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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or own personal work.

Down below is a quick look at some the recently created resources that really deserve your attention — everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, Web Tools, mobile development and including some frameworks. For those WordPress lovers like myself I’ve also added some themes and plugins and last but not lease i’ve added some design files such free and paid for fonts.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



Permit.js is a jQuery plugin that makes building interactive, multi-state prototypes for websites and apps easy. As Permit.js makes simulating those different situations a breeze. As it’s been designed to be use by anyone that does interactive prototype work in HTML and CSS, including information architects and other user interface and user experience (UI/UX).



Touchy is a highly configurable jQuery plugin. It exposes event data (velocity, etc.) for longpress, drag, pinch, rotate and swipe. Example use cases include preventing a conflict between a drag and a swipe, getting pinch abstracted across Android and iOS, or creating a single finger rotation.



GridList is a drag and drop library for a two-dimensional resizable and responsive list of items. An agnostic GridList class that manages the two-dimensional positions from a list of items within a virtual matrix. This is a jQuery plugin built on top of the GridList class that translates the generic items positions into responsive DOM elements with drag and drop capabilities.



Mithril is a client-side Javascript MVC framework. It’s a tool to make application code divided into a data layer, a UI layer, and a glue layer. Mithril is around 3kb gzipped, focused, API. It provides a templating engine with a virtual DOM diff implementation for per-formant rendering, utilities for high-level modelling via functional composition, as well as support for routing and componentisation.



Waveform.js makes drawing SoundCloud waveforms simple and lets you style and color them the way you want it. Waveform comes as a small JavaScript library and is using a lightweight service hosted on that translates the waveform images provided by SoundCloud into floating points.



Prezento is a jQuery plugin to showcase your responsive web designs in new interactive way on mobile / laptops or desktops with scrolling.



browserWrapper is a jQuery plugin, which builds a 1:1 scale responsive browser window, at any size, around any element in the DOM.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

NoteSuite – Mac 10.7 App – $6.49


NoteSuite helps you to stay on top of everything that is important in one organised place, with this app you can take notes, manage to-dos, clip web pages, read and search documents through this app

Sparkle – Mac 10.9 App – Free (This App is in Public Beta)


Sparkle is a visual website builder that you was designed to let you build fully functional websites without knowing anycoding knowledge, in the core of this app is a modern WYSIWYG editor that is very simple to use and is powerful enough for building a static webpage such as a product promotional page or a personal landing page.

Hinder 2 – Mac 10.8+ App – $19.99


Hider 2 lets you hide, encrypt, and password protect private data on your Mac, making it impossible to find with Finder or Spotlight. It has custom grouping, global shortcut keys, and an array of other organizational features that make keeping track of your hidden data a piece of cake.

Tag – iOS App – Free


Tag is the easiest way to send your location privately to friends. ‘Tag’ a few friends to let them know what you’re up to. Attach videos, pictures, and messages to really capture the scene. In one click, your friends can ‘tag back’ to show you where they are and what they’re doing.

Cloak – iOS App – Free


With Cloak you can avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat— anyone you’d rather not run into, as this app scrapes Instagram and Foursquare to let you know where all your friends, “friends,” and nonfriends are at all times so you never have to run into that special someone. Think of it as the antisocial network.

Tact – iOS App – Free


The Tact iOS app will brings together all your customer information—from your email and calendar, to Salesforce and more, so you can capture your important conversations in one beautifully simple app.

Kiteworks – iOS App – Free


Kiteworks is a app enables business users to securely create, access, and share up-to-date enterprise content anytime, anywhere. With a mobile-first icon-based design, kiteworks offers users the ability to securely share large files, collaborate in real-time, edit and annotate documents, and create content within a secure container.

Autodesk Instant – iOS App & Android App – Free


Autodesk Instant for iOS and Android is a group messaging app for the workplace. Instant makes it easy to communicate with your coworkers in real-time.

AnyFont – iOS App – Free


With AnyFont it is finally possible to install any additional font in TrueTypeFont- (.ttf) or OpenTypeFont- (.otf) format on your iPhone or iPad. These fonts can then be used throughout the system in other apps like Pages, Keynote or Numbers.

Krypton Pulse – Web App – Free


Krypton Pulse is a free web app that allows you to have status dashboards so you can keep your end-users up to date with information about your service’s availability, health, and uptime with ease. – Web App – Free


With Reme.IO you can create instant email reminders. as this is a free web app that includes no sign up to create a account, it will works straight from the landing page. Just provide the reminder’s text, due date, your email address and you’re done. You can also include other people in your reminders, like your family, friends and clients. Since Reme.IO supports natural language, you can create reminders faster and in a more human way.

Open Call – Web App – Free (Self Hosted)/Shared $99 p/m / Dedicated $199+/pm


Opencall is the world’s first open source call tracking software. As the software is available under the GPL v3 license and is written in PHP and utilises MySQL as the database platform.  Call tracking is a method of monitoring inbound phone calls. It allows you to record conversations, track key statistics such as caller id, call duration, call source and streamline your sales, customer service and marketing. Self-host your call tracking solution – own your data, cut your costs and track calls in any country.

