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So you are wanting to create a responsive website and you think that responsive website are just arranging elements in a way that won’t compromise the overall look of your website in many different screen size? but its goes beyond this way as many of developers talk on how tough a responsive website is to make.

And as we all try to figure out the best way to develop a responsive site we already have some of the best ways to approach this issue and those are to check out the 15 tools below which can help you creating a responsive website.

1. @media info

at-media-info was developed by the team at Knetik Media to quickly and effectively identify required media queries for specific devices.

2. – Responsive Images

responsive-io is a service that optimises and delivers perfect images for every  type of screen size.

3. Dimensions App


Dimensions App is a free tool for web designers & developers to test their responsive website design. Using our Chrome App you can use it offline.

4. Froont


FROONT is a web-based design tool that runs in the browser and makes responsive web design accessible to all kinds of visual designers, even those without any coding skills.

5. ReSRC


ReSRC is just another great responsive image tool that  delivers responsive images on-demand, direct from the cloud. Link your images to ReSRC super simple service and let them take care of everything.

6. Interface Sketch

interface sketch

Interface Sketch contain a heap of free sketch template for web, mobile and tablet to help you design a website or app.

7. Flaunt.js


Flaunt.js is a jQuery script that allows you to create a responsive, nested navigation out the box. Flaunt was built to overcome responsive design challenges which faced a huge percentage of websites. This challenge was to show nested navigation items on click-demand, without the event taking you through to the page you’ve pressed.

8. TestRWD


TestRWD is a tool that allows you to test your responsive design at various sizes.

9. Viewport Resizer


Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness. Just save the bookmarklet, go to the page you want to test, click on your created bookmarklet and check all kinds of screen resolutions of the page.

10. Embed Responsively


Embed Responsively is just a awesome tool that helps you build responsive embed codes for embedding rich third-party media into responsive web pages such as YouTube Videos, Google Maps or Instagram Photos.

11. Responsive – a minimalist front end framework


Responsive has been built with that in mind. It is a minimalist framework for rapidly creating responsive websites, specifically designed and coded to be as lightweight as possible to prevent the need to undo styles set by the framework itself and allow developers to write efficient code. Most CSS styles are there to simply normalize behavior across devices or provide hooks for further styling.

Responsive is tiny. The combined CSS and JavaScript is only 13.9kb minified and gzipped. (39.5kb minified.), but there is a lot of functionality built into the framework. It’s designed to be dropped-in, as-is to your website such as you would with normalize.css.

12. 34 Grid


34Grid is a Responsive Grid System based on “equally distributed columns” layout basis. In contrast to other great grid systems (@see bottom of page), 34Grid provides equally distributed columns for each row. (and also column complements for inequal distributions)

13. Shapeshift


Shapeshift is a plugin which will dynamically arrange a collection of elements into a column grid system similar to Pinterest. What sets it apart is the ability to drag and drop items within the grid while still maintaining a logical index position for each item. This allows for the grid to be rendered exactly the same every time Shapeshift is used, as long as the child elements are in the correct order.

14. Protofluid


ProtoFluid simplifies the development of fluid layouts, adaptive CSS and responsive design.

15. RWD Calculator

The Responsive Calculator

This tool is just a simple calculator to help turn your PSD pixel perfection into the start of your responsive website.


15 Awesome & Great Tools To Help You Create Responsive Websites