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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

Down below is a quick look at some the recently created resources that really deserve your attention — everything from some great jQuery plugins that minimise HTTP requests, making tables responsive, creating 3D interactive objects, apps like video conversations, an app for support tickets, an invoicing app and other apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, mobile development and php frameworks. Lastly for people like me who love WordPress I’ve found some themes and plugins both free & premium and last but not lease I’ve added some design files such as icons and fonts.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



DynoSRC is a general solution for minimising HTTP requests for your JS files and to serve differential updates to the user on the fly as these will saves on both the number of requests as well as the size of those requests which will save bandwidth.

jQuery ReStable

jQuery ReStable

jQuery ReStable is a jQuery plugin that makes your tables responsive by turning them into UL lists when necessary. This plugin is a lightweight plugin that is only around 1kb.

jQuery Interactive 3D

jquery interactive 3d

jQuery Interactive 3D is a plugin that let you create a 3D interactive object by using multiple images as frames which allows the user to drag around and manipulate the image. This jquery plugins is perfect for showcasing your products on a e-commerce site etc.



The PhotoJShop is a jQuery plugin that enables us to use simple effects and filters to images This plugin works by using the  canvas & images to reproduce the effect and the filters can be chained together for easier usage.

Galpop Image Gallery Popup


Galpop is a jQuery plugin that allows you to creates image galleries which shows in a pop-up which can be controlled with the left and right arrow keys and automatically re-sizes with your browser size.



This jQuery plugin is just for designers or developers that helps you to enable to make it respond and adapt to virtually every Web-enabled Device. This plugin use the Device Detection, Advanced Breakpoints Management, and Orientation Management to give your website an uncanny ability to stay robust in the face of a constantly changing device landscape.



Allofthelights.js is a jQuery plugin that can change the opacity of the whole webpage but leave the video player shown, as this plugin will help the user to easily focus on the video and with built-in support for YouTube, Vimeo and with custom players can easily be added too.

Allofthelights.js works with multiple players on the same page and supports responsive layouts/players with no issues, and with the animation speed, background colour and opacity can be customised with a callback functions.



Headroom.js is a lightweight as well  as a high-performance javascript widget which has no dependencies that allows you to react to the user’s scroll. The header on headroom site is a living example as it slides out of view when scrolling down and slides back in when scrolling up. Headroom has a pure JS API but comes with optional jQuery/Zepto-compatible and AngularJS plugins.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications – Web App – Free

appear-in is a free web  app that provides group video chat for up to 8 people.  This application won’t need you to sign-up, to use as you will just give your “room”  a unique link that is instantly created and then shared with others. been built with native web technologies that means no download is needed and will works on all modern browsers except IE. has also an API which may simplify integrating it to the project management cycle with ease.

WebProjector – Web App – Free


WebProjector is a tool that is built just for showing your web design in a browser. You simply upload images via drag ‘n drops, send a link via e-mail and the images are presented in the order preferred. WebProjector will also notifies the user when their design have been viewed by the number of views and it can wrapped in mobile, tablet or desktop frames for a more realistic view and will also allows for comments for each design.

Brimir – Web App – Free (for self hosted) & $19.99 (for hosted plan)


Brimir is an open source support ticket app that been built with Ruby on Rails and makes use of the Foundation front-end framework. The Brimir tickets can be received via e-mail and they are auto-piped to Brimir, it has multi-user access and tickets can be assigned to selected team members.  Brimir also support for attachments and tickets can have different statuses and priorities to categorise them easier management.  Brimir has been optimised for mobile devices and has various other options for customisation.

Lootback – Web App


Lootback, a platform that connects creative professionals to the top most microstock agencies of the industry such as iStock, Shutterstock, Thinkstock, Deposit Photos, and Envato’s own Graphicriver, Themeforest, and Videohive and rewards users for each and every purchase that was completed with its help by giving certain commission from the partner agencies for sending in new clients to the user that linked to them.

Fusion Invoices – Web App – Free (self hosted)


FusionInvoice is a self hosted invoicing application that been built with PHP/MySQL and yet has a simple-yet-nice interface.  By using the app you can define clients, send quotes, convert quotes to invoices or create and send the invoices directly. Invoices can be set as “recurring” as well.  At this present time paypal in the only payment platform that is supported but any other payment provider can be added but will require some custom coding.

Using the dashboard, you can use it to filter records, view reports and also create guest users (for clients etc) which only has will have the read permissions so that they can view their invoices and payments too.