ShareDrop – Web App – Free


ShareDrop is HTML5 Web App clone of Apple AirDrop service, As this service will allows you to transfer files directly between devices, without having to upload them to any server first. It uses WebRTC for secure peer-to-peer file transfer and Firebase for presence management and WebRTC signaling.  At the moment ShareDrop allows you to send files only to other devices in the same local network, i.e. devices with the same public IP address.

CSS, HTML, Frameworks & Awesome Tools

Timber – Shopify Framework


Timber is a front-end framework which makes it easy to start building Shopify themes quickly, as it can be used by theme creators of any skill level for themes of any scope.

Bootflat Framework


Bootflat is an open source Flat UI KIT based on Bootstrap 3.1.0 CSS framework. Bootflat Framework provides a faster, easier and less repetitive way for web developers to create elegant web apps.

This framework been built on the foundations of Bootstrap, visioned in a stunning flat design. Bootstrap itself is a trusted, reliable and proven tool for developers. Built with Sass 3.3.3. Bootflat is compatible with the following browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

And for the designers, they have provided you with a free PSD file for you, it includes a set of beautiful and pure components, which you can use to create startup projects, websites or iOS/Android Apps.



As we live in the age of the Internet, have you ever found yourself in yet another typographic battle. As in an effort to speed up loading times, we’ve compressed fonts, and along the way, we’ve lost the majority of the quality of rendered type. But Let’s change that as fonts served by Brick are clones of the original, converted without modification to WOFF format for high quality rendering and fast loading across all modern browsers.



Haxe is an open source, multi-platform programming language that has a syntax similar to JavaScript, PHP, and the like. It’s fully documented, and has strict compile-time type checking to make debugging faster and easier.



Slick is an advanced, responsive carousel that’s loaded with features. It’s fully functional with or without CSS3 (but uses it if available), lets you enable or disable swipe, and offers infinite looping, among other features.



With Dribbbox you can displays your work in a clean, easy-to-browse gallery, avoiding the noise of Dribbble’s comments, rebounds, ads and etc. It’s your portfolio, not your social network profile. You host your site, using your own domain. There is no server-side code or external dependencies involved.

Dribbbox is just vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and since you are hosting all the files, you can easily tweak the look and behavior of your site. Dribbbox works well on mobile and showcases your Dribbble shots front and center. Try the demo on your smartphone to see how the mobile version feels.



With CSS-perf you can makes it easy to conduct some super unscientific CSS testing on your web pages. For the most part, these tests revolve around methodologies and techniques for determining effective CSS architecture.

Responsive Email Patterns


Responsive Email Patterns is a collection of patterns and modules for responsive emails.



Pint is a small, asynchronous, dependency aware wrapper around Grunt attempting to solve some of the problems that accompany a build process at scale.  A typical Grunt-file starts with, at a minimum, some variation of: jsHint, jasmine, LESS, handlebars, uglify, copy, and clean stack.

And just these half dozen or so plugins can balloon your Grunt-file upwards of 300 lines and when you add complex concatenation, cache busting, and versifying can cause it to grow well in to the 1000+ lines. Pint allows you to break up and organize your build into small testable pieces.

Lavish Bootstrap


Lavish Bootstrap is a Ruby app that will let you easily grab a color palette from Bootstrap directlyfrom an image. It’s built on the Prizm gem, and lets you easily customise the generated palette.



Gridlover gives you adjustable CSS for font sizes, line heights and margins, the default CSS output is for body, p and h1 to h4 headings, but you can of course apply your adjusted values to any element by editing the CSS.  By simply drag the numbers in the top toolbar left and right to adjust their value.

Elements in Gridlover are always kept aligned to a pixel perfect baseline grid. The font scale in Gridlover is calculated by stepping up the font size by the scale factor for each heading level. Line heights are fitted to the font size.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

FooBox Image Lightbox – Free Plugin


FooBox was the first lightbox to take responsive layout seriously. But not only does it scale images to look better on phones, but it rearranges it’s button controls to look great in both portrait or landscape orientation.

WebKite for WordPress – Free Plugin


WebKite is a service for getting your data online easily and quickly. Backed by the WebKite API, the WebKite for WordPress plugin delivers the filtering and sorting capabilities of sites like Kayak, Amazon, and Yelp. Users can interact with your content to easily find items that are relevant to their needs, a great way to build rapport and trust with your user base.

Better Font Awesome – Free Plugin


Better Font Awesome gives you easy access to the full Font Awesome icon library using shortcodes, HTML, and TinyMCE, and allows you to update your version of Font Awesome without having to change your existing shortcodes.

WP Design Maps & Places – Free Plugin


The plugin allows you to mark places on a custom map coherent with the style of your website, if you are not happy with Google Map’s look then integrate this plugin as you can self-designed a map and the marker images then place it into your website and easily add new locations by just entering the address or geographic coordinates.


CCR Responsive WordPress Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress users looking for flat design best WordPress pricing table. This is Multi-functional WordPress Pricing Table Plugin is a pack of CSS3 and HTML5. This Plugin can be used for any blog or website to make an attractive pricing table for any business or service.


