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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are always constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on our projects but find the time to find those is sometimes an impossible task to do it, so I’ve have done it for you.

As down below you will see some the recently created resources that really deserve your attention, everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, new CMS, some frameworks and for those WordPress lovers I’ve also includes some themes and plugins and lastly you will see that I’ve provided some design files such as icons and fonts for you to use or to take inspiration from.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins

Smart Fixed Navigation


Smart Fixed Navigation is a fixed navigation that allows your users to access the menu at any time while they are experiencing your website. It’s smaller than a full-width fixed header, and replaces the back-to-top button with a smarter UX solution.

Select or Die


Select or Die is a jQuery plugin to style select elements, if you feel like adding a placeholder that’s displayed before anything is selected you can as once a selection has been made the placeholder will be removed until the user clicks the SoD again. You can also add a prefix that’s displayed in front of the selected option.



Dense is a simple jQuery plugin that offers an easy way to serve device pixel ratio aware images, bringing in retina support to your website. Clear the blurry, images be crisp.



GifLinks is a simple javascript library used for adding full screen gif action as a hover effect.



jNottery is a jQuery plugin that lets you add notes and markers to webpages. All the data is encoded as a part of an URL which makes it easy to share or save.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

myTuner Radio – Mac OSX 10.9+ App – $7.99


myTuner Radio is easy to use, has a great design and it sits on the menu bar for you to use whenever you like. It’s the best way there is to listen to the radio on your Mac. With this app you can record the music that plays on the radio, so you can listen to it later. You can even separate the files, so you can listen to each individual music later.Never miss out on the opportunity to listen to that music that you love…

Slight – iOS App – Free


Slight is a free iOS app that lets you chat with everyone in the room (within 40 meters of you), As users of that are communcating with each other are anonymous and will never create an account, sign up or even check in. You will get notifications when someone is 40 meters in your area says something.

Inbox – Web App – Free


Inbox is a set of tools to make it simple and quick to develop apps and services on top of email. You can run Inbox almost anywhere. The developers of Inbox has successfully built images for Docker, VMware Fusion, VirtualBox, AWS, and DigitalOcean but the easiest way to get started is to install from source within VirtualBox.

Privatize – Web App – Free


Privatize allows you to send private links publicly. These private links can only be viewed by the people you mention.

CDNJS – Web App – Free


Everyone loves the Google CDN right? Even Microsoft runs their own CDN.The problem is, they only host the most popular libraries. But with CDNJS host it all – JavaScript, CSS, SWF, images, etc!. CDNJS supports http/https/spdy, they encourage leaving the protocol off! CDNJS is currently used by ~283,000 websites worldwide, see more.

Instrumental – Web App – Starter $15pm/Junior $40pm/Pro $150pm


Instrumental is an  paid for web performance analytics tool made to accept and display any volume of arbitrary data in real time. Instrumental provide completely customizable metrics to all you to inspect and correlate all the little details required to make sure complex software is running correctly.

Notable PDF – Chrome Extension – Free


With the Chrome extension named Notable PDF you can do more than just viewing your PDF files. It’s not just beautiful rendered PDFs but you will also have the ability to post annotations and collaborate with others. You simply open a PDF file from your email or web. A new tab will open and Notable PDF will automatically render your file in an instant!  You can then post annotations along your files and have the ability to invite collaborators to post annotations on your file.

CSS, HTML, Frameworks, CMS & Other Tools

Kouto Swiss


Kouto Swiss is a CSS framework for Stylus. It’s like Bourbon or Compass for Sass as it provides you useful tools, mixins and shortcuts to write your stylus code faster.

Visual Designers Checklist for the Web


This checklist is a general workflow checklist for visual designers working within a team setting where they’ll be sharing visual exploration and comps with a developer.

CSS Shrink


CSS Shrink just compress CSS, Why you may ask? because CSS is on the critical path to rendering pages. It must be small! or else!

Suit CSS


Suit CSS is a reliable and testable styling methodology for component-based UI development. A collection of CSS packages and build tools are available as modules. Suit CSS plays well with React, Ember, Angular, and other component-based approaches to UI development.

CSS Colorguard


As every CSS project starts out with good intentions, but inevitably, one too many people eye-dropper colors into nooks and crannies that you never knew existed. But with CSS Colorguard it helps you maintain the colour set that you want, and warns you when colour you’ve once added are too similar to ones that already exist. Naturally, it’s all configurable to your tastes.



Concise is a lightweight front-end framework that provides a number of great features without the bloat. Concise is built based on Object-Oriented CSS principles and keeps semantics in mind to provide a small learning curve but high level of customization.

Cockpit CMS


Cockpit was born out of the need of building a simple dynamic site. Sure, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and all the other full-stack content management systems are possible solutions for that task … but let’s be honest, often they are just too bloated and too time consuming to setup, maintain and too complex implementing custom functionality.



Vim Awesome is a directory of Vim plugins sourced from GitHub,, and user submissions. Plugin usage data is extracted from dotfiles repos on GitHub.



UserDeck is a knowledge base that embeds into any page of your site and inherits the design and blends right in. The display is completely customisable and you can manage the content live on the site.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

Revisr – Free Plugin


Revisr is a Git and WordPress database plugin that allows you to keep track of your web projects in version control. Revisr eliminates redundant interfaces in your workflow and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Customer Relationship Manager – Free Plugin


The CRM Plugin for WordPress is an unobtrusive application that extends the native WordPress Users section to provide better sorting, filtering and search utilities for a variety of purposes such as business professionals who want to track and organize their sales leads with ease.

WP Cloud – Free Plugin


WP Cloud is a brand new plugin (which at the time of writing is still in it’s beta mode) but anyway this plugin allows you to make WordPress a cloud platform. All of your users will have their personal space for hosting images or documents, and can access them with easy when they want.