DEAFilter – Web App – Best & Free

DEA filter

DEAfilter is a RESTful API that helps you keep disposable email addresses from infesting your website which can be easily implemented into your existing site with just a couple of lines of code as It will help keep all the spammers and fake users from signing up.

Dead Man’s Snitch – Web App – Free or Pro for $19/pm

Dead Man's Snitch

Dead Man’s Snitch is a cron job monitoring tool that keeps an eye on your periodic processes and notifies you when something does not happen. This is a great app that would be use to monitor daily backups, monthly emails, or cron job as you will know immediately when one of these processes doesn’t work.

myMail – iOS App – Free


myMail brings all your email accounts into one simple, bright, and friendly interface, you can use myMail to manage messages in your Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, iCloud, Hotmail and Outlook accounts, the myMail app was made to be fast, secure, and always there when you need it. With simple taps and swiping motions, you can read, reply to, forward, and do whatever else you need to with your emails.

Curator – iOS App (iPad Only) – Free


Curator app is a fast and visual tool for creative thinking that is tailor-made for the iPad as you can collect and see your thoughts regardless of whether they are websites, text or images and from the first fragments of an idea to presentation with one thoroughly modern tool for the creative process.

MarkDrop – Mac App 10.9+ – $4.99


Markdown is a simple powerful Markdown editor which was built for writers who want to compose in an easy-to-write, easy-to-read format that can be converted to HTML.

DeskConnect – Mac App 10.6+ – Free

desk connect

DeskConnect is the missing link between all of your iOS devices as you can seamlessly push websites, documents, pictures, and everything else to your devices at any time.

CSS, HTML, PHP, Frameworks & Responsive Web Design

Nette Framework


Nette Framework is a modern PHP framework with revolutionary security, an object-oriented design, exceptional performance, and an easy learning curve. It also has an active community, and gives you plenty of flexibility to do what you need to do.



Groovy is a dynamic, agile language for the Java Virtual Machine. It has almost zero learning curve, and seamlessly integrates with all existing Java classes and libraries.



a front-end framework, a helps building native-like mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Ionic is a front end & powerful HTML5 native app development framework that helps you build native-feeling mobile apps all with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic free and open source as its focused mainly on the look and feel, and UI interaction of your app.  Ionic been built with Sass and optimised for AngularJS.

Kalei Styleguide

kalei style guide

Kalei Styleguide is a project that can auto-generate such as “Bootstrap-like” style-guides from the “live” CSS files so it is always up-to-date.  It works on the client-side and uses the comments in the stylesheets for creating the titles and navigation.



Plates is a fast & easy to use PHP template system it’s been inspired by Twig template engine and Plates tires to bring the modern templating language functionality to native PHP templates. This templating system was designed for developers who prefered to use native PHP templates over compiled templates rather than having to work with compiled ones.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

DirectEdit – Free Plugin


DirectEdit is a WordPress plugin for users that want to edit their own website directly from the front-end. You can simply modify the content,titles and excerpts when you have finished editing your website you just need to press save and those changes will made right then and there and with inserting images it’s just like modifying the text  as you can insert any image directly from your computer to your server and you can also resize or crop the images.

Bootstrap MCE CSS – Free Plugin

Bootstrap MCE CSS

Bootstrap MCE CSS adds a modified version of the Bootstrap CSS to the MCE editor in the dashboard, this plugin is primary for developers who like to add their own Bootstrap code to the editor, without shortcodes but you will  still need to add the Bootstrap CSS & JS files to the front-end of your website.

Restaurant Menu Manager – Free Plugin

Restaurant Menu Manager

Restaurant Menu plugin allows you to easily add entries into your menu. You can group those entries into menu types and you can choose to display your menu in a simple list view, or you can display it in jQuery accordion or jQuery tabs. This plugin uses the default WordPress functionality and makes use of custom post types, taxonomies, and custom meta fields to do the job as this will allows you, to easily import and export your data using the built-in WordPress tools.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices – Free Plugin

Woocommerce PDF Invoices

If you are running a WooCommerce based site and need to have your invoices in a PDF format this plugin is just for you as this plugin simply generates a PDF Invoice based upon the customers order and automatically attaches it to the customer invoice email.  This plugin simply adds a new settings page as a submenu within the WooCommerce main menu and gives the option to customise your invoice either by adding a company logo, company address, additional company information, refunds policies, conditions etc.

