This article was published 10 years ago, therefore the contents of this post may be out of date.

This is part 2 and the last part of the roundup to see what was the best handpicked goodies for web designers & developers throughout 2013, this part features what been happening through the month of July to the month of December.

In this part you will find the best in jQuery plugins , WordPress Themes and Plugins, New Apps for Desktop, Mobile, Web, WordPress and add-ons for Photoshop that includes a validator for photoshop, browser extension, and in this final part you can also what been the best in responsive tools including frameworks, new CMS, PHP scripts and more great items that been released during this year (2013).

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins

Pizza Pie Charts

Pizza Pie Charts

Pizza Pie Charts is a responsive Pie chart based on the Snap SVG framework from Adobe. It focuses on easy integration via HTML markup and CSS instead of JavaScript objects, although you can pass JavaScript objects to Pizza as well.  You can deliver pie charts to any device with Pizza and your pie will be steaming hot with SVG so that it looks good on retina devices and HiDPI devices. And the pie will fit the width of your box (container)  or can be given a max-width or max-height.

jQuery Interactive 3D

jquery interactive 3d

jQuery Interactive 3D is a plugin that let you create a 3D interactive object by using multiple images as frames which allows the user to drag around and manipulate the image. This jquery plugins is perfect for showcasing your products on a e-commerce site etc.



Allofthelights.js is a jQuery plugin that can change the opacity of the whole webpage but leave the video player shown, as this plugin will help the user to easily focus on the video and with built-in support for YouTube, Vimeo and with custom players can easily be added too.

Allofthelights.js works with multiple players on the same page and supports responsive layouts/players with no issues, and with the animation speed, background colour and opacity can be customised with a callback functions.



Headroom.js is a lightweight as well  as a high-performance javascript widget which has no dependencies that allows you to react to the user’s scroll. The header on headroom site is a living example as it slides out of view when scrolling down and slides back in when scrolling up. Headroom has a pure JS API but comes with optional jQuery/Zepto-compatible and AngularJS plugins.



DynoSRC is a general solution for minimising HTTP requests for your JS files and to serve differential updates to the user on the fly as these will saves on both the number of requests as well as the size of those requests which will save bandwidth.



Bigfoot is a jQuery plugin that creates exceptional footnotes. Simply include the code on your pages and footnotes will be detected automatically and improved in the following ways by links to footnotes that will be replaced with clickable/ tappable buttons while making them substantially easier to hit and with footnote content that will appear in a popover directly and beside the footnote button when it is clicked/ tapped, which cuts out the annoying bouncing around the page that footnotes typically result in. and lastly the active popovers will be resized and repositioned to ensure that they continue to be completely visible on-screen and aesthetically pleasing: this makes it perfect for mobile devices and responsive designs.

Autofix Anything

jQuery Auto Fix Anything

Auto Fix Anything is a little plugin will let you automatically fix position of any container on your website with one JS call and with this plugin you can dynamically fix a container within the viewport. The plugin will detect when to fix/unfix the position automatically. Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, on desktop have been tested.



mightySlider is a jQuery plugin for creating advanced one-directional slider with item based navigation support.  It can be used as a simple image slider, slideshow, HTML content slider, gallery, banner rotator, video gallery, carousel or even presentation. This is achieved by a powerful & developer friendly API that provides a bunch of very useful methods giving you control over everything.



rar.js provides a pure javascript implementation of the rar format, allowing you to extract or manipulate packed data client-side and server-side.  Multiple inputs are supported: AJAX, File API (HTML5) and local disk (NodeJS).



Mason was created to fix the problem that you find with most grid system currently available… Gaps. When you use Masonry, Isotope or any of the other type of grid plugins out on the market, sometimes the grid will contain gaps or ragged edges. Mason created to fix and fill those gaps.



Formatter.js is a simple jQuery utility that will reformat user input to predefined pattern. For example, if your user inputs a phone number, Formatter.js will insert dashes or parentheses in appropriate places.



Riot.js is a client-side Model-View-Presenter (MVP) framework that weighs less than 1kb. Despite the small size, all the building blocks are there: a template engine, router, event library and a strict MVP pattern to keep things organized. On a finished application the views are automatically updated when the underlying model changes.



jQuery Panelize is a plugin built largely to assist in navigating web comics, although it can additionally be used for presentations, interactive maps, and SVG.

Jelly Boxes


JellyBoxes is a small jQuery extension that adds a function, .jellyBoxes([options]), to any positioned (non-static), square DOM element. JellyBoxes empties the element, then fills it with a number of randomly-colored squares that animate into random positions within a diamond on setup, and on every mouseover after that.

International Telephone Input

International Telephone Input

International Telephone Input is a jQuery plugin for entering international telephone numbers. It adds a flag dropdown to any input, which lists all the countries and their international dial codes next to their flags.



Scrolld.js is an open source & unique plugin for jQuery. Scrolld.js provides a method for highly precise scrolling for pixel-perfect layouts and navigation by using real-time updated data values. With Scrolld.js your scrolling to items will always be exact and will always provide the best user experience.

Scrolld.js is specifically designed to support responsive designs and turns navigating long pages into a simple task and is intended for easy use and is fully deployable within minutes.



Tabslet is another jQuery Tabs Plugin, This plugin simply converts an unordered list into a tabbed interface and has callbacks on major events (when the tab is clicked or the tab content is loaded).  Also, tabs can be rotated automatically on given intervals and their content can be displayed with an animation.



CLNDR is a jQuery plugin for creating calendars. Unlike most calendar plugins, this one doesn’t generate markup. Instead you provide an Underscore.js HTML template and in return CLNDR gives you a wealth of data to use within it.



AnimateScroll is a jQuery plugin which enables you to scroll to any part of the page in style by just calling the animatescroll() function with the Id or Classname of the element where you want to scroll to.



Formbuilder is a graphical interface for letting users build their own webforms. Think Wufoo or Google Forms, but a lightweight component that can be integrated into your application.

As of now, Formbuilder only handles the client-side logic of creating a form. It will output a structured JSON representation of your form, but saving the form, rendering it on the server, and storing users’ responses is all up to you. I’m planning on releasing a Rails gem to handle this logic, but the ETA on that is pretty up in the air. If you’d like to help, feel free to reach out.



FailSafe is a jQuery plugin to help your application work correct even in peril situations. In other words, it takes care of situations like Lost Internet Connectivity and Low Battery Level. When a user loses Internet Connectivity or his laptop’s Charge goes down, this plugin shows a very user-friendly message to the user. Optionally, this plugin can also disable some of the elements in the page which may require proper Internet Connectivity or Higher Battery Level to function properly.



Keypress is a JavaScript library for capturing keyboard inputs and manipulating them flexibly.  It can be used for simple cases (like if “x” is pressed, trigger a function) and more advanced scenarios like creating combos of any type.  The library has callbacks for keyup + keydown

Responsive Elements


With the Responsive Elements plugin it can make possible for any element to adapt and respond to the area they occupy. It’s a tiny javascript library that you can drop into your projects today.



Recline.js is a powerful JavaScript library for building data apps in pure HTML and JavaScript. It provides components and structure to data-heavy apps by providing models and views.



