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As designers or developers, we are always in the search for all of those new design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life simpler and increase our productivity & creativity.

This post is here to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers. Today we have some newly released and updated web resources from jQuery scripts, to new Apps, development Tools, WordPress themes and design resources such as fonts, Icons, UI kits etc.

And if you think that I’ve missed something that you should have been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new resource that should be featured on in the January 2018 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use my Submit Resource form and the resource could be seen in the first list for 2018 and in the next coming weeks you will see some the best of handpicked goodies for designers and developers that you could of found through out the 12 months.

Sticky Sidebar

Sticky Sidebar is a pure JavaScript plugin for making smart and high performance sticky sidebar, works with sidebar if it’s taller or shorter than the viewport, integrated with resize sensor to re-calculate the dimensions automatically when the size of sidebar or its container is changed, supports jQuery/Zepto and compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE9+. Source can be found on Github.


Bottender is an open-source JavaScript framework for building cross-platform bots.

Animate Plus

Animate Plus is a JavaScript animation library focusing on performance and authoring flexibility. It aims to deliver a steady 60 FPS and weighs less than 2 KB (minified and gzipped), making it particularly well-suited for mobile.


Scrollama is a modern & lightweight JavaScript library for scrollytelling using IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events.

Niffir – Mac & Windows App – Free

Use your computer’s processing power to earn money for charity.

Pixelmator Pro – Mac App – $59

From a reimagined editing workflow and simplified editing tools to machine learning powering all-new, intelligent image editing features. The tools at your fingertips are smarter and more powerful, yet more intuitive and easier to use than ever before.I’m super excited to have a true replacement for Photoshop without a subscription!

Sluggard – Mac App – Free

Sluggard is a powerful fitness app for Mac aimed to fight “sitting disease”.Get instant reminders during the day and perform simple exercises to reduce the risks of sedentary lifestyle

Flawless App – Mac App – $30

Flawless App is a macOS app, that helps you to compare design mockups with final result right inside your iOS simulator. Easily spot visual differences between design and implementation with overlay or split comparison modes. Make pixel by pixel comparison for long or landscape screens just in a minute!

Bitcolor – Mac App – $3.90

Bicolor is a color contrast comparison tool. Bicolor can also be useful to create low or high contrast color schemes. There are lots of websites out there that let you punch in some colors to check their compliance to’s WCAG 2.0 contrast requirements, but a native app serves this purpose better.

Time 2 – iOS App – 99c

Say goodbye to that guilty feeling you get when you procrastinate! Meet Time 2: it will help you stop wasting time, stay focused, and get your work done.

Neil – Android App – Free

Neil is a chatbot, a virtual assistant whose only goal is to find interesting stories for you to read.

Bots – Web App – Free

The identity for botsDoes your bot… Chat? Make awesome gifs? Help users stay fit? Keep users company? Does it have a name? Use .BOT to tell the world!

Finch – Web App/Mac App – From $12p/m

Pixel pushing made easy, fine-tuning a website’s visual appearance to prove that small changes make a big difference

Planagram – Web App – From $7p/m

A Smarter Way to Post to Instagram

Podia – Web App – From $39p/m

Podia is the best way to sell memberships, online courses and digital downloads. Best checkout process. Faster payouts. Amazing support.


Shrink and optimize  PNG images. Set the ideal balance between the quality and the size.

How to Really Pronounce Gif

How To Really Pronounce GIF is a tool to help you sync your Facebook ad leads.


PiTunnel is a service for remotely accessing your Raspberry Pi, and the projects that you build on it. All you need is a network connection and PiTunnel does the rest. Device Monitor and Remote Terminal tunnels are enabled by default, and you can also create your own custom tunnels to access services running on your Raspberry Pi.


DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with 3000+ templates that anyone can use to create a unique logo in minutes.


Enhance your workflow by automating the most common tasks and using the best performing Golang live reloading.


Random prompt generator for whiteboard design practice.


Novi Builder is an intuitive and feature-rich drag-and-drop HTML builder, which includes the features and extensions that allow both end-users and web design experts to feel the ease of importing any HTML websites, creating multiple pages, editing design blocks, working with the presets, exporting and publishing of websites on the servers, etc.

Cloudinary Video Player for Developers

An open source project based on the popular VideoJS player framework. The player can be initiated with a single line of code. It supports video transcoding and manipulation, HLS & MPEG-DASH adaptive bitrate streaming, customizable themes, recommended videos, playlist creation, user engagement tracking, Google Analytics integration and more.


Tapwater creates a timeline for a project as it progresses. By including only the most important information in a linear, easy-to-follow flow, you and your team can effectively keep track of deliverables, milestones, and most importantly, the future.


Ultra customize your twitter feed. See only what you want to.

Typography Scanner

typoscan is a designer tool which can help you to scan typography of your favorite website


Easy time-overlap tables for remote teams.

The Design Directory

An growing directory ofdesigners & studios producingamazing stuff.


Sketch plugin that helps you get your design files as clean as a whistle.

