team – Premium Plugin $16


DV Team is a premium responsive team showcase plugin for WordPress. You can create unlimited teams, members and categories. It is a highly customizable plugin. You can change all colors, font sizes, spacings etc. from powerful plugin settings panel. It can be also used for other purposes like portfolios, product galleries etc.


Social Streams – Free Plugin


Social Streams lets you aggregate and display social media content from Instagram and Twitter directly on your WordPress website. Collect conversations and photos from your own social content or public conversations based on hashtags – all in one place. Social Streams is focused on simplicity and making photography shine.

Backup by Supsystic – Free Plugin


This is the newest free WordPress Plugin that will help you to back up your WordPress website to FTP, Google Drive or Local Computer and restore in just two clicks as with Backup plugin by Supsystic its keeps a copy of your site’s data on hand extraordinarily simple.

WooCommerce Price Notification – Premium Plugin $20


Woocommerce Price Notification will allow your users to get notified on a certain product, when the price of product has dropped! Administrator can see data from customers, so you can turn informations into sales.

WP Reviewer Pro – Premium Plugin $19


WP Reviewr Pro is a premium reviewing and rating wordpress plugin. With this plugin you can add reviews to any posts, pages and custom post types. This plugin also provides user based ratings that will allow the guest users and/or logged-in users to give ratings on the provided criterias. Want the reviews to show on your post? WP Reviewr gives you option to show the approved reviews under the post content.

This amazing plugin comes with responsive layout that will adapt to any devices resolution such as smartphones and tablets. Easily customise the colour scheme using the providedcolour pickers to match the design to your current theme.


WooCommerce Product Search – Free Plugin


WooCommerce Product Search is a really easy-to-use plugin. You just need to install it and it’s ready to work. It creates a simple search box in which, when you start to type your keyword, the plugin will suggest you the products that matching your searching criteria. It is very useful to provide assistance to your users while they are trying to search any products in your website.

Easy Product Documentation Builder for WordPress – Premium Plugin $21


Easy Product Documentation Builder for WordPress is application that helps present any product documentation well organises and easy for users to find the information they need. The plugin provides all typical for WordPress Add page/post content features. You can Use Visual composer or any other page builder to prepare the pages from documentation you are going to present. The majority of Easy Product Documentation Builder for WordPress is that equip the product documentation with menu for easy and fast access to every particular part from the manual. The most important thing is that you can customize the presentation style (menu position, colors, font styles), options available and functionality with easy on/off options.When install Easy Product Documentation Builder for WordPress you will get Easy Documentation Builder, included at your WordPress Settings list. And new component will be added at your WordPress Dashboard panel, named Easy Docs.

WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager – Premium Plugin $21


The ultimate tool for managing WooCommerce shops, right at the frontend, featuring live product editing! It has never been this easy to manage a professional online store! WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager integrates itself all over your shops frontend and adds the live editing product functionality. It supports product archives, single products, and even the shortcodes! All WordPress templates are supported by default. This tool will improve your shop, and will save you a lot of time spent on managing your products. Well, WooCommerce just got better! Get up to 50% more time for you life!

Adverts – Premium Plugin $22


Adverts is light weight, developer friendly classifieds plugin for WordPress. Building any kind of classifieds or business directory site has never been easier. Adverts is easily extendible with bundled modules, just go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel, select modules you want to use and build unique site you always dreamed of (or at least thought of).

Morph- Premium Plugin $14


Morph is an easy-to-setup fly-out menu for WordPress. It works great on both desktop and touch devices, and can be set to be shown at specified resolutions only, meaning – if you so wish – it can easily be used as a mobile-only or desktop-only menu.


Sweet Alert Addon for CF7 – Free Plugin


Simply this plugin adds the Sweet Alert script into you Contact Form 7 plugin submission process.

Gift Certificate Creator – Free Plugin


The Gift Certificate Creator WordPress plugin allows you to manage gift certificates on your website. In a convenient front-end UI provided by this plugin, your site visitors can enter the amount and user details. On form submission, the user details will be sent to the administrator. Also, the administrator can view the list of all the certificate requests.

WP Designer – Free Plugin


WP Designer allows you to add extra functionality to your site in a standard compliant way using customization best-practices. It allows you to keep the site functionality outside the theme so that it is not dependent on the theme. This comes in handy in various scenarios like when you want to create Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies etc. This also allows you to have one single place where you keep all your edits.

Animated SVG Browser Icons – Premium Plugin $6


These animated SVG icons are the perfect way to tell your customers that your app, theme, or game works perfectly in all (or some) major browsers.

Add icons with just a couple clicks using Visual Composer or the WordPress text edtor. They only animate when they’re visible on your screen. They’re all SVGs (scaleable vector graphics), which means that you can make them any size and show them on any screen (even retina), and they’ll look 100% crisp and clear.


Layers – Free Plugin


Simply Layers is WordPress site builder so simple, you’ll be a pro the first time you use it.


