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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are always constantly looking  for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working for ourselves or for our clients.

Down below is a quick look at some the recently created resources that really deserve your attention — everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, responsiveness, and including some frameworks. For those WordPress lovers I’ve also includes one new wordpress frameworks, some great themes and plugins and last but not least I’ve included some awesome design files that you can buy or download for free.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



Creditly.js gives you everything you need in order to create a sleek, intuitive credit card form. You can just copy the HTML,CSS and JavaScript to get an intuitive credit card form in seconds.

As you get credit card validation using the Luhn algorithm for free. Whenever an error occurs after you call the validate method on a Creditly object, an event will be triggered on the HTML body element.



jquery.wanker.js is a tiny jQuery plugin that reveals a public service announcement when people start excessively resizing their desktop browser as they try to see your responsive breakpoints, this plugin is a perfect easter egg plugin for designers, photographers, writers, or anyone else who has a sense of humor displaying their work on the web wishing their viewers to focus more on their work, and less on the magic of media queries.



Zoomerang.js is a drop-in library that allows your users to zoom in on almost any element on your existing page. This library has no setup, arbitrary styling. This is largely inspired by Medium’s avatar zoom in effect, with improvements (you can resize / scroll the page when it’s zoomed in and it still works).



Tether is a JavaScript library for efficiently making an absolutely positioned element stay next to another element on the page. for example with this library, you might want a tooltip or dialog to open, and remain, next to the relevant item on the page.

As Tether includes the ability to constrain the element within the viewport, it’s scroll parent, any other element on the page, or a fixed bounding box. When it exceeded those constraints it can be pinned to the edge, flip to the other side of it’s target, or hide itself.

Tether optimises it’s location placement to result in the minimum amount of ‘jankyness’ as the page is scrolled and resized. The page can maintain 60fps scrolling even with dozens or hundreds of tethers on screen. Tether is 5kb minified and gzipped, and supports IE9+, and all modern browsers.



ScrollReveal.js is a simple way to create and maintain how elements fade in, triggered when they enter the viewport. It helps you to build declarative on-scroll reveal animations for your websites and by adding a data-scrollreveal attribute to an element, it will automatically be revealed (using default values) as soon as the element is within the viewport.



Nightwatch is an easy to use Node.js based End-to-End (E2E) testing solution for browser based apps and websites. Nightwatch uses a simple but powerful syntax. It uses the Selenium WebDriver API to perform commands and assertions on DOM elements, managing the Selenium server automatically.



Fun is a NodeJS Wall messages app that offers user authentication and uses MongoDB as the main database system and Backbone for front-end interaction. Fun is easy to install, with the only requirements being Node JS and MongoDB.



SVGMagic is a cross-browser compatible jQuery plugin that searches for SVG images on your site and automatically creates PNG versions if the browser doesn’t support SVG. SVGMagic is a simple, single-purpose plugin that requires no configuration.

You might not need jQuery – Reference


You Might Not Need jQuery can show you exactly whether you need jQuery to enable certain features based on the oldest version of IE that you need to support. While using jQuery is great if it makes your life easier, requiring it as a dependency in your libraries might not be necessary.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

Tab Browser – Mac App OSX 10.8+ – $1.99


Tab Browser is the quick and easy way to always have an eye on the website that matters to you the most, as this app will sit in your Mac’s menu bar and your favorite website is never more than one click away. You can completely customise this app. There is 30 preconfigured webpages to be your one click favorite or you can enter the custom URL of the Website you like as your favorite.

Smart Screenshots – Mac App OSX 10.9 – $9.99


Smart Screenshots app allows you to capture, edit and save or share your screenshots or any other images.  As you can clip a Full screen, a Window or a custom Rectangle which you  share any image with your friends with one click and with having Smart Screenshots support dual monitor setups. You can clip the  rectangles or full screen screenshots from any of your monitors and when you have done taking these screenshot, you can use some tools to highlight screenshot details by using a Brush, Arrow, Line, Rectangle or even an Oval.

