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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

Down below is a quick look at what were some of the most recently created resources that really deserve your attention — everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, to Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile and even some great browser extensions,  to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, frameworks, HTML based “engine”, a new CMS and for those WordPress lovers like myself I’ve also includes some themes and plugins and lastly I’ve added some design files such as icons and fonts both free & ones that will cost a few dollars.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



TitleNotifier.js is a lightweight dependency-free javascript library that dynamically show the number of unread notifications in your webpage title.



scrollToBySpeed is a jQuery plugin that lets your users scroll by speed rather than duration, giving a more consistent user experience. Regardless of how far down the page something is, when a user clicks a navigation button that triggers a scroll, the speed will be consistent.



Debug is a small library for logging debug messages, since it is just a wrapper around console.log, it works in both Node and the Browser. It allows you to filter logging output without changing your source and it also outputs time differences which lets you easily tell how much time has elapsed between log messages.



Wholly is a jQuery plugin for triggering table column mouse-enter and mouse-leave events. Wholly is used for highlighting the entire table column. Wholly supports tables with colspan and rowspan attributes.  So if you want to support colspan and rowspan, then first you will need to build table cell index and then you need to track events of all the table cells of interest and calculate their offset in the matrix and the columns that share the vertical index.

Wholly is not limited to setting a particular style, the custom event hook allows you to select the entire column and can be used to copy the data, for selecting multiple columns, etc.



Perfect Scrollbar is a tiny but yet perfect jQuery scrollbar plugin. The scrollbar does not affect the original design layout as the design of the scrollbar is fully customisable. You can change nearly all CSS styles of the scrollbar and as the scrollbar design has no dependency on scripts, Perfect Scrollbar support the ‘update’ function so whenever you need to update the size or position of the scrollbar it will just update.

famo-us is a JavaScript framework designed to build rich, interactive web applications. takes an opinionated approach to web development, maintaining a tight control of rendering to achieve performance. The framework also maintains strict modularity for flexibility. Paired with server-side technology designed to match on the front end, you can finally create high quality applications that was once reserved only for native development.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

Control Center – Mac OS X App – $10


You can get the iOS 7 style control center with the App called, Control Center as this is s the ultimate utility for Mac OS X users. You can use the Control Center for Mac to  control and monitor most aspects of your computer such as a iTunes/Spotify controller,  realtime CPU/RAM and network monitor, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth devices, Audio/Brightness, Tweaks for controlling Finder, System and Services.

GoodTask – Mac OSX 10.8+ App – $9.99


GoodTask extends Built-in OSX Reminders to a Powerful Task Manager. With GoodTask you can look through your tasks on a gorgeously designed to-do list/task managing app, this Mac App support Mac 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.9 Mavericks .

Numerical – iOS App – $2.99


Numerical is a calculator without equal. Whether you’re doing simple math, advanced brackets and exponentiation, or need a running history of your previous work, Numerical has the answer.

Up Next – iOS App – $2.99


Up Next was designed for those of us who have so much to do, that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. Up Next manages all of your to do lists and figures out what you should be working on next. It then provides quick access to things like driving directions and one tap dial to make your task execution more efficient.

Carousel – iOS & Android App – Free


Basically Carousel puts a lifetime of memories at your fingertips and keeps them safe forever in Dropbox.

TinyPress – Web App – Free


Tinypress allows you manage your Github page. (Github pages are simple static websites [and blog] for you and your projects).  AS Tinypress features a subtle interface to create a page (if you don’t have one already), edit, delete and create new posts. For now only user pages are supported. Support for project pages coming soon.

Stashhh – Web App – Free


Stashhh is a great way for you to collect and share things that you like online with others with the same likes as you. You can use Stashhh with Chrome via a extension.

Project Parfait – Web App – Free


Project Parfait is an experimental service for designers and developers, who turn Photoshop comps into code-based designs. It lets you quickly and easily extract what you need from a PSD comp. Project Parfait lets you do the following directly in your browser such as extracting colour, gradient and font info from a PSD, Copy text and CSS, Get accurate measurements between elements, Export production-ready optimised images.

Project Parfait is ideal for developers and designers who regularly receive Photoshop comps, and translate them into code-based designs. It makes it easier to extract vital information from PSDs. Developers working on native iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows applications may also find Project Parfait valuable.

Project Naptha – Chrome App – Free


Project Naptha automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience, where you can highlight as well as copy and paste and even edit and translate the text formerly trapped within an image.

Dimensions Toolkit – Chrome Extension – 99c per year


Dimensions Toolkit is a super friendly Chrome Extension for designers to test responsive websites. As we all know constantly press that refresh button is a time consuming task, we can wave that goodbye as Dimensions Toolkit is compatible with all JavaScript auto-refreshers, so no more incessant button bashing.

