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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

Down below for March 2014 is a quick look at some the recently created resources that really deserve your attention such as some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, Sass, Ruby and including some frameworks. For those WordPress lovers I’ve also includes some themes and plugins and last but not lease i’ve added some design files such as icons and fonts.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



ScrollMagic is a jQuery plugin which essentially lets you use the scrollbar but as a progress bar. This is the plugin if you are wanting to start an animation at a specific scroll position, synchronize an animation to the scrollbar movement, pin an element at a specific scroll position (sticky elements).  You can easily add a parallax effect to your website with ScrollMagic. You can call functions when the user hits certain scroll positions or react in any other way to the current scroll position and ScrollMagic supports browsers in recent versions: Firefox 26+, Chrome 30+, Safari 6+, Opera 19+, IE 9+.

Vibration API


The Vibration API is an API  which specifically been made for mobile devices as they are thankfully the only devices that have a vibrate function. The API allows developers to vibrate a device (in a pattern) for a given duration. The vibration API is implemented in navigator.vibrate. So calling the function makes your phone vibrate. You can test if your browser is recent enough to have the vibrate function in navigator.



Sticker.js is a HavaScript library that allows you to create a Sticker Effect as there is no dependencies (jQuery not required). It works in most of major browsers that support CSS 3 (IE10+).



Remodal is a flat, responsive, lightweight, fast, easy customizable modal window plugin with declarative state notation and hash tracking. All modern browsers are supported. You can easily define the background container for the modal(for effects like a blur).



ImagesLoaded is an event emitter that uses JavaScript to detect when images have loaded, so that you can then trigger various events (like animations). It’s also available as jQuery plugin, and works with RequireJS.

jQuery fontIconPicker


jQuery fontIconPicker is a small jQuery plugin which allows you to include a simple icon picker with search and pagination inside your administration forms. The list of icons can be loaded manually using a SELECT field, loading an array of icons or directly from a Fontello config.json file.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Apps

BrowserSync – Desktop App (Runs Anywhere) – Free


BrowserSync makes your workflow faster by synchronising URLs, interactions and code changes across multiple devices. It’s wicked-fast and totally free.  Your scroll, click, refresh and form actions are mirrored to browsers while you test.

Browsers are automatically updated as you change HTML, CSS, images and other project files. Ready to use with websites running on PHP, ASP, Rails and more. Fine with static files too.

Keep Everything – iOS & Mac App – Free


Keep Everything save web pages to Dropbox and keep it forever, and so you can read later, anytime, anywhere. It can save all or any part of web page and specific data from other applications, such as Twitter, YouTube, Pocket, and ReadKit. It can be used in OS X and iOS and synchronizes by using Dropbox.

Glyphr – Web App – Free


Glyphr is a free, html5 based font editor as font design has a high barrier of entry. Professional font design programs are very complex, and quite expensive. Glyphr is accessible, streamlined, and made for font design hobbyists, and it’s free.

Gitter – Web App – Free (for Beta period)


Gitter which currently is in beta, offers up free chat rooms for all of your public repositories. You can see who’s read your messages, it offers full emoji support, and stores infinite chat history in the cloud so you can always access it.

Hap Time – Web App – Small Plan $2 pm/The Freelance Plan $3pm/ The Company Plan $Custom

haptime is an alternative application to timers and spreadsheets that makes it easy and simple to keep track of your time. There’s nothing to install as this is a web app, and tracking is as easy as tapping it.

Butterfly – Web App – Free


Butterfly is a web terminal based on websocket and tornado. It’s easy to setup and configure, and the look can be completely customized with CSS.

CSS/Sass, Ruby, HTML, Frameworks & Other Tools

Stripe Checkout


Stripe Checkout is an embeddable payment form for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This works within your site as customers can pay instantly, without being redirected away to complete the transaction. You can integrate Checkout in as little as a single line of client-side code.  Stripe will always support building the whole payment form yourself, but Checkout enables Stripe to do more for you.

With Checkout, they’re constantly collecting data and running tests with the goal of increasing your revenue. This version of Checkout is already deployed on thousands of sites and has handled millions of transactions. As you can see it in action at Dribbble, WillCall and Humble Bundle.