ThreadOne – Mac App OS X 10.8+ – $4.99


ThreadOne is a fast, lean private messaging client for App.Net. It’s a gorgeous, native Mac OS X application, giving you the power to chat from the comfort of your desktop.

Pinegrow Web Designer – Mac/Win App – $49.99


Pinegrow is a Mac & Windows app that will lets you mockup & design webpages faster. With Bootstrap, multi-page editing LESS & CSS. There is also a free web-based Pinegrow to play around with Bootstrap or to quickly come up with some code and afterwards download Zip archive of your project.

SiteSpeed – Mac/Win/Linux App – Free

sitespeed is an open source tool that helps you analyse your website speed and performance based on performance best practices and metrics. SiteSpeed collects data from multiple pages on your website, analyze the pages using the rules and output the result as HTML or JUnit XML.

You can analyze one site, analyse & compare multiple sites or let it run in your CI tool to make sure that your site is always built the best way for speed.

Reporter App – iOS App – $3.99


Reporter is a new iOS app that was made for tracking the things you care about. With a few randomly timed surveys each day, Reporter can illuminate aspects of your life that might be otherwise unmeasurable.

Paper – iOS App – Free


Paper app is from Facebook that lets you explore and share stories from friends and the world in immersive designs and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts. Paper app does includes your Facebook News Feed and sections about your favorite topics.

Clef – iOS App – Free


Clef is a mobile app that replaces usernames and passwords with your smartphone.

Peek Calendar – iOS App – $1.99


Peek is a quick and simple to use calendar app that been optimise for your iPhone but will work with iPod Touch or the iPad. This app been designed to be glanceable and intuitive. Peek presents the essentials in a easy to understand manner, without overwhelming you with data you might not need for an on-the-go experience.

ContactMetrics – Web App – Starter $19pm / Professional $39pm / Business $79pm

contact metrics

Contactmetrics is a powerful solution that successfully combines contact forms and analytics tools into a single, powerful web app, the main purpose of this app is to help users to generate more sales and improve the efficiency of support teams by knowing the location & identify the problem source for any customer or website visitor.

Hemingway – Web App – Free


Hemingway is a web app that makes your writing bold and clear. Hemingway highlights long, complex sentences & the most common errors, When you see a yellow highlight you will need to shorten the sentence or split it up, or if you see a red highlight your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering, splitting logic.

And when you see blue hightlighed it means that the adverbs are helpfully but get rid of them and pick verbs with force instead. You also can also utilise a shorter word in place of purple highlighted colour one. You can also move your mouse over the word for hints and last in highlighted in green are Phrases in green to show passive voice.

Mondrian – Web App – Free


Mondrian is a free vector graphics web app just like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Mondrian offers all the tools needed to create, modify, and export simple SVG files, and also supports undo/redo through a file history API that stores operations.

This entire app was written in Coffeescript. You have to manually compile the app every time you make changes. Mondrian officially supports only the latest desktop stable versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and all of the Mondrian code and documentation is available under the MIT License.

Feed The Bot – Web App – Free


Feed the Bot is a very helpful and well made web app that explains each Google webmaster guideline in detail using articles and tools that just about anyone can understand. The website also has a lot of useful tools, such as Webpage spider, Image SEO tool, Social mention counter, HTTP header checker, Webpage request checker, Base 64 image tool and CSS delivery tool.

Coolorus – Software App – from $9.99


Coolorus is a Corel Painter like colour wheel for Adobe Products (Photoshop, Flash, After Effects) and all native Mac apps that uses native Apple color picker.  Coolorus is aiming to creative people that would like to improve their color picking workflow as much as possible. Reducing mouse clicks to the minimum, learn about color relationships and the power of triangle HSV representation.

CSS, HTML, Frameworks, Responsiveness & Tools



Progre(c)ss makes it easy to create pure CSS progress bars. Just include the stylesheet, add the class to the appropriate element, and then add a data attribute.



Overthrow is a small, no-frills targeted overflow: auto polyfill that is for use in responsive designs. As it’s framework-independent and uses lightweight, decoupled JavaScript.