Naver is a jQuery plugin for responsive navigation. It is an easy way to turn any navigation system into a responsive-ready, mobile-friendly toggle. The navigation states can be also be animated. It has been tested in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE7+. With this plugin you can use it in personal and commercial projects.

Content Share


ContentShare is a jQuery plugin which lets you share the exact content on a page which you actually want to share. It enables you to share selected text on your social network rather the default text specified in thetags. By default, it supports Facebook and Twitter but you can add more networks easily.



Odometer is a JavaScript-CSS library for creating effects/interfaces that are familiar from “car mileage displays, airport info boards or slot machines”.

The library is standalone + lightweight (3kb) and uses CSS transformations for the effect which works pretty fast (has a fallback too). With Javascript  It simply transforms the value of a given element to another pre-defined value with a single-line function.  And, there are few options for customization like the theme or the duration of the effect.



imgcolr is a jQuery plugin for grabbing the dominant color of a given image’s borders. You can programmably adapt the elements’ color on the webpage for the image after getting the color. Based on the idea, we can make the web more beautiful and interesting. Note that imgcolr can not handle images with colorful borders properly.

jQuery Super Easy Text Rotator

jQuery Super Simple Text Rotator

Rotating text is not a heavily preferred UI pattern but it has its uses specially for landing pages at this plugin makes text rotates as it works by simply storing the text that wanting to be rotated inside a span tag with a class name of and then the plugin will handles the rest. This plugin has multiple rotating effects and the intervals can be also customised too.



NProgress js is a small nanoscopic progress bar for ajax applications. It Features realistic trickle animations to convince your users that something is happening.It is inspired from youtube , medium and Google.This jquery plugin is perfect for Turbolinks, Pjax, and other Ajax-heavy apps.



Favico.js make use of your favicon with badges, images or videos. You can easily animate your favicon with animated badges. You can customize type of animation, background color and text color. It supports animation like slide, fade, pop.



Glide.js is responsive & touch-friendly jQuery slider. It based on CSS3 transitions with fallback for older broswers. It’s simple, lightweight, light and was designed to slide, no less, no more.  This plugin works on smartphones, tablets and desktops. It supports Swipe event, Arrows and bullets navigation, Keyboard navigation, Public API with callbacks, Autoplay and Pause on hover.



Parallax.js is aimple, lightweight Parallax Engine that reacts to the orientation of a smart device. Where no gyroscope or motion detection hardware is available, the position of the cursor is used instead.



Salvattore organizes your HTML elements according to the number of columns you specify. Each of the items in your container is placed within these columns, one by one. To get started simply add a data-columns attribute to the container.

Random User Generator

Random User Generator

RandomUser is an API that provides you with a randomly generated user. These users can be used as placeholders in web mockups, and will save you time from creating your own placeholder information.


jQuery panelSnap

panelSnap is a jQuery plugin that, after scrolling, snaps to blocks of content which I like to call panels. You can actually nest sets of panels.

Flat Shadow

Flat Shadow

A small jQuery plugin that will automatically cast a shadow creating depth for your flat UI elements



HeapBox is plugin for jQuery that replace native HTML selectboxes in your webpages. HeapBox supports themes, events, callbacks, ajax and much more.



Progression.js is a easy implemented jQuery plugin that shows tips within an active form field and that also displays the progress (how much of the form is filled). It uses the data attributes for storing the tips and has quite a few options for customising the tooltip . This plugin is excellence for those who has any type of form but especially the ones that a huge form that takes many page scrolls to be done.



FlipClock.js is a jQuery plugin which replicates this effect to present anything related to time. It has support for working as a clock, countdown or timer and can be customized completely with CSS.



Automaton is a task automation tool written in JavaScript you will just need to set it up as an autofile describing what you need done, and even you just have one autofile you can use another autofile for even more complex tasks.



Turn any set of <a> or <button> elements into tabs by wrapping them in a <div> with the .tabs class. Assign each tab a data-target whose value matches the ID of the tab content. Wrap all tab content <div> elements for a particular tab set in <div> with the .tabs-content class.

Joint JS


JointJS is a JavaScript diagramming library. It can be used to create either static diagrams or, and more importantly, fully interactive diagramming tools and application builders.

Tidy Time


tidyTime.js takes any regular time and changes it into more human friendly dialogue such as “It’s just gone noon. It’s quarter past 8 in the evening, it’s nearly half past 4 in the afternoon, it’s just gone 25 to 6” and more. By adding additional text before and after the time you are able to create powerful friendly interaction with users. tidyTime.js works best with dynamic websites and apps and can be used as a stand alone clock.



Skeuocard progressively enhances credit card inputs to provide a skeuomorphic interface and making them more fun when you have to fill it out.


initmap js

initmap.js allows you to embed Google Maps in a nice, quick, and easy way. The plugin gets rid of the boilerplate code to embed a Google Map. With this plugin its also gives you the flexibility you need to do more complex things.


tabulous js

Tabulous.js can be used with any contents you choose in the tabs and it couldn’t be more simpler to use.

Desktop(Mac), Mobile & Web Applications

NoteSuite – Mac App – $4.99


NoteSuite lets you stay on top of everything that’s important in one organized place. NoteSuite combines world-class note-taking, to-do management, web-page clipping, and document organizing in one app. NoteSuite can syncs with the iPad, so everything you do on one device can be available on the other. NoteSuite works anywhere, including offline. With no subscriptions, extra fees or Wi-Fi hunting required. All your data is stored on your devices, so it’s safe, private, and always available — today, and in the future.

Firetask – Mac App – $39.99


Firetask combines the advantages of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD®) with proven classical task management features such as due dates and priorities in a unique way. Unlike other task management apps, Firetask is strictly project-oriented and highly efficient. Firetask syncs wirelessly with Firetask for iPhone and Firetask for iPad.

TouchRetouch – Mac 10.7+ App – $9.99


Are you addicted to photography? Is photo editing an integral part of your daily life? Do you believe that getting the best images possible out of your favorite photo-editing apps goes hand in glove with using a Mac?

If you have answered the above questions in an affirmative way, you will definitely be in your element when using TouchRetouch for Mac, tailored especially for fans of photo editing like you. The app is mainly aimed at performing removals of unnecessary content out of photos. However, it also includes a few more useful and usable tools for accomplishing color correcting, cloning, horizon straightening, and cropping tasks.

Blind – Mac 10.8 App – $2.99


Are you a web developer with a Retina display? Do you want to see what your site looks like on a 1x display? Introducing Blind.  Run Blind concurrently with your normal browser to view your sites in 1x resolution.  Safari has a ‘low-resolution mode,’ but it doesn’t accurately represent what someone experiences on a 1X resolution display.

SafeMonk – Mac App – Free


SafeMonk is the only solution for Dropbox that is both tapproof and does not break the simplicity and functionality of Dropbox. SafeMonk is designed using tapproof (or hostproof) technology – this means that no one other than you can see your files.

Hype 2 – Mac App – $29.99

Hype 2

Hype2 is a keyframe-based animation system brings your content to life. Click “Record” and Hype watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed. Or, if you’d prefer to be more hands-on, manually add, remove, and re-arrange keyframes to fine-tune your content.

