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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

So down below you will see some the more newly created resources that really deserve your attention, everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in Responsive Web Design, CSS, frameworks plus for those WordPress lovers I’ve added some themes and plugins, lastly you will see fonts, icons, mockups etc.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins

Eloquent JavaScript


Eloquent JavaScriptis a free ebook that offers up a second edition that shows a modern introduction to JavaScript programming. It covers everything from program structure to regular expressions to Node.js, and everything in between.



jquery.smoothState.js is a jQuery plugin that helps you eliminate jerky page loads by adding transitions that eliminate hard cuts and white flashes. It’s easy to implement, and can greatly improve user experience.



Blast.js separates text in order to facilitate typographic manipulation. It has four delimiters built in: character, word, sentence, and element. Alternatively, Blast can match custom regular expressions and phrases. As Blast is highly accurate; it neither dumbly splits words at spaces nor dumbly splits sentences at periods. All Latin alphabet languages and UTF-8 characters are supported.



The Bitcoin JS is a clean, readable, proven library for Bitcoin JavaScript development as it is a pure JavaScript library for node.js and browsers. This Bitcoin.js been used in production by over 1.5 million wallet users, and as BitcoinJS is the backbone for almost all Bitcoin web wallets in production today.  For advanced features,of Bitcoin.js it’s features such as multi-sig, HD Wallets.

It’s also fast and been optimised code, used typed arrays instead of byte arrays for performance. and it’s also Altcoin-ready which is capable of working with bitcoin-derived currencies such as Dogecoin.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

5iler – Mac & Web App – Free


5iler (pronounced ‘filer’) is a notepad for the rhythm of your mind as you can organise your files using colours and customisable labels, and re-purpose them to fit the contexts relevant to you at a given time. Unlike most other text editors, 5iler’s working space is limited (so things remain maintainable).  There are two ways to use 5iler: as a web app or as a mac app and as for right now, it doesn’t have a backend or user accounts. Unless you setup Dropbox syncing, as it keeps your data 100% private by only storing them locally in your browser’s local storage.

Scribbleton – Mac/Windows/Linux App – Free


Scribbleton is your own personal wiki, where you can store everything from quick notes, to detailed checklists for work, to the outline for that next bestseller novel.

Timeful – iOS App – Free


Timeful is the first Intelligent Time Assistant iOS app that gets things scheduled so you’ll get them done. As this app combines your calendars and to-do lists so you can see everything that’s competing for your time in one place.

It uses sophisticated algorithms and behavioral science to suggest – based on your own available time and location, giving you the best times to schedule to-dos and good habits throughout your day. As Timeful learns from your responses and behavior, and makes even better recommendations over time.

CamScanner – iOS App – Free


The CamScanner app helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers. You simply use your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc.

Please note that the Free version of this app which is feature in this list does have ads in it but if you really like this app I would say to purchase the premium subscription which cost $4.99/month or $49.99/year that will be renewed automatically t the end of the period unless you choose to cancel the subscription.

Limitlesslane – Web App – Test Mode $Free/ Active Mode $5pm


Limitlesslane is a password manager that stores all your account information and passwords in one secure place, using the highest levels of encryption to ensure that only you have access to it. The reason Limitlesslane is so safe is because you’re the sole key-holder to your master password.

As it’s comes as a browser extension it is an easy and non-invasive installation. It will only appear on sites that you have linked through your Limitlesslane account, and with your quick click consent will automatically log you in. It enables Limitlesslane to not just serve as a storage for your information, but a time-saving instrument.

Hotjar Insights – Web App – Free


Hotjar Insights is a new powerful way to reveal true website user behavior and experiences in one central tool – giving you the big picture of how you can improve your site’s UX and conversion rates. All your data, reports and data are securely stored in the cloud and are accessible at lightning speed.

Vellum – Web App – Free


Vellum is a simple reading list for the links your friends are currently sharing in your Twitter feed. As Vellum just puts a spotlight on content which makes it easy to find what you should read next. Links are ranked by how often they have been shared by those you follow on Twitter, so you can stay up to date with the news that the people you care about are discussing.

Free Survey Creator – Web App – Free


Free Survey Creator is an web app that makes is simple to create truly free surveys with have not usage limits but you probably want to show some love to them in twitter in less than a minute. Once you’ve created your survey you will get a single line of code to embed the survey on your site and get feedback.

Fontface.Ninja – Browser Extension – Free


Fontface Ninja is a Chrome & Safari browser extension by a Paris based creative studio Creaktif, Fontface.Ninja is for those who are wanting to identifying fonts on the Internet. The extension lets users play around with the font after displaying the name, size, and spacing of it you can even hide images or commercials in order to focus exclusively on the font.

