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This is the second round of my end of the year round up of SomeWhat Creative’s monthly HandPicked Goodies for Designers & Developers roundup, In these type of roundups I like to showing what’s new, so in this post you will see the new, great and wonderful apps for both Mac & Windows that has been released during this year.

Please note not every apps that got featured in each of the monthly roundups will be featured, as the list is huge anyway. So for your ease of reading pleasure I will be splitting the best of the apps for mac and windows into each months… so lets start.


Cleanbox – Mac App – Free

Too many subscriptions in your inbox?Time for spring cleaning! Cleanbox will aggregate all of your subscriptions and let you cancel them in one click.It’s free and it works with Gmail.

Opera Neon – Mac/Windows/Linux App – Free

Get a glimpse into what Opera for computers could become. Each Opera Neon feature is an alternate reality for the Opera browser.


Gasmask – Mac App – Free

Gas Mask is simple hosts file manager for Mac OS X. It allows editing of host files and switching between them. Runs on Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra.

Whonix – Windows/Mac/Linux – Free

Whonix is a desktop operating system designed for advanced security and privacy.


Freeter – Mac/Windows & Linux App – Free

Freeter recently been out of Beta, the smartest way to work on your computer.


Median – Mac App – Free

Median is data analysis tool for MixPanel, Google Analytics, App Stores and many more.

Noun Project 2.0 – Mac App – Free

Get the icons in just the colour you need, right from the Mac app.

Copia for Mac (Beta) – Mac App – Free

Copia remembers your ⌘-C with elegance

Kite – Mac & Windows App – Free

The smart copilot for programmers


FontBase – Mac, Windows & Linux App – Free

FontBase gives you all the stability, speed and reliability of a paid font manager, but free and on all platforms!

Aurora Browser – Mac App – $1.99

Aurora is a browser window that floats on top of all other windows on your system. The window opacity is adjustable, and the window can be easily collapsed into its title bar when you want to get it out of the way.

Vanilla – Mac App – Free

Hide menu bar icons on your Mac.


Blockstack – Mac App – Free

Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where users own their data and apps run locally. A browser portal is all that’s needed to get started.

Github Desktop – Mac/Windows App – Free

Extend your GitHub workflow beyond your browser with our Desktop Beta, completely redesigned with Electron. Get a unified cross-platform experience that’s completely open source and ready to customise.

Nativefier – Mac/Windows/Linux App – Free

Make any web page a desktop application, setup is pretty easy, you need an OS from above and Node.js

Buttercup – Windows/Mac/Linux App – Free

Cross-platform, free and open-source password manager based on NodeJS.


Now Desktop 2 – Mac App – Free

now is the fastest way for individuals, teams and organizations to deploy and scale in the cloud.

Screeener – Mac App – Free

Use this app to insert a bunch of images to a keynote file, using the mockup you choose. Perfect for kick-ass presentations.

Numi – Mac App – Free

Beautiful calculator app for Mac


Colorado – Mac/Windows/Linux App – Free

The Most super, fast, awesome color schemes app ever.

Devrantron – Mac/Ubuntu/Windows App – Free

An open source devRant client, built for the community by the community

Principle – Mac App – $129

Principle makes it easy to design animated and interactive user interfaces. Whether you’re designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or new interactions and animations, Principle lets you create designs that look and feel amazing.


Boxy 2 – Mac App – $4.99

Boxy 2 is finally here, this app been built for GMail, this app is a minimal and powerful e-mail client you’ll fall in love with, and it’s been rebuilt from the ground up with new features and themes, a thoroughly refined interface and countless improvements.

PasswordGen – Mac App – Free

PasswordGen is the simple one stop password generator for the everyday person.

Colorx – Mac App – $2.99

A simple color converter app lives in your mac menu bar.


Tyke – Mac App – Free

Tyke is a tiny app that lives in your Mac menu bar. Its your scratch piece of paper when you need to write something down.

Gamut – Mac App – $9.99

Gamut is a color palette editor for designers, developers, and artists. Create and edit color palettes of any size. Big and small. Import, convert, and export Procreate Swatches, CLR, ASE, and PAL file formats.

TablePlus – Mac App – Free

Tool for Relational Database

Unsplash Wallpapers – Mac App – Free

Unsplash Wallpapers for Mac is a simple and free app designed to bring curated, HD photos to your desktop background while celebrating the photographers who provide freely usable photography on Unsplash.

WriteMapper – Windows App – $26

WriteMapper is a Windows app that lets anyone with writing deadlines get from quickly and easily produce writing drafts using mind maps. Visually brainstorm your way through writer’s block, and write distraction-free in the app, then automatically create and export a text document in your file format of choice.


Fontplop – Mac App – Free

fontplop is an OSX/macOS application which takes ttf and otf files and outputs a webfont bundle: woff2, woff, tff, svg, and eot. It is the simpler, faster, free successor to FontPrep, which is no longer maintained.


Niffir – Mac & Windows App – Free

Use your computer’s processing power to earn money for charity.

Pixelmator Pro – Mac App – $59

From a reimagined editing workflow and simplified editing tools to machine learning powering all-new, intelligent image editing features. The tools at your fingertips are smarter and more powerful, yet more intuitive and easier to use than ever before.I’m super excited to have a true replacement for Photoshop without a subscription!

Flawless App – Mac App – $30

Flawless App is a macOS app, that helps you to compare design mockups with final result right inside your iOS simulator. Easily spot visual differences between design and implementation with overlay or split comparison modes. Make pixel by pixel comparison for long or landscape screens just in a minute!


The Best HandPicked Goodies for Designers & Developers from 2017: Apps for Mac & Windows Edition