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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

Down below is a quick look at some the recently created resources that really deserve your attention — everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices (Both iOS and Android) to some awesome items in in Responsive CSS frameworks, usability checklist for web apps, mobile development and including some frameworks but thats only the start I’ve also included for those WordPress lovers some themes and plugins and i’ve also added some free design files including some fonts that some that you will need to pay for.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



A simple JavaScript plugin which detects SVG images on your website, and automatically “looks” for a standard image fallback for those older, less capable browsers that needs some extra loving.



WideArea is simple and lightweight JavaScript and CSS library (2KB JS and 4KB CSS) which helps you to write better, simpler and faster.



Cesium is a JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and 2D maps in a web browser without a plugin. It uses WebGL for hardware-accelerated graphics, and is cross-platform, cross-browser, and tuned for dynamic-data visualization. Cesium is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. It is free for commercial and non-commercial use.



This plugin is very useful and it boosts performance delaying loading of images in long web pages because images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) won’t be loaded until the user scrolls to them.



Codeblock.js turns example code into editable, runnable code blocks that visitors can poke at and play with to better understand your API.



vTicker is easily added to your existing web page by including jQuery, the vTicker plug-in javascript file and then by simply calling the vTicker plug-in with the selector(s) you wish to create a vTicker with.



ChatJS is a full-featured, lightweight, Facebook style jQuery plugin for instant messaging. ChatJS also comes with a server side implementation for ASP.NET/SignalR out of the box.



gif.js is a javascript GIF encoder that runs in your browser. This encoder uses typed arrays and web workers to render each frame in the background.



demarcate.js is a jQuery based editor for Markdown. It lets you edit directly in a page and generate Markdown from the HTML elements. demarcate.js is under development by William Hart for the online publishing service to-textr. It supports many basic Markdown functions, however support for extensions is still limited.



Flatdoc is a small JavaScript file that fetches Markdown files and renders them as full pages. Essentially, it’s the easiest way to make open source documentation from Readme files.



Midway.js makes it super easy to automatically center the responsive elements on your websites. You all know and love the absolute positioning centering technique, but what happens when those centered elements change sizes, due to percentage based layouts? That’s where Midway.js comes in. Take a look at the example below, and see for yourself!



Selectize is a jQuery-based customUI control. It’s useful for tagging, contact lists, country selectors, and so on. It clocks in at around ~7kb (gzipped). The goal is to provide a solid & usable user-experience with a clean and powerful API.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

Espionage – Mac App $29.99

Espionage 3

Espionage is a state of the art data security for everyone. Espionage is more than just encryption, Espionage 3 has been rewritten from the ground-up to combine folder encryption with layers of plausible deniability through a redesigned and simplified user interface. We’ve taken all the lessons that we’ve learned from previous versions to bring Espionage 3 to a new level.

Lenote – Mac App – Free for a limited time


Lenote is a simple, distraction-free note taking app that lets you capture and organize notes more productively.

Minbox – Mac App – Free


Minbox lets you send any collection of photos or files from your Mac via email, all for FREE. Minbox is not only the fastest file-sharing app in the world

GIF Brewery – Mac App – $5.49


GIF Brewery lets you convert brief clips from your video files into GIFs. Whether you want to create the newest cat GIF or provide a preview of a longer video, GIF Brewery is for you. No longer must you extract frames from your movies and fiddle with layers in Adobe® Photoshop®. Instead, let GIF Brewery do all the tedious work for you. In addition, GIF Brewery contains plenty of other features to express your creativity. You can add captions to recreate dialogue or add multiple image filters.

GhostLab – Mac App – $45


Whether you want it or not, your site is going mobile – every day. Use Ghostlab to make sure all your users get the same neat experience – whatever operating system, browser or smart phone they are using.

Screenhero – Mac & Windows App – Free


Screenhero lets you screen share any application with anyone, no matter where they are. It’s super simple and blazing fast. You each get your own mouse pointer, and you’re both always in control. It’s designed for collaboration, not just broadcasting your screen. It’s like Google Docs for any application on your computer.