Dimensions Toolkit is all for accurate measurements and sizes. You can control the dimensions of the preview by dragging handles, entering specific values manually or choosing from a selection of popular device measurements.

The toolkit is set to the default breakpoints of 320px, 480px, 768px & 1024px. Using the custom breakpoints feature, Dimensions allows you to change these values to anything you desire.

Raindrop – Browser Extension – Free


Raindrop makes bookmarks more vivid and functional, you can save important pages, articles, video or photo in one click. You can organise and create collections and share it with friends. With Raindrop it’s saves not just bookmarks but associated content depending on page type. If it’s an article, it will be cut and saved with the bookmark. The same applies to video, photo and presentations. The collections can be made public and used in your application or a website using API.

Content Generator for Sketch – Sketch Addon – Free


The Sketch generator allows you quickly create dummy data such as avatars, names, geo location data etc.

CSS, HTML, Frameworks & Awesomeness



Crumpet is a deliciously simple SASS/SCSS responsive framework that keeps your HTML clean & stays out of your way. Crumpet was built to make use of placeholder selectors to reduce the size of your HTML markup as no one likes messy HTML.

While creating website layouts fast & responsive will be a breeze but not windy like it is in Autumn. As it allows you the freedom to do what you want with your code, easy and simple to hack about to make your own.

Crumpet has everything straight forward, as all of the code is commented and gives you instructions on how to use Crumpet, so you can spend all your time in the code editor.

CSS Vocabulary


CSS Vocabulary is a small app to browse through which is what in CSS. It has some sample css with a list of css terminology by clicking on anything in one panel highlights the corresponding items in the other.



DoCSSa is a CSS architecture and methodology that tries to combine all the good parts of the current state of the art. It is intended for use in large, long lived sites, on which many frontend developers may be working over time.

DoCSSa is based on Sass, and leverages some of its key features to achieve its goal. Most notably, DoCSSa takes advantage of placeholders, mixins, and imports. It also suggests a file system organisation and a BEM based naming convention, and integrates the core ideas found in OOCSS, SmaCSS and DRY CSS.

Apple Pie


ApplePie Toolkit is modular and responsive CSS framework. getting started with ApplePie is easy, as whether you are building a simple site with a ‘default’ UI, or you are a master of SASS, building a new app this toolkit will help you get up and running!



Freeboard is a turn-key HTML-based “engine” for dashboards. Besides a nice looking layout engine, it provides a plugin architecture for creating datasources (which fetch data) and widgets (which display data)— freeboard then does all the work to connect the two together. Another feature of freeboard is its ability to run entirely in the browser as a single-page static web app without the need for a server. The feature makes it extremely attractive as a front-end for embedded devices which may have limited ability to serve complex and dynamic web pages.



Widgy is a Python/Django based CMS framework with a drag & drop interface to make it as easy as possible to manage your website’s content.



Quill is an open source editor built for the modern web, it’s been built with an extensible architecture and an expressive API so you can completely customize it for your use case. Quill has some great and awesome built in features such as it being fast and lightweight, semantic markup – standardised HTML between browsers as it supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 9+.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

Next Level Cache – Free Plugin


Next Level Cache is a lightweight plugin that intercepts DB queries and selectively caches them, a special type of plugin file called a “Drop-in” is included to override the WordPress’s default DB functionality. Every page is still generated dynamically, but WordPress is coerced into using cached data for many of the DB calls. This hybrid approach doesn’t eliminate all database queries, but keeps them down to a reasonable number (usually between 1 and 5 queries per page, depending on your theme and plugins).

The Next Level Cache plugin monitors it’s own activity, so if the cache isn’t performing well then a warning message will display on the admin dashboard widget and plugin settings page.

Appointments – Free Plugin


Appointments is the most comprehensive bookings plugin that is available for WordPress. As It’s ideal for businesses and individuals who schedule times with clients, such as consultants, web designers, spa, hair salons, photographers and sales executives.

Frontend Developer – Free Plugin


Frontend Developer provides an easy way for theme developers see exactly what viewport resolution they are currently viewing. As you can seen in version 2.0 the Frontend Developer is now hooked into the admin toolbar.

Adjusted Bounce Rate – Free Plugin


As we seen that Google Analytics does not properly track some important engagement metrics like Avg Time on Site, Avg Session Duration, and Bounce Rate. So with the Adjusted Bounce Rate plugin it uses a commonly-accepted JavaScript method of improving the accuracy of these stats.

WP Dropbox Dropins – Free Plugin


The WP Dropbox Dropins plugin gives your users the ability to save files directly from your website to their Dropbox account instantly or the other way around, it gives the users the ability to directly upload files from their Dropbox account into your website.

Rankie – Premium Plugin $13


Rankie is WordPress rank checker plugin that will help you track wordpress rankings on Google keeping a close eye on each keyword position.  As a wordpress rank tracker plugin WordPress Rankie will update keywords rank positions daily and generate powerfull reports.  it also incorporate a powerfull research tool that generates valuable keyword lists Googlers are already using to search.