Once you’ve activated this plugin, it practically generates a folder under your second-level domain (ex. in which there will be one folder for each user (ex.**cloud/$user_id/***). Every user can store the file there via a front-end mask displayed using shortcodes, back-end dashboard or the exciting cloud panel found in


Analytify makes Google Analytics simple for everything in WordPress (posts,pages etc). It presents the statistics in a beautiful way under the WordPress Posts/Pages at front end, backend and in its own dashboard. This provides Stats from Country, Referrers, Social media, General stats, New visitors, Returning visitors, Exit pages, Browser wise and Top keywords. This plugin provides the Real Time statistics in a new UI that is easy to understand and looks good. It makes the use of NEW Google APIs Client library for PHP by Google.


Mayo Admin bar let you customise the WordPress default top admin bar on your website. While logged in to your wordpress site, whenever you need to access a certain links quick, such as to the “Order” page of Woocommerce, it would be tedious to go to the dashboard, and look for the nested link on the left admin menu.This plugin allow you add any link to the admin bar at the top. You can add your custom icon to your links.


Google Grid Gallery is a responsive masonry grid with a gallery view using 3D Transforms. This plugin is based on the gallery seen on the Chromebook Getting Started guide by Google. The Google Grid Gallery for WordPress works great on both desktops, tablets and smartphones.In the plugins Options panel you can easily set the default values and then just insert a simple shortcode wherever you want the Grid Gallery to show.

Or you can use the advanced arguments in the shortcode,  and create a range of different Grid Galleries.Google Grid Gallery for WordPress is also compatible with our free Visual CSS Editor. This makes it very easy to customize all the CSS settings. Choose between 600+ Google Web Fonts.

FastNews Light – Free Theme


FastNews Light is a free WordPress theme that been designed for magazine, news with flexible layout. The theme is based on KOPATHEME layout manager technique that will let you flexibility choose layout options of every pages within your site. It is very helpful when you are experimenting with visual hierarchy. You can define unlimited sidebar for widget areas, and with powerful custom widgets, the theme provides you more flexibility and ease-of-use for your site

Baskerville – Free Theme


Baskerville is a beautiful, responsive and retina-ready masonry WordPress theme for hoarders. As this theme fits perfect in a way to showcase your posts, videos, images and galleries, and share your favorite quotes and links. This theme features responsive design, retina-ready assets, full-width header image, support for all post formats, custom logo upload, custom widgets (video, Flickr and Dribbble), four page templates (including a contributors template), editor styling, like functionality via the ZillaLikes plugin and translation-ready code. This theme also included translations: Swedish/svenska.

Rectangulum – Free Theme


Rectangulum is a simple and practical two-column theme for publishers, business and freelancer. Theme featuring a responsive design, the full-width background image of front-page, flexslider for sticky posts and gallery slideshow layout, custom all color and logo upload using the customiser live preview, toggled additional top-bar and list of comments, separate sidebar for pages and posts, full-width page templates and translation-ready.


Flatshop theme can help you turn any WordPress site into a beautiful shop using the the WooCommerce plugin. It not only has great attention to design details, but it is also loaded with transition effects such as parallax scrolling and fly-in animation to improve the user experience. The shop and products are put in center focus. Each product can be customized individually to bring up the unqiueness of the product.

With product lightbox and Ajax slide cart, customers can take a quick look of the product details and add to cart without having to reload the page. Themify Builder has made it easier for you to design the product page with more fancy elements such as sliders, galleries, maps, videos, accordions, tabs, etc. (see demo product page). The theme is also loaded other features such as: fullwidth slider, infinite scroll, responsive & retina ready, icon fonts, slide menu, and more!


The Edge Template is a multifunctional one page template with the ability to become any website that you need. The transformation abilities of The Edge theme can be seen from the 12 unique demos that we have prepared for you. Each demo looks like a different website but they are all The Edge one page wordpress template. We will add more demos as we go along with more options and design versions. The content inside the demos can be changed with ease using drag & drop page building.


Jaz is a premium, highly configurable WordPress theme. This theme been built on the latest Bootstrap & Redux options framework, offered with Visual Composer and premium Social Media plugins – Jaz utilizes an expansive, multi-dimensional layout framework to allow for creative ways to organize content displays. Also offering custom built components such as a Mega Menu and “Super Widget” that integrates Bootstrap grid framework with an easy-to-use widget full of options and customizations – so it’s a breeze to organize various columns and post content.


Event is a theme that is bold, fluid, and responsive. This theme was built for music, event, and entertainment sites, Event comes with three custom post types specifically built for the event theme: Event, Gallery, and Video posts. Create complex page layouts with parallax scrolling and animation effects from scratch, in minutes, show casing your upcoming Events, and showing off photos and videos of past events. The perfect WordPress theme for bands, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and more!


Frost is an awesome looking onepage and multipage WordPress theme with aunique portfolio which is suitable for artists, photographers, creative agencies, digital studios, personal freelancers, and any kind of business owners that would like to showcase their portfolio beautifully.

Frost was built with awesome Twitter Bootstrap v3 and it features 20 cool page builder elements, unlimited colour schemes, responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Fonts

Libertad – Fonts from $19


Andes Rounded – Fonts from $29


Orgon – Fonts from $49.00 (but some are free)


Nemocón – Fonts from $24


Squares – Free Font


Ronduit Capitals Light – Free Font


Idolatra – Free Font


Football Icons Set – Free


iOS 8 Icons Concept – Free


88 Flat Social Media Icons – Free


iPad Mockup Templates – Free


Minimal Ui Kit – Free


Summer Ui Kit – Free


Flat UI Kit – Free


iMac Mockup Set PSD – Free



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