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It’s the first handpicked roundup for 2016 and many designers, developers and even graphic designers has started back at work and most of us are now looking for all of those new resources, tools and apps that can help us.

So this monthly round up of the newest handpicked resources features everything from some great new jQuery plugins, to some great apps for your iOS devices, to some great resources in a free placeholder images, CSS tools, new framework to the newest WordPress plugins & themes and I’ve have also included some fonts and icons.



Feature.js is a fast, simple and light­weight browser feature detec­tion library. Features has no dependencies and weighs only 1kb minified and gzipped. Feature.js automati­cally initia­lises itself on page load, so you don’t have to. It doesn’t, however, run any tests while ini­tia­lizing, so it will only ever run them when you ask it to. This makes it perform very fast.



StickyStack.js is a jQuery plugin that allow you to create a stacking effect by sticking panels as they reach the top of the viewport



Philter is a JavaScript plugin for controlling CSS filters with HTML attributes. It also supports hover effects.



Protip is a jQuery tooltip plugin for any situation. that has 49 positions, live refresh of options, click-activated and sticky tooltips, and more.

Speak – iOS App – Free


Speak lets you message safely on the road using voice and gestures. Want to send a message? Touch anywhere on the screen and talk. Want to talk to switch conversations? Press down on the screen and say someone’s name.

Cloud Magic – Mac OS X 10.10 – $19.99


Just landed for Mac is email app Cloud Magic, This app works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and any IMAP accounts. Sign up once and access your email across devices with ease. features such like ● Instant push notifications for ALL types of email accounts: Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, IMAP – you name it, this app will sync folders that are important to you and even get push notifications for new emails which land in these folders and many other great features.

Referrer Spam Blocker – Web App – Free


Referrer Spam Blocker lets you automatically install filters to block referral spam in Google Analytics. You can install filters to block any future spam, or you can use segments to view your current Google Analytics data without spam.



Placemat is a free service that features pretty nice placeholders images for your site images includes (people, places, and things!)

Poor Man’s Styleguide


The Poor Man’s Styleguide is a pragmatic frontend styleguide. It’s quick-and-dirty, and designed to be copied and pasted into your CMS of choice.



Fabricator is a tool for building website UI toolkits



With Colordrop you can color a website by dragging and dropping a color droplet from a palette.  Just drag any colour from the colour palette (it’s Material Design specific) to a website and color designated areas of it (like sections or texts).

One can drag a colour from the colour palette and drop it on any area that lights up with a blue outline, including text elements.  Once the droplet that you are dragging gets dropped on a content area, a fun little Google Material like animation happens and the whole area gets filled with a coloured circle.



Colofilter.css lets you easily add duotone filters to photos using CSS. It’s a cool effect, but doesn’t work in every browser, so make sure you don’t use it on anything mission-critical.



Milligram provides a minimal setup of styles for a fast and clean starting point. Just it! Only 2kb gzipped! It’s not about a UI framework. Specially designed for better performance and higher productivity with fewer properties to reset resulting in cleaner code.



Appolo is a set of plugins and themes for Jekyll to create a static portfolio website for app developers to showcase their work, It’s minimalistic theme and playful animations make it perfect to display the apps you’ve made along with the responsive design looks delightful on desktop or mobile. It also comes with a set of plugins to remove the hassle of formatting your apps pages

Super Custom CSS – Free Plugin


Super Custom CSS is a WordPress Plugin that allows to add custom CSS styles to override Plugin and Theme default styles. This plugin is built to allow administrators who would like to add their own CSS to their WordPress website.

Event WP – Free Plugin


Event WP is very useful WordPress Event Plugin. as it is easy to install and use and the Event plugin it self allows you to create an event quickly, you can set start and end time of an event. Besides that, Event WP also provide a widget that display all of event on website for you. Especially, this WordPress Event Plugin can count down time of event, therefore events can be easier to manage and perform. We will update this plugin to add more interesting features to it.

Social Pug – Free Plugin


With Social Plug plugin you can add social share buttons to your website to increase the interaction on your website. Place the buttons before and after the post content or have them follow your readers in the form of a floating sidebar.

Pixel Knowledge Base – Premium Plugin $23


Pixel Knowledge Base WordPress plugin allows you to create a simple, no-fuss knowledge base that reduces your inbound customer contacts instantly.

Hashtag WP – Premium Plugin $15


Hashtag WP brings hashtags to WordPress. Tags are built into WordPress and are used in a way. Hashtag WP makes using tags differently. You can now tag your post while writing it using hashtags that will be converted to tags when published.

Hashtags are displayed in-content and are ready to be clicked, compared to tags that are seperate from the post and often too far to generate a click. A widget is also included to show hashtags in the sidebar. It’s using the same styling as original tag cloud widget, so it will already work in every themes.

BetPress – Premium Plugin $25


BetPress is a WordPress plugin that allow your users to place betting slips on sports events and compete against each others. In other words BetPress simulates the very basic functionality of a bookmaker’s website (like bwin, bet365, betfair etc) with the main differences that in the BetPress plugin bets are placed with points instead of real money and there are leaderboards.

WP Church CMS – Premium Plugin $29


WP Church CMS is a Church Management System for WordPress that allows you to have a complete church management solution for those who use WordPress, this plugin allows you to add everything you need to run a Church based site such as adding church activities you are having, donation and pledges module etc

Imporonta – Free Theme


Impronta is a beautiful blogging theme. Focused on content, it is perfect for news sites, personal blogs, diary and much more. Has responsive design and will look amazing on mobile or desktop.

Simply Pure – Free Theme


Simply Pure is a personal blogging wordpress theme, made with Yahoo’s Pure CSS. Simply Pure is a responsive WordPress theme with Two-columns and 3 widget footer.

Sage – Premium Theme $59


Sage is a flexible WordPress theme, built for restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros and any other eatery businesses. The theme includes the most popular premium plugins on the market: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Essential Grid. Using this set of plugins, you can create almost any type of layout, using a drag & drop interface and tons of pre-built elements. Sage is translation ready and compatible with the WPML plugin.

Rays – Premium Theme $49


Rays is a premium hotel WordPress theme that comes with the most special features that the world has ever seen. It offers you world’s best online booking management system with extended possibilities. We are providing you 6+ homepage layouts, with each being the product of finest professionalism and craftsmanship.

Perfect in all measures, it doesn’t ask to even touch the coding. Here, it is literally a matter of a couple of minutes to create a minimalist or tastefully furnished website on the niches of spa, resort, hotel and salon. The graphics quality and content visibility are above the par.

For gallery building, you have many predefined styles, including equal sized, masonry, masonry small thumb, vertical thumb and square thumb versions. You cannot simply help loving and adoring it!

Cobian – Premium Theme $44


Cobian super flat design and responsive bootstrap landing page and multipurpose theme. This theme is very easy to customize with great code structure, very suitable for marketing business or personal website.

Cobian Theme works perfectly in all mobile, tablet and desktop devices thanks to the flawlessly calculated Bootstrap 3.2 , you don’t meet with slipping or image disorder on any browser.

You can do everything you dreamed of very quick and simple way; you build your website with short code of template as well as shortcodes with the excellence of Visual Composer plugin.

The Cobian Theme which we created by considering the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) will provide you extra benefits at the search results.

Racer – Free Font


September – Free Font


Coves – Free Font


Local Brewery – Fonts from $25


Qanelas Soft – Fonts from $29


Rohn – Fonts from $29


RNS Camelia – Fonts from $3


BW Modelica – Fonts from $15


Foods Icons – Free


CMYK Icons – Free


Editing Icons – Free



New HandPicked Goodies for Designers & Developers for January 2016


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