Sublime CSS Completions


Sublime CSS Completions is a library for Sublime Text is much more complete than those that come standard with Sublime Text. Currently only properties are autocompleted, though at some point in the future valid values may autocomplete as well.



Sculpin is a static site generator that been written in PHP, Sculpin converts Markdown files, Twig templates or standard HTML into a static HTML site that can be easily deployed.



Total.js is one of the best web application frameworks for creating a rich web sites and web services. This framework has good documentation and contains many examples. It supports friendly URL, XHR, JSON, LESS CSS (CSS 3), JavaScript minifier, XSS protected, resources, modules and supports MVC architecture.

This framework has no dependencies so all of the complete functionality is built in its core. With this framework you can install any module by the Node Package Manager. Framework doesn’t limit you. You can write whatever you want or rewrite existing functionality. It’s easy, simple and safe.

The Pattern Library


The Pattern Library is an on-going project that compiles patterns shared by the most talented designers out there for you to use freely in your designs. With this site you can pick your favorite pattern easily to download as you wish.



With Sache you can find Sass and Compass extensions for your next project by easily searching by tag, author or keyword.

WordPress Frameworks, Plugins & Themes

Vafpress Framework


The Vafpress Framework makes it easy for you to create a custom administration panel for your WordPress theme. This framework has full documentation to make it easy to configure, and tons of powerful features including tons of available fields, client-side data validation, and more.

Crates – Free Theme


Crates is a responsive tumblog WordPress theme. This theme is a grid based layout with an optional 2 column blog layout this theme makes it ideal for any casual bloggers and photographers.

Alpha Forte – Free Theme


Alpha Forte is a modern 3 column responsive WordPress theme. The background is total customisable and there are 2 widget areas in the left and right hand columns. Theme is suitable for a variety of uses from personal blogs to business websites.

MiniMag Pro – Free Theme


MiniMag Pro it’s you dream blog theme which is now available to you free. MiniMag Pro it’s a free responsive WordPress theme that comes with a built-in slider, post formats, custom calendar design and more features.

Arcade Basic – Free Theme


With Arcade you can create a truly unique design with this lightweight and fully responsive HTML5 theme. You can use the theme customizer to add your own header image, page layout, site width and more. Distinguish each post with one of the eight supported post formats, such as: Video, Image, Aside, Status, Audio, Quote, Link and Gallery. Install JetPack to display each of your galleries through a tiled view and jQuery carousel. Compatible with bbPress & BuddyPress.

Built using SASS, Compass and Bootstrap 3. Uses Google Fonts for improved typeface readability and works perfectly in desktop browsers, tablets and handheld devices.


Lawyers is a responsive WordPress theme that been created especially for law companies, attorneys, legal offices. As it covers all you need for a legal business website, from practice areas to case results and team members pages. This theme comes with a responsive design, easy to use on desktop and mobile phones and also this theme has a widgetized homepage ( 6 custom home widgets ) and 2 footer options to choose from – contact form footer like in the live example or classic 3 footer widgets. This can be easily changed inside the Admin Panel. The theme uses Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.3 framework and Font Awesome icons.


Big Point is a flexible multi-purpose & e-commerce WordPress theme that is suitable for any business (ecommerce, corporate, agency, portfolio and blog websites). This theme fits perfectly with WooCommerce as it allows you to easily start your online store right away. Big Point is easy to customise through its amazing “Page Builder” included in the “Lollum Framework” plugin: with this drag-and-drop feature you can structure the content on your pages without ever having to touch a line of code.

Big Point was built to be flexible and has a fully responsive design and this theme looks beautiful on Retina-Displays as Big Point is very intuitive to use and completely ready to operate out of the box.


Carell is premium Car Dealership and Real Estate WordPress theme as you get two wordpress themes in one. Carell is usefull for any kind of Car Dealership business or for a Real Estate business. As this theme is a premium design, clean and modern and will completely be use differently from any other theme in this category because you are allowed to fully customize (add, edit, delete) search fields and get full control over the search results trough cars or realities listings. Beside that you have full control over Cars/Realties Details and Equipment custom fields!