AroundMe – Premium Plugin $12


AroundMe is a plugin to allow access to your pages/posts from certain locations with a given radius. With this plugin you can set a location with defined radius for your post or page, and only users that are inside the radius are able to see the content of you post/page.

Easy Slide-In for WordPress – Premium Plugin $16


Easy Slide-In is a must have WordPress plugin that been made to get you to create graceful & eye catching messages that grab your audiences’ attention.  Such like if you have a particular message you don’t want your audience to miss? Would you like to build your mailing list without using annoying pop ups? Easy Slide-In is the right tool for you. With Easy Slide-In you have complete control over when, where and how your message is displayed to user.

WordPress Ad Master – Premium Plugin $25


WordPress Ad Master lets you create popups, sliders, floating buttons, on-page campaigns to engage your visitors and invite them to take action. You can easily show a newsletter subscription form, special offer, contact form, or social sharing buttons customized to your liking with the advanced settings Ad Master plugin introduces.

Soliloquy – Free Theme


The Soliloquy theme is a modern, responsive, WordPress business theme that adapts to your screen size using the Bootstrap front-end framework. Choose from right and left sidebar options and an amazing array of page and post layouts depending on your needs. The Soliloquy theme is typography rich and emphasizes imagery and photography with full-width featured image options on all posts and pages.

Franklin – Free Theme


Franklin is a super lightweight theme with a responsive layout that specifically designed for bloggers, the theme consists of a 2 column layout with a right hand widget area.

Pratt – Free Theme


The Pratt theme by XtremelySocial is an adaptation of the “Pratt” theme by Pratt It is a modern, fully responsive, “flat” style theme with a nice colour palette, big full-width images, and full-width coloured sections. The navigation bar is fixed at the top of the page for easy navigation. It includes several beautiful header images for businesses, photographers, musicians, writers and you can upload your own as well.

Fictive – Free Theme


The Fictive theme is all about you, your style, your look and your story. To make it your own you can use your own personal custom header image, a Gravatar, and links to your favorite social networks. Use Post Formats to dress up your content, add a custom menu and widgets, or keep it simple with a fixed-position header.

Zinna – Free Theme


Zinnia is a minimalist design blog layout, your blog will look effortlessly stylish and it keeps the focus on what’s important – the content

CuteCake – Premium Theme $40


CuteCake is a One Page WordPress Theme. It’s unique & flexible as this theme is ideal for bakeries, Ice cream shops, gift shops , etc.  CuteCake is very easy to customise, it comes with a strong theme options, widgets, a visual shortcode manager, and post formats. You can create your website very easily. The demo content is availbe for those want the demo look in a minute!

Typer – Premium Theme $35


Typer features striking typography with beautiful underlining and attention to a clean layout. Use it to display your awesome stories or use it to tell the world about any topic you love. The striking header area makes it easy to grab the reader’s attention. You can customize the max height of the header area inside the customiser panel.

Corporative – Premium Theme $55


Corporative is an awesome Multipurpose WordPress theme that created on design flat, modern and elegant. It will fit every site – big or small. From huge corporate portals to studio or personal sites. Powerful Page Builder and Advanced theme options. It’s very flexible, fully customisable and it’s fully responsive design.

Venue – Premium Theme $45


Venue was built specifically for companies who operate location-based businesses such as adventure parks, water slide parks, private zoos, and so on. With Venue you can create a bautiful home page for your location and you can sell tickets right on the site.

Loom – Premium Theme $45


Loom is a flat and responsive WordPress Theme with a clean and professional design which will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, blog or any other purpose website. Loom was built with awesome Twitter Bootstrap v3 and it loads of page builder elements pages with unlimited color options. Since it is responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

Fitshop – Premium Theme $55


Fitshop is a Woocommerce Responsive WordPress theme suitable for any kind of Mobile Shop, Computer Store, Hightech Store, Gift Shop, Electronics shop and all kinds of marketplace business that needs a feature rich and beautiful presence online.  and this is first theme been built with Bootstrap 3 to make it a fully responsive theme that works perfect on all kind of resolutions as well for mobile, tablet, desktop having medium and large screen.  With powered by the framework the theme support you many great tools to customize theme via using Live Theme Editor, Auto loading custom css files support you creating unlimited of theme profiles without code very easy and simple and a lot of great features you will love.

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Typography

KIRVY Font Family – Free Font


Reckoner Typeface – Free Font


Duma – Free Font


Finkl – $10 Font


Neue Droschke – $10 Font


Klimt – Fonts from $30


Kansas Casual – Fonts from $10


Newslab – Fonts from $26


Captain Icon – 350 Free Vector Icons


UI Kit – Free UI Kit


Linea – Free Icon Set


Flat Design Free Vector Icons


Facebook Timeline Covers – Free PSD



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