Frontend Forms – Premium Plugin $32


Frontend Forms is a very unique and powerful frontend form building plugin, as you can create Unlimited forms with Unlimited fields, taxonomies and custom fields for any post, page or custom post type, pus you can add any existing taxonomies to frontend forms as dropdown or checkbox and you can add any existing custom fields created with Advanced Custom Fields or any other plugin to your frontend form and you can set any fields as Text, Date Picker, Range Slider, Spinner and More.

With this plugin you can enabled Anonymous Posting, so your users can post on your website Anonymously and you can choose which existing wordpress user acts as Anonymous User and you can also setup Post Redirection, so once your users submit the post they can redirected to the post they just submitted to or they can be redirected to any page or custom URL.

Super Store Finder – Premium Plugin $20


Super Store Finder for WordPress is a fully-featured WordPress Plugin integrated with Google Maps API v3 that allows customers to locate your stores easily. Tailor-made with intuitive responsive design for smartphones, tablets and touch screen devices. It has powerful store locator admin that allows you to manage stores, tags/categories and customize styles, colors, labels, notifications, regions and map settings.

WordPress Expire Passwords – Premium Plugin $16


With this plugin you can require selected user roles to change their passwords after a selected time. In the plugin settings you can set the maximum number of days users are allowed to use the same password (100 days by default), as well as which user roles will be required to reset their passwords regularly (by default all except administrators). There is also on option to allow / disallow users to use the same password again (by default disallow).

VC One Page Builder – Premium Plugin $17


Visual Composer One Page Builder is a addons for VC and with this awesome plugin you can build your one page using visual composer. In this plugin is included 25+ Demos and 23+ addons for visual composer.


LearnPress – Free Plugin


LearnPress is a comprehensive WordPress LMS Plugin for WordPress. This WordPress LMS Plugin can be used to easily create & sell courses online. Each course curriculum can be made with lessons & quizzes which can be managed with easy-to-use user interface, we really made it for lazy people.

Advanced Media Manager – Premium Plugin $18


The Advanced Media Manager Plugin for WordPress will make your default Media manager into a host for images and videos uploaded by users. you can create galleries, Image of the day, Video of the day, Specialised galleries, Allow or not anonymous upload. Adaptable to any theme design. Using masonry for gallery displays and comes with some powerful configuration tools, this Media Manager is your best option for creating a multimedia network.

Map’n’Points – Premium Plugin $16


With this plugin you can put location of your offices, shops, pick points and any other objects on the Google map submitted in a convenient listing, location of various types of objects in different cities as well.  This plugin is easy to install and can be a great operation solution thats comes with a researched and professional design, which allows you to place an interactive map with objects listing icons on any WordPress website in just a few minutes.  The usability of using this plugin is in the highest level, user friendly and intuitive interface along with all the elements activity.

This plugin comes with three types of templates, unlimited number of digital circuits, convenient location categorizing and ability to display information about objects in a list right on the map allow you to integrate plugins into a website with any design!


Launcher – Free Plugin


Launcher is the perfect WordPress plugin for anyone launching a new product, website or service. Stun visitors with one of our beautiful, ready-made templates or create your own. Build anticipation with timers, contact forms and other promotional features.

FormFiller – Premium Plugin $18


FormFiller is universal PDF documents creation system for WordPress that provides to you or to your clients as service to easily create PDF documents like invoices, offers, CV-Resume or any other documents you prepare as template.Integrated management system with extended functionality like custom address book, document saving, settings etc.


PeepSo – Free Plugin

peepso is a super-light, free, social network plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add a social network or an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your WordPress site. You’ll get an activity stream, profiles, photo and video-sharing, location-sharing, moods, messages and so much more. Social network for WordPress – in one single click!

UNLOQ – Free Plugin


UNLOQ increases the security of your digital properties through a distributed authentication system that doesn’t require your users to remember any passwords. From now on you can forget about them wherever you see the UNLOQ login box. Just click the UNLOQ button and you’ll receive an authentication request on your phone for you to approve or deny.

tinyWYM Editor – Free Plugin


tinyWYM Editor was created to help inexperienced WordPress users create cleaner, more semantic markup, and to avoid some of the pitfalls of WordPress’s standard WYSIWYG editor. It does this by labelling and highlighting all HTML elements in the editor, creating a visual representation of the HTML being generated.

WPBounce – Premium Plugin $19


WPBounce is a WordPress plugin that helps you minimizing the bounce rate of your landing pages, online shops and other websites by displaying an offer when a potential customer is about to leave your website. That way the plugin can convert almost lost visitors into real customers.

sMapCC – Premium Plugin $14


sMapCC is WordPress Google maps plugin which will insert google map anywhere in your page. It is created for easily pointing location on the map. It can be used for showing map in blogposts (for example to show location of conference), in contact section to show how to reach your business, or for example if you are running real estate site you can show map for every property and route to it. And you can also customize pointer tooltip/info window so you can put price, image and additional short info there.

