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For any designers no matter if it for web and graphic, purchasing illustrations for a project are sometimes are expensive and having that extra unique touch of artwork is often worth the price, but what if it isn’t in the budget or vision…

Whether you need placeholder illustrations or aren’t planning on obtaining expensive works at all you don’t have to decide to use clip-art. Fortunately, there’s are lots of free illustrations throughout the web, fully available for use in any project. Today post I’ve showing a list of a few quality sources here everything from icons, art, and vectors.

1. Ouch

Ouch is an extra side project of Icons8 which is dedicated to interface illustrations. There are 16 different art styles covering hundreds of illustrations sorted by subject, and all you need to do is link back.

In Ouch, you will see these icons that are made for the non illustrating designers out there looking to class up those empty webpages. If you like you can purchase a subscription which gets you access to vector files and you won’t need to link back to them.

2. Humaaans


Humaaans is a free library to mix-&-match illustrations of people. You can customise their positions, clothing, colors, and hairstyle. You can add scenes and use the power of libraries to make it your own.

3. Bottts


This especially for Sketch App users, firstly this is a free library where you can mix and match cartoon robot parts to make your own bot. Colour however you want them to be you can use them as icons, in graphics or whatever project you want even if it’s commercial.

4. UnDraw


If you require some stylish vector illustrations with a focus on people and technology then unDraw has probably an images that is in your taste. Tech focused site or graphics will find plenty of material here, but there’s something for everyone too.

Plus UnDraw has a drop-down colour picker at the top of the screen to customise the main colours to match your brand.

5. Absurd Design

Absurd Design Illustrations

Absurd Design is a project which comes with a set of free surrealist illustrations for app or landing page messages, presentations, articles and more. The main idea is to give people a chance to think and spark their creative imagination and artistic vision.

6. Streamline Illustrations


How does this sound, you get 50 illustrations for free which is colourful, cartoony icons that is available for commercial use. People, objects, and technology are all represented here.

Each and ever icon comes with colour, duotone and line art versions and are in six different file formats. and you can also have 240 totally free LGBT vectors on top of this.

7. 365cons


365 minimalist icons, available for use, each icon comes in SVG and PNG form so you can use them anywhere and each icon related to the artist’s life that day in some way, so you’ll find all sorts of stuff!

8. Vector Characters

Vector Characters

Vector Characters is free vector cartoon characters source created, This is the place to look for if you need specifically cute, funny and engaging cartoon characters.

There is a great variety of Vector Cartoons in a wide range of styles, offering different options to present your ideas and projects. The fullest collections are those on the topic of business, women and men characters, animals and leisure.


8 Quality Places to Find Free Illustration for Design Projects