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@font-face is one of the popular ways to use custom fonts in websites, even though @font-face we introduced in CSS2 specifications back in 1998 but until this past year it became even popular to used since it was supported for most web browsers that are used today. In this post I will be featuring 20 of awesome @font-face fonts that are free for commercial and/or personal use.

1. Komika Axis

2. Quicksand

3. Titillium Text

4. Sansation

5. Ballpark

6. Blackjack

7. Distant Galaxy

8. Dubtronic

9. Expressway

10. FFF Tusj

11. Franchise

12. Great Lakes

13. Impact Label

14. June Bug

15. Kitchen Police

16. League Gothic

17. Lobster

18. Molot

19. Utility

20. Ubuntu


20 Awesome Fonts That Are @Font-Face Compatible


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