Lax Background Addon for VC – Premium Plugin $13


Lax Composer is a row background effect addon for Visual Composer. It is possible for you to add unlimited layers with different animation . It supplies customers with horizontal layer mouse interactive parallax effect. Easily configured and launchable in just one click.


Bedrock – Boilerplate/Framework – Free


Bedrock is the best way to start a WordPress project. It provides you with a project boilerplate that helps you get started with modern development tools, easier configuration, and an improved folder structure.

OnePager – Free Plugin


OnePager is a Modern, Powerful & Easy onepage Builder For WordPress. OnePager allow you to quickly edit everything on the fly. No overwhelming options and everything happens on frontend even your grandma build her website in peace.

Face Age – Premium Plugin $15


Face Age is a WordPress plugin that can transform your website into a ‘viral’ sensation as Face Age allows visitors to upload a picture or select one from the internet and then it will analyse their age, gender and race simply and quickly.

Cost Calculator – Premium Plugin $20


Cost Calculator is a clean, simple quote / project price / estimation plugin which allows you to easily create quote or price estimation forms for your WordPress site.


The Divi Builder – Free Plugin


Divi Builder is a drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress sites that was only bundle with the Divi theme that you would of purchase from Elegant Themes anyway, this plugin will works with any WordPress theme. Since it is a drag and drop page-building solution, you need zero coding skills. It comes with over 40 content modules, or building blocks, to help you build pages with ease. Plus, Divi Builder also has over 20 custom readymade layouts to help you get started with it. Of course, you can also save your own page layouts as and when you create them.

CF7 Customizer – Free Plugin


CF7 Customizer is an intuitive plugin to design your contact forms via WordPress live customizer, right at the front-end.

FlexMap – Premium Plugin $15


Flex Map is a WordPress map plugin that provides many features with different map types such as creating area mapping, polygone, polyline, circle, rectangle, single markers, street view markers. With a simple visual map editor, It is extremely easy to make and place your map anywhere on your frontend wordpress site.


Security Audit – Free Plugin


Security Audit is a wrapper around a pair of third-party tools that can help you identify potential vulnerabilities in your site. It does not actually analyze the code of your site, nor does it correct any issues it finds; it simply compares what you’ve got with publicly-available information regarding security.

Time Master – Premium Plugin $18


Time Master is an innovative WordPress plugin, allowing several time-based functions through simple shortcodes. From a simple current time and opening hours display, to advanced content management, Time Master offers you the possibility to keep your website fresh and show your visitors exactly what you want, when you want it. With the help of our smart shortcodes, you don’t have to worry anymore about frequent content updates. You can show your visitors the right content, at the right time, just by scheduling when it will be displayed.

Lemon Grid – Premium Plugin $17


Lemon Grid plugin in the Visual Composer is a ultra-customisable plugin that lets you create unlimited layout grid style, drag-drop, resize,… in minutes. Lemon Grid can be used to present your blog posts, custom post types, custom taxonomies/categories, gallery moreover is Instagram and Flickr.

WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Premium Plugin $18


WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Make/Model/Year is one of the best plugin for find Vehicles or Vehicle Parts on the website based on Year/Make/Model. The plugin provides very easy interface to use for Admin. Admin can add filter widget anywhere on the website using either widget section or shortcode.


HTML to WordPress


This tool is a simple HTML to WordPress which allows you to convert HTML into a WordPress theme within 15 seconds or less, and download your WordPress theme for $9 per HTML page

Blue Storage – Free Plugin


Blue Storage for Microsoft Azure allows you to use Azure Storage to host your media for your WordPress powered blog. This plugin can wholly or partially replace local storage with Azure Storage. Using Azure Storage allows you to grow your storage as needed without having to upgrade your web server. You can also take advantage of Azure Storage features like georedundency or Azure CDN.

Controlled Admin Access – Free Plugin


Give a temporarily limited admin. access to themes designers, plugins developers and support agents. The plugin is simple and clean, it helps the administrator to create a user with a temporary access and choose which pages in your admin area which you don’t want the user to access. send the details to the user and when he finished his task, you can easily deactivate the account and activate it later.

Total SEO for WordPress – Premium Plugin $21


Total SEO is the only SEO plugin for WordPress that you’ll ever need to boost your search results.Total features on-page and post content analytics, Facebook open graph, Google Analytics integration and much more.

User Guide Builder WordPress – Premium Plugin $14


Users quickly get frustrated when they cannot find what they are looking for in the user manual. User Guide Builder plugin helps you to make instructions easy on the user with visual stepping stones Create the sections tree for your product, from its very beginning to the end point really fast using Quick Start Guide. It is the great solution to help your customers to get to the needed section with ease and to guide them exactly where they wanted to be.

Img Upload – Premium Plugin $21


Img Upload PRO is the only image upload plugin for WordPress that allows you to build your own image hosting site like, and others. With powerful options like auto-resize, white list extensions, share this links and admin a single or multiple images at the same time.


The Best HandPicked Goodies of 2015: WordPress Frameworks & Plugins Edition