Dollar Photo Club


Dollar Photo Club is a dedicated image bank exclusively for creative professionals, Dollar Photo Club been curated by FOTOLIA, which is the world’s #1 stock photo marketplace, Dollar Photo Club provides unique access to over 25 million images. Dollar Photo Club has no daily limits, no hidden charges and no credit expiration and when you  join the site you get straightforward access to the very best images for $1



Scout Realtime is a better top command as it gives you disk, memory, network, CPU, and process metrics and it gives you smooth-flowing charts for everything. Troubleshooting is so much easier when you can see a few minutes worth of real-time data instead of watching individual numbers flash on your terminal window.

You need Ruby 1.9.3+ on your server to run scout_realtime and a public IP or domain name to view scout_realtime in your browser.



Broccoli is a backend-agnostic, Node.js build tool, comparable to the Rails asset pipeline in scope. It offers chainable plugins, fast rebuilds, and a few plugins ready to go.



Typesettings is a Sass type toolkit that sets your type in Ems with a modular scale, vertical rhythm, and responsive ratio based headlines. Typesettings handles all the math for Ems, including the compounding, and uses modular scale values to set font-size, among other features.

Cute Grids


Cute Grids is a responsive grid system which is a mobile first that includes five media queries that been based on em widths, and which has detailed documentation.



TLDRLegal is a resource which is for finding easy to read summaries of popular software licenses in just plain English. In this site you can search or browse, or sign up for updates.



Sublimall is the way to sync and save your SublimeText configuration everywhere. You will just need to create an account, install the plugin and that’s all.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons


Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons or RRSSB) has been built with SASS, so you can easily customise it by tweaking a few variables. SVGs allow for tiny file size and retina support. Add or remove icons as you see fit — the rest will fill in automatically in the container. Adding a class of popup to the anchor tag for each share button will make the share dialog open in a popup, rather than a new window.



Bucky is a client and server for sending performance data from the client into statsd + graphite, OpenTSDB, or any other stats aggregator of your choice.  It can automatically measure how long your pages take to load, see how long AJAX requests take and how long various functions take to run. Most importantly, it’s taking the measurements on actual page loads, so the data has the potential to be much more valuable than in vitro measurements.

Ink – Photoshop CS6/CC Plugin – Free


Ink Photoshop Plugin helps you providing few extra important information about your mockups by documenting your layers, from typography to effects and shape sizes.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

Current Menu Item for Custom Post Types – Free Plugin


If you’re use a template to display a custom post type’s archive page as WordPress doesn’t add the active class to the menu item. So with this plugin it will lets you assign a parent page to a custom post types and will correctly display in the menu.

Acumbamail – Free Plugin


This plugin will make a widget to show your Acumbamail signup form easily in your blog. The signup form can be sorted as you want, and you can modify whatever you want of it.

WPGuards – Free Plugin


The WPGuards WordPress plugin is the complete solution for everyone that wants a plugin to guard your WordPress, As this plugin will made automatic backups of your website, making sure your site stays up with the Uptime Monitoring that is included in this pluign, plugin WPGuard will scan your site to see if you have any malware present and more.


Stimmy is a premium WordPress plugin that generates a responsive navigation menu using your theme standard menu as source. Navigation is very important part of user experience and Stimmy makes it easier for small screens. It uses cutting-edge CSS3 techniques like blur effect for whole page and various animations for menu.


The Crab Advanced Instant Search is a plugin that make a Widget for displaying advanced search form to let visitors search very quicly in your Website/Blog. And you can put the search form anywhere in your theme with only one line. the visitor can search by many factors: Title, Category, Tag, Author, Day, Month, Year.


bbPress Thanks is a WordPress plugin that works with bbPress forums. It places a text area field in the forms used to create a new topic or reply or edit an existing one. Content entered here is hidden from users and only visible when they thank the content, click a Thanks button. The user who authored the content and moderators can always see the content.


FAQPlus is a complete Frequently Asked Question plugin for WordPress which has customizable CSS for every FAQ group with 25+ easing animation effect. FAQplus can be displayed anywhere in Post, Page, Widget or Theme by Shortcode.  It has unlimited color variation and Font Awesome to display the FAQ more clean and standard. FAQPlus support text,image,videos with Drag & Drop to re-order the FAQ Items.


Social Share is a super simple and fast way to let your visitors share your content. With zero setup required, your visitors can quickly share your content to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr or via Email, helping you expand your social reach.

WP User Access Notification – Free Plugin


This plugin is very useful as for administrators of WordPress websites and for the users as its sends notifications about successful and failed login actions. If someone wants to hack or bruteforce the passwords of your users or administrator password, you will get full information about the attacker. It will show you IP address, Browser and Location (city and country) of the hacker. If hacker is lucky and he got your password, you will get notification about it. What you need to do, just change the password. Without this plugin hackers can use your accounts for a long time and you will not know about it.