CSS, HTML, Frameworks & CMS

CSS Guidelines


CSS Guidelines is a thorough guide to crafting manageable, scalable, sane CSS. It includes information on syntax and formatting, commenting, naming conventions, CSS selectors, and more.



Shrthnd is a free web app that converts your CSS properties to shorthand. It can greatly reduce your CSS file sizes, and make your stylesheets more readable and easier to maintain.



Pakyow is an open-source framework for the modern web. Build working software faster with a development process that remains friendly to both designers and developers. It’s built for getting along.



TukTuk is a responsive 12-colum grid framework with plenty of flexibility. It’s suitable for blogs, landing pages, profile pages, and web apps, among other types of sites.

Active Admin


Active Admin is a Ruby on Rails plugin for generating administration style interfaces. It abstracts common business application patterns to make it simple for developers to implement beautiful and elegant interfaces with very little effort.



CouchDB is a database that completely embraces the web. Store your data with JSON documents. Access your documents and query your indexes with your web browser, via HTTP. Index, combine, and transform your documents with JavaScript. CouchDB works well with modern web and mobile apps. You can even serve web apps directly out of CouchDB. And you can distribute your data, or your apps, efficiently using CouchDB’s incremental replication. CouchDB supports master-master setups with automatic conflict detection.



Pagekit is a new modular and lightweight CMS that been built with modern technologies like Symfony components and Doctrine. As Pagekit provides an awesome platform for theme and extension developers and  gives you the tools to create beautiful websites. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s a simple blog, your company’s website or a web service.

With Pagekit you are allow to freely modify, share or redistribute it without any limitations, as it is up to you how you want to license your themes and extensions.



Crate Data is a shared-nothing, fully searchable and document-oriented cluster data store. As it is also 100% open source. Crate has built it so developers with a data intensive back-end won’t need to “glue” several technologies together to store documents, blobs and support real-time search.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

Uptime Robot Plugin – Free Plugin


The Uptime Robot Plugin for WordPress will show your uptime server stats directly from anywhere inside your site whether it’s in a pages, a posts or in a widget. You can even show multiple monitors on your preferred place using a simple shortcode that been provided and since version 1.2 you can also added a widget to your dashboard to view the latest notifications from your uptime robot monitors.

Flickr Album Gallery – Free Plugin


The Flickr Album Gallery plugin is based on Flickr JS API. You can use this plugin to display all your Flickr Albums anywhere in your site as you can use your own Flickr API and Flickr Album ID to publish Flickr Albums.

Neat Slider – Free Plugin


Neat Slider is powerful and easy to use responsive slider plugin that lets you to start building dynamic sliders for your pages. As you can customise each slider as you like by either changing its width, height, slides transition and/or appearance including other things. As with this plugin you can create unlimited number of slides and can easy import and export it for move sliders between sites easily as it is work with WordPress default import and export function.

Lightweight Social Icons – Free Plugin


Lightweight Social Icons is an easy to use, lightweight social icon widget that lets you display any of your favourite social profile icons.  As these icons use an icon font, you can customised it by choosing the size, border radius, colour including the hover color of your icons.


Le Chef – Recipes Manager is modern & stylish recipes plugin that will give you the opportunity to present your users recipes in a way that will definitely help you stand out of the crowd. As this plugin easily allows you to transform your wordpress website into a recipes related website, you will easily impress your visitors using our recipes plugin, giving the users a new appetizing way of discovering recipes on your website.

When using the plugin you can easily enter and format recipes the plugin has fields for a gallery, ingredients, custom measurements units, steps, difficulty level, cooking time, nutritional facts and ratings are all included in this plugin.


Inc allows you to build both Shortcodes and Page Templates right from your dashboard, quickly and easily using the awesome Ace editor. Any templates you create will be available for use immediately on your site, just like any other short code and page template. You can craft CSS and JS using dedicated editors, and PHP code is fully supported throughout any template.

All shortcodes and page templates are converted to live, ‘working’ files with Inc’s powerful LiveFile Engine, meaning that you can be secure in the knowledge that your content will always be optimised and ready to go!

Inc’s powerful Parameters API means that you can create options for your shortcodes and page templates with ridiculous ease, allowing you to create multiple unique outputs from a single template! Watch the video tutorials for a quick insight into how Parameters can be created and used.


QualityControl is a plugin that helps you to manage the quality of content across your WordPress site.
It repeatedly scans your site looking for errors and suggesting improvements. It them help you identify these issues, helping you improve your sites quality.


