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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

Down below is a quick look at some the recently created resources that really deserve your attention — everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices, some browsers extension to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, prototyping tools, I’ve introducing some themes for those who are using Ghost and for those who lovers of WordPress I’ve also includes some themes and plugins and last but not lease I’ve added some design files some awesome fonts which some are free & some you will have to pay for.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



Falcon.js adds structure to knockout.js by incorporting models, collections, and views. It’s setup to make developing single-page web applications a breeze.



Formatter.js is a simple jQuery utility that will reformat user input to predefined pattern. For example, if your user inputs a phone number, Formatter.js will insert dashes or parentheses in appropriate places.



Riot.js is a client-side Model-View-Presenter (MVP) framework that weighs less than 1kb. Despite the small size, all the building blocks are there: a template engine, router, event library and a strict MVP pattern to keep things organized. On a finished application the views are automatically updated when the underlying model changes.



jQuery Panelize is a plugin built largely to assist in navigating web comics, although it can additionally be used for presentations, interactive maps, and SVG.

Jelly Boxes


JellyBoxes is a small jQuery extension that adds a function, .jellyBoxes([options]), to any positioned (non-static), square DOM element. JellyBoxes empties the element, then fills it with a number of randomly-colored squares that animate into random positions within a diamond on setup, and on every mouseover after that.

International Telephone Input

International Telephone Input

International Telephone Input is a jQuery plugin for entering international telephone numbers. It adds a flag dropdown to any input, which lists all the countries and their international dial codes next to their flags.



Device.js makes it easy to write conditional CSS and/or JavaScript based on device operating system (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Firefox OS), orientation (Portrait vs. Landscape), and type (Tablet vs. Mobile).



Slippry is a jQuery image gallery plugin for that has modern features such as the uses of HTML5-CSS3 markup and it works well with responsive layouts and which can be styled with Sass or CSS this plugin has multiple transition options including Ken Burns effect, this slider can be set to auto-slide, display captions and has both prev-next + bullet navigation controls.There are also callbacks for major events and multiple examples and a well detailed documentation is provided.

Ember Charts


Ember Charts is an open source and free charting library that is built with D3.js and Ember.js.The library has support for time series, bar, pie and scatter charts where all of them can be extended with ease. It is possible to customize and add/remove legends, labels, tooltips or mouseover effects.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

ColourCode – Web App


Colourcode is easy way to create colour schemes, these schemes are generated by the mouse location/movements and multiple options exist for setting the scheme type: monochrome (with light/dark grey), analogic, triad and more Once created, you can downloaded the styles by either a .less, .scss or .png file and you can also be able to save the palette for future use or share with a link.

Temper – Web App – Hobby $12/month – Pro $49/month – Business $89/month – White Label $199/month 


Temper measures how your customers feel about every aspect of your business so you know what to improve. Plainly put, you can now know how your customers feel about every part of your company or product. All the time.

Site Drop – Web App – Free


Sitedrop is a easiest way for creatives to visualize, present and gather feedback on their work through dropbox

Backtick – Google Chrome Extension – Free


Backtick is a console for bookmarklets and scripts, packaged as a Chrome extension. For a better explanation, just click that Try it out button already, or press the backtick ( ` ) key on your keyboard. The extension comes with a set of predefined commands, but you can easily create your own to use yourself or share with others.

Ghostery – Browser Extension (Most Browsers) – Free


Ghostery is a browser tool available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, as well as a standalone app available for iOS. It scans the page for trackers – scripts, pixels, and other elements – and notifies you of the companies whose code is present on the webpage you are visiting. Usually, these trackers aren’t visible, and they are often hard to find in the page source code. Ghostery allows you to learn more about these companies and their practices, and block the page elements from loading if the user chooses.

Tublme – Mac App – OSX 10.8+ – $9.99


Tublme is a beautiful and powerful, yet easy to use, Tumblr desktop client. It makes browsing Tumblr a whole new experience with its minimalistic approach.

Calendars 5 – iOS App – $6.99

Calendars 5

Calendars 5 seamlessly syncs with local iOS calendars, Reminders and even Google Calendar. Now all your events and tasks are in a single application, which is always on hand.

Geno – iOS App – $5.99


Gneo is the task management app that helps you do the right things at the right time, as you create tasks inside the app, Gneo helps you organize them, according to their relative importance and urgency.  A free Cloud Gneo account is required to use Gneo.

Cupcloud – OSX 10.6+ & MS Windows XP, 7, 8 – Free


Cupcloud is a free cloud application that allows you to save, open, and share multiple documents and web pages with one simple click. The software is designed to help you continue workflow, stay organized, and collaborate with others easily to improve productivity.

CSS, HTML, PHP & Responsive



Simptip is a simple CSS tooltip made with Sass, With this tooltip you can have them in different directions top, left, bottom, right and with these tooltip you can have them in different color such as success , info , warning and danger. And finally other features like soft edge, half arrow, movable effect, fade effect, multiline tooltip.