Jacfico is a Super easy and flexible single page WordPress Theme. That can be successfully used for corporate site, blog site, ecommerce site, portfolio and many more. It’s created by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques in accordance with the latest WordPress Coding Standards. Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets.


Magazine WordPress theme is excellent for news, newspaper, magazine, blog and review sites. Integrated custom review system. Using the theme modules you can create your own custom homepage in 1 minute. With Magazine switch between different types of colors, backgrounds, blog styles and more.


Carry Hill School is a beautifully designed WordPress Theme that can be used for your child school, child care, but would be suited for any children, art, craft or creative website. As this theme comes with Drag and Drop Page Builder which enables you to create your page content with ease. You can rearrange your content blocks any way you like.

The theme also includes a powerful Premium Slider, Font Awesome Icon set and has very powerful and yet very easy to use theme options panel. There you will be making all your styling decisions. Carry Hill School WordPress Theme gives you an unlimited color palette through integrated color pickers and 9 color scheme presets.

Also on the styling, it gives you an option of easily adding your own custom CSS rules. For text styling, this theme gives you access to more than 500 Google Web Fonts. There are 5 page templates for you to choose depending on type of content. Plus, Carry Hill School WordPress Theme is well documented and comes with free updates and support and this theme also packs in the Carry Hill Elementary School PSD files.

WP Author Box Lite – Free Plugin


With WP Author Box Lite you can give identity to your blog posts, pages and custom post types!, The Author Box Lite plugin creates a responsive profile and latest posts box to increase reader engagement and this plugin also automatically add google+ profile authorship.

Rio Portfolio – Free Plugin


Rio Portfolio is a Portfolio management plugin that allows you to manage Image, Link and Video type Portfolio items with jquery filtration option. You can use just ‘[rio-portfolio]’ shortcode to display all Portfolios. Using this plugin you can open Portfolios in a pop up

Content Restrict – Free Plugin


With Content Restrict you can restrict custom post type, pages or posts to logged in users. All directly from the dashboard section you can select, which content type you want to restrict. As per your select a content restriction meta box will appear in the content add section. If you want to restrict content then just select yes and that content would be restricted


The Dry ShortCode Rainbow WordPress is a really simple plugin which helps you to easily spot all of your shortcodes by highlighting them in any color you want to assign to it via the plugin options in the dashboard.


WooCommerce Simple Auctions extends popular WooCommerce plugin with auction features as this plugin you can easily make Ebay clone with regular and reverse auctions along with your regular products.

WPGenie the plugin author want to make it easy to use but also to include all auction features so you get a powerful auction solution which is easily setup and customized. With this auction plugin you can setup WordPress auction website and start auctions in less than 30 minutes (assuming you have payment processor account ready).

WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker – Premium Plugin – $13


Another great WooCommerce plugin but this is plugin is called WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker, as this plugin comes in your customers help to ease their pain caused by filling in all those fields at checkout.

This plugin gets the current location of the customers sets the location on the map and autocompletes the billing and shipping address fill, and if your customer wants to accurately set their location or want to change it, your clients just need to drag the marker around the map and the addresses are changed automatically and you can customize the google map using the options that you will find in the Settings section of the plugin, things like marker image, zoom level and more.

Fun Captcha WP Plugin – Premium Plugin – $15


Fun Captcha WordPress Plugin is different that your normal Captcha system as you can easily visually implement and manage some captcha codes in four different fun and game like captcha models for your websites

Ninja Kick Sidebar: Custom Content – Premium Plugin – $9


Ninja Kick Sidebar is a WordPress plugin that adds hidden sidebar with content push revealing animation on every page of your site. Any content you put in the sidebar will wait for its time to reveal!, you can utilise this plugin in so many ways: show visitors menu or your social feeds, offer an subscription, display banners, kick in registration form or shop’s basket etc

Design Pieces

Margot – Free Font


Bebas Neue – Free Font


Industry Inc – Fonts from $5


Benson Script – Fonts from $10


Pilcrow Soft – Fonts from $39


Bootstrap 3 Vector UI Kit


Free Apple devices mockup


LEGOlize yourself Free PSD


New Twitter GUI Free PSD



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