Showcase – iOS & Android – Free


Create presentations for iPad and Android Tablets that help you sell and market your business. Showcase presentations are created in the online workshop editor and displayed inside the free Showcase app. – Web App

scriptogr-am puts your words on the web as quickly and easily as can be. Working with your chosen environment, from the app you write with to the café you sit in, stays out of your way until the moment you’re ready to publish. Simply, is a tool for generating simple, elegant, static weblogs by reading Markdown files stored in your Dropbox folder.

Red Pen – Web App


Red Pen lets you upload your design, share a short URL, and get live, annotated feedback super-fast. It remembers you— there’s no logging in, no project management, no BS. – Web App

postach is the easiest way to publish the thoughts you’re already capturing in your Evernote. If you currently have notes in your Evernote account, you’re ready to publish right now.

Decor – Web App


Decor is a Facebook application. With Decor, you can design a custom Facebook page, without using any programming. Decor comes in four packages: Free, Basic, Pro and Unlimited. Basic, Pro and Unlimited comes with a 7-day free trial. Free and Basic is best for personal use. Pro is best for professional businesses and Unlimited is best suited for resellers

Horizon Calendar – iOS App – $1.99

Horizon Calendar

You should never have to choose between checking the weather and your calendar. Horizon integrates the current weather forecast with your calendar… and it’s blazingly fast.

CloundOn – Android App – Free


The CloudOn workspace makes Microsoft Office® files more accessible and useful on your Android tablet or smartphone letting you edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations from anywhere with full functionality. You can also connect to your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive account(s), and share files with colleagues and contacts via email directly from the app.

ICECode – Web App – Free


ICEcoder is a web IDE / browser based code editor, which allows you to develop websites directly within the web browser. It uses the brilliant CodeMirror for code highlighting & editing, with a slick IDE wrapped around it to make the whole thing work.

Intern – Web App – Free


Intern takes the stress out of testing your Web app by running tests using your browser or node.js by seamlessly integrate with SauceLabs or Selenium. You can write tests using object, TDD, or BDD styles and get full code coverage reporting with Istanbul. Continuous integration? Intern has you covered with Travis CI support out-of-the-box.

CSS/HTML, Usability & Frameworks



skelJS is a lightweight frontend framework for building responsive sites and apps. Consisting of only a single JS file (weighing in at just 16kb as of this version), it gives designers and developers access to four powerful components:



Kraken is a lightweight, mobile-first boilerplate for front-end web developers. It includes just the essentials of a CSS reset to ensure cross-browser compatibility, a responsive, mobile-first grid, a well-designed, fluid typographic scale. and with some CSS3 buttons, basic form styling and many optional add-ons for more functionality.



Topcoat is CSS for clean and fast web apps, with code for both desktop and mobile devices. It includes a huge number of elements, including toggles, actions, fonts, form elements, and much more.



Pure is a set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project. Pure is ridiculously tiny as the entire set of modules clocks in at 5.7KB minified and gzipped, without forgoing responsive styles, design, or ease of use. It Crafted with mobile devices in mind, it was important to keep the file sizes small, and every line of CSS was carefully considered. If you decide to only use a subset of these modules, you’ll save even more bytes.

Userium Usability Checklist


Userium’s Usability Checklist is a simple, researched based, usability checklist, which you can use to catch the most common usability issues that you find on any websites by doing user testing you can fix any obvious usability problems.



Fitgrd is not a framework. It’s a solid foundation to build up your own responsive website. It is designed for rapid prototyping, but also runs well in production environments. This grid system is perfect for advanced web designers who don’t want to have their pages look like “bootstraped”. Everything but the grid is up to you and gives you the ability to save a lot of dispensable code. Give it a try and you’ll love it.