It is easy to create natural curves by clicking and dragging on an element’s motion path to add bézier control points.

Knock – Mac (Free) & iOS App – ($3.99)


Knock is an app that turns your iPhone into an incredibly secure password for your Mac.  Knock isn’t like other apps. It’s always ready, so you can use Knock even when your phone is in your pocket. Just knock twice, and your Mac unlocks. That’s it. Knock uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which means your iPhone’s battery won’t feel a thing. Compatible Macs are listed on the website

FTP Dropper – Mac App – $0.99


FTP Dropper, a simple menu-bar FTP uploader tool that costs just $0.99. It makes FTP simple enough that you might just start sharing files directly from your own server again

Google Web Designer – Mac & Windows App – Free


Google Web Designer brings ideas to life across screens. With this app you can create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device. If you’re feeling more hands-on, all the code behind your designs is hand-editable, so you’re never locked out of your own work and your ideas are now amplified by code while it not restricted by it.

While a visual tool is helpful, it can never represent your creativity, imagination and vision in full. That’s why you can flip back and forth between Design View and Code View as you work, immediately seeing any changes made to code reflected back in your designs.

DeskConnect – Mac App 10.6+ – Free

desk connect

DeskConnect is the missing link between all of your iOS devices as you can seamlessly push websites, documents, pictures, and everything else to your devices at any time.

Spectrum – Mac App – $20.99


Spectrum is the ultimate app for creating and managing color schemes — for designers and developers.

BetterTouchTool – Mac App – Free


BetterTouchTool is a great, feature packed FREE app that allows you to configure many gestures for your Magic Mouse, Macbook Trackpad and Magic Trackpad. It also allows you to configure actions for keyboard shortcuts, normal mice and the Apple Remote.

In addition to this it has an iOS companion App (BTT Remote) which can also be configured to control your Mac the way you want. BetterTouchTool includes many goodies, like window snapping or an integrated window switcher.

Gifrocket – Mac App – Free


Gifrocket app allows you to create Gif from video this app is just for Mac OS X 10.7+

ByWord – iOS App – $4.99


Byword is designed to make writing more enjoyable with Markdown. All the tools you need to write effectively, with keyboard shortcuts, word counters with live update, and more.

Simplenote – iOS App – Free


Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas and more. Your notes stay in sync with all your devices for free.The app experience is all about speed and efficiency. Open it, write some thoughts, and you’re done.

As your collection of notes grows, you can search them instantly and keep them organized with tags and pins and can also share notes and publish them for other people. For the best way to learn about Simplenote is to try it, you simply will be asked to create an account as this allows your notes to be backed up online and synchronized automatically

After you have signed up, why don’t you just try and create some notes! Then go to simplenote website to download Simplenote for your other devices.

POP – iOS App – Free


POP is just a great app for any iOS developer that is looking for an easy way to test sketched-out wireframes for potential new apps.

Carrot Alarm – iOS App – $1.99


Carrot is a hilariously twisted AI construct who wants nothing more than for you to get out of bed every morning. Her witty spoken dialogue, beautiful songs, and innovative wake-up system will have you starting each day with a smile on your face.

Prompts – iOS App – $2.99


Prompts is a Dropbox-syncing minimalist writing app that provides inspirational starting lines to combat Writer’s Block in a unique way.

Pinner – iOS App – $1.99

pinner app

A fast, no nonsense Pinboard client that allows you to view and edit bookmarks, browse recent and popular, and filter by tags. It’s currently one of the best clients on the iOS platform.

Morning – iOS App – $3.99


Morning is designed to make your routine easier than ever before. Keep track of time, stay updated, and start your day off right. With 8 customizable panels, the possibilities are endless.

Serial+ – iOS App – $2.99


Serial+ is an iOS app that helps you organize the warranties that come with everyday purchases. Most of the things we purchase these days come with a warranty, however we often forget to save this important information. Serial+ is here to help. Buy an item, open Serial+ and add it to your list. Quick, easy and how it should be. Serial+ can also help inventory your items for insurance purposes.

PDF Max Pro – iOS App – $9.99

PDF Max Pro

PDF Max Pro was designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured PDF annotating, form-filling & note-taking app. PDF Max provides all features you need for an everyday PDF & note-taking app in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps

WebProjector – Web App – Free


WebProjector is a tool that is built just for showing your web design in a browser. You simply upload images via drag ‘n drops, send a link via e-mail and the images are presented in the order preferred. WebProjector will also notifies the user when their design have been viewed by the number of views and it can wrapped in mobile, tablet or desktop frames for a more realistic view and will also allows for comments for each design.

Lootback – Web App


Lootback, a platform that connects creative professionals to the top most microstock agencies of the industry such as iStock, Shutterstock, Thinkstock, Deposit Photos, and Envato’s own Graphicriver, Themeforest, and Videohive and rewards users for each and every purchase that was completed with its help by giving certain commission from the partner agencies for sending in new clients to the user that linked to them.

Fusion Invoices – Web App – Free (self hosted)


FusionInvoice is a self hosted invoicing application that been built with PHP/MySQL and yet has a simple-yet-nice interface.  By using the app you can define clients, send quotes, convert quotes to invoices or create and send the invoices directly. Invoices can be set as “recurring” as well.  At this present time paypal in the only payment platform that is supported but any other payment provider can be added but will require some custom coding.

Using the dashboard, you can use it to filter records, view reports and also create guest users (for clients etc) which only has will have the read permissions so that they can view their invoices and payments too.

DEAFilter – Web App – Best & Free

DEA filter

DEAfilter is a RESTful API that helps you keep disposable email addresses from infesting your website which can be easily implemented into your existing site with just a couple of lines of code as It will help keep all the spammers and fake users from signing up.

Dead Man’s Snitch – Web App – Free or Pro for $19/pm

Dead Man's Snitch

Dead Man’s Snitch is a cron job monitoring tool that keeps an eye on your periodic processes and notifies you when something does not happen. This is a great app that would be use to monitor daily backups, monthly emails, or cron job as you will know immediately when one of these processes doesn’t work.

Jumpshare – Web App – Free & Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus at $10p/m or $108 Yearly


Jumpshare is a simple file-sharing service that makes public and private file-sharing instant, and lets recipients preview over 200 file types online.

StackEdit – Web App – Free


StackEdit is a free online Markdown editor that includes Markdown Extra support. It includes built-in publishing features, including publishing directly to GitHub, Google Drive, WordPress, and more.

Raw – Web App – Free


Raw is an open web app to create custom vector-based visualisations on top of the amazing D3.js library through a simple interface. Even though Raw is a web app, the data you upload will be processed only by the web browser. So there is no server-side operations or storages are performed so basically no one will see, touch or copy your data.

With this app it works with delimiter-separated values (i.e. csv and tsv files) as well as with copied-and-pasted texts from other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, TextWrangler, TextEdit).

Based on the svg format, visualizations can be easily edited with vector graphics applications for further refinements, or directly embedded into web pages.

Webydo – Web App – Free


Webydo is a professional web suite that enables graphic designers to create and manage exceptional HTML websites, without writing code. This sophisticated online software, designers can bring any design to life and with a click of a button, publish an advanced HTML website with a friendly built-in CMS for the website owner.

