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Fonts can either make or destroy the design, so it critical for designers to choose the right font that will correspond to your design, they put across information that is needed for the design. In this post I’ve collected 25 valuable fonts if you’re should have if you are into creating typography design.

1. AvantGarde ALT

2. Knarf Art Font

3. Velocity

4. Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF

5. Cube 02 Font

6. MOD Font

7. Cube Font

8. Days Typeface

9. Portal Free Font

10. Bright Bold

11. Paranoid

12. Museo Sans

13. Layer Cake

14. Vintage

15. Goca Logotype

16. File

17. Bola

18. Tiza

19. Potato

20. Circled Font

21. Unite

22. Evolution True Type

23. Oval

24. The Thunderbop Font

25. Quad


25 Fonts for Better Typography Designs