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So for the fouth round of my end of the year round up of SomeWhat Creative’s monthly HandPicked Goodies for Designers & Developers roundup, inside this roundups I would like to show what was some of the best web apps that has been released during this year.

I would like to say that not every web app that got featured in the monthly roundups will be in this post, as the list is huge anyway and so for your ease of reading pleasure I will be splitting the best of the web apps into each month.


Tiny Reminder – Web App – from $12 to $89 per month

Tiny Reminder helps you collect content and files on time, nagging people on your behalf.


Logbin – Web App – From Free to $9.99 per month

Send, tail, retrieve logs for all your web-connected apps.

Cost Storage – Web App – Free

Estimate the cost of storing your data on S3, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

JustPublish – Web App – Free

Escape the drafts folder and set deadlines that auto-publish to social media

InboxBear – Web App – Free

InboxBear is a service that gives you up to 10 inboxes that you can use when registering to untrusted web sites. Instead of giving these web sites your real email address, you give them one our bear supplies. This way Mr bear has lots of spam to eat and your real inbox is protected.


Maqpie – Web App – From $Free

Messaging has become a critical part of how we communicate now, and Maqpie is bringing the power right into your application.

Vecteezy Editor – Web App – Free

Try out the new FREE SVG editor, designed to allow anyone to customize Vecteezy content before they download it, or create beautiful vector designs from scratch directly in your browser.  Vecteezy Editor with a supported browser Chrome, Chromium and Opera.


Wayback Machine Downloader – Web App – Free

Download the source code and assets from Wayback Machine

pCloud Transfer – Web App – Free

pCloud Transfer is a file sharing service that allows you send large files up to 5gb, 100% free with no registration required!

Simply drag and drop your files, fill out the form and click Send Files to well.. send files.

Taskade – Web App – Free

Taskade is the easiest way to share your notes, ideas, and daily tasks.


GradeProof – Web App – Free

GradeProof is more than just a spelling and grammar checker. It goes further, providing intelligent rephrasing suggestions to not only correct your writing, but to refine your phrasing and make it eloquent.

Timestrap – Web App – Free

Time tracking and invoicing that you can host anywhere. Full export support in multiple formats and easily extensible.

Expirify – Web App – Free

Get automatic reminders for all team members when your domains and SSL certificates are going to expire.


Cyclops – Web App – Free

1 Click video conferencing

Monica – Web App – Free

Monica is a tool to manage your interactions with your loved ones, friends and family


Updatable – Web App – From $99 p/m

Updatable gives you a toolkit to change almost anything on your website, whether your site runs on a popular blogging software, an enterprise grade CMS, an in-house custom platform or a complicated e-commerce system – Updatable support them all.

This includes SEO improvements, URL restructuring and renaming, 301/302 Redirects, Google PageSpeed optimization, HTML code changes, content tweaks and updating any on-page element with our visual editor.

You can even create a whole new page on your website with Updatable, using an existing web page as a template, without ever touching your CMS.

Marvin – Web App – From $5.99

Marvin is a task manager that is specifically designed to help you get your tasks done (and not just store them) by incorporating principles from behavioral psychology.


Firefox Send – Web App – Free

Send files through a safe, private, and encrypted link that automatically expires to ensure your stuff does not remain online forever.

Mailshake – Web App – $19pm/per user

A simple solution for cold emails. Generate leads, build relationships, and promote content and all you need is a Google account.

SERPWatcher – Web App – From $29

Stop wasting time with conventional rank trackers, SERPWatcher is a rank tracking tool built with focus on effectivity and ease of use.

RollAPP – Web App – From Free

rollApp builds an online application virtualization platform, which allows to run any application on any device with just a web browser. When running on rollApp applications behave the same way as if they were installed locally.


Instagram Stories Analytics – Web App – Free

Delmondo’s Instagram Stories Analytics helps visualize and benchmark the performance of your stories over time.

MaxxMarket SEO Audit – Web App – From $29

A SEO audit tool that will audit your website thoroughly and tells you what need to be fixed on your website to improve the search engine rankings.

Botletter – Web App – From $Free

Use a Facebook Messenger newsletter to accelerate your growth, increase your retention & activation rates.

Seriate – Web App – From $9.99

Seriate is the new and smarter way to auto post on Instagram. Our time-saving tool helps you efficiently manage all your Instagram accounts by publishing and analyzing all your posts in one panel.


Drift – Web App – From $Free to $1000(Annual)

Drift Email is the future of how sales reps will communicate with their prospects. When a prospect visits your site from an email sent with Drift’s Chrome Extension, you’re there to greet them with a personalised message. That means your prospect can instantly start a conversation with you. Even if you aren’t at your desk.


Weekz – Web App – Free

Weekz is a clean, minimalistic grid that lets you organize your week. Create tasks, assign them to a specific day and keep hustling. Log in to Weekz and have all your tasks right there on your dashboard. Staying organized and productive doesn’t get much simpler.

Blockstack Browsers – Web App – Free

Blockchain technology powers this new internet. With the Blockstack Browser, you’ll be able to access people, communities, apps, and services built on the blockchain from your browser. A gateway to a new internet for decentralised apps.

XLR8 – Web App – From $20 Month

XLR8 Time is a new way to track time across multiple freelance/company projects, all for an affordable price. Unlimited users means that we don’t limit your growth and let you scale as quickly as you want to!

Sage Talk – Web App – $1/chat

Sage Talk is a bot that watches, learns, and then responds to minutia on your behalf.


Bots – Web App – Free

The identity for botsDoes your bot… Chat? Make awesome gifs? Help users stay fit? Keep users company? Does it have a name? Use .BOT to tell the world!

Finch – Web App/Mac App – From $12p/m

Pixel pushing made easy, fine-tuning a website’s visual appearance to prove that small changes make a big difference

Planagram – Web App – From $7p/m

A Smarter Way to Post to Instagram


The Best HandPicked Goodies for Designers & Developers from 2017: Web Apps Edition