Versioning for Photoshop & Illustrator

Versioning for Photoshop & Illustrator, Sync your design files and see how they evolve over time

Lottie for Android, iOS, React Native, and Web

Lottie is a mobile library for Android and iOS that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as json with Bodymovin and renders them natively on mobile and on the web!

Generate 3D Mockups right in your Browser


A micro (<3kb) CSS framework.


Create rich and editable graphics inside Sketch using only few lines of JavaScript

Compositor iso

Build pages and prototypes with Lab UI components. Prototype with React and JSX without needing to setup a dev environment or manage dependencies. Automatically syncs with Lab for live preview of your design. One-click page publishing or export as static HTML and CSS. Comes with a local http server to easily view your prototypes across breakpoints.


HackerThemes provides themes, templates and tools built with and for Bootstrap 4. The themes are open source and licensed under MIT.

Bootstrap Magic 4.0

Live preview, live HTML coding to help you create your Bootstrap 4.0 theme direclty in your browser

Super Tiny Social Icons

Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Web Icons are minuscule SVG versions of your favourite logos. The average size is under 550 bytes!

Product Frameworks

Product Frameworks helps you find and learn about product frameworks used to build great products.


WordPressify is a modern workflow for your WordPress development, with integrated web server and auto-reload. Style pre-processors and ES6 ready.

Login Designer – Free Plugin

Login Designer allows you to customize the login screen for accessing WordPress. What’s awesome about it is that it uses the native customizer options. Making customization a breeze, great for client projects or indeed stamping your own design on things.

Astoundify reCAPTCHA – Free Plugin

Google reCAPTCHA for WordPress.

Dev Info Bar – Free Plugin

A simple WordPress extension which adds itself to the admin bar, providing system information such as PHP, MySQL version and details of the WordPress being used.

WooCommerce GST – Free Plugin

Using WooCommerce GST Plugin, you are able to manage the GST tax for your store.

Contact Form 7 Builder And Designer – Premium Plugin $19

With this plugin you don’t need to a programmer or developer to create form. Everybody can create form without TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE required. It has full of features that you need for your forms! You can just drag and drop elements easily the way.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart – Premium Plugin $39

The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Reminder Plugin informs you about any pending/abandoned checkouts through email. It also lets you configure the plugin to send out an automated email to the customer (with discount coupons) reminding them about the abandoned/pending order.

Chauffeur Booking System for WordPress – Premium Plugin $39

Chauffeur Booking System is a powerful limo reservation WordPress plugin for companies of all sizes. It can be used by both limo and shuttle operators. It provides a simple, step-by-step booking process and an intuitive backend administration.

Newspaper – Free Theme

Newspapers is a perfect WordPress theme for magazines, personal blogs, newspapers, product reviews, content publishers or even Newspapers can be used for niche sites with curated contents.

Child Education – Free Theme

Child Education Theme is a fast in loading, bootstrap based WordPress theme. It is mobile responsive so it looks amazingly awesome in mobile and tablets. This is a very easy to use WordPress theme for Children related websites or Education websites but can be used for any kind of online and offline business website. Child Education theme is very flexible in layouts as it is based on SiteOrigin page builder which means any type of layout is possible.

Restarter – Free Theme

Restarter is an amazingly tech-savvy and incredibly visually polished, harmonious, seamless and flexible, fast and responsive WordPress creative mobile application showcase theme.

Anevo – Premium Theme $29

Anevo is a Creative Portfolio & Personal WordPress Theme for making your portfolio for personal or professional profile. It has the modern & clean design.This WordPress theme comfortable to customize. It is easy to use, and it has perfect pixel design. We Used bootstrap framework, and you will get attractive 15+ pages layouts.

Cairo – Premium Theme $39

Cairo is the useful and powerful WordPress magazine theme with great attention to details, incredible features, an intuitive user interface and everything else you need to create outstanding websites. It does not matter if you want to create news website, online magazine or personal blog, Cairo offers limitless customization options, layouts and headers with an easy to use Admin Panel. Cairo is the perfect combination of a beautiful and professional design with tons of powerful features and a bulletproof code base.

SmartElect – Premium Theme $29

SmartElect is WordPress ecommerce theme based on WooCommerce plugin. It is suitable for electronics, computer, accessories, mobile, vegetables, food, furniture and home decor store. It is also multipurpose theme which can be used for any kind of online store. SmartElect WooCommerce theme is looking good with it’s clean and fresh design. All sub pages are customized.


Yummy Meals Vector Set

Free PSD UI Kit by Perfect Shapes Project

Biggest Free UI Kit

Nightparty – Free Sketch Ui Kit

Free Christmas Icons

Free Square Social Icons


WildWest – Free Font

Quenos Typeface – Free Font

Airfool – Free Font

UT Laurelle Script – Free Font

Creata – Fonts from $25

Camper – Fonts from $35

Quador – Fonts from $39

Bunaero Pro – Fonts from $40


New Handpicked Goodies for Designers & Developers for December 2017