Sizzle Pig – Web App – Basic $10/Pro $30/Sizzlin $75


Sizzlepig is a cloud-based web app that allows you to resize entire folders of images to any sizes.  This means no scripts, no guesswork. you just have scale, crop, name, compress, fine-tune, edit and preview  before your final images are ever created. This app will save you time & if you want to get it a try you can for free. – Web App – Free

Saved works on any device and in any browser without needing any extensions or plugins. Your links are stored privately and not shared with anyone you will just need to register.

TimePanel – Web App – Freelancer $6.99pm/Studio $9.99pm/Unlimted $14.99pm


TimePanel is a simple and faster alternative to other time tracking solutions. Its speed and intuitive interface make tracking time and invoicing a painless process.

Flaticon – Web App & Photoshop Plugin – Free


Flaticon is the last project of the Freepik’s team and It’s the world’s biggest vector icon database with more than 12.000 high quality vector icons. A project with free files which is free to use, even for commercial purposes. But for the most important release it’s has to be the Flaticon Photoshop plugin, this plugin allows you to access the Flaticon database without leaving your work environment in an easy updated, synchronized way.

When you install the plugin it will let you improve the graphic designer’s work dynamic as the plugin will let  you look directly at the database and incorporate the icons to Photoshop in an easy way, you can also customize and adapt them, making your work easier. Until now, it was necessary to import any icon vector to Photoshop using Adobe Illustrator.

Daturi – Web App – Free


Daturi is a free-to-use web application (and it is open source) that can instantly convert any given image to Base64.  It works by simply drag ‘n’ dropping images and it transforms them all.

Status Page – Web App – From $19pm

status page

Status Page is an excellence and easy way to create a status page for your website or app. It includes custom branding, and support for various types of system status messages etc.

Countly – Web App – From $69pm


Countly is an innovative, real-time mobile app analytics & mobile game analytics application. It collects data from mobile phones, and visualizes this information to analyse mobile application usage and end-user behaviour.

CloudConvert – Web App – Free

cloud convert

CloudConvert is a pretty amazing and free online file conversion service that is compatible with 140+ file types. It supports almost all video + audio file types, compression formats, images and more.Also, the service has an API which enables you to integrate such conversion features to any app.

Compress PNG – Web App – Free

compress png

Compress PNG images into PNG-8 format with transparency support and full browser compatibility.  Start with selecting up to 20 PNG files from you computer, then upload queue. Use thumbnails to select images.  Reduce the number of colors with the force of an elephant color slider for maximum compression.  BMP, ICO, GIF and JPG files are also supported through auto conversion to PNG

OOCharts – Web App – Free


OOcharts is an awesome little project that makes it easy to embed and share Google Analytics data through charts.

.PSD Fonts – Web App – Free

psd fonts

Figure out what fonts are being used in a psd without trawling through badly labelled layers.

Tiff – Web App – Free


Tiff is a typeface diff tool that visually contrasts the differences between two fonts.

HipChat – Web App – Free for teams of 5 or $2.00 per user per month


Hipchat lets teams to create beautiful chatrooms to talk in to share ideas, code, and files with it’s easy drag and drop feature and with a persistent history they can search through all chat logs.

UsabilityHhub – Web App – $0 (Community) up to $200(Agency)


UsabilityHub provides a set of online usability tools to help you test the effectiveness of your designs and concepts.

ApproveForMe – Web App – Free /$30 per month for Pro


ApproveForMe is a web-based tool that simplifies your professional life by making it easier to create, track, and manage document signoffs. It works great for getting approvals from internal team members and external clients. – Web App – Free


Blookist is a new and innovative blogging & publishing platform that has just emerged into existence. Blookist aims to change our approach to blogging by shifting the focus from the creator to the content and introducing a new way of collecting and publishing your content online – with “blooks”.

Perpetu – Web App – Free


Perpetu is your will for your online accounts such as facebook, flickr, twitter etc. This app will allow you to decide what happens to those social networks, email and cloud storage after your death.

Roon – Web App – Free


Roon is a blogging platform which will look beautiful on all devices and every screen size. You get all of this without the need to write or customize any code and for people who want this app on either your Mac or iOS device these are coming very soon.

Clipping Magic – Web App – Free

clipping magic

With Clipping Magic you can easily remove the background from any of your photos to create masks,cutouts or clipping paths all done instantly online

Business Card Maker – Web App

Business Card Maker

Business Card Maker allows you to easily create your own business cards in seconds, for free, online in the browser without using any extra software, from high quality professional designs.

Just type in your contact details, along with your logo or picture, replacing the predefined ones on the preview business card, and get a printable PDF that you can print at home or at your local printer, or a high quality picture that you can share on Facebook, or anywhere else online.

PSD Validator – Web App – Free

psd validator

PSD Validator is the best way to find out how good your PSD file is structured using some of the rules from Photoshop Etiquette and you don’t even have to worry about your files as they are instantly deleted after they’ve been parsed.

Bounce – Software App – Free


Bounce is a free plugin that integrates and connects the Dribbble design community into the design applications you love to build with everyday. By keeping up with the game has never been easier as it’s now possible to check out the latest popular shots, keep track of your activitly feed and dish out the likes all without leaving the app your currently designing in. Bounce supports Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and Fireworks. – Photoshop Extension (CS6/CC) – Free


Blend Me In is a free Photoshop extension to search for icons,vectors and other resign resources right inside Photoshop, These resources assets can be drag n dropped into the current into the current composition which is a time saver. This extension is available for only CS6 & CC. A bonus to this extension is if you have created a similar design resource you can contact them to add it to this extension

Subtle Patterns Photoshop Plugin – $11.99

Subtle Patterns Photoshop Plugin

Just imagine the immense library from Subtle Patterns, fed directly into your Photoshop panel – always in sync! It’s finally possible with Subtle Patterns plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

Ghostery – Browser Extension (Most Browsers) – Free


Ghostery is a browser tool available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, as well as a standalone app available for iOS. It scans the page for trackers – scripts, pixels, and other elements – and notifies you of the companies whose code is present on the webpage you are visiting. Usually, these trackers aren’t visible, and they are often hard to find in the page source code. Ghostery allows you to learn more about these companies and their practices, and block the page elements from loading if the user chooses.

CSS, HTML, Frameworks & Prototyping, Responsive Tools



Coolumns is a percentage based grid system uses that standard, cross browser CSS3 and media queries. It’s been designed as a base for building responsive web layouts easily, quickly and with minimum effort. Using percentage based layout is quickly becoming the standard way of modern, device independent web sites.



InstallRails is a free guide for quickly installing rails on Mac and PC in a simple format that anyone can follow



Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: publishing. it’s beautifully designed, which is completely customisable and completely Open Source. Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy and even fun to do. It’s simple, elegant, and designed so that you can spend less time messing with making your blog work – and more time blogging.



Spark is a micro framework that allow you to quickly create web apps using Java. Just download the library and its dependencies, put in your classpath, and you’re all set to get started!

