Designers should be creative in all they create. Starting from their artwork to finishing it with the selection of typography. Some say that one shouldn’t really pay much attention to it, but if you are a professional then you do the best you can to make your work perfect.

Most of these fonts are free, but I’ve includes some that you might need to pay for them to use also please make sure you read the license agreements carefully before using the fonts, they can change from time to time.

1. Elega

2. Decnai

3. Dalle

4. Six Caps

5. Banda

6. Broken Records

7. Pacificia

8. Creatica

9. Big Mouth

10. Cappuccino

11. Cube 02

12. Dan

13. Shuffle

14. Practique

15. Val

16. Zag

17. Aston

18. Malibu


18 Premium High Quality Fonts For Designers