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You may have heard the term version control before and it’s an awesome technology, especially if you are a developer working within a team.

But still, the version control concept is not familiar with designers. Thankfully we see in the design industry that a lot has changed.

Designers are now starting to think about version control and this isn’t just about history panel or undo command in Photoshop. This more than that, having a more organised version of your works which can be shared with others.

In this post, I have found some tools that can be used for design version control software for designers.

1. Kactus

Introducing true design version control without changing your tools. Manage changes, document work and keep your team in sync. Kactus is free-to-use for public repositories and open source projects on GitHub but upgrade to work together across unlimited private repositories.

2. Abstract

Abstract is a secure version-controlled hub that helps modern design teams to work smarter and faster.


Meet the GitHub for designers, simple version control system for design that works. Keep the history, control the changes, sync with the team. helps a team to manage design changes over time.

4. Plant

Plant is a version control plugin for Sketch. It stores design versions and makes them available to all members this app gives you simple control over your projects.

5. Git Sketch Plugin

A Git client built right into Sketch. The plugin really improves the review process by exporting an image for every part of the design. Every member of the team can quickly see what the next iteration will change through Github’s interface.


5 Great Version Control Software for Graphic Designers