URLcrypt – PHP


URLcrypt makes it easy to securely transmit short pieces of binary data in a URL. Use it to securely store things like user ids, download expiration dates and other arbitrary data like that when you access a web application from a place that doesn’t have other authentication or persistence mechanisms (like cookies)

Layers CSS


Layers CSS is just a simple lightweight CSS framework that doesn’t emphasize any designs but handles the main structure. It has support for responsive layouts with fluid grids and simples classes are used for dealing with them. There are also styles for forms, tables, lista dn more but their is no colours or rounded-corners as the customisation is totally up to you. Layers also contains those “everyday use styles” for clears, floats and even hidings.



Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more.

Create CSS3


Create CSS3 is another one but more complete compared to others as it has support for most of the CSS3 properties. This tool lists the properties that allows us to customize the values of each and displays the preview instantly. Multiple rules can be added to the same element and the generated CSS code can be edited also.



This online tool is for those who want to extract ids, classes and inline styles from HTML document and output them as CSS stylesheet. All you have to do is to type or paste your HTML document and let this tool will do the rest for you!



Tridiv is a free to use web app for creating awesome 3D CSS shapes easily, using the app you can insert four different shapes (cuboid, pyramid, cylinder, prism) and resize or rotate them. The editor interface displays all the views (front, sides & top) at the same time and it is possible to use any number of shapes.

Each shape can be styled (colour, opacity, background image) and you can preview the work with a single click. Once you have completed Tridiv generats all the HTML/CSS code and a save button can store it on localStorage

Bootstrap 3.0

Bootstrap 3

BootStrap 3 brings new features, new elements and remove others: there have been around 16,00 commits, 72,000 additions and deletions as well as nearly 300 file changes you will need to check out the report which is here to see all the changes that been made. Simply put bootstrap is a mobile first framework with a whole new flat design and by dropping browser support for IE7 & Firefox 3.6 hacks were deleted from the CSS file.

Responsive Web CSS

responsive web css

Responsive Web Page Layouts takes hours to manually designing your web pages for the but with this tool you can layout your pages in minutes for any type desktops, tablets and smartphones devices.

Emmet LiveStyle

emmet livestyle

Emmet LiveStyle is a plugin for live bi-directional (editor↔browser) CSS editing of new generation. Currently, it works in Google Chrome, Safari and Sublime Text, more browsers and editors will be available later.

Cloud Cannon


Cloud Cannon turns HTML & CSS into a full hosted CMS in just seconds

Web Tracing Framework

Web Tracing Framework

The Web Tracing Framework is a collection of libraries, tools, and scripts aimed at web developers trying to write large, performance-sensitive Javascript applications. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with the built-in development tools of browsers but goes far beyond what they usually support at the cost of some user setup time.



Simptip is a simple CSS tooltip made with Sass, With this tooltip you can have them in different directions top, left, bottom, right and with these tooltip you can have them in different color such as success , info , warning and danger. And finally other features like soft edge, half arrow, movable effect, fade effect, multiline tooltip.



Ink by Zurb fills the gap by simplifying the creation of HTML e-mails that look the same on all major e-mail clients.The framework includes the styles for a table-based grid, buttons, panels, retina images and more. Once the e-mail is ready, you can use the web-based Inliner tool to get all styles inline.And, to get started quickly, take a look at the ready-to-use e-mail templates of Ink.

Responsive Comments


ResponsiveComments was designed to bring simple conditional loading to the client side. Although not the complete answer to conditional loading in responsive web design, ResponsiveComments provides a solution to simple conditional loading, directly within your markup.

UI Kit


UIkit is a lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.



Revel is a high-productivity web framework for the Go language that compiles your code and templates for you. It provides parameter parsing, validation, routing, templating, caching, and more.


psd rb

A general purpose Photoshop file parser written in Ruby. It allows you to work with a Photoshop document in a manageable tree structure and find out important data such as: Document structure, Document size, Layer/folder size + positioning, Layer/folder names, Layer/folder visibility and opacity, Font data (via psd-enginedata), Text area contents, Font names, sizes, and colors, Color mode and bit-depth, Vector mask data, Flattened image data.



Macaw provides the same flexibility as your favorite image editor but also writes semantic HTML and remarkably succinct CSS. It’s time to expect more from a web design tool.



Gridism is a simple responsive grid that’s easy to use. on screens that are smaller than 568px wide the grid units will display stacked, while on larger screens grids can have a maximum width of either 978px or 1140px.

HTML Inspector


HTML Inspector is a highly-customizable, code quality tool to help you (and your team) write better markup. It aims to find a balance between the uncompromisingly strict W3C validator and having absolutely no rules at all (the unfortunate reality for most of us).



Aristochart is a small but highly customizable and flexible line charting library for canvas. Aristochart allows you to focus on aesthetic while it manages the data behind the scenes.

Responsive Wireframe

RWD Wireframes

Responsive Wireframes is a free and web-based tool for quickly creating wirefames for any project.  It enables us to insert elements, style them (colour, opacity), add text and resize if wanted.

These elements can be re-positioned with drag ‘n drops and the work can be saved for future reuse.  The tool is focused on responsive layouts as we can define multiple view-ports and decide how each element will look on different view-ports.


Solved by Flexbox

Flexbox is not another CSS framework but instead, its purpose is to showcase problems once hard or impossible to solve with CSS alone, now made trivially easy with Flexbox. You can view the styles in the Web inspector or dive into the source to see just how easy CSS layout will become.



FireShell is an open source framework for quickly creating a front-end boilerplate and workflows.  Fireshell comes with an HTML5 boilerplate (baseline HTML5 features, DNS prefetching, responsive meta) and Sass (with pre-setup files and folders).

Grunt.js is used for compiling Sass, concatenating JavaScript files, connecting to a localhost server and live file reloads + injection.  Also, FireShell includes popular libraries like jQuery, Moderniz, HTML5 Shiv and Google Analytics code.

Security Headers

security-headers checks your website’s headers to see just how secure they are. Then it tells you where you can make improvements based on the recommendations of security experts.

Request for PHP

Requests for PHP

Requests is a stable PHP library that uses cURL or fsockopen (depending on the availability) and provides a consistent API. It simplifies sending requests, accepts HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE or PATCH and adding headers, form data + multipart files. The library also works with international domain names, authentication, auto-decompressing gzipped responses and much more.

RainLoop – Webmail


RainLoop is a free and open source PHP webmail application for anyone willing to use a single interface for many accounts. The application has a modern user interface and supports both SMTP and IMAP. It doesn’t require a database as the e-mails are not stored by the app. The mail server is accessed directly and RainLoop simply displays the e-mails there.

Rainloop supports multiple accounts and each inbox can be viewed in different tabs with no session conflicts and capable of handling all major webmail functions and other handy features exist too (like Dropbox/Facebook/Twitter/Google integration, auto-completion of addresses or keyboard shortcuts).

PHP Image Cache

PHP Image Compression & Caching

Image Cache is a tiny PHP class that accepts a .png, .jpg, or .gif image then compresses, moves, and caches the image in the user’s browser. It then returns the new source of the image to be printed in an image tag.

Pico – CMS


Pico is a flat file CMS, this means there is no administration backend and database to deal with. You simply create .md files in the “content” folder and that becomes a behind the scenes.

Screen Sizes

screen sizes is a nifty little database of screen specifications for the most popular devices on the market.



Cardinal is a small, “mobile first” CSS framework with some useful default styles, scalable typography, reusable modules, and a simple responsive grid system.



