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Some people like to have a messy work area and others totally hate it when there is anything out of place. Minimalism has grown a lot over the past few years when it comes to the workplace (including the home) So today’s post I have rounded up 16 minimal work-spaces for you to be inspired to change yours.

1. Design Studio Setup

2. Mac Home Setup

3. Designer Apple Home Office

4. justWOW workstation

5. Mac Setup Home Office

6. Student Setup

7. Mac Home Office

8. Simple Photo Editing

9. Everything I Need

10. Think.. Mac Workstation

11. Yummy Gum

12. Minimized, At Night

13. Simple Home Office

14. Minimal Black

15. What to do when Comcast is down?

16. Entire Mac office space


Showcase of 16 Minimalistic Workspaces


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