The Fixed WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin shows social media icons on any window position you like. Plus: it protects the users privacy because it does not load any data from the social media platform in the users browser.


WooCommerce Quote turns the cart contents of your WooCommerce online store into a downloadable PDF which can be used as a quote or an estimate by your customers. It adds a “Download Quote” button next to the WooCommerce cart page and generates a PDF document that reflects cart contents.


The Barley for WordPress plugin brings the easy to use inline content editing experience of Barley to any WordPress-powered site. Create and edit blog posts, pages, add images and videos from YouTube, edit tags, categories, featured images and more. Also, view and edit drafts from the front-end of your site.


The WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin enables your customers to choose and reserve a delivery date and time for their order.As an admin, you are able to define available delivery days, as well as configure specific time slots.


Front-end Membership Modules WordPress Plugin allows you to easily extend the authentication layer of your WordPress website. One of the main features of this plugin is to display the Login form, Register form with custom form fields, Edit Profile Form with custom form fields and user avatar uploads, Reset password form and Logout features on the front-end of your website. This plugin will also allow you to integrate Social Media Connect like Facebook Connect, Login and Register via Twitter, Google and LinkedIn with custom profile fields.

Sneak Lite – Free Theme


Sneak Lite is a clean, minimal and responsive Sueva child theme, based on Bootstrap framework, with a new menu and buttons style and a different layout for the elements like sidebar and with a new fonts.

Story – Free Theme


Story is a personal blogging theme inspired by Flat UI. Featuring responsive design, post format support and color options built into theme customizer. Simple, clean, vibrant.

Apprise – Free Theme


Apprise is a modern WordPress theme that is packaged with a lot of nice features such as: advanced admin panel, responsive design, unique featured posts layout for the home page or featured image slider, customizable home page About Us and Content Boxes sections, custom logo and favicon, Google Fonts, unlimited colors for the menu, widgets, header and footer, localization support, from full screen layout to 1 or 2 sidebars to the left or right, 4 footer widget columns, scroll to top feature, social links, support for Contact Form 7, 8 post formats and more.

Padhang – Free Theme


Padhang is a minimalist-content-focused theme that comes with responsive layout, 2 widget areas under the main content, social menu, big background image, custom logo and custom menu. Padhang is a Javanesse word for bright. It featured bright white color with dark background. Easily customised from the theme customiser. Stand out your content.


Reload is a modern, unique and responsive WordPress theme. As it’s a multipurpose, cross browser compatible theme with simple, clean and impressive design. This theme been based on the Reload HTML template and powered by Visual Composer and Redux Framework. Reload theme also provides two completely different styles for your header to choose from. This theme can be used for any type of project: business, corporate, portfolio, blog etc, as you can customise your website as much as you wish grace to its elements and innovative option panel. Set your colours, fonts and all you need in no time.


Flatbase is a nicely crafted and complete all-in-one WordPress theme solution for you to create your own support platform, this theme is clean and detail-oriented design is the perfect frame to provide support articles, informing and teaching users how to master your product. This theme combines a Knowledge Base, FAQs, Forums (bbPress integration) and a ton more nice features.

Haira – Premium Theme $40


Haira is a Multipurpose & Responsive theme. The authors of this theme has added a lot features to give you a super flexibility in the theme. There are endless possibilities you can done with Haira. The authors integrated a Visual Page Builder Plugin in the haira theme. With the help of Visual Page Builder ( worth $30 ) You can create unlimited layouts by just dragging and dropping the elements. There is no Programming Knowledge required to use this theme. You can also find included the dummy data for your help.

RealHome – Premium Theme $45


RealHome is a responsive WordPress theme for full-feature a real estate website and portal. This theme has nice & clean design and it adds special integration features like property info, photos, Advanced Search, Google Map with property location markers, simple grid listing, agent login & register, front end property submit & edit, dsIDXpress IDX Plugin support, WPML plugin support, custom widgets, Widgetised Sidebars, numerous templates, visual short-code builder, easy theme options,multiple gallery and blog page designs, easy to use meta-boxes and much more…

Reorder – Premium Theme $55


Reoder is a WooCommerce and portfolio WordPress theme, this theme is simply one page layout and clean type template with great typography. In the theme you can find contains the latest features to give your site a trendy look. Reorder has been made fully responsive with bootstrap. Our great efforts made it possible to give a great user experience to Reorder with HTML5, CSS3, less. Layout builder is easy to customize and enables you to create lots of positions for features and plugins. Integrated shortcodes might reduce your time in typing codes. Google fonts and hundreds of icons can be added dynamically and by using shortcodes. Reorder is utilizable for business, portfolio, product, corporate and website.

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Fonts

350 Free Android Icons


Flat Icons Set


Twitter GUI 04.14


Web Buttons (PSD)

Web Buttons (PSD)

Social App iOS (Free PSD)


Intro Condensed – Free Font


Comic Neue – Free Font


Kalopsia Slab – Free Font


Appetite Rounded – Font $49.00


Zona Pro- Fonts from $49.00


Bommer Slab – Fonts from $30.00


Range Sans – Fonts from $50.00



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