Mink is a PHP library used for testing that your web apps interact properly with your user’s browser. It removes the API differences between the two types of browser emulators, giving you a more accurate testing environment.



Twig is a flexible, secure, and fast templating engine for PHP. It’s concise, with a template oriented syntax, and loaded with features.



Ink by Zurb fills the gap by simplifying the creation of HTML e-mails that look the same on all major e-mail clients.The framework includes the styles for a table-based grid, buttons, panels, retina images and more. Once the e-mail is ready, you can use the web-based Inliner tool to get all styles inline.And, to get started quickly, take a look at the ready-to-use e-mail templates of Ink.



Marvel is a really simple tool that let designers turns their images and design files into interactive, sharable prototypes without needing to get your hands dirty with coding and as Marvel is completely powered by Dropbox means that every change to your image is synced to the prototype. You’ll never have to keep reuploading files every time you tweak the design, Marvel just does its job and gets out of the way.

Marvel is simple for anyone to use whether you’re a product manager that needs to quickly put together something for a meeting or a experienced designer making sure your designs are pixel-perfect this tool is just for you.

Responsive Comments


ResponsiveComments was designed to bring simple conditional loading to the client side. Although not the complete answer to conditional loading in responsive web design, ResponsiveComments provides a solution to simple conditional loading, directly within your markup.

Ghost Themes

Vapor – Free


Vapor is a theme that embodies the core concept of Ghost—it fades into the background, bringing the focus to your content.  Supports blog and user images; cover images, while supported in the Ghost admin, are not displayed in the theme due to theme’s minimal nature and focus on typography.


Omikron is a minimal, simple and responsive Ghost theme built for maximum readability. The main design focus of Omikron is the typography and the clean design. Based on the latest Bootstrap its easy to update and customise to your own needs.


GhostWall is a clean and simple theme for Ghost, it was created by using the latest techniques. Include 6 widget that you can easy custom your blog.


Fixy is a simple and sexy theme for the elegantly simple Ghost platform. Built mobile first for speed, we’ve added some little extras for Vimeo/YouTube video support and SoundCloud support plus the ability to set your first image in a post as the main image/video/soundclip on the index page.

WordPress Frameworks, Plugins & Themes

Redux Framework – Free Plugin


Redux is an advanced and stable WordPress options framework, built on top of the popular NHP, with an enhanced UI. It uses the “WordPress Settings API” and has multiple built-in filed types, validation, import/export functionality and much more.

Import Your Post – Free Plugin

Import Your Post

With this plugin, you can import and auto traduct single post.This plugin can import item from WordPress or Joomla sites. You can also import HTML directly.The items with source code are managed properly and images are directly imported into the media library. Article becomes identical to a directly entered with WordPress interface. Very usefull to autotraduct post in multisite.

WooCommerce Get One Free – Free Plugin

WooCommerce Get One Free

WooCommerce Get One Free is a WooCommerce extension which allows for creating special offers for customers to get one item for free when purchasing certain quantity of this item.

Space Boxes – Free Plugin

Space Boxes

Space Boxes (not Space Balls) was designed to make building content & media grids quick and painless. Each Space Box set is created solely with a WordPress gallery inserted into a custom post type. When you insert the shortcode [spaceboxes id=XX”] , it will display the title, and caption for each image, if they are provided.

WP Post to PDF Enhanced – Free Plugin


WP Post to PDF Enhanced is based on the original WP post to PDF. It renders posts & pages as downloadable PDFs for archiving and/or printing. Configuration options are available for the presentation and placement of the PDF link/icon in the article, custom header image, included/excluded posts/pages, fonts for various sections (header, footer, article, etc.), caching of previously-rendered PDFs, and much more. It is possible to limit access to PDFs to registered users or present the link/icon to all visitors.

WP Post to PDF Enhanced is completely self-contained, and does not rely on any third party to render PDFs; does not require any additional plugins, either.


Shortcodelic actually is a plugins bundle, because puts in the same plugin lots of features that serve to create a cutting edge theme, with slideshows, tabs, accordions, comparative tables, advanced Google maps, progress bars, font icons etc.

Woocommerce Black Friday

Black Friday 2013 is right around the corner, so we’ve their a new Woocommerce Black Friday Plugin that will allow you to have your own Black Friday Sale on your Woocommerce Store. Simply this plugin is the opportunity to organize Promotions, Sales and Discounts on online stores on Black Friday for sellers in all industries as you can also take advantage of facebook’s millions of users too with this plugin

Contact Form 7 Auto Responder Addon

Contact Form 7 Auto Responder Addon is a plugin which completely transforms contact form 7 plugin into a lead generating and list building software.

Normally CF7 sends the inquiry(content) to the email, but our plugin not only does this but it also sends the inquiry to autoresponders like aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, imnica mail, icontact, constant contact, vertical response and campaign monitor.

Blue Press

A social style theme for Admin page with the new context sensitive menu and toolbar, wonderful look and feel. New icon and blue style maybe suitable for you.