Magic is a CSS3 framework with many animations. Is simple to use and many animations are cross-browser compatible.

Foundation 5


Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world and Zurb says it is faster for users, faster to code and faster to learn. For the ussers they will feel the speed as the Interchange now enables HTML partials for device specific content with smoother animations and transitions happen with hardware acceleration and with all the default styles have been all updated.

for those who love to code Zurb has built a new command line tool to spin up projects fast and added Libsass, speeding up your SCSS changes by 5X. With Zurb’s HTML Templates has also been brought up to speed and for those who love to learn Zurb has overhauled their documentation for this framework by giving us a forum and expert training to help us starting building projects faster.



Plates is a fast & easy to use PHP template system it’s been inspired by Twig template engine and Plates tires to bring the modern templating language functionality to native PHP templates. This templating system was designed for developers who prefered to use native PHP templates over compiled templates rather than having to work with compiled ones.

WordPress Frameworks, Plugins & Themes

Writr – Free Theme


Writr is a minimalist, content-oriented tumblelog theme perfect for your personal blog.

Flounder – Free Theme


Flounder is a flat, minimally styled theme for bloggers which features colorful support for post formats and a clean, responsive layout.

Hueman – Free Theme


Hueman is a responsive 100% high resolution theme for blogs and magazines. Unique toggle sidebars results in a great reading experience for both tablet and mobile. The feature list is long: Unlimited topbar, header, footer and accent colors, unlimited widget areas, 0-2 sidebars to the left or right that can be uniquely specified for each page or post, 300px / 220px fixed width sidebars, 0-4 footer widget columns, almost zero layout images, related posts and post nav, featured story or slider, 10 post formats, SEO optimized, 3 flexible custom widgets, localisation support, social links and many useful admin panel features.

Portal – Free Theme


At its core, Portal is a minimal blog theme, but it’ll work perfectly as photography and portfolio theme. It integrates with our Page Builder plugin, so you can use it to build anything from a single landing page to a full business website. We built Portal with speed in mind. It ships with fully optimized Javascript and image spritemaps – drastically cutting load times.

Capsule – Free Theme


Capsule is a WordPress theme that can replace your scratch document when you are coding. It’s support Markdown Extra syntax plus a Github styled code blocks and has heap of other great features.

Hermoso – Free Theme


Hermoso is a beautiful & colourful WordPress theme from CSSIgniter that with a flat & responsive design that supports Audio, Video, Gallery, Quote, Image, Link and Standard Post formats which is suitable for most blog based sites.

Kore – Free Theme


Kore is a professional theme that comes with five skins. It automatically adjusts according to screen size so you don’t need to install a separate theme for mobile devices.

Current – Free Theme


Current is just about as flat as they come. It’s particularly well suited to designers and developers with its home page banner that can display your work on verity of flat devices. Current has full Page Builder integration. You can use this to build home and sub pages for your just about any type of site. Be it business, portfolio or just a simple marketing squeeze page.

Redux Framework – Free Plugin


Redux is an advanced and stable WordPress options framework, built on top of the popular NHP, with an enhanced UI. It uses the “WordPress Settings API” and has multiple built-in filed types, validation, import/export functionality and much more.

DirectEdit – Free Plugin


DirectEdit is a WordPress plugin for users that want to edit their own website directly from the front-end. You can simply modify the content,titles and excerpts when you have finished editing your website you just need to press save and those changes will made right then and there and with inserting images it’s just like modifying the text  as you can insert any image directly from your computer to your server and you can also resize or crop the images.

Bootstrap MCE CSS – Free Plugin

Bootstrap MCE CSS

Bootstrap MCE CSS adds a modified version of the Bootstrap CSS to the MCE editor in the dashboard, this plugin is primary for developers who like to add their own Bootstrap code to the editor, without shortcodes but you will  still need to add the Bootstrap CSS & JS files to the front-end of your website.

Restaurant Menu Manager – Free Plugin

Restaurant Menu Manager

Restaurant Menu plugin allows you to easily add entries into your menu. You can group those entries into menu types and you can choose to display your menu in a simple list view, or you can display it in jQuery accordion or jQuery tabs. This plugin uses the default WordPress functionality and makes use of custom post types, taxonomies, and custom meta fields to do the job as this will allows you, to easily import and export your data using the built-in WordPress tools.

jQuery Responsive Select Menu – Free Plugin

jQuery Responsive Select Menu

The perfect solution to make your site responsive for mobile devices like phones and tablets. jQuery Responsive Select Menu lets you make your WordPress menus responsive by turning them into drop-down <select> elements below a width of your choosing.

Duplicate Theme – Free Plugin

Duplicate Theme

With Duplicate Theme you duplicate a theme! All while in your WordPress Admin. You can choose the theme to copy, provide a name and voila! This is a No more solution of messing around with FTP and online File Editors to duplicate themes. Why waste time downloading, uploading and editing style.css? Just install this plugin and BAM! you can duplicate a theme!

Easy Responsive Tabs – Free Plugin

Easy Responsive Tabs

Easy Responsive Tabs is bootstrap 3.0 compatible plugin which add icons to wordpress editor (tinyMCE Shortcode Buttons) and one can add bootstrap style responsive tabs to their website just by clicking on tinyMCE editor icon.

Royal Responsive Menu – Free Plugin

Royal Responsive Menu

The Royal Responsive Menu plugin automatically turns any WordPress 3 Menu into a select box / dropdown on mobile devices.

Google Map Locations – Free Plugin

Google Map Locations

WordPress Google Map Locations lets you add a google map with location to your website. Admin can add multiple locations with post code, latitude, longitude, image etc.

Custom CSS for Pages and Posts – Free Plugin

Custom CSS for Pages and Posts

This plugin adds a metabox to all post and page edit screens ( and optionally to custom post type edit screens ) that allows the user specify custom CSS for that page or post. All it does is wrap your CSS in tags and then inserts the block into the section of your page/post.

Gwebpro Store Locator – Free Plugin

Gwebpro Store Locator

Gwebpro store locator is a unique location finder system that helps you find and manage multiple physical locations within and via an integrated WordPress platform. No matter how many locations you want to add or list, Gwebpro Store Locator manages to ease out the process by a simple operating process right from the Admin panel. All you need to do, is just put [GwebproStoreLocator] to your page in order to integrate this plugin.

MD5 Media Renamer – Free Plugin


MD5 Media Renamer will automatically rename and convert to lower case your media file during the upload process using PHP time() stamp as prefix and the file name encrypted in MD5() as suffix in order to keep your upload folder clean and organized.

Popup with fancybox – Free Plugin


This plugin allows you to create lightweight fancy box popup window in your blog with custom content. we can easily configure popup size and timeout.

Google Typography – Free Plugin


The Google Typography plugins allows you to use any Google Font for any text on your existing website without writing a single line of code. In the Appearance > Typography settings page, simply add and customize as many fonts as you’d like, then apply it to any existing HTML tag or CSS selector.