Supreme Shortcodes

The Supreme Shortcodes plugin adds 100+ extra functionalities to your website and you can choose from static elements such as boxes, responsive rows and columns, lines and dividers to animated elements such as 3D Buttons, Modals and Popovers or Toggles and Tabs. The shortcode has been built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework for a responsive design to gives you 100% accurate fitting on any screen resolution.

ACF Table Editor Field

ACF Table Editor Field plugins adds a new ACF field that creates an Excel like grid table that can be populated by any admin users, the data can then be rendered as an HTML table on the front-end of the site.

ACF Website Screenshot

ACF Website Screenshot plugins adds a new ACF field that can generates a screenshot of a website directly from a link that been provided from an ACF text field and which can saves the screenshot to your WordPress media library.


Chimpy plugin allows you to create and display signup forms. Chimpy supports all the advanced MailChimp functionality like groups and merge fields. As this plugin can also allows you to set up display conditions based on the different form that may be selected for different sections of your website.

Mailchimp Custom Popup Subscription for wordpress

This plugin is an email subscriber plugin that allows the admin to create custom popup such as YouTube/Vimeo embed videos, image or any sort of HTML/custom content directly in the subscription popup and as the visitors can subscribe their email address directly to the mailchimp subscription list. This plugin is flexible, best and simple way to subscribe email for newsletter. The MailChimp Custom Popup Subscription plugin has various display options and can also be added into a widget area.

Alice – Free Theme


Alice is a very neat child theme for the Stargazer WordPress Theme, this child theme gives your site a whole different look as its  inherits all the awesome feature from its parent theme.

DarkOrange – Free Theme


DarkOrange is a basic, clean, minimalistic and responsive theme. The features are the primary sidebar, homepage sidebar, 2 widget-area’s which are located in the footer, custom header-image so you can change the header image with ease, with full width page-template and dropdown navigation are included. But there is some let downs to this theme as there are no theme settings page, no fancy options, no slideshow, this one only has the basic options.

WallPress – Free Theme


WallPress is a free responsive theme that let  your content shine as it should be as this theme can be either an online portfolio, newspaper or magazine as all your important social content comes together at one place. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Vimeo are easy to be just plugged by using the DW Social Feed which is a free wordpress plugin.

WP Simple – Free Theme


WP Simple is intended to be  simple, clean, minimal theme which you can develop your website. The theme is fully responsive and based on the newest release of the Bootstrap 3 mobile-first and front-end framework, the  theme will transform effortlessly from desktop-width monitors to tablets and smartphones. This theme comes with theme options that will allow you to customise nearly every colour, feature, and element across the theme, lastly this theme been cross-browser tested, search engine optimised, includes a full-page-width page template, the displays of custom featured posts.


Leon is a multicolour and responsive HTML5 WordPress Theme is a Landing Page template as such templates are popular in today’s market as people love them for their convenience and your visitors can see all relevant information about you and your project.

This theme is well suited for a blog, as a portfolio for designers, photographers and other creative people to the major companies and even to the website cafe. This theme has an unlimited choice of colours that you can customise the color according to your taste.


Klaus is an ultra responsive, beautiful, super flexible multi-purpose WordPress Theme that is perfect for any business whether is be for a corporate, agency, personal portfolio, creative people, photography and blog website). This theme is an elegant & modern solution packed up with an incredibly great amount of high quality features and based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework 3.0 and offers support for the WPML Multi Language Plugin.


Breeze is a fantastic and responsive wordpress theme that was designed to make any blogging experience as simple and seamless as possible. This theme has a superb visual design and great support for mobile and tablet devices you can easily reach all your readers wherever they are!  Breeze has 14 custom widgets that is mostly directed at social media (facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, flickr and more), 10+ specially made shortcodes and a very easily customizable theme options panel.

Westy – Premium WooCommerce Theme $55


Westy is a premium one page responsive WooCommerce theme with a clean and fresh design and innovative AJAX loading of Posts and Portfolio items (you can turn this on and off on demand with one click in Page Builder.

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Typography

Iconmelon – SVG Icons Library


Oceanica – Vector Icons


15 Christmas Icons

15 Christmas Icons

Free Email Template PSD V2

Free Email Template PSD V2

Free Flat Ui Kit Rampy 1.0 – Blue

Free Flat Ui Kit Rampy 1.0 - Blue

Exo 2.0 Free Font

Exo 2.0

Mohave Typefaces – $10 or pay with a Tweet


Canaro – $50 until Jan 2014 then back to normal at $300 for 18 fonts


XXII Yonia – from $59

XXII Yonia


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