The Vimuse HTML5 Media Player WordPress plugin allows you to play both audio and video in a modern and sleek interface. You can choose to play your own audio/video files or videos from Youtube/Vimeo or even Shoutcast streams. The player features a fluid responsive design and can fit in any screen size ranging from mobile phones to desktop browsers. The player is also optimised for retina and touch screens and provides the feel of a native app.

Vimuse plays audio/video using HTML5 in supported browsers and fallbacks to Flash in older browsers. You can pass only a mp4 file for video and mp3 file for audio or pass all the necessary formats for the widest possible support of native HTML5 playback. Whatever you choose to do the player will work in both modern and old browsers (with suitable fallbacks where necessary).

Casper – Free Theme


Casper is a simple yet beautiful ghost like theme specifically made for bloggers. As this theme been inspired by the Ghost blogging platform, Casper is a WordPress port of the default theme by the same name as the goal of this theme is to emulate the gorgeous theme while taking advantage of features exclusive to the WordPress framework. As there are plenty of customisation options included, accessible through the WordPress Customiser.

Included in this theme are hooks to serve responsive images appropriately and media queries to provide a fast and seamless experience from desktop to mobile.

Woodpecker – Free Theme


The Woodpecker WordPress Theme is beautifully designed with lots of customisation options that can tweaked from Theme Options Panel. The theme has all the appealing features that a business website must have. Woodpecker theme has unique features that will complement your business as you can showcase all the key elements of your website with Woodpecker.

Firmness – Free Theme


Firmness is a clean and creative theme as this theme is very flexible and it comes with some awesome features, such as advanced admin panel, two awesome image sliders, customizable home page sections, custom logo and favicon, Google fonts, unlimited colours for the menu widgets header and footer, translation ready, 4 footer widget columns, scroll to top feature, social links, support for Contact Form 7, eight post formats and more.

This theme will provide an optimal viewing experience and will make your website look great on across wide range of devices and screen sizes. The theme comes with an advanced admin panel, packed with various options so you can easily modify fonts, layouts, colours and other aspects of the theme.


Salt is a Parallax OnePage WordPress WooCommerce enabled theme with a clean and professional design which will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, blog or any other purpose.

As this theme is a modern theme it’s comes with a fully responsive design. It has a wide range of features and comes with popular isotope plugin. It is very easy to customize and comes with detailed documentation and top notch support. The template has six styles of homepage layout and more than 10 other page templates you can use. With tons of layout possibilities, unlimited variations, multiple colours and a bunch of features you can create one unique variation in just a moment.

The HTML5 revolution is exciting for web designers from all areas of the globe. The new specifications support dozens of elements and attributes for building semantic websites. These new features include multimedia tags for audio and video formats.


Weh is modern blogging WordPress theme from Themes Awesome. This theme is beautiful and very simple, suitable for both of beginner or professional. Also suitable for all kinds of magazines, news websites, personal blogs, journal, story and other related projects, with an emphasis on mixed media and Typography. Easy for customize and reading.

As Weh is Responsive, the theme is highly optimised for both mobile and desktop platforms. The layout also will encourage your viewers to read all of your content and get all attention it deserves. Just contact us for our personal help, we love supporting our customers!


Torque is a theme that comes with a super clean user interface perfect for any corporate business, portfolio, creative, or ecommerce shop website. The fully responsive layout built on the bootstrap framework works great on any device from desktop to mobile phone. Packed with premium features such as the revolution slider, accordion wordpress slider plugin, visual composer page builder and much more, Torque is a super value. Make sure to check out each of the included 5 homepage styles, each has a completely different look and are all included with your purchase (plus you can use any of these elements to create your own homepage)


Opus is a unique, multipurpose Theme which enables you to create almost unlimited amount of different and unique page layouts. We prepared several unique Skins/Layouts which demonstrate just how powerful Opus is. This is possible with a vast combination of page builder blocks and shortcodes

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Typography

Floki – Free Font


Aventura – Free Font


Jaapokki – Free Font


Slukoni – Free Font


Papermade PRO – Fonts from $19


Aina – Fonts from $7.25


Ortodoxa – Fonts from $29


Tolyer – Fonts from $25


Bollhavet 74 Free Flat Icon Set


Free Scalable Social Buttons


Social Icons Set


Kinda “Flat” Icons – 9 new icons


File Types Icons Set


Free iPhone Mockup PSD


YouTube Channel Responsive Template


Free Mockup Minimal and Pratice Stationary


Responsive Wireframe Sketch Sheet



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