Fries is an awesome mobile development framework (yes, not just for prototyping!) for Android apps using just HTML, CSS, and Javascript and was inspired by Ratchet. We all know that you can find loads of iOS development tools out there, so this time let’s give some love to Android.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

InfiniteWP – WordPress App


InfiniteWP is a self-hosted app that lets you manage all of your WordPress sites from one centralised dashboard. By using a single master login you can perform one-click updates, create instant backups thats including restoring those backups with a single click,  and much more.

WP Customizer – Free Plugin

WP Customizer

This plugin allows you to manage and load site specific functions, scripts and CSS files into your WordPress site without the need to edit your theme’s functions.php or any other source file.

WP Pricing Table – Free Plugin

WP Pricing Table

The easiest to use Pricing Table plugin for WordPress. Create beautiful, modern and responsive CSS3 price tables for your products or services.

Nic Image Gallery – Free Plugin


A simple plugin for image nice rollover effect with attractive image loading. One of the good way to represent your post based on image rollover effect. We have given option for uploading up to 4 images for each post that will nicely shown at frontend gallery view and based on click it will shown popup with nicely representation of post.

WP Opulus – Free Theme


WP Opulus is a modern, highly customizable and responsive (mobile-friendly) HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress theme that allows you to change the site’s colors, frontpage layout, headers, page templates, fonts, and much more! Take advantage of the portfolio custom post-type to showcase your gallery of work. The responsive layout works with any browser so your website looks great on iPhones, Android phones, tablets and desktops. Opulus boasts an extensive custom theme options panel, up to 20 custom widgetized sidebars for your pages as well as a widgetized footer, simple social networking and script integration.

SmartAdapt – Free Theme


Responsive HTML5 and CSS3, clean and customizable theme based on Zurb Foundation front end framework. This theme allows you to easily change various aspects of the design: background, logo or header image, etc. Powerful but simple theme with social share button support (facebook like, twitter share, google +1, Pin it) .

Quark – Free Theme


Quark is your basic building block for creating beautiful, responsive custom themes. It’s a simple and elegant starter theme built on HTML5 & CSS3.

Social Slidebar

Social Slidebar is a great way to integrate your social profile networks into your wordpress installation with a single plugin, This slidebar were designed to give your visitors the opportunity to get feedback from your social networks directly on your site.

Retina Press

Retina Press – The brand new retina display custom theme designed for the WordPress admin. This WordPress admin theme now gives you the ability to offer your customer and clients a completely new and customised dashboard, setting you apart from the competition.


TextMorph is an on-page editor for WordPress. With this plugin, you don’t have to go back and forth between your site and the WordPress admin to make changes to your site. You can edit your blog’s name and headline, and post titles, content, author, and date, right from the page itself.


2 in 1 (Multipage and Onepage) Responsive WordPress Theme with boxed and fullwidth layout options. Webpaint’s clean and professional design will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, personal blog or any other purpose website. Webpaint was built to be responsive so that it will be compatible on any device such as smart phone, tablet or desktop. 5 premium scripts are included with the total value of $70, which you will get for free with this template.


WP Aurora is a very powerful, super clean and fully responsive design (try re-sizing your browser). Coded with care in HTML5 & CSS3, WP Aurora is easy to customize and well documented. Its very easy to setup, and comes with free lifetime support via our support site. WP Auroras super clean and modern design make it suitable for any type of website: corporate, portfolio, blog, products, business and many more!


uShop is a retina-ready, responsive theme using a powerful drag-and-drop layout builder intended to power e-commerce sites with WooCommerce plugin integration.

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Typography

Thin Stroke Icons – Free

Thin Stroke Icons

Flat UI Kit – Free

Flat UI Kit

Music Widget PSD – Free

Music widget

3M Portfolio Icons – Free

3M Portfolio Icons

Flat Icon Set – Free

Free Flat Icon Set

Flat iPhone 5 – Free


Idealist Sans – Free Font


Klinic Slab – Free Font


Gin – Premium Font $45



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