Store & Places Locator with Google Maps

Store & Placement locator for WordPress fills the gap of having a map based location finder for almost any requirement. Whether you want to show your branch offices, distribution locations, showrooms or pickup points this plugin helps you to conveniently visualize your network using simple shortcodes. Works with any theme and integrated seamlessly.

ProMax – Free Theme


ProMax Theme is best WordPress theme design for personal and business uses with full features and SEO Optimize.This WordPress Theme can easily adapts on your mobile and desktop or any other device. Theme comes with lots of customization and connect social media like Facebook, Google+, twitter, YouTube and Adsense ready It supports all the awesome WordPress features completely free theme for blogging.

Codium Grid – Free Theme


Grid Codium is a wordpress theme based on a grid. It adapts perfectly to all devices: desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The theme is minimalist with the aim to highlight your content. The structure of the theme is SEO ready. In addition, the theme respects the W3C as well as for HTML CSS.

Writr – Free Theme


Writr is a minimalist, content-oriented tumblelog theme perfect for your personal blog.

OneColumn – Free Theme


OneColumn is a free, basic, clean, responsive, mobile friendly, one-column WordPress theme. 2 widget-areas are located in footer and 2 underneath header-image on homepage. Custom header-image and dropdown navigation are included. Navigation, header-image and widgets can be turned off. Besides this no theme settings page, no fancy options, no slideshow, this one only has the basic options. Enjoy.

Hannari – Free Theme


Hannari is a fully responsive, flexible, simple and beautiful. This theme have a really cool and a lot of theme options, possibility of creating multiple sidebar

Hypertext – Premium Theme $40


The Hypertext is an Awesome One Page Flat WordPress Theme which brings many useful and most popular functions with Flat Design which is popular right now. It’s ideal for any corporate agency, creative studio or for personal portfolio.

It’s very flexible and powered by our Wope Framework which has advanced theme options to make your site very flexible and fully customizable. You can build dozens custom pages with our Page Builder which has many useful and popular options. You can build the page easily, and yes update is simple as how it was built.

Colors – Premium Theme $40


Colors is parallax Bootstrap3 WordPress responsive one-page theme. COLORS is great for any creative business, agency or portfolio website. Every single page section can be added from dashboard and customized ( color, background image, parallax part etc ) Custom post types for gallery, portfolio, team, about us sections and for page sections and parallax sections. Shortcodes for adding custom post types in website, headlines shortcodes, buttons shortcodes… Shortcodes and custom post types are in plugin so the content won’t be lost if you switch to another theme. XML file for import preview content. Set homepage to be static page like in preview or set blogroll to homepage.

California – Premium Theme $45


California – Restaurant Hotel Coffee Bar WordPress Theme is a fully configurable and easy to use responsive WordPress Theme with HTML5 Video Background Support and a lot of other great features. It has been specifically designed to be easily customized and it’s created for creatives who want to make under construction page in few minutes.

California is a WordPress theme perfect fit for the restaurants, pubs, bars, wineries and other companies offering foods and drinks. Theme has modern and timeless design with many options to customize final look of the website.

FlatBook – Premium Theme $35


FlatBook is a fully responsive ebook or app selling wordpress landing page featuring a trendy but unique flat design in unlimited color schemes. FlatBook suits perfectly every businesses or individuals who would like to showcase their ebook or application with a one-page marketing landing page in a sophisticated, eye-catching way.

Flamingo – Premium Theme $45


Flamingo is a complete portfolio for creative agencies and freelances. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any kind creative is now able to create a quick & easy portfolio to showcase their work with a elegant touch.

Fully responsive, font-awesome icons retina ready… You can implement features like parallax or some other trends with a single click.

Chromium – Premium Theme $40


Chromium – is a responsive WordPress theme carefully crafted for Business and Blog use. It has built-in features such as: gallery, working contact form, mobile menu, portfolio sorting and other cool features you will see when using it.

RedStar – Premium Woocommerce Theme $55


The RedStar e-Commerce WordPress theme is so clean, super flexible and has a fully responsive design (try resizing your browser). Built with HTML5 and CSS3 . A lot of thought and care were put into RedStar making it a pleasure to use. The Flat, modern design can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, products, etc. The RedStar comes with built in Under Construction page and it is compatible with woocommerce 2.0

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Typography

Retrostar – Font from $30


Dense – Font from $30


Tide Sans – Font from $6

Tide Sans

Stajn Pro – Font from $45

Stajn Pro

Farewell Regular – Free Font

Farewell Regular

Norwester – Free Font


Plethora 1984 – Free Font


High Tide – Free Font


Softies – Colorful & Playful Icon Set


Ultra-Minimal Apple Product Templates

Ultra-Minimal Apple Product Templates

Real Estate Marketing Icons


Free Poster Mockup Template

Free Poster Mockup Template

Free Magazine Cover Template

Free Magazine Cover Template

Free iPad Mockup Template

Free iPad Mockup Template

Free T-Shirt Mockup Template

Free T-Shirt Mockup Template

Infinite Preloader (GIF)


20 Free Social Badges


Free One Page vCard Template


Soda Can Mockup



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