Heat Map Tracker – Free Plugin

Heat Map Tracker

HeatMapTracker lets you record website visitors and generate instant Heatmaps showing where they click, scroll and Spy on Your Visitors record their every move

Better Post Templates – Premium Plugin – $10

Better Post Templates

Better Post Templates provides a simple, easy-to-use post template system to WordPress. Instead of opening an old post for editing, copying and pasting various details into a new post and saving, you can create a post template and load it automatically (or manually) every time you create a new post!

Supreme Shortcodes – Premium Plugin – $18

Supreme Shortcodes

The Supreme Shortcodes plugin adds 100+ extra functionalities to your website and you can choose from static elements such as boxes, responsive rows and columns, lines and dividers to animated elements such as 3D Buttons, Modals and Popovers or Toggles and Tabs. The shortcode has been built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework for a responsive design to gives you 100% accurate fitting on any screen resolution.

Shortcodelic – Premium Plugin – $20


Shortcodelic actually is a plugins bundle, because puts in the same plugin lots of features that serve to create a cutting edge theme, with slideshows, tabs, accordions, comparative tables, advanced Google maps, progress bars, font icons etc.

Contact Form 7 Auto Responder Addon – Premium Plugin – $10

Contact Form 7 Auto Responder Addon

Contact Form 7 Auto Responder Addon is a plugin which completely transforms contact form 7 plugin into a lead generating and list building software.

Normally CF7 sends the inquiry(content) to the email, but our plugin not only does this but it also sends the inquiry to autoresponders like aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, imnica mail, icontact, constant contact, vertical response and campaign monitor.

WordPress Request & Feedback Plugin – Premium Plugin – $14

WordPress Request & Feedback Plugin

With this plugin you may gather information on what your Customers/Target Audience think of your products or services, and you may enhance/ improve your products and services to make them feel special.

Responsive Google Maps – Premium Plugin – $14

responsive Google Maps

A responsive Google map that allows multiple markers per map and multiple maps per page. Includes fullscreen view and marker clustering. No API key required. Easy simple setup. No long complex shortcodes to generate by hand. As simple as creating a map, quick add a location, copy the simple shortcode to the page you want the map on, and you’re done.

Ajax Post Feedback – Premium Plugin – $14

Ajax Post Feedback

Post Feedback provides the most immediate and efficient way to gather contructive feedback from readers for your articles. Once activated, it limits the length of posts to a preview and kindly asks readers to vote what they have been reading in order to unlock the full article. By this, Post Feedback actually gives readers a reason to vote your articles.

Post Feedback structures the vote process in two major steps: It first asks for the readers’ general mood (good,ok, bad) and then requires them to vote posts on a deeper level. Lastly, readers’ are encouraged to spread the word about your post via social networks.

The plugin requires almost no configuration and is ready to run out of the box. However, advanced users might take advantage of the powerful admin panel to modify the plugin according their needs.

WP Security Manager – Premium Plugin – $14

WP Security Manager

WP Security Manager is a WordPress plugin that provides all in one security solutions to your WP site.

Progress Map – Premium Plugin – $13

Progress Map WordPress Plugin

Progress Map is a wordpress plugin for location-based listings. Our goal is to help users having websites like hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings & more… to list their locations on Google map and easily move through it using a carousel.

Easy Shortcode Manager – Premium Plugin – $14

Easy Shortcode Manager

Easy Shortcode Manager plugin provides an easy to use interface for managing short codes. It even handles deleted shortcodes gracefully. Comes with the automatic syntax generator, simple copy/paste within post or page.

Testimonials – Premium Plugin – $15

Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Testimonials plugin for WordPress is responsive, the main propose of the plugin is to display testimonials, but it can be used for other proposes.

WP User Management Plus – Premium Plugin – $17

WP User Management Plus

WP User Management Plus is a WordPress plugin that gives you massively improved control over your users when compared to the default WordPress User Management functionality.

Currently The default WordPress user management functionality is limited in how it handles your misbehaving users. This new plugin has been specifically designed to give you the control you need when managing your users.

Have you ever had problems with users misbehaving? Well with WP User Management Plus you can now take action against these users by suspending or even banning them.

LinkChanger – Premium Plugin – $10


LinkChanger is a plugin which helps you get more control over the Permalinks (URLs) WordPress generates.

You may have noticed that when you first save a new post in WordPress, it generates a Permalink for you (visible just under the title). Because WordPress strips certain characters, such as “&” out for security reasons, there may be times when you aren’t happy with the link.

Although Permalinks can be edited by hand, this can be time-consuming. LinkChanger was created because we wanted titles such as “This & That” to generate a link of “this-and-that” – by default, WordPress outputs “this-that”.

Collapse – Premium Plugin – $15


Collapse generates a collapsible pull-out panel for your site that you can populate with different content types that you want to prominently expose to your users. The sliding panel can be docked towards left or right, you can change its vertical position, width and maximum height and customize it section by section. All these settings can be changed on a panel by panel basis.

Grid FX – Premium Plugin – $15

Grid FX - Ultimate Grid Plugin for WordPress

Grid FX plugin is an ultra-customizable plugin that lets you create unlimited grid and/or pinterest style walls and show your WordPress content beautifully. You can display your posts, custom post types, WooCommerce products, custom products, image uploads and attachments in a nice grid or masonry style that is fully responsive. Grid FX comes with full documentation, and more than 80+ custom options to fully customize the grid appearance. With the available customization options, you can use Grid FX to showcase anything easily and effectively.

Indexa – Premium Plugin – $15

Indexa - Table of Contents for WordPress

Indexa is a WordPress plugin that creates a table of contents in your post, page or custom post type.  Through the settings you can insert it before the content, after the content, using a widget in your sidebars or inline in the content using a shortcode. When a link in the table is clicked, the page smoothly scrolls towards the heading. Suitable for long articles with sections, documentation, tutorials and more.

BugMeBar – Premium Plugin – $10


BugMeBar lets you add a message to the top of the screen which a user can dismiss. You can use a cookie if you like so that the notification bar can stay gone once the website visitor has clicked close.

Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables – Premium Plugin – $15

Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables - WordPress Plugin

Simple and unique style for pricing tables now in form of a WordPress plugin. Styles to choose are Light and Dark, with possibility of choosing 12 different colors for each of the style. No images needed, pure css3 and html files. Fully responsive and adapted for all grids.

WPKeys – Keyboard shortcuts for WP – Premium Plugin – $12


WPKeys, a new WordPress plugin which will add keyboard shortcuts for various actions, such as like or dislike a post, jump between posts, and to share.

WP FrontEnd Form – Premium Plugin – $21

WP FrontEnd Form

WP FrontEnd Form (WPF) is a WordPress Plugin, use to create a posting form at Front-End with shortcode support. WPF support unlimit Custom Post Types (CPT) , unlimited Taxonomies, unlimited meta fields and multiple input fields with different multiple purpose

WP URL Shortener – Premium Plugin – $12

WP URL Shortener

WP URL Shortener is plugin that allow you to shrink long URL to short URL with your own website domain. (e.g. This plugin will placed on wordpress meta box, under post editor.

WPLocation – Premium Plugin – $13


WPLocation is a very easy-to-use plugin that allows location data to be attributed to posts and pages, which is then displayed through the use of Google Maps, to show either where in the world the article/post is refering to, or where it itself was written. This is very useful for websites which talk frequently about current affairs, and want to give a slightly deeper level of context with minimal effort.