Ex Astris – Free Theme


Ex Astris is a free WordPress child theme for the excellent Stargazer theme from Theme Hybrid. This bold theme was designed for bloggers and with this theme your can make it your own with a custom header and custom background. The theme supports all of the custom layouts found in the Stargazer parent theme, including 1 Column Wide, 1 Column Narrow, 2 Columns: Content / Sidebar, and 2 Columns: Sidebar / Content.

Dazzling – Free Theme


Dazzling is a clean modern and fully responsive flat design WordPress theme which is suited for blogs and static websites. this theme can be used for travel, corporate, portfolio, personal and any other creative website and as Dazzling theme is highly customisable with unlimited color options, slider, call for action button, several widget areas and much more that can be adjusted via Theme Options.

The theme is built using Bootstrap 3 that makes it fully responsive and mobile friendly. It features infinite scroll, SEO friendly structure, logo support, social media icons, popular post widget and translation ready setup. It is probably the best free WordPress theme yet.

DW Timeline – Free Theme


The DW Timeline WordPress theme been inspired by the timeline layout from Facebook, as the developers took this innovative design and turn into a whole new WordPress timeline theme – DW Timeline. Suitable for blogging and portfolio, DW Timeline features a clean and clear timeline layout in which your content will be lively displayed. The theme supports up to 6 post formats: Standard, Gallery, Video, Image, Quote and Status.

Cubby – Free Theme


Cubby is an elegant, black & white, responsive WordPress theme for small business. It comes with customisable header, custom widget, widgetized footer and sidebar, jQuery Nivo Slider, puchase button, and features section. The theme also has an extensive admin panel which contains color selector, fonts selector, background image uploader and so on.


FlowAway Fullscreen Responsive is a WordPress Theme that is available for you to fill up your thirst with cool features, as FlowAway has been made with a amazing design idea for your Personal Portfolio, Photographers, Video Makers, Web Agency, Graphic Designer, Fashion, Gallery Photo. The theme comes in 2 different style namely Dark and light. the theme has also been built using  Bootstrap 3 , featuring Font awesome and some awesome transition effects.


The Soapbox theme is a bold and beautiful as it’s primary be perfect for photography and creative blogs and portfolios as this theme features a unique split layout, customisable site colours, easy to use page options and CSS3 animation effects.


introducing Sting, this theme is a modern and clean theme which is designed for magazine, news, editorial and blog websites. With the superb flexibility of its layout  it is very easy to customise. The theme is packed with tons of features and unique widgets. It comes with two different homepages, you can use any of those. Also you can use the colours of your choice. this theme has also have a responsive layout which adapts to the screen size of whatever device your visitors are using.

Prestigio – Premium Theme – $45


Prestigio is a one page parallax and responsive WordPress theme and which suits any corporate, agency, nonprofit, creative photography, freelancer or general business. You have many options to select headers types, footer types and this theme comes with 3 custom post types (Gallery, Team and Testimonials) and included in the theme you will find tons of shortcodes and lots of features.  The developer of this theme included in the download archive one of the most popular drag and drop page builder plugin – Visual Composer.

Sandy – Premium Theme – $45


Sandy is truly your first premium wordpress theme which have many powerful features to allow you build websites very easy and unlimited your creative to make impressed websites. Sandy was designed bytalents and passionate developers at Wope Themes, as their took the time to make sure all the details were perfect. Sandy also support retina display which will make your site look great in retina devices such as iphone,ipad,macbook pro retina…ect Sandy use Wope Themes new framework and latest version the unique page builder so it will load very fast , easy to update functions and seo friendly.

Pixel Studios – Premium Theme – $40


Say hello to Pixel Studio, Pixel Studio is a flexible, fully responsive WordPress theme which is easy to use and setup on any site. As the theme was designed to be very easy to use and to be working on your site right on install. It’s been built with the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 in mind to ensure it meet the standard of quality websites. The theme also compatible with Bootstrap which has tons of features and WPML multi language which easily host your site to people of all languages.

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Fonts

Free Flat User Interface Kit


Free Blue UI Kit


40 User Interface Icons – Free

40 user interface icons

Maritime Champion – Fonts from $48


Luzern – Fonts from $80


Koni Black – Font $50


Campton – Free Font


 Disclaimer – Free Font



50+ New Handpicked Goodies For Web Designers & Developers For March 2014