Leaf – Premium Theme – $45


Leaf is a beautiful personal WP Theme, sutiable for Blog or Portfolio. We are sure it will suits your needs. Easy to set up, enhanced with Massive Panel and Visual Composer. This combination makes creating content extremely easy. It has tones of build in option but it is still easy to use and understand.

Flat Magazine – Premium Theme – $45


FlatMagazine – is a Premium Responsive News/Magazine Theme, very intuitive and completely ready to use out of the box. It comes with lots of options, so you can change the layout(Wide & Boxed), style, colors, and fonts. You can assemble any layouts with Revolution PageBuilder, Lots of elements, shortcodes, widget areas, icon generator and predefined pages. Create your own style or use one of the 18 predefined skins directly from your admin panel. Free lifetime theme updates!

Room Cartoons – Premium Theme – $35

Room Cartoons

Room Cartoons is a full responsive, very beautiful and clean Word Press theme, that is perfect for freelancers, photographers, designers and creative agencies.

Metric – Premium Theme – $55


Metric is a WordPress theme for all who love music, such as music bands, musicians, DJs, producers, labels or organizers of events and festivals. Theme has amazing modern and fresh design that will never get tired of you and your fans. Design you can freely adjust according to your fancy, there are millions of ways to do this. This very strong theme that offers perfect organization of all necessary data such as Events, Albums, Galleries and Videos.

This theme also serves as a great blogging tool. this theme can be displayed on all devices from mobile phones to desktop computers (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops), is amazingly fluid and responsive. Just try to resize your browser window and you’ll see.

Chariot – Premium Theme – $40


Chariot is an ultra responsive, beautiful WordPress theme that is perfect for freelancers, agencies, designers and creative people. It is an elegant & modern solution packed up with an incredibly great amount of high quality features and based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework 3.0.

Westy – Premium WooCommerce Theme – $55


Westy is a premium one page responsive WooCommerce theme with a clean and fresh design and innovative AJAX loading of Posts and Portfolio items (you can turn this on and off on demand with one click in Page Builder.

Color Room – Premium Theme – $35

Color Room

Color Room is a creative responsive parallax WP theme for design studio or for portfolio website. The template is made in unique retro style and has a lot of manually drawn elements. The full layered PSD file included have been customized easily. It’s perfect for those who’re tired of ordinariness and want to stand out among competitors.

Forest – Premium Theme – $40


Forest is a bold portfolio WordPress theme, created with flat design and solid coding practice. Clean, sharp and customizable design that is ideal for creative teams and individuals. Responsive from head to footer and retina display ready, this theme provides a future-proof solution for your next big thing.

Arto – Premium Theme – $45


ARTO is a beautiful Flat and Responsive WordPress theme with a clean design that fits perfectly for your upcoming project. ARTO is simple to use with an Advance Theme Option Panel and a lot of cool features that make this theme suitable to be a portfolio, business, corporate or landing website. Just be creative!

Clipboard – Premium Theme – $35


Clipboard is an awesome tumblog style WordPress theme that comes chock full of style and customisation options. If you’re looking to get started with microblogging then Clipboard is the way to go!

Slyde – Premium Theme – $35


Slyde is a simple, personal blog perfect for your stories to shine. It features 8 custom post formats and beautiful attention to detail. It’s totally responsive aswell.

Candy – Premium Theme – $35


Candy is minimal & flat responsive WordPress One Page Template, perfect to promote your portfolio. With a responsive design it is easily usable with any device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone…).

Superstore – Premium Theme – $55


Superstore is a hugely scalable WooCommerce theme designed to cater for lots of products. With infinite scroll on shop pages site visitors can view your entire shop catalog on one page, or easily drill down to category specific listings. With an optional business focused landing page, a responsive layout, and slick CSS animations and styling it’s super lightweight, whilst completely versatile.

WP Pro Real Estate – Premium Theme – $50

WP Pro Real Estate

WP Pro Real Estate 5 is one of the most powerful real estate themes purpose built to showcase your listings, loaded with features & beautifully designed! WP Pro Real Estate 5 is fully responsive so no matter what device your users are on it always looks SHARP!

WP Pro Real Estate 5 can be used for anything from real estate to vacation rentals to automotive sales. Don’t be fooled by others promising clean code and easy customization, I’ve coded this theme from the ground up with customization and ease of use in mind.

Flamingo – Premium Theme – $45


Flamingo is a complete portfolio for creative agencies and freelances. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any kind creative is now able to create a quick & easy portfolio to showcase their work with a elegant touch.

Fully responsive, font-awesome icons retina ready… You can implement features like parallax or some other trends with a single click.

Chromium – Premium Theme – $40


Chromium – is a responsive WordPress theme carefully crafted for Business and Blog use. It has built-in features such as: gallery, working contact form, mobile menu, portfolio sorting and other cool features you will see when using it.

RedStar – Premium Woocommerce Theme – $55


The RedStar e-Commerce WordPress theme is so clean, super flexible and has a fully responsive design (try resizing your browser). Built with HTML5 and CSS3 . A lot of thought and care were put into RedStar making it a pleasure to use. The Flat, modern design can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, products, etc. The RedStar comes with built in Under Construction page and it is compatible with woocommerce 2.0

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Typography

Micro – A Grid based wireframe PSD Template


Flat icons – EPS

Flat icons eps

Icon Set Grid and Guides

Icon Set Grid and Guides

iOS 7 icons – Vectors

Free iOS 7 icons in vector

iPad Showcase Template

iPad Showcase Template

File Type Icons – Flat Design


62 Flat PSD Files for Amazing UI/UX Design

62 flat psd files

Single Page Website Design Free PSD

Single Page Website Design PSD

Bootstrap 3 PSD

Bootstrap 3 PSD

Free iOS7 app PSD

Free iOS7 app PSD

Metro Icons freebie

Metro Icons freebie

Free Wine Bottle Mockup

Free Wine Bottle Mockup

Free Flat iPhone 5c&5s Mockup

Free Flat iPhone 5c&5s Mockup

Pixel Perfect Blueprint Pack

Pixel Perfect Blueprint Pack

Free PSD landing page

Free PSD landing page for download

Free Circle Icons – 180 count

Free Circle Icons-180count

Freebie PSD: Nokia Lumia 920

Freebie PSD- Nokia Lumia 920

Vector Nexus 7 Free PSD

Vector Nexus 7 Free PSD

Real Estate Marketing Icons


Free Poster Mockup Template

Free Poster Mockup Template

Free Magazine Cover Template

Free Magazine Cover Template

Free iPad Mockup Template

Free iPad Mockup Template

Free T-Shirt Mockup Template

Free T-Shirt Mockup Template

Infinite Preloader (GIF)


20 Free Social Badges


Free One Page vCard Template


Industry – from $29


Triat – from $3.50


Monolite – $19 font


London – Free Font


Gutsy – Free Font


Nanami Rounded – Font $30 & Up

Nanami Rounded

Railham – Font $25 & Up


Axe – Free Typeface

Axe Typeface

Core Circus $5-$140

Core Circus

Niveau Grotesk $40-$249

Niveau